September 4th, 2011 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “division”

  1. division,

    oh dear sweet separation
    how can we ever be together?

    are thoughts enough?
    are words enough?

    am i enough?

    because i really need you here.

    By Danish URL on 09.04.2011

  2. It hurts to be torn apart. One minute madly in love, and the next, so far from each other that the memory of one another is barely there. Your heart burns with hate, it burns with love and you wonder, how does his feel, after so long a time?

    By Danni on 09.04.2011

  3. We don’t talk anymore, you’re nothing but a ghost in the hallway that just brushes a cold wind of air when you walk past me. It’s weird, how is it that two people that were once so close turned into such strangers? We divided into different paths.

    By Linda URL on 09.04.2011

  4. Our lives have separated.
    We divided into two different pathways.
    But we always belonged to two different worlds,
    so I wasn’t shocked when the separation happened.
    You believe that one day we’ll meet again.
    Honestly, I don’t think that we will.
    But if we do,
    It’ll be a pleasure seeing you again.

    By Linda URL on 09.04.2011

  5. separation
    because i am so lacking
    and i am not what you’re looking for

    when i see you walk away
    when our feelings start to change
    and i no longer understand

    leaving hurts
    but being left will always sting more
    and it’ll leave scars

    By jacqueline URL on 09.04.2011

  6. the division of society, sometimes invisible yet so obvious
    the division of a broken family is a hard one to ignore
    to see unity in front of you but not be apart of their circle of love
    its hard to watch, but after years of resentment haunting me
    i finally let it hurt, let it sit
    and thus, some beautiful peace came out of it
    a sense of being a minor part to something i can no longer shove a side
    its here and i must adjust or sink in the sorrow

    By lauren on 09.04.2011

  7. deprives from vision.

    By Vie URL on 09.04.2011

  8. The division was unclear; where did they stand? Do you risk stepping too far, or do you distance yourself? And how do you decide? Who made the division in the first place? And whose responsibility is it to eliminate that division? If anyone’s?

    By Haley URL on 09.04.2011

  9. Division comes between us like a door slammed shut. It cuts the ropes that we’ve held onto for so long. It is the reason that we live on the edge of every moment, hoping that division will not come between us again.

    By Julia Morris on 09.04.2011

  10. Division makes a difference. Dividing two bodies prevents from multiplication. There’s no point in trying anymore. It’s not convenient, just let it go.

    By HonestAde URL on 09.04.2011

  11. Division is the cause of this heartache. You lived your lives together for twenty-five years, and here you sit, divided, divorced, undone. Division has drawn us together, given us a reason to love. Who would have known that in the midst of my parents’ division and divorce, I would come to know and love you.

    By Julia Morris URL on 09.04.2011

  12. Division is not something to be taken lightly. It is something that almost always is tragic and not fun at all. Division of family. Division of friends. Division of marriage. Then again, there is also long division in math. That’s not fun either. I don’t like the word division.

    By Jaime Morris on 09.04.2011

  13. The division, is where it all went wrong. Or right.

    By Natalie on 09.04.2011


    By VYAS on 09.04.2011

  15. Division is a hard time. When you have to split yourselves and go your separate ways, that is the most difficult time. Sometimes you have to realize that the only way for your lives to be complete is for them to divide.

    By JustMeAgain URL on 09.04.2011

  16. Division. I hated long division when I was first taught it. I just didn’t understand how it worked. I knew the steps, I simply couldn’t see how they were working together to get an answer. It took me a few years to actually understand the concept. That was a good day.

    By taylor on 09.04.2011

  17. A spot in time where things come apart. A mathematical equation that defines the relationship that once was. Why did I always hate math? I wonder why. The life the divides is a life with choices, options, and opportunities. A vision

    By Ashlee on 09.04.2011

  18. A line in the ground, a marking, and place that cannot be crossed. Looking across to one horizon and never turning around. The other, marching towards the endless sea, reaching the divide of the earth. This is where land and sea meet.

    By AshleeWritesAgain URL on 09.04.2011

  19. There are two people, There are 50 states. There is one state of mind between them. There is a certain emptiness between them, as smiles flicker like pitched cigarettes ashed out car windows like wild and loose justifiers.

    By Cj URL on 09.04.2011

  20. The two were the best of friends. Maybe even in love. But they were too far apart. And no matter how many phone calls or online chats. One would never be quite as satisfied as she wanted to be. To see the other in real life and be able to smile or laugh together. Distance divided them.

    By Emily Hope URL on 09.04.2011

  21. Division. That’s what had happened. They had been one unit, now divided.
    Yes, math, basic math, was comforting. She was good at math. It was easy for her. It didn’t change on her. It didn’t change its mind. It didn’t say it wanted to be with her one day and leave her the next. It was safe and consistent.

