August 12th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “discovery”

  1. Discovering beauty in the simplistic things in life is such an amazing gift, we see so little missing everything that goes by us, just because we’re in a hurry. What kind of life is this where we don’t enjoy the little things.

    By Anna URL on 08.12.2011

  2. Discovery.
    The channel that has documentaries and things that would usually bore someone. I find it quite interesting. Especially Shark Week, but that was last week…or something like that…

    By Michelle URL on 08.12.2011

  3. Without inspiration, there are no discoveries.

    By Nick URL on 08.12.2011

  4. running until you bump into something. looking down when you normally wouldn’t have. finding that unexpected thing that gets you excited. knowing you’ve found something that no one else has. feeling special, feeling lucky.

    By juliedecember on 08.12.2011

  5. I didn’t know it at first; it was some kind of epiphany. Now that I look back at all the things he’s done for me and would’ve done, I wondered how I could have been so oblivious this whole entire time. He loved me.

    By natalie on 08.12.2011

  6. It is amazing what one finds when one thinks of discovery. It conjures up images of crystalline blue swirls and things that we have yet to see. I dream that some day the human race will finally use their sense of discovery to discover their true self.

    By Courtnae URL on 08.12.2011

  7. I want to discover. I want to be the person who sees something that no one else did. I want to be the person who can introduce a new element to the world, a beautiful element, one that inspires and changes people’s lives. Discovery is such a wonderful thing. The world is a better place because our minds are open to discovery, to change.

    By Rachel on 08.12.2011

  8. to fine. something worth (discovering) is usually significant. Knowledge perhaps.

    By leslie on 08.12.2011

  9. love is a discovery. discovery is love. it is inspiration. it is change. it adds a beautiful element to the world.

    By Rachel on 08.12.2011

  10. I’ve spent the past year searching for some sort of answer to the questions I have. I looked everywhere and asked everything. While on this quest, I learned more about myself than I did about anything else. Life is just one big discovery, learning something new about yourself, about someone else, about the world. And we just have to go out and discover what the world has to offer.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 08.12.2011

  11. The day i discovered his soul, I discovered happiness. When he gave me his soul, and his mind, and his love, I found the world. He was the best discovery I could have ever stumbled upon. His eyes, his lips, his love. My biggest weakness.

    By Kaley URL on 08.12.2011

  12. Discovering new places inside our own minds. Discovering places in our own backyards. They claim space is the last frontier: the last place to discover. Do they realize all they’d discover, all they’re missing, if they just looked around?

    By Chloe on 08.12.2011

  13. Discovery? Makes me think of the discovery channel… it SUCKS! My would have been step sister watches that (she’s almost 19) and she loves the frikin’ saddle club and crap like that… I pity the poor girl…

    By Haley Bear URL on 08.12.2011

  14. discovery is something you do everyday. you can discover a lot of new things. i like meeting new people because you get to find out new things, meet more new people and see what you haven’t seen before. it’s really fun to discover because it broadens your life and makes you a more understanding, better person. i don’t know what else to write. discovery channel is on a lot on the tv and i don’t usually watch it.

    By marie on 08.12.2011

  15. How could I be so senseless as to go on 5 years without a climax? But this man led me the oasis I never knew existed in the crevasses of desire. This discovery isn’t one that will go unmapped. A treasure like this should be found every time a suitor considers himself worthy enough of rousing my sheets.

    By Ruben URL on 08.12.2011

  16. I discovered why you’ve disappeared. The emails, the letter, the signs; the were all pointing in this direction. My hand is on the handle, quivering as i press down and push forwards to find nothing but a chair and a suitcase.

    By Maddie on 08.12.2011

  17. Discovery. Discovery. Yah know I really don’t feel like writing anymore. SEEYA. TOO MANY SECONDS LEFT.

    By Amahdi on 08.12.2011

  18. i love doing this. i love exploring and finding new things. discovery channel? shark week! but i think the time is now to open up new worlds and experience new things. its time to get out there and make stupid mistakes, and along the way, learn some things about the world and yourself.

    By Crysta on 08.12.2011

  19. to discover
    to find
    to make a
    find something unknown to others

    By Danica URL on 08.12.2011

  20. its never been seen, its clean, so serene.

    By gerald on 08.12.2011

  21. i love to discover new art work. new places. new ideas. discovery is the road to recovery. it also rhymes. how awesome. also i love to discover ice cream in my mouth. yum

    By erin on 08.12.2011

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    By Melissa on 08.12.2011

  23. “Godammit, Shera,” Cid mumbles, pushing Shera’s dress up her thigh to look at her blackened shin. “Why didn’t you fucking tell me you had geostigma?”

