August 12th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “discovery”

  1. there was a world where I didn’t know what to say
    i was wrought speechless in the vastness
    the utter clean and empty
    and in my heart i heard a sound;
    my thoughts melting, vanishing in the perfect wind
    this is the place where i am most myself
    where there is nothing but me,
    the sunshine and the meadow-spring blues

    By lapseofgravity URL on 08.13.2011

  2. Discovery
    Lmaooooo! xD
    Haahhahahahahahaha. I’m bored….
    Bor mat kar. :P
    Discovery… Um…. Uh…

    By Shrushti on 08.13.2011

  3. I found an ammonite fossil last week whilst on a walk in the Cotswolds. It was just staring out of the mud at me!

    By Jenny URL on 08.13.2011

  4. channel is an amazing channel to learn and DISCOVER new facts about the giant world we live in, or in retrospect it is very small compared to the sun and space in general. General custard!
    He is a true O>G. Custard P. Sacks, his maiden name, because he was formerly a conterfeit spy working for venezuala

    By lucas on 08.13.2011

  5. It is an ultimate high to learn something that you didn’t know before – an epiphany, an invention, or a mere rare find!

    By sweeney URL on 08.13.2011

  6. discovery is awesome. discovery is something that should take place every day, whether its outside or just getting out of bed. discovery is finding one cup of coffee left in the morning after waking up late. discovery is adventure, the goal of life – it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be found, all of it.

    By Rylan Carnahan on 08.13.2011

  7. Like many discoveries, hers was not as glamorous as she’d expected it to be. In fact, the suspense had been more fun than the actual finding, she mused as she stared at the tub of play-doh.

    By Valkyrie URL on 08.13.2011

  8. Finding yourself lost and no where to go… learning who you are and what you are, what you’re all about… adventure… pain… love… nothing will ever be the same. Rainy days and cold nights alone in the wild.

    By Stephanie on 08.13.2011

  9. the discovery was priceless. she couldn’t believe that the old books had just been rotting away in the attic for God knows how long. to her, this was beauty. this was everything. this….was a true discovery.

    By kelsey on 08.13.2011

  10. discovery…..hearts and brains and technology. we discovered america. Eureka, I’ve found it!!! gold, glittering and heavy and timeless. in high school i discovered me; and that has been the best discovery of all.

    By maggie on 08.13.2011

  11. What an incredible discovery! That manuscript appears to be authentic – a true Sherlock Holmes story – previously unpublished! I know the character is fiction, but how incredible is this!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.13.2011

  12. I have discovered something awesome, in its original essence. not just like modern day awesome, where everything is refered to as awesome. this truly is awesome.
    its a He, and no im not gay! He’s called Jesus and he loves us so much, sounds lame but everybody knows how love seems lame when we’re kids and when we grow up we cant live without it. its kinda like that. just let go and let him in! AMEN! :)

    By Nicklas on 08.13.2011

  13. a discovery is something fresh a new. a great discovery is notable. but what’s best about discovery is the feeling it gives you. it’s unique and it will never happen the same way again. discovery=experience.

    also the discovery channel is pretty nifty

    By doctorandpotter on 08.13.2011

  14. There is a place called Discovery. A place we all once knew when we were young. There was no map that told us how to get there. We just knew. Somewhere along the way while we grow up, we forget how to get to Discovery. At night it drifts away in to our dreams but is forever lost to our reality.

    By Schandra URL on 08.13.2011

  15. it’s my age of discovery… discovery of myself. I’m finished with school until I feel like it. Discovery, thats a funny word, to take the covers off of something to reveal something more. Can I recover what I’ve discovered?

    By amber URL on 08.13.2011

  16. There was so little to see, at first. Just a faint haze at the far edge of the sea. Only the air smelled different, earthier and heavier, the scent of mud and grass and living things, almost at odds with the salt on the wind. He leaned over the rail. He thought he could hear the sea-birds calling.

    By inciannomati URL on 08.13.2011

  17. ocean………… discover new places…….. traveling , reaching withing yourself and finding new things that you never knew about yourself, finding something new that YOU dont know about……… but not nesscisairy something that EVERYONE doesnt know of.

    By JULIANANA on 08.13.2011

  18. numb civilsaition dooing
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    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.13.2011

  19. I wish I could discover more about myself. Who am I really? Who are you really? Who is anyone really? I wish I could discover something amazing. I wish I could discover the world. I wish the world could discover me.

    By Emily Fowler on 08.13.2011

  20. From the endless desert of sea, through the spraying waves bursting against the creaking hull, the ship finally slid up against the sand. The discoverers disembarked, glinting swords and pavonine flags waving in the trumpeted glory of their lineage, ready to pronounce themselves complete masters of this new and savage land, never before seen or claimed. And what fortune! The merciful and just Lord had already deposited a million hand-servants, across the plain, just waiting for centuries to serve their masters.

    By mattlock URL on 08.13.2011

  21. Science is considered “discovery” nowadays, but the greatest discovery of them all is man. We seem to forget that, but what we actually need in this world of conflict is to discover ourselves at a more profound level.