    By Chelseyann URL on 09.04.2011

  22. Life would be so much simpler if I was an amoeba, able to divide myself whenever things got hairy. I’s wiggle up to a pebble, and rather than climb over it, I’d split myself in two and go around each side. It’s addition by division, or multiplication by division, or something like that. I’d do all sorts of fun amoeba things and play all kinds of amoebic pranks on unsuspecting people.

    By Randy B URL on 09.04.2011

  23. that attitude that wishes one well in throwing you away

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.04.2011

  24. They sat next to each other. Heard each others lives. Shared each others day. Made tea in the kitchen. Ate lunches at their desks. Attended social fucntions together. They knew more about each other than many. The division was vast wide and deep like a canyon.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 09.04.2011

  25. Division is how I feel right now. Although, I’m sure everyone is thinking of math and skills. I’m divided up. I feel that I’ve been torn to make decisions, I have yet to figure out. I divided by I. I divided by the entire rest of the world. Or maybe it’s just I divided by you.

    By Natalie on 09.04.2011

  26. There was a gap between us. A difference no bridge could gap. But nothing could divide us from our attack. When I ran away in fear, he was already here. And when I came to stay again there was was no greater gain.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 09.04.2011

  27. I went, thinking it would be just like old times. But there was an obvious division between us. I sat across the fire from him, and I couldn’t help but look at them in jealousy. I guess what we did meant nothing to him at all. But that was months ago. And he had only used me because I was the one that showed up. He wasn’t anyone special; he was just like all the boys before.

    By Marissa URL on 09.05.2011

  28. it’s a chasm so deep. don’t look down. keep your eyes up and your heels in… the last thing you want is to be the one at the bottom. what will you do to stay at the top? to stay above the depths? would you die for yourself or would you sacrifice yourself for another?

    By mccracal URL on 09.05.2011

  29. Division
    includes two dots
    and a line,
    and the line can be anything.
    A long distance,
    a difficult math problem,
    a difficult apple to cut in half,
    slicing it not centered,
    but there’s always that other dot
    on the other side.
    And that dot
    will get to the other one
    one way or another.

    By Scythe42 URL on 09.05.2011

  30. Primary school, learning division, and then long division. From then on, the appreciation that some things, like multiplication, are easy one way, but difficult the other, like division.

    The same goes for calculus, and how much earlier differentiation is than integration.

    By Bartok URL on 09.05.2011

  31. And we say we’re together through the things of life. We lie. We lie until our faces cease to smile. We are never there for each other, never together, never a comfort to the dead; we are never indivisible.

    By Lauren on 09.05.2011

  32. divided we are. and i feel so alone. i want to unite with you become one. even though we are far id like our love to fly across for it has no boundaries like music. the light in you the love in me. its a vision of peace and joy

    By Alejandra on 09.05.2011

  33. I want and don’t want
    and between that division lies
    all the anxiety I’ve ever felt
    It’s all there ever is.

    By Cellar Door URL on 09.05.2011

  34. Feeling divided from humanity, I just wish I belonged. I need a certain relation to people, I don’t know how to get it, nor do I know where to find it. I just want to know my place in life. Please God, give me a new pace.

    By Justin Time on 09.05.2011

  35. There is a space between us that seems insurmountable. I wonder which of us, if either of us even will, will take the movement to bring us back together. And then, of course, the moment passes, the space still there but hidden by our mutual need to ignore it and continue on as we always have.

    By Libby URL on 09.05.2011

  36. Division. I’m sitting on a couch about three meters away. They’re over there and I’m left here alone, with nothing to say. I’m too afraid to. I might feel worse than I do now if they talk back. Who are these people anyways?

    By laetitia on 09.05.2011

  37. With amber colored lenses, I saw the word for the first time.
    thick salty flavored rimmed, and sometimes with a umbrella brims.
    every time I looked, it became hazier and clearer until closing time.
    then it was it off to Neverland, where boys fly and girls give thimbles.
    In a land with no clocks, our time is forever together here.
    In this division of our minds.

    By Lord Jim URL on 09.05.2011

  38. Stacey was trying her hardest. She had been practicing for days on end to get into the top division for swimming. If she won this, then she would go away to a big competition.

    By ~sophie97~ URL on 09.05.2011

  39. Me from you… a Separation. Us to me and you… a Leave. We to one… a Break. An unbearable division.

    By AmyMae URL on 09.05.2011

  40. You’re a part of me.
    Now that you’re gone, is like i’ve been splited in half.
    You have only been gone for ten minutes..but there’s so much time left ..
    It hurts.

    By Naye URL on 09.05.2011