September 4th, 2011 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “division”

  1. Between church and state
    Between wrong and right
    Between love and hatred
    Between you and me

    All that hanky-panky doesn’t mean a thing

    By zannaz URL on 09.04.2011

  2. The division of cells has always fascinated me. I could never quite get the details straight, however, and often mistook meiosis for mitosis, and vice versa. This irritated my husband to no end, since he was a microbiologist and lived and breathed for cellular life.

    By Sara URL on 09.04.2011

  3. The division happened some time in his sixteenth year, though he never understood the root of the problem. One day, his family simply seemed to not care anymore. His dad would stay out for, sometimes, days at a time. His mother would stay in bed. His brothers, though? They were always around. And they always made sure Devin knew they were there. Always.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.04.2011

  4. Go ahead and blindly follow their power. It makes me sick the way you just accept what they say. Can’t anyone see that they are the liars, false teachers, racists, sexists, egotistic ones. Of course not, the only thing anyone every sees is their supposed power. They don’t want a division.

    By Alex Black URL on 09.04.2011

  5. the division between them was just too strong, and both sides knew it. the segregation would never end; people would claim that it had, that they were now equal, that both sides received the same treatment but were simply separated due to “unforeseen circumstances,” but everyone knew better. black and white, male and female, rich and poor, human and mutant–no matter what form discrimination took, the division was there and it was there to stay.

    By Leanne URL on 09.04.2011

  6. Division of household chores –
    Where is the dividing line? Or is there even a dividing line?
    I don’t think so. I think I do it all.

    By Debbie Knight on 09.04.2011

  7. We will always be divided.
    Right and wrong, church and state, Democrats and Republicans, black and white.

    The worst is when you’re divided inside yourself:
    The division between heart and mind.

    By Carly Luk URL on 09.04.2011

  8. Division

    I liked long division in school. But then when the next wave of kids were taught to write the carried over numbers in different places? Messes me up. Gotta do it my way!

    I also thought mitosis was cool.

    Ok, this seems to be a “school” day. That’s what comes to mind with “Division.” That and divisiveness amongst people – and I’d rather go back to school than there.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.04.2011

  9. Sad and lonely, like a friend on an iceberg…dropped on a rock in the vast darkness of space, with no companion…
    Division from one is division from all.

    By scoob on 09.04.2011

  10. Joy Division is such a lovely band. Long Division isn’t lovely. Long Division by Death Cab for Cutie is lovely. Math isn’t lovely. Division division division///////////////////////

    By Ife URL on 09.04.2011

  11. I think one of my biggest fears in life is being separated from people. It haunts me, sometimes in ways that are completely not fair. Yesterday I was out walking again, watching the painted sky, the streetlights coming on, feeling the rain on my skin… it was beautiful. But I couldn’t help thinking that it looked just like the night Damien died.

    By fishiesinthesky URL on 09.04.2011

  12. She was divided.
    Torn between two sides, her heart and her mind.
    That’s a lie.
    Her honesty and her pelvis.
    Her morals and her lust.

    Of course, when lust prevails, what did that make her?
    Some would say whore.
    She would say misunderstood.
    Either way,
    nothing good.

    By Siege URL on 09.04.2011

  13. The division of properties can sometimes cause a war between neighbors, I know. I lived that experience myself. It was almost like an old hillbilly tale.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 09.04.2011

  14. The men in their division stood in line. All uniformed, shaved and smart. All presentable. Except for that one soldier. He was torn up, dirt, unshaved and a veteran of the last conflict.

    By Alex barley on 09.04.2011

  15. to edges tearing apart. new edges born. i think of the seamless garment.the cast lots for it. wonder what became of it.

    By jack maye URL on 09.04.2011

  16. Stare down.

    I glare at you
    And you glare back
    Toe to toe
    We all stand at the line
    Divided by…
    …come to think of it,
    Something so very miniscule

    By Julia on 09.04.2011

  17. Fue el portazo lo que te sacó de tu sueño. Y por alguna razón ni siquiera te detuviste a prender la luz al levantarte, con lo mucho que le temías a las oscuridad. Corriste escaleras abajo y viste a tu madre llorando sentada en el sofá de la sala. Lo siguiente en lo que fijaste tu mirada fue en tu padre parado en el marco de la puerta principal, serio como nunca antes lo habías visto. Sus ojos reflejaban una cantidad de emociones que a tu edad parecían imposibles de entender.

    Fue entonces que fijaste tu vista en la figura que se alejaba camino abajo hacia la calle principal. Era tu hermano con maleta en mano. Gritaste un par de veces su nombre y sabes que te escuchó, porque se detuvo por unos segundos. Pero no se dio vuelta a mirarte y siguió su camino.

    By Julia URL on 09.04.2011

  18. Division:
    How one number goes into another number so many times.
    The process by which two people are no longer together.
    Going on to another round or “division” of a game.

    By Jessica Auster URL on 09.04.2011

  19. A great division. It’ll never close; not with time, effort, or passive prayers. If it draws closer for any reason, all improvement will go unnoticed.

    By dan URL on 09.04.2011

  20. Division. Long division. Division between people. How relationships end. Social cleavages. Loss of communication. Factions. Politics. Things that split apart. Conflict. Loss. Strength disappears. Math class. Cutting things up.

    By Lauren URL on 09.04.2011

  21. Reminds me of a wall, and each of us standing on opposite sides. I can’t find a way through and I feel as though I can’t reach you.

