March 26th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “drifting”

  1. Drifting back and forth, like some ghostly limb suspended eerily in the water after its earthly father left it behind. Only further and further away from its place of origin.

    By Al on 03.26.2012

  2. I wish I hos be drifting off to sleep at this very moment. However, my insomnia prevents thst every night. It’s such a hassle, sleep deprivation just makes school and everyday life that much harder.

    By Leesa Nicole URL on 03.26.2012

  3. Drifting! That’s the word. She couldn’t remember it last night, as she explained to Alice. She would kick herself now, it had been on the tip of her tongue and had kept her awake for an hour. She’d been drifting for her whole life, collecting no loved ones, amassing no fantastical moments. It was always just her; silly Sylvia, with her ice-cream hair and meek smile.

    By Laura URL on 03.26.2012

  4. Drifting
    side to side,
    watching as all worlds collide.
    your every shot,
    your every move,
    your every thought.
    where you stand
    on this earth we all obsess over.

    By Emaline URL on 03.26.2012

  5. I’ve never known a man who knew where he was going and wasn’t lying about it. face it, man, you’re as lost as the rest of us. you’re dragging your feet through your stressful job so you can pay for food and a woman. if you’re lucky that woman will give you kids and you’ll pay for them too. you’ll turn forty and buy a nice car then you’ll sell it. then you’ll retire and those kids will be paying for your as and you’ll buy that car back. you’ll learn one song on the piano and play it ’til you die. we’re all drifters and don’t even get the benefit that comes with a lack of family or social security number.
    but come over if you’re bored. we’ll have hot dogs and beer and I’ll play my song and you play yours and we won’t be merry but we wouldn’t know it if we were.

    By joshuapaul URL on 03.27.2012

  6. as i was drifting through the sea, i heard a weird sound. it was a shark, biting a chunk of my leg. i screamed and shouted for help. but of course none came. and, i lost a chunk of my leg. alas, the shark escaped my wrath.

    By Lubna URL on 03.27.2012

  7. like sleeping but not the space of time between the one reality and another where nothing is ever set and anything can change like life without people ever knowing how close it is how easy to reach but never do we reach for it try to grasp on at the end of our dreams …much like childhood so easily given up without regard to how truly unique it is.

    By Sam K on 03.27.2012

  8. is something strange…vague and…unfinished

    By I.B. on 03.27.2012

  9. Drifting through the sea on a glossy, blue whale,whistling a tune along with the waves ,a perfect harmony.When will a sign in the distance show? When will I find that place on the horizon to set down my worry? Take a rest,move on and forever more live with no regrets,no remorse no heartache.I look off into the daunting waves,the resonance drowning my thoughts,like a seagull snatched them up and flew away,leaving me drifting off to sleep, while my sorrow drifts out to sea with the tide.

    By Katie on 03.27.2012

  10. drifting beyond the sea
    mirror of us without you in them
    wolves without their key
    lets just go to sleep

    By alasicka URL on 03.27.2012

  11. i feel myself drifting towards nothing. Honestly that has to bee my biggest fear. Amounting to nothing, never making an impact. Realizing that fact that I was born had little to no affect on the world. It stings.

    By jamesbitticks URL on 03.27.2012

  12. drifting into the nothingness of the light
    falling into the abundance of liveliness
    i don’t think I will find separation between the both

    By alasicka URL on 03.27.2012

  13. We drifted away, down the river on a plank of wood as we held each other and whispered silently.

    By Norah on 03.27.2012

  14. Sam was determined to live his life drifting. Why force it when the tide of life will carry you. Onward, ever onward into the future. He wondered for a moment if he could go drifting into the past, but decided that would be boring.

    By E A M Harris URL on 03.27.2012

  15. i was drifting along the narrow way when suddenly i came upon a girl who looked so frightened and alone i couldn’t help but ask her name.

    By ashlee on 03.27.2012

  16. Freedom. Floating, like a leaf in the wind. How I yearn to be free, to taste the winds of the world. How would they taste, feel and move? I wish I could fly on them feel the rushing air surround me and carry me away. Far away. From life’s worries and problems. I dream of freedom from the binds that hold me here. The binds that secure me here. I want to drift away, to another place another time another world. Why can my mind drift away from here but not take my body with it? I have seen amazing things and amazing places but only inside my mind, my body hasn’t experienced them.

    By Alex on 03.27.2012

  17. On the water? A boat…like today on the ferry. Or maybe it’s metaphorical, like I’m drifting through life right now cause I have no idea where I’m supposed to end up, probably like a lot of people. Kind of scary – I thought I would be better at real life.

