September 4th, 2011 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “division”

  1. Oh i was dancing around on division avenue when I looked up and saw a giant phallic, statue of Patrick Banks. He was all standy-straighty and acted as though his thoughts were a huuuuge issue.

    By Marty on 09.04.2011

  2. division has lots of meanings, the first that I think of is math. In the fourth grade, my senile teacher went over long division for half of a semester because she forgot that we went over it the day before. I was never that good at long divivion…
    When you think further, what comes to my mind is division between people. Something I’m also not very good at. I’m an includer by nature. I feel akward when people are left out and feel the need to include them in whatever i am doing. This can come back to bite me in the balls later, however. Occasionally, they turn out to be some sort of psyco. I’m a person that’s into many things, and that makes it easier for me to get along with many different types of people. Division is just something that I have never liked. Even division of labor isn’t great for me. I preffer to do it all myself. I’m a little bit of a control freak. if I had to think of a kind a math that I prefer i would say algebra because it gives you all the secret codes to life. Don’t understand something? Find the formula and it will suddenly all make sense to you. Its a magical kind of math! Ironically, I took College Math instead of College Algebra. :/ It has more statistics which is better for my major.

    By Celeste Thornton on 09.04.2011

  3. The division between right and wrong was an abstract concept defined only by the parameters set in ones given society. What was acceptable social behavior was not a universal concept, nor was it one that she gave much thought to as the coats hit the floor and the girls began to run, streaking across campus.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.04.2011

  4. The division of people among themselves can be immensely gross. It’s like they are born to pull apart. Fight. Fright. Fear takes over them so they only see themselves and no one else. Kill.

    By FaridaEzzat on 09.04.2011

  5. Long division. Yuck! It was bad enough with short division but now the teacher wanted 40 examples of long division by the end of the class. Who did she think she was?

    By kpfromdc URL on 09.04.2011

  6. Charlie seemed to constantly be divided between the future and the past. No matter what, he never seemed to live in the present. It was almost as if life was too much for him to handle. His constant division between states of mind made him hard to talk to–but I was determined to communicate with him if it was the last thing I ever did.

    By Hayley on 09.04.2011

  7. It was more than Jensen could take, his live reduced to a division of two improbabilities both of which left him a stranger to himself.

    “How fucked up is this?” Jensen asked no one in particular.

    “Supremely put,” cooed the voice. “But not altogether unexpected or unnatural.”

    By chole URL on 09.04.2011

  8. Let me sing you a mathematical love song that involves four greatest components of the subject: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. You know what’s funny? All the problems end up with a number 2, they all equal to that particular number, because ME + YOU = <3

    By alyssa rae on 09.04.2011

  9. The only thing more pathetic to murder people with than salt, is pepper. I don’t need to get into the details, do I?

    By chiaki URL on 09.04.2011

  10. the wall divides us from the weather outside. in here its dim and yellow and im fillled with the sensation of stretched muscles while my cat lays in the dark and yawns. i see the dreary grey outside that reminds me of winter. it forebodes the braving i must do with coats ive gotten over and the work, and likely frustration, that will come with the beethoven symphony. at least it isnt cold and, for the time being, we dont have to suffer the miserable humid heat. i am in between and on my own and this is the way its always been and looks as if its how its going to be. but the music is a good escape and puts me in touch with my dreams, so maybe one day more can be.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 09.04.2011

  11. It was early morning when we were called out to the courtyard. The instructions were simple; we went to the left, or to the right. There was no in between, no time to stop and question the outcome of our choice. They divided us into two groups. I chose the left.

    By Maya on 09.04.2011

  12. But that was the truth: they were divided. The others, brave enough to face Death stood tall and unafraid at one side; those who were feeble and scared cowered on the other. I guess we’re all just waiting.

    By Pibi M URL on 09.04.2011

  13. Lines are drawn. Divisions are made. The chasm has been opened once again. How do we get to this point & how do we fix it? “BLAKOW!” …and she smiles through her tears.

    By B. Green URL on 09.04.2011

  14. on separate sides and for an instance not able to even meet in the middle let alone cross-over. stop. breath. nothing should be this big. now – try again.

    By More Everything URL on 09.04.2011

  15. we are so far apart from each other it’s painful. I cry when we say good night because it means we’re not talking anymore and that you’ve gone to sleep for the next eight hours. I don’t cope with division very well, as you can probably tell. But even just talking on the phone for a little every night and texting a little during the day is not enough for me… I need to see you, and soon.

    By Emily T. on 09.04.2011

  16. We divided and there was no conquer. We separated into two equal pieces interchangeable and he stops and thinks about what if it had gone the other way? Mix and match people in a broken world.

    By Cassie URL on 09.04.2011

  17. seperate, group, devide, ensure, departement, manage, engroup, enforce

    By d koutsolioutsos URL on 09.04.2011

  18. to divide, to seperate, the math…. is all combined. divorce means to divide to seperate to apart from eachother.. the thing that 3rd graders study hard for… the one that sometimes people fail alot, including me

    By Jada URL on 09.04.2011

  19. I don’t want to write anything about this word related to math.. But I just can’t. Division = Math in my mind. ALL THE TIME. Yeah, sometimes I think of it as a synonym for separation, but Psh. Please.

    By misscardigangirl URL on 09.04.2011

  20. It’s been 6 years and you still won’t speak to me. I’ve tried on numerous occasions to right the wrong that I had done; to break the division between us. It’s called forgiveness, love; please show me some.

