August 12th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “discovery”

  1. your lips are my
    discovery channel
    maps to jungles
    of arteries and
    that sail to the
    end of the world
    and explode with
    color on a sunday morning

    By Sonia Vaz URL on 08.12.2011

  2. wow i never thought it were possible. A world like this, full of colours, flowers, trees, clouds. it is simply unbelievable! how can it be?

    By Corinne URL on 08.12.2011

  3. It was not a discovery that he had wanted to make.

    “I hate mud,” he thought.

    The crickets chirped incessantly.

    A full moon sometimes makes things seems strange, out of sorts, unordinary. Bathed in the white light, the small mound seemed almost insignificant.

    By Sara URL on 08.12.2011

  4. i want to discover everything! i want to discover the world and all its adventures and just everything! i want to discover everything in Italy and Ireland! i want to travel to every country and have great adventures! i will live a life worth living!

    By Michaela on 08.12.2011

  5. every day i breathe, i discover something new about myself. the way i walk, the way i talk, the way i think, each moment, is a new discovery. some days it feels like a treasure, other days, i wish i would have never made the discovery.

    By victoria URL on 08.12.2011

  6. It wasn’t like I had made a new discovery; I had felt this way before. It just felt like a new wave of loneliness every time. I didn’t miss them or who they were; they disgusted me. I just missed the constant ringing of my phone. I got used to the feeling of being heavily needed, and when it was cut off entirely at once, it left a gaping, open wound that I could only hope would heal in due time.

    By Marissa URL on 08.12.2011

  7. i’ll soon be discovering a whole new world, things are beginning to change. transition, it’s a terrifying process. i know i can do it though, strong souls become successful.

    By rae URL on 08.12.2011

  8. i discovered myself when i was alone and i’m scared that i’ll lose myself if i’m not.

    By niki sassypants URL on 08.12.2011

  9. “Do you discover any new planets?” Amy asked.
    “Oh, all the time.”
    “And do you make any money off of it?”
    “What?” said the Doctor, bewildered. “Of course not! I don’t /tell/ anyone I’ve discovered them. You humans have to do /something/ for yourselves, don’t you?”

    By T. S. Patrick URL on 08.12.2011

  10. Is it wrong that the first, second and third thing that come to my mind are tv shows from this channel?

    Yes, but worse is to write it down when here you are supposed to impress your peers with your insights about life.

    By Felipe URL on 08.12.2011

  11. When you find something new. Sometimes you want to delve deeper and learn more about it. When you discover something new it’s likely something old for someone else. Discovery is key to everyday.

    By Dee on 08.12.2011

  12. I have been makig a iscvery lately. The disoovery that I a not a littl kid anymre. ht I amheading off to college. and I will soo b out on my own. I don’t know what will be like. I have more freedom and ontrol over my life then eer. I dn’t want to screw anything up. I don’ wantto make ay bad decisions. I want to make good choices. Choices that will lead me to disover a bright future. Myself married to an amazing husband. Having beautiful kids. Doing a job that I love. Following Jesus whereever I end up going. And althoug I am not sure if itwill look exactly like that my future will soon discover the truth o the matter.

    By Kristen URL on 08.12.2011

  13. It was a voyage. A personal voyage. I went to the burger king. now this may be a simple and mundane activity for some, but for a recovering vegan it was hard. I had managed to escape my hippie parents clutches for long enough to sneak to the golden arches’ rival, and I couldn’t wait to sin.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 08.12.2011

  14. I don’t really know what I need to discover.
    I don’t know if I ever WILL know, or if it’ll just kind of ease it’s way into my life and before I know what’s going on, everything is different.
    I’d kind of like a light bulb moment though.
    God knows I need a discovery now.

    By Hollie URL on 08.12.2011

  15. And what a discovery it was. Not only was he able to do the work he loved, he was becoming famous on his findings. And they said he couldn’t be an archeologist.

    By Emaline URL on 08.12.2011

  16. a place where wonders happen, where life is lived and where life is discovered.

    pure joy happens when you discover, a new toy or a new

    By Roxana on 08.12.2011

  17. I discovered the best things in life are not free. They come with the pain and joy of discovering it. They all come at an emotional cost. From finding love to finding your new favourite band, the best discoveries are not free at all. So, what are we looking for in exchange? I don’t get it at all. So much to do, so little time. But, for what?

    The discovery we need to make is- Why are we here?

    By Sonia URL on 08.12.2011

  18. i discovered that i really don’t know what is going on half the time. I am hurt and i can’t believe he is such a douche and now i just sound like a whiny little heartbroken teenager, but it is how i feel. I want revenge and to yell and for him to yell back at me. why won’t he yell back at me…i want to fight. i want him to hurt or to say he is wrong. to say we will make it work…to say it will work…will it ever work? what does this mean now? does the us not matter…annoyed.

    By JDM on 08.12.2011

  19. Discovery is not just a part of life, it is life. Without it we would be machine operated zombies walking aimlessly on God’s green earth. Discovery, ignited by curiosity, so tell me are you hungry? Is your mind hungry? Come discover me baby…

    -Your food for thought.