    By Arru on 09.04.2011

  22. The view was amazing from up there. She spent a few days up there just to think about what had happened; hours at a time. She could see the entire city and felt as if she were sitting on top of the world. This was the only peace she could find. The last week had been a battle. Too many decisions and a separation that will forever haunt her. Even in her newly found spot, she felt an urge to jump. Unfortunately, even that jump would only scrape and bruise her body. She preferred to sit where she could watch the airplanes take off and land and thought about how much she envied their freedom. The other side of the mountain was where he was. The part of the city that would forever remind her of him. The words he spoke continuously stabbed her heart. Love is never easy and it always ends painfully. The question of staying or going was no longer up to her. Everything was her fault. In her mind, what she did was irreversible and she would never be forgiven for. In her mind, the only decision she needed to make was to walk away or jump.

    By Kari URL on 09.04.2011

  23. The only line of division between Quin and I was the sheer fact that he insisted on watching Bollywood movies after a break-up. A girl dumps him, and he’s running for Shakrukh Khan. It’s an obsessive, addictive, and useless coping method, but damn, if those songs don’t get stuck in my head for weeks. So, I think I can be forgiven for trying to prevent Quin having any relationships that aren’t with me. And since I’m not even gay, Quin will be alone forever. Just as he should be.

    By E. Correigh URL on 09.04.2011

  24. The day ends with long division and other sh*t I can’t remember how to do. For some reason, the last class period is always the longest. Hmm, algebra and divison go hand in hand. The space between desks seems like a divide. Damn crushes… I become such a sparkly eyed, flower- surrounded, shojo schoolgirl.

    By Ammi URL on 09.04.2011

  25. There was a certain air of finality in the situation. We were at the airport terminal staring at each other but saying nothing; having all the conversations we couldn’t out loud through our eyes. We were at the inevitable end. Inevitable in the sense that we knew it would come, but didn’t know it would be this fast. I let a single tear roll down and turned my back on you. I didn’t choose this. You created the division.

    By Mar URL on 09.04.2011

  26. Division, what of it? Separated from everything you know. One day everything is perfect, the next everything changes. Divided into tiny separate things. Not even one thing remained the same. Everything changed from the start. Division. That’s a huge word. One word, many meanings.

    By Courtney on 09.04.2011

  27. The division of peers was complete. All who wore dark colours stood to the right, all who wore light colours stood to the left and all who wore red were burned because there was no room left for them.

    By Olesya URL on 09.04.2011

  28. fakkut the tzichi
    atm toll the zygkt

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.04.2011

  29. Division, what of it? Separated from everything you once knew. Walking around trying to figure out where everything went wrong. One day is all it takes for everything to change. Divided from each other. One on one. Everything will never be the same again.

    By Courtney URL on 09.04.2011

  30. two times two is four.
    four times four is sixteen.
    my heart times your heart?
    well, what’s that?
    nobody ever taught me why long division is any use at all
    and nobody ever taught me how love works
    in relation to the numbers i understand.
    looking at the back of her blonde pigtailed head,
    my pencil quivers over the pluses and minuses,
    the times and divided bys,
    and i wonder what she’d say if i asked her
    whether she knew how to complete the complex equation of my heart.

    By featherb URL on 09.04.2011

  31. tHe first half of the war. Simple math made easier by simple means. Just sitting, waiting, marinating. Ready to be conquered,

    By mr584903 on 09.04.2011

  32. The Division. Isin’t that a TV show somewhere? Sounds like to separate, a break, two sides unable to come to an agreement or even a compremise. Sounds lonely. Sounds isolated.

    By Katherine Rabel URL on 09.04.2011

  33. And after that moment, there was a division between us. It was the worst thing in the world, because before, we were like soulmates, totally in love with each other. But then he went and screwed everything up and there was that division that neither of us could cross. He was too afraid to apologize and I just didn’t want to hear his excuses. Because he destroyed whatever there was between us, and he knows it all too well. Bastard.

    By Rachel on 09.04.2011

  34. Divison was as class blended with multiplying in early math classes of mine. multiplications is what they called to it. Divde than unite…unite than divide to unite again..let this process work together and embrace the divide..we can again unite…circle of life.

    By ajloopy URL on 09.04.2011

  35. You stand there divided. Should you risk hurting me for loving me or should you play it safe as nothing more? This division grows inside you until one day it will swallow you whole and it will be too late. Your decision will have been made up for you.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 09.04.2011

  36. It all started with a math test…

    She was struggling with the material and the teacher offered to personally tutor her. She didn’t think it was weird that he had her come over to his house.

    By WannabeWriter URL on 09.04.2011

  37. the divide is like an egg in which a yolk and an albumen both manifest. within this space there is harmony as well as division because both are enclosed within a shell, cocooned, mashed together like a cacophony of spirits in which souls collide and merge and become separate again.

    By whitenosugar on 09.04.2011

  38. Division is a street in Spokane that splits the city in half. It divides it all with a road. That’s what division means. It divides things in two, usually. Sometimes there are more divides. Like pie. I like pie. It is divided. And I want to eat it. All.

    By Derek Strausbaugh on 09.04.2011

  39. Division is a useful thing we are taught in math. It is a horrible thing to endure, though, the division of yourself from another person. Too bad we don’t teach that in school.

    By Trekky717 on 09.04.2011

  40. “There was too much division and discord in the ranks,” the General thought bitterly, “We will are die among ourselves first before the enemy reaches us.”

    By Deanna on 09.04.2011