    By Rachel Cameron on 03.27.2012

  18. i’ve been drifting to find home, without success so far. and i admit i liked the way how i drifted, and couldn’t imagine myself not drifting. but i’m getting tired of drifting. or rather, i began to want something different from drifting, if not settling.

    By kaorita on 03.27.2012

  19. Out from a moonlit sky, flew a large vulture. A feather dropped from it’s tattered back and, drifting through the cold night, landed on top of a cactus. The cactus ate the feather and returned to it’s solitary ways.

    By Jeremy on 03.27.2012

  20. I floated. Higher and higher I soared, above anyone else’s influence. Drifting along my path of serenity. I was flying, above the blue, above the clouds, above the stars I had once longed to be with. I flew faster. I stood taller. I soared higher, my feet no longer on the hallowed ground. Until I was drifting along, as calm as I’ll ever be.

    By Catherine Grace URL on 03.27.2012

  21. I am drifting.. I always have been. No real stability.. In and out of others lives.. I always hope someone will find me worth while enough to find me.l.

    By Acharne on 03.27.2012

  22. As liberating as it gets. That’s what dad would say. He isn’t here any more. Here on this boat I mean. He is back on the shore doing something, anything. Anything to shut someone up. God I miss him. I wouldn’t tell him that. Or even you. Why I am I telling you? I guess because your the only other shipmate.

    By Dave URL on 03.27.2012

  23. i jump off the cliff. the tide slowly takes me further and further away from dry land. I turn to my back, looking up at the crisp blue sky. The wind pushing me further and further away.

    By Kobi on 03.27.2012

  24. “Drifting”, another word to describe irresponsibility.

    By Jason on 03.27.2012

  25. I am drifting away in space.
    Drifting is like going away or being distracted. Commomly used as an abstract

    By arub on 03.27.2012

  26. The sky is adrift. It swims over us, a swirling mass of endless gasses. We know what it is and all it holds, we know what other worlds are out there floating alongside us. But we don’t think about them in this moment, lying on the steady grass as the sky moves onwards.

    By kate on 03.27.2012

  27. The seaweed drifting on the shore gave Lexi pause. She didn’t know why it caught her eye, but it did. Innocuously, it stared back at her.

    By Olivia on 03.27.2012

  28. The raft dritfed down the river, floating onwards calmly. Despite the bright autumn sunshine making the frosty stones on the banks glimmer like diamonds, I was utterly miserable. My clothes were soaked with iy water and I was shiverring on my makeshift raft.

    By Antonia on 03.27.2012

  29. There I was, sitting on a canoe, drifting out to sea. The aquamarine hue of the water dazzles my

    By jesse on 03.27.2012

  30. watching Alcatraz its fun and interesting, however, my colleges are working for their task. Meanwhile, im thinkin what Chelsea would do 2night.

    By ErmalM URL on 03.27.2012

  31. I was in the atmosphere
    Breathing in the air that was
    Familiar to me,
    As I floated off into the sky.

    I continued to drift off into the starry sky
    Unable to breathe any longer,
    But now I am one with the universe.

    By Kenny H. URL on 03.27.2012

  32. I like to think I have a definite purpose in life, but often feel like I am drifting from one problem to the next. It doesn’t matter how hard I try I drift from one thing to the next without achieving anything.

    By Sue on 03.27.2012

  33. thinking of song across the universe.images drifting…

    By james on 03.27.2012

  34. She seemed to be drifting further and further away from the ones who loved her. Unable to reach through the armor she’d shield around her, the family stood back and wept at the inevitable.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.27.2012

  35. I was drifting in the wind as graceful as can be. My stem spread wide and floating through. I have a seed on top of me so when I fall a beautiful apple tree will come and feed the hungry kids in Africa, I am an apple tree leaf.

    By Lindy on 03.27.2012

  36. i have a hard time drifting off to sleep. I twist and turn until all hours. I get too hot, then i get too cold. I can’t stop thinking about something. Why, why can’t i just sleep?

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 03.27.2012

  37. test

    By brenda backes on 03.27.2012

  38. my mind is drifting away. surprisingly fast. First thing I loose is rationality, then security, then myself.

    By corinnele on 03.27.2012

  39. Floating
    Lost and without hope
    Scared and alone
    don’t know what to do
    Haven’t got a plan
    i’m just drifting

    By Elise URL on 03.27.2012

  40. drifting off into space. zoning in and out. not really paying attention. moving along and not noticing. a tumble weed moving through the dessert. drifting around a turn with a fast car.

    By Kane URL on 03.27.2012