    By Jennifer URL on 08.12.2011

  20. discovery can mean so many different things. It is the coming upon something. to find out things that which you did not know before, discovery can mean many things to people but all that really matters is this question right here; what will you discover?

    By celestine on 08.12.2011

  21. discovery is what life is made up of isn’t it? you discove something makes you happy or not but it is still a discovery a finding. maybe a passion a life style a choice a final decision. discover…

    By Roxana URL on 08.12.2011

  22. Channel. Shark Week. Mythbusters. Self discovery. Discovery of other people. Travel and discovery. Finding yourself, being okay. Moving on. Discovering courage.

    By Emma on 08.12.2011

  23. i want to discover so many new things. when i go off to college in just a few days i will discover so much about myself. i can’t wait to learn about being independent. i can’t wait for the challenge it is going to be to push myself through all the work and bullshit. i am excited to discover what is in the future. i can’t wait to see how all my work in life has paid off. i want to travel and i want to learn everything i can about everywhere

    By allie on 08.12.2011

  24. a masterpiece; the final work of ones life. a beautiful coming of being, delivered. a vendetta; fate in the hands of the mortal; life in general, love specifically.

    By Leah Gober on 08.12.2011

  25. The first thing that came to mind was the television channel, which I find rather upsetting considering that human beings have reached new heights both physically and mentally through this word. Discovery can mean so many different things, but no matter how small the thing you are finding, it still feels as though you are accomplishing something profound.

    By Jacquelyn White URL on 08.12.2011

  26. insperatıon and fındıng the new meanıng of lıfe
    you could fınd any thıng maybe an adventure waits for you somewhere. what about fınd out something closer like who you are inside.

    By britt on 08.12.2011

  27. This is a word I use a lot. Discovery.

    What does it even mean? Cover Removal? Is it the thing you get when you pull the veil off of truth? A piece of information that was once hidden, now exposed?

    That would make sense. I think I just had a discovery… *mind explodes*

    By Land of Dave URL on 08.12.2011

  28. discovery. this word makes me think of all the things i have come to learn in life. about people and who they really are, about the world, and most of all about myself. but its just another thought that will soon be forgotten

    By anica URL on 08.12.2011

  29. Some things don’t bear thinking about. I mean, the age of discovery? It all sounds so grand yet I discovered something this morning. Damn hard to even mention it. I guess you want to know what I found then. How about the money for the papers missing from my pocket.

    By Gary Hewitt on 08.12.2011

  30. Discovery of self is my life mission. In order to grow and progress in life, we must consider to discover new things, whether that be interests, fears, or things we love. The feeling of finding something new and pursuing it further is so amazing and I can only hope to continue to discover the world for the rest of my life.

    By Donnaly URL on 08.12.2011

  31. i wait. each second ticks by slowly. tic toc. tic toc. my eyes land on the wooden mantle. pictures framed in silver dance above the fire. my heart aches, a longing settling deep into my bones. this discovery was for naught as i sit, rocking in the old wooden chair made by hand and sweat. i wait. watching the time pass by and waiting for the moment when my discovery will be rejoiced.

    By Kim Nicole URL on 08.12.2011

  32. I was once on a path towards something I did not know. This feeling of the unknown is what kept me moving forward. It was the feeling of discovery that I searched for. In all my years I had never found it. It was probably for the better. Since I now know that once you discover something, it’s never the same.

    By Mariam URL on 08.12.2011

  33. discovery is something that you want.Its a passion to do something.If you are discovering you are also learning.You are discovering something everyday!

    By Dalair on 08.12.2011

  34. something i look for when i adventure. Not sure why i really try to do it. almost everything has been discovered. but i want to find it for myself. I like to discover things about myself because those really are new. no one else knows about them. No one. Not even me. I want to discover a new world.

    By Jennifer URL on 08.12.2011

  35. i hate that store because i can never find anything that i would actually wear.and i guess i have to keep writing…but basically cheap whores shop there…so obviously i won’t dig anything from there:) bam muthafucka!!!

    By kristEn on 08.13.2011

  36. Discovery is what happens when you allow your imagination to happen. It lives inside your courage to step into the unknown.

    By Sister Dishonne URL on 08.13.2011

  37. there was a world where I didn’t know what to say
    i was wrought speechless in the vastness
    the utter clean and empty
    and in my heart i heard a sound;
    my thoughts melting, vanishing in the perfect wind
    this is the place where i am most myself
    where there is nothing but me,
    the sunshine and the meadow-spring blues

    By rosivan on 08.13.2011

  38. Finding something new. Seriously, I looked at myself in the mirror earlier and discovered that I’m a woman. A grown fucking woman. For perhaps, the first time. A discovery like that can change perspective and well as choices. About damn time.

    By Shannon URL on 08.13.2011

  39. her passion of discovering love led her to the path of pain and misery. no one really understood her from inside, but outside her beauty spoke perfectly. easily misunderstood, her discovery led her to death and suffering.

    By Jonathan URL on 08.13.2011

  40. Discovery is a man`s journey. We seek to discover our beings, our life, our existence. We try to understand by stumbling into life like an archaeologist trying to make that glorious foundation, to success to love to find the meaning…

    By Luana URL on 08.13.2011