    She looked at him closely and turned her tear-filled eyes away. “I didn’t think you’d care, Cid.”

    Cid grabbed her and held her tight to his chest. “What the fuck, Shera? That’s bullshit and you know it.”

    By Sara URL on 08.12.2011

  24. And into the weekend she launched herself. It was a new way to be – how would the world appear to her now that she had left fear behind. Without resentment – would she recognize her way of operating? She was excited to discover her evolving self in the mirror.

    By Valerahaha URL on 08.12.2011

  25. Channel.

    By yhjfewhujwcs URL on 08.12.2011

  26. It was more than a discovery. It was a life changing moment, I finally found it. My eyes welled up with tears at the sudden happiness and relief I felt. It was overwhelming.

    By Anya URL on 08.12.2011

  27. Discovery is beautiful. It takes you places in your mind that you never thought were even there. It makes you feel beautiful on the inside. Discovering something you can only dream of is wonderful.

    By Samantha on 08.12.2011

  28. Growing up is all part of the master plan. You make some mistakes, fall in love, make friends that will last a lifetime, and cry a lot. It’s all part of discovering who you are.

    By Addie URL on 08.12.2011

  29. I love making them. When I discover something I feel good and longing to share it with others!

    By Emmaly on 08.12.2011

  30. Sometimes I think life would be a little easier if I could just put things on a map, she thought, after every new discovery and finding. Maybe then I wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes. They’d be right there, color-coded and in borders, for me to see.

    By Natalie URL on 08.12.2011

  31. Walking in France, cobblestones and Hemingway. Climbing San Franciscan slopes, wines with jack Kerouac and Ginsberg. Malaria and dysentery, east Africa with sir Richard Francis Burton. Looking to my sky, mountainous silhouette of my majestic existences! Words, plants, fingers, letters, hunger, animals, feel, be, how, rent, gain, earn, divide, smell, unite, sky.

    By David K. on 08.12.2011

  32. Discovery is something fascinating. To come up with something that no one else thought of, or has ever seen and be able to share it with others has to be amazing. Discovery is also fantastic when it happens to us as individuals. Discovery is enlightenment.

    By Psychsquirrel on 08.12.2011

  33. My latest discovery was the fact that she actually liked getting yelled at. Just not by me.

    By Eric on 08.12.2011

  34. I just made an awesome discovery of the biggest star ever. I don’t really know what to write about anymore. I’m still typing. Mike is talking about the discovery that a piece of his car is falling off ever since we drove home from lakeland and he hit a tire in the middle of the road. Ha. that was a funny day, stupid stupid comcast.

    By Kelly on 08.12.2011

  35. It’s finding that new song that gets stuck in my head for a month. It’s a lucky penny on the curb. It’s a kitten hidden in the newpapers blown back into an alley. It’s good karma and a series of coincincidences that lead to something greater. It’s something new and startlingly wonderful.

    By Jazz on 08.12.2011

  36. i found a seashell, but it was broken into a million pieces. I couldn’t hear anything in it except the ocean after it had all dried up and all that was left was broken seashells echoing the sound of death.

    By roger on 08.12.2011

  37. I find myself on the brink of a discovery. I will find what I am looking for and it will be glorious. It is something that we have been searching for all our lives and it is about damn time we find it. It is there, within our hearts, and within our minds. It is there, within the very fiber of our souls. We cannot afford to walk around aimlessly any longer

    By Jo on 08.12.2011

  38. What a cool channel that I never watch, the Discovery Channel. It’s about life, the world around me as the general human conscious perceives it. A shared experience. But I’d rather watch the trash that’s on t.v. because I think about that shit enough as it is.

    By Cat URL on 08.12.2011

  39. discovery of what? i try to learn new things, i guess that would be considered a discovery. sometimes a discovery is a secret that someone held from you. or sometimes it is a secret they didn’t even know they were keeping. i have discovered that i am stronger than i thought. when i was a kid, i wasn’t afraid of anyone because i thought i could defeat any enemy i had with karate (yes, really). i didn’t even know ANY karate. maybe that kept me safe.

    By Kooyla URL on 08.12.2011

  40. He looked down and saw the shiny object floating on the edge of the water. It didn’t register to him that it might be something from another world. He picked it up and the energy oozed from the object into his skin.

    By Alice on 08.12.2011