August 9th, 2011 | 622 Entries

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622 Entries for “driving”

  1. i hate driving. there is alot of traffic. and it sucks. because i live in atlanta. tralalalalalaalalala. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! omg omg omg omg omg. i don’t like my car. i want a new one. i want an off white escalade. with tan leather interior. then i can move dem bitches out the way. why am i writing so much about driving?

    By Sahar on 08.09.2011

  2. Driving is terrifying. Trusting other people you don’t know with your life. But it’s also freeing. Being able to go other places and do things with people.

    By aisha on 08.09.2011

  3. Alone down this one way road, constantly chasing after the horizon, she wonders if there will ever be an end to this seemingly endless journey.

    By BeckaJo on 08.09.2011

  4. Once I was driving, I got very distracted and drove into a lake. I was unaware of driving in this lake and it made me wonder why everyone doesn’t live in a lake. It’s very clean down there, let me tell you.

    By Kasey Soxks on 08.09.2011

  5. driving is freedom., It is being one with something that it so powerful and can kill you in an instant yet you control it. You own it. It is the freedom in knowing that your life is literally in your own hands.

    By Lokkie on 08.09.2011

  6. i was once driving a car and we went really fast, it was alot of fun, i really enjoyed it, wwe did alot of cool things with the car drifting tuening jumps doughnuts, it was alot of fun, thought it was dangeroud, and we could ave gotten in alot of trouble for it. thought thank goodnedd we didnt get caught.

    By ashley on 08.09.2011

  7. driving is really fun. i drive whenever i’m trying to escape. it calms me down by giving me something to focus on and a destination to go to. i especially love driving with music. i love when the music matches my mood and personality.

    By Ryan URL on 08.09.2011

  8. Time To think. Places to get to. Do I have enough gas? Is that guy drunk? Yeah I think he’s drunk. I need to have that sound checked out.

    By Rwhitettc on 08.09.2011

  9. comfortable air breezing through hair I do not dare change lanes for if I do I may hit you in oncoming traffic a blast of hurt and pain, angst.

    By Jamie Worcester URL on 08.09.2011

  10. Why will you never let me type in this box, but all of a sudden i press the tab and boom. perfect. even though it still says my time is up. Maybe someone fixed it. Which would be AWESOME.

    By afterhoursandoffbook.;) URL on 08.09.2011

  11. driving around,
    seeing the town,
    as it and life,
    pass you by,
    love is found,
    and bound down,
    but then again is lost,
    nothing here,
    nothing there,
    all is lost,
    but just for now,
    keep on driving,
    till you see it,
    then just have,
    another go.

    By Kati URL on 08.09.2011

  12. I always like a good drive. It clears my thoughts. I like to see the sights of the city. I have my windows rolled down because I like to hear the sounds. Driving soothes me. It relieves my stress. It’s almost perfect, even in traffic.

    By Gerald on 08.09.2011

  13. I like driving. It’s soothing as well as mind numbing. You get to see things go by very fast. Not to mention you get to listen to music as loud as you want. Sometimes it’s annoying like with traffic and lots of red lights and slow drivers. But mostly I like it. I like driving with friends, I can have lots of fun jamming with them and playing nanner. I am glad I can drive now it gives me a new sense of freedom and independence.

    By Janel URL on 08.09.2011

  14. Driving. Once again. An endless road streached out in front of me. This is all we can do. Drive. Run. Hide. Drive some more. Him and his sun bleached hair sun bleached skin was laying asleep in the back seat. It was my turn to drive. Running for you life constantly was…tireing.

    By afterhoursandoffbook.;) URL on 08.09.2011

  15. driving is one thing i really want to learn. but first i want to have my own car! once i own a car, i will drive myself to places i’ve never been before. i don’t care where will i be, as long as i know how to go back home. :)

    By kaye on 08.09.2011

  16. in the car on the highway cool breeze. nothing to do but accelerate and watch the scenery. griping the wheel like a pear, ripe with my desire.

    By kellyanne on 08.09.2011

  17. I was driving endlessly on the highway, letting my hand flutter out the window, my broken fingers on my left hand flapping like broken butterfly wings. I was imagining her face as I looked in the rear view mirror.

    By Brittany URL on 08.09.2011

  18. driving is fun, and its hRD THATS WHAT SHE SAID! HHAHAHAHA people are bad driversa when they drink! ahh and text, i suck at typing…………………ah.
    almost done!

    By lexi on 08.09.2011

  19. Driving by the ocean was always my favorite. I loved viewing the endless trails of blue and deep green, the foam of the sea lapping upon the damp sand. The smell of the salty sea air wafting through my windows made it simply pleasurable.

    By Brittany URL on 08.09.2011

  20. One of my favorite times is driving in the car by myself, just thinking. It isn’t often that I get to let me mind go like that. There is usually so much to do…

    By cglaser on 08.09.2011

  21. I am driving down the raod and I see a turtle! I save it! HOORAY! Now I drive further down the road and I see an ax nurder. I run him over. HOORAY!