    By Dragos URL on 08.13.2011

  22. Jest niczym.

    By rustyboy URL on 08.13.2011

  23. Grace!
    The elderly woman turned to look at Joseph directly, and crinkles of a benevolence too long unseen met that of Joseph’s. His recent discovery from endless hours of fruitlessly searching his memories bore a peculiar joy unique, and for once in a very long time he felt at home.

    By Luke Z URL on 08.13.2011

  24. D-I-S-C-O-V-E-R. He carved each letter slowly into the dirt path, using the found tree branch/walking stick as an oversized pencil. What a great message to convey to other hikers, she thought as she watched him draw. And with each new step she fell more and more in love.

    By Kristen Nicole Nelson URL on 08.13.2011

  25. i have discovered myself….i have realized what i really need in my life is a nice quiet place to pour out my thoughts. Everything else doesn’t matter.

    By dylan mccurry on 08.13.2011

  26. Although you wouldn’t believe it, you usually discover something about yourself when you die,and what i found out was that I was a monster. I deserved everything i got. the bullet to the head was the least of my worries, and now…….now I just wish I could right the wrong I’ve caused. Maybe in another life….

    By DMcCurry URL on 08.13.2011

  27. It is an act where one finds something, if not what one is looking for, something which helps one know a little more about either oneself or the world around one. How lovely is the art of discovery…

    By Katie Anderson on 08.13.2011

  28. Discovery was a mad man that never had any opportunity to show himself to anyone. It was a sad implication that his own name was ironically the polar opposite of who he was. In reality, Discovery was man of darkness. Never to expose himself and to keep his spirit caved away forever.

    By Justin Page URL on 08.13.2011

  29. I took part in it all. From the very beginning I knew it would be a path of choices and ideas that would either lead to a beautiful discovery or confusion and dismay.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.13.2011

  30. The discovery of yourself is the single most important thing you can do in your lifetime, and it will lead to the most happiness in your lifetime.

    By Andrew Davis Crawford on 08.13.2011

  31. I made a simple discovery over the weekend, it was not the uncovering of any mysterious occurrence, but rather the fact that I was able for the first time able to figure out how to get the internet on my computer work at last. it was truly amazing.

    By victor walkes URL on 08.13.2011

  32. Everything is about discovery. Not just discovering new places or new things, but discovering things about oneself, and about humanity. Science is discovery, Art is discovery, Music is discovery, drama, poetry.

    Go out and discover something.

    By John Archer on 08.13.2011

  33. The great knowledge that shall destroy everything has been discovered. It is up to the treasure hunter to decide what to do. t’s amazing how much he can discover in making a decision

    By henshinger URL on 08.13.2011

  34. One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries! Haha I hate discoveries though, at least sometimes…at least the bad ones. Every time I make a bad discovery, I wish I were powerful enough to have completely created the situation from the start, so the thing I discovered would never have been bad in the first place. Discovery is not nearly as tempting as creation, until I discover something good that seems to get better and better. Good discovery is more exciting than creation, because you never know just how long the good will keep coming.

    By Emily on 08.13.2011

  35. Discovery channel is one of my favourite channels, in fact it isn’t and ‘m doing this sort of test i dont really know why, but it feels great to write about a word you don’t imagine and just type and type till the 60 seconds go by… It was fun

    By Guisante on 08.13.2011

  36. discovery.
    to discover, is to explore.
    to explore, is to experience.
    and to experience,
    is to live life at its fullest.

    one will discover new things every day.
    how we discover them is what makes us.

    By belle on 08.13.2011

  37. “Eureka!” he exclaimed, bending over the rock.
    They were out in the middle of the desert searching for the remains of an ancient creature.
    “What a great discovery!”

    By varsh URL on 08.13.2011

  38. Since I was a kid I always thought I’d be important to this world, somehow in someway. I had the hopelessly fatalistic view that I wasn’t just some vessel in this helpless mass, that maybe I’d create something to beautiful, be so perfect at something, discover something to great. But now I’m older and the only thing I have for my future is the fear that I’ll work at some shit desk job under those fluorescent lights that create such a dull monotony. That’s what I have for myself. So really, my discovery was that i’m ordinary, but another brick in the wall we destruct. And partly I feel shattered, and partly I feel relieved, and partly I wish for something greater. That’s the discovery.

    By Saskia on 08.13.2011

  39. someone would find it one day, mending a pipe or working on the fireplace they’d prise up the loose floorboard, the secret hiding place for precious things, his cigarette packet, a picture of a dream from a Sunday magazine folded reverentially thirty years before, the little ivory relief from the front of her mothers prayer book, a gold heart shaped locket and the key from a former home she loved and never got to say goodbye to.

    By geraldine URL on 08.13.2011

  40. She made a discovery. If she tracked her bad habits she could diminish their occurrence. The important thing was to track, to discover the triggers and to maintain a firm guard on her thoughts and actions.

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.13.2011