August 9th, 2011 | 622 Entries

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622 Entries for “driving”

  1. welll when i drive i always get really car sick. I don’t like going on long drives.
    When I drive with my friends though, i feel as if I have freedom, so I enjoy it.
    I am not of age yet to drive alone, but I promise, when that day comes, my life will be so much simpler and easier. YAY

    By Jillian URL on 08.09.2011

  2. in the rain with the windows down. The night is heavy as the vehicles headlights cut through the darkness. The road glistens from the heavy down pour and the highway seems so lonely. The road is surrounded by thick, black forest.

    By Brittany on 08.09.2011

  3. calm. wind. windows down. music keeps changing. scenery keeps changing. everyone and everything gone in silent vortex of the bugs hitting the windshield, their–is that blood?–trickling down sickeningly until I have to wash their carcasses unceremoniously off with my wiper blades. it’s beautiful, isn’t it, the song of motion. perpetual until the dial hits E.

    By Vidya URL on 08.09.2011

  4. The road kept twisting as the man driving talked incessantly about the weather.
    He was smoking heavily and coughing jerking the steering wheel as he heaved his guts up over the dashboard.

    He slumped over me and the car headed for the canyon’s edge.

    By barnesdave on 08.09.2011

  5. i think i like to drive. people asked me when i first got my license if i was excited to drive. i didn’t really know. i kind of changed the subject and said that people needed to be wary when i was on the road. to be honest, i’m probably one of the safer drivers you’d find out there. no road rage, no finger pointing.

    By Eve on 08.09.2011

  6. The mind is an incredible masterpiece that rests inside each of us. It is a shame that people can take their mind for granted. I think people don’t realize just how intelligent each of us really are. What we know about the brain is so incredibly amazing that everyone should be aware of its immaculate capabilities. I would hope that the knowledge of how the brain works would be motivation to push ourselves a little more. To try to expand our limits and to understand who we are. This one driving force that molds us to be who we are.

    By Kari URL on 08.09.2011

  7. I love the feeling I possessed that day you let me drive your car. You barely even knew me, but you trusted me enough NOT to crash it into a pole. You made me feel so trusted and comfortable and calm. I love you for that.

    By Jordan on 08.09.2011

  8. They swerved down the road and it seemed endless, like a sense of infinity before them, in the form of a road and they had no idea where they were going and they did not care because it wasn’t going to be where they once were and that made them content and feel alive for once in their insignificant lives, where it seemed as though they were just blown dandelions.

    By Joanne~ URL on 08.09.2011

  9. You drive in a car and it is a means of transportation. You drive by turning on the engine of a car and shifting into drive. Then you accelerate and can begin moving where you need to. Driving is different from piloting in that you drive a car and pilot a plane.

    By Kevin on 08.09.2011

  10. a driving force pushes me to sleep, im most tired around my eyes. but sleep comes scarce and rest does not come easy.

    By beachbumrach URL on 08.09.2011

  11. Driving is supposed to mean freedom. Driving is the ultimate passage of teenager-dom, the threshold of the adult world. Not for me. For me, driving is a sign of losing my childhood. I could go wherever. My ties are loosened.

    By Chloe on 08.09.2011

  12. I do enjoy driving quite a bit. the time when i find my mind wandering the most is when i am behind the wheel of the car. radio off. just me myself and i. we have imense conversations about random facts and ideas that i would never come across had i not been alone in my safe haven known as my car. my mind wanders and i cant seem to stop it. rather, i dont want it to stop.

    By Blair on 08.09.2011

  13. when i drive, i don’t know. i feel somewhat at ease but also driven with caution. hahaha, funny, isn’t it? driven. i’m sorry, it’s rather late and it’s the hour where the lack of sleep interacts with your take on humor without mercy. red robin! yum.

    By Nick Jones on 08.09.2011

  14. driving. driving. I just keep driving down this endless road. I’m numb. Numb from the nothingness of passing cars, passing people. nothingless. driving driving driving and sweating and talking to the radio which has an awful lot of cheek.

    By Ann URL on 08.09.2011

  15. One day I was driving down the road, music loud, sky blue… or was it purple? A dark night. Yes, it was a dark night. I was heading into the country to get away from the hell called teenage life. I had never gone so fast before in my life.

    By Tani on 08.09.2011

  16. scary, intimidating, accidents, coordination, freedom, freeways, dangerous, parents, school, college, life, police, tickets, mechanics, gas, bills, danger, danger, danger, scary, fearful, not fake – real deal

    By Michelle on 08.09.2011

  17. Being chained to the damp wall was driving her mad. What were they planning to do? She shivered as the cold seeped into her thin bones. Perhaps she thought, it’s time to stop being so nice. A smile parted her lips, as two razor sharp fangs dropped down and glistened against her white skin.

    By Helen URL on 08.09.2011

  18. Its that sleepy smile you get across your face while we’re driving together at night. Like you’re perfectly content to just keep driving me around. Happy to stay in one small place with me, share, laugh, and touch in the simplest ways. I’ll always love you for the small gifts you give me like that.