    By Haley URL on 09.04.2011

  21. I feel it, the wall between us. Division, dividing, collision, colliding, but never literally, only mentally, a wall to which we didn’t choose to build, division, only to make us stronger at will. To survive is a thrill, to break down and fight is expected, but feared. I want you and need you right here. Hold me, and I’ll hold you. Hands and heads held high, because we have to make it through

    By Summer on 09.04.2011

  22. The division between reality and fantasy is sinking in. The division between past and present is slapping me on the face. And it hurts…so badly. Yet I still hope…that things would change..for the better.

    By Cindy URL on 09.04.2011

  23. The space between me and myself waxes and wanes with time. I drove the four hour drive up to Syracuse and recognized nothing and nothingness. My gps told me I was right and my instinct knew it too. But I knew nothing that I saw and felt lost the entire drive. This dissociativity stays with me, packed away, compartmentalized. Changing me from person to person with each encounter. Confusing I know. For you? Probably very. Right now it’s normal for me. How do you explain normal in an emotionally invested way? I don’t know.

    By Jason URL on 09.04.2011

  24. Never had there been a day like today. Josie stood in the kitchen and thought of all that divided her from Alan. They were suppose to support one another, but their marriage had turned into a war full of all the divisions that one could have in life.

    By Brown Mom on 09.04.2011

  25. wishing to divide oneself from the world
    if by chance we do get divided
    would that bring peace of mind
    would we feel better greater
    if we were away from the ones that made us feel low
    made us feel like nothing
    but if we are alone
    then we shall in fact be nothing
    because no one will no us
    no one will see us
    is it worse to be with the ones we dislike
    to be divided from the ones we love

    By celeste cervantes URL on 09.04.2011

  26. Ripped in two, pulled in both directions, stretched to the point of breaking, I finally gave into the pressure and broke my soul. I was not whole, I would never be again. Divided into good and evil.

    By Olive URL on 09.04.2011

  27. Sometime it hurts, sometime it can be the only salvation.

    By Francesca URL on 09.04.2011

  28. Division. You set me apart from you and your friends. Excluded, i was the ever present outcast. i gave myself wings to fly with, to set myself apart, above, away, far away. but still a part of my heart wants so badly to be included.

    By Alice URL on 09.04.2011

  29. division was a high class society bulidt by mr. tokony, He was a man of great wealth, how he came to that state was a mystery to the crowd in division. Mr. Tokony was a man of great intelligences too. He was also married twice before and had to children who grew up to be powerful people. though division was only just another trophy on the mantle, just another metal that only had the slightess of a sparkle unlike like any other

    By Jillian on 09.04.2011

  30. There once was a time in my life when I didn’t have friends. Around this time was a really short period in my life where I actually thought math was fun. Specifically long division by hand. So, instead of playing with friends, like any normal person would, I made up long division problems and then solved them. Because of this, everybody thought I was weird and avoided me like the plague. So I never had friends in elementary school.

    Moral of the story? Read your history textbook instead.

    By MO URL on 09.04.2011

  31. There was a division happening within himself. He knew what he wanted and he knew what needed to be done. Desire and necessity. It tore at him from within. Until finally he made up his mind. He did what had to be done. He did what he had to do to be happy.

    By Patrick URL on 09.04.2011

  32. Across the great divide, where birds sing and music falls by the wayside.
    I don’t have the words for this.
    I’m cut into pieces, torn up, wondering where my next meal is going to come from, and so mad at the world I could love her to pieces.
    It’s breaking my heart, but I’m not even sure what “it” is, or if the change is permanent.
    I want to run away, but I don’t have anywhere to go.
    I’m divided, in my own mind.

    By Lancir URL on 09.04.2011

  33. Division is not applicable on love.
    Nor on hope.
    Nor on community.
    Division should stay as a mathematical operation.
    Not something that keeps us all apart.

    By PolkaDots URL on 09.04.2011

  34. There is a division between the two. The tension is palpable around them and I didn’t want to involve myself. I had no idea what was really going on or how they felt toward each other, but I knew I was the only one who could be a successful driving force for the continuation of their friendship.

    By Kyle URL on 09.04.2011

  35. The line between you and me,
    so prominent and bold.
    It divides us from each other’s hearts,
    makes us lonely and cold.

    Never to love each other.
    Never to trust again.
    Always careful not to love,
    Dying inside, now and then.

    Crying, alone, in our rooms,
    It pulls us apart bit by bit.
    What really hurts me so bad,
    I was the one that drew it.
    The line.

    By Hannah W URL on 09.04.2011

  36. one is divided into two or more parts.
    something are separated
    unity is divided
    division is the only possible course ahead
    division is divorce
    division if where heart and spirit breaks
    division is where time leads to
    division is the final destination of each course.

    By Avin on 09.04.2011

  37. Vision of division. I’m not feeling at my most creative today. All that pops into my head is the Grand Canyon. My parent’s divorce. Job. Ocean and shore. Simple things. I don’t want to let my head fall into that surface-level dump, though. I need to stimulate it, remind it that it needs to be different.

    By ohthekings URL on 09.04.2011

  38. There is now a division between my friends, those that can play League of Legends and those that can’t. It’s pretty sad, now they cut off mac support and I can’t play any more and then I won’t get to play with my best friend, my friends or my boyfriend any more. Well my best friend is in the same place, him and I both use macs. Sucks for us, there goes the one thing we did when we got home. :(

    By Rae URL on 09.04.2011

  39. There is a division between what I need to do and what feel like doing. I have so many things to do, I could stay busy all day every day for the next few weeks, or months. What I would really like to do is take some time off, laze around, do some artwork, play with Nate and Andrew, and read whatever I want whenever I want! ha ha ha!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 09.04.2011

  40. subdivision is useful for packing more humans in, like sardines in a can…not sure if it makes for happy cities.

    By Debbie URL on 09.04.2011