    By Victoria J. Ridgway on 08.09.2011

  22. I love driving, but i dont understand why my parents dont drive with me all the time-I still have my permit. I hate taking left hand terms, and I perfer to drive in residential areas than busy streets. But other than that, i enjoy driving

    By Lois Smith on 08.09.2011

  23. Driving on the endless road to nowhere. If you have no destination, you have no expectations. You are open to experience. Open to see, explore. Driving on that endless road to nowhere. It will give you a few stories to tell.

    By Drewsterrooster URL on 08.09.2011

  24. Oh gosh. Such a scary prospect. I know I’m weird for not liking it, but I can’t help it. Unlike most teenagers, I could gladly wait to get my license. In fact, I have waited. I’m seventeen and I still haven’t passed the test.

    By Jackie URL on 08.09.2011

  25. I drove away to hide, to runaway from the evil that followed me. I went on for miles and miles, but my secrets still leached onto me. I should have listened when they told me, you can run, but you can’t hide. Eventually, you have to face your ghosts. No matter the cost.

    By Drewsterrooster URL on 08.09.2011

  26. I love driving. Driving makes me feel very free and careless. I feel wonderful and ambitious and like I have no cares in the world. It’s…freeing. Like you don’t have to worry about anything else at that point in time. Just where you’re going, where you’re leaving, what you see in the windshield and the rear view window.

    By Alexis Schultz on 08.09.2011

  27. ariving at the new destinatiion. in a hurry to see an elephant. one so small you’d never believe it was a pachyderm. but not to fret there is a silver lining. its not the size that counts. no not at all.

    By derek on 08.09.2011

  28. I enjoy driving. It’s quite relaxing. Sometimes I’ll drive around when I don’t need to. I like to listen to good music when I drive. That’s where I listen to most of my music. I like driving on the highway best. I’m going on road trip soon with my friend. Hopefully it will be fun.

    By Katie URL on 08.09.2011

  29. When your driving everything seems better. The sound of a song or when someone tells you bad news. It doesn’t hurt as much because you’re driving. Going away from everything that’s bad and hurts you. You just gotta keep moving.

    By Summer Bertrand on 08.09.2011

  30. i am horrible at driving. i like to ride in the car., i like to think. the car is where i do all my thinking. i think about things that have happened in the past, and things that i wish had gone differently and i imagne them the way i wanted them to go. i dont like holding convos while in the car. i love l

    By jeni on 08.09.2011

  31. driving is what i do when i’m bored and need to think i like driving when i want to listen to music with friends and smoke some weed balh this is so boring and i had to fix so many typos to repeat everything haha i am making no sense this is so dumb i feel like a retard gosh i hate typing fast but always messing up it sucks ugh life is so gay right now.

    By alexandria marie URL on 08.09.2011

  32. iS a thing that has to be done. My brother drove today and almost ran into the house…I am still alive. I am so surprised. I think he is going to fail his road test. to be honest he isnt very good. Thats all.

    By Antonina Marinello on 08.09.2011

  33. I love to drive. I got my license on July 29th, 2010. It makes me feel very mature and accomplished to have that under my belt. I find driving relaxing. (: So glad I can drive now.

    By Christina URL on 08.09.2011

  34. crashing. Drunk driving. DUIs….uh….Running red lights. Parallel parking….coasting downhill… this is stupid… O.o

    By Christina on 08.09.2011

  35. sucks. i hate it. literally. i almost wrecked twice today. i hate it so much that im never going to drive next year. because bl was so freaking far away i feel like i have spent most of my life to and from school. i guess its good because i get so bored i usually practice confrontation with people….but i never end up saying to them what i said to myself.

    By davis brooke on 08.09.2011

  36. Oh, I hate driving. I always have hated driving. My parents had to bribe me to get my drivers license by threatening to take away my piano lessons if I wouldn’t drive myself there. I still hate driving and avoid it whenever I can. I really hate backing up. And driving when there are noisy distractions, and driving in multiple lanes of traffic.

    By rachelzana URL on 08.09.2011

  37. In the car, going too fast. Might hurt someone, don’t know how to possibly stop. How do I stop. How can I even begin to think about stopping? There’s no chance. I’ve never had a chance. This is where I’m supposed to be, drunk and moving. Moving so fast, it’s just all a blur. I’m gone now. I was going, but I’m gone. Just gone.

    By Kaeden on 08.09.2011

  38. is only a past time that people enjoy because they’re in control. it scares me to know that you can loose control in only a matter of seconds and you’re not the only one responsible for lives on the road. driving should be extinct but then what would we do then? I hope we figure it out soon, before we get to lost in the mode of transportation.

    By Katie on 08.09.2011

  39. When I drive I can only dance with my hands. Sometimes people will forget to drive, because they will want to watch my hand dance. I park and take it outside.

    By NinaKaninm URL on 08.09.2011

  40. i dont do this. im not old enough. im really excited to be able to drive, so i can have more freedom. my brother drives. hes really annoying about it. it makes me want to scream. he thinks hes really cool because he can drive. but hes not even good at it.

    By Hannah on 08.09.2011