    By Arielle URL on 08.09.2011

  19. Driving me insane in the precise second I came sane.

    By Lors URL on 08.09.2011

  20. is so complicated at times. It drives me crazy when people get angry for no reason at all. I wish I could drive for everyone else around me and avoid me. That would be a fantastic invention, something that keeps all cars apart, or people in general.

    By Alyssa on 08.09.2011

  21. Late nights with the windows rolled down and the music blasting were all she every looked forward to. With everyone crammed into one space yelling over each other, over the music blaring, and greasy fingers from the french fries she didn’t have to think about anything else…

    By Emma URL on 08.09.2011

  22. you’re driving me insane… I totally shouldn’t be pissed but I totally am. I mean, I did this to you yesterday but it was totally different!! I didnt have a choice and you totally do. It’s good to know just how much ‘your girl’ means to you.

    By tori on 08.09.2011

  23. what about driving? I’m not sure what’s going on with this world today, people get angry if you go the speed limit… That just goes to show how messed up the world is today, society is in revolt of rules that were made for our safety…

    By lyss on 08.09.2011

  24. Swing. And a miss. He looked a little flustered. I felt bad.

    It’s tricky for everyone the first time.

    No response, just a helpless gaze of confusion. I shrugged, and carried my clubs to the next hole.

    By Emily on 08.09.2011

  25. something thats costs alot of money in gas , what i do when i take people to crazy land what someone does to me when they cause me to go crazy. not drinking i got a breathalizer installed . Miss daisy.

    By metoo on 08.09.2011

  26. is a privilege that many people abuse. Hello, i”m talking to you mister, “I think that I’ll text and drive”. Put the phone down and pay attention to the road!

    By Irma on 08.09.2011

  27. Swing. And a miss. He looked a little flustered.

    It’s tricky for everyone the first time.

    No response, just a helpless gaze of confusion. I shrugged, and carried my clubs to the next hole.

    By EmilyH URL on 08.09.2011

  28. driving down the dusty road, i encountered one of the most memoriable, romantic sites I had ever seen. it was big and orange and it looked like someone had taked a paintbrush to the sky.

    By adair on 08.09.2011

  29. what i do to go up the wall when u people make me. myself insane. road rage that makes me want to smash all the others cars out there like demos into little pieces until all the other drivers cant go anywhere and i can drive all by myself.

    By metoo on 08.09.2011

  30. “driving.” he told me. “we’re going driving.”

    it was the most romantic of things that a high schooler here in Nixon could do.

    And here I was.

    About to go Driving.

    By haley on 08.09.2011

  31. I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway when I met the girl of my dreams.
    She was everything I ever wanted in a girl– funny, beautiful, and even car-savvy.
    The sad part was that I met her by crashing into her car.

    By Nia URL on 08.09.2011

  32. fast
    with my mom
    your car

    By mik on 08.09.2011

  33. I love to drive. Driving with the windows down and the music up is the best feeling in the world. Other people tell me they get sick of it, I don’t. I love the wind in my hair and flying down a road, even if it is the same road I have been down a hundred times. I want a motorcycle, so I can drive faster, and be more in touch with the road. I don’t know why I love driving so much these days… Such a good feeling.

    By Carina URL on 08.09.2011

  34. i hate driving. I hate the people who clog up the roads with their big trucks and hummers that make too much noise. I hate having to circle the block 5 times just to find a parking spot. I hate the necessity of driving for ease, and that I am so driven by ease that I drive anyway.

    By Sarah on 08.09.2011

  35. “Your driving is utterly suicidal.” said Obi-Wan.
    “We’ll come back to that.” said Anakin. “First you must explain to me why you talk in a British accent when you’re from Coruscant.”
    “That’s simple.” Obi-Wan said, britishly. “Because Lucas wanted it like that.”

    By Tess Sierra Paden URL on 08.09.2011

  36. I enjoy driving, crazy, sometimes drunk, sometimes just drive for the hell of it, but mostly because I have to, to get from home to work and vice verse. But it’s not a hobby of mine.

    By Axolotl1 URL on 08.09.2011

  37. We were driving down the long and winding dirt road in silence. The summer heat beat down against our necks and I basked in its glory. The top down on an old jeep. The sounds of Zepplin blasting for miles. Nothing but open road and good times with the one I love.

    By Mar URL on 08.09.2011

  38. I can’t wait till that certain age to start driving. The day i get my drivers license will be one of the most exciting days in my life. Just dreaming about me driving my friends around to go get a pizza or just to hang out. So much fun. Can’t wait. Im gonna get a great car, not to fancy though, just somthing thats gonna get me where i need to be.

    By Celeste on 08.09.2011

  39. I love being in a car that’s driving fast, but I hate to drive them.I feel like I’m going to hit a tree in a split second or something. Like those three boys, two dead, one broken. I don’t want to drive out of fear and boredom. I hate driving. It’s like toenail clipping. Lame and nothign special. Mabe if there were a prize, like cracker jack only not a stupid sticker. More like the tin whisles or toys. Maybe.

    By Cecil on 08.09.2011

  40. i hate this. it sucks. my dad and i fight the most in doing this. but at least i have control. hahaha. i’m not that bad at it. i should just get the fucking license. but i don’t want to take the test. those suck. i have my boaters license. maybe i can trade it in for the car….:)

    By Lisa on 08.09.2011