March 12th, 2013 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “director”

  1. He closed his eyes and screamed out “Cut!” The scene was horrible, the actors nothing more than childish imitators waiting to be told what to do. God Forbid, if they could just act a little better, he could make it work, but no, it was hopeless, the director sighed, “try again…for the tenth time” Maybe,just maybe his job would be worth while in this take…

    By Leah on 03.12.2013

  2. Director director, did you direct her
    i expected her to interject with her
    animosity in check of loss and tea
    i believe we did receive a new reprieve
    from the leaves of eves to be

    By jonathon URL on 03.12.2013

  3. The director in her pointed the way, the only way toward her destiny.
    A destiny that was chosen for her.

    By skylarkin URL on 03.12.2013

  4. directors direct movies and many other things, i never really think about the director of a movie but i guess they do a lot of work to make a movie perfect, ive had to direct a music video for a class at school once, it was a lot of hard work but it was really fun

    By kitty on 03.12.2013

  5. He watched over us carefully.
    “Well done today, people. We’ll need to pick up and continue our caravan in the early morrow. It’s a miracle we’ve been able to get this far.”
    He smiled and set a blanket down. it was time to sleep.

    By Ashlairi Starshryne URL on 03.12.2013

  6. the director yelled CUT but i continued. i never quite know when to stop—something like an extremist in that way. more prone to slow to a stop at my own pace—but him yelling at me merited an opposing response. rebellious to a fault.

    By Safon URL on 03.12.2013

  7. The Director; the boss of the show, the name of the game. Directors, tall, directors small – with funny beards, lady directors, gentleman directors and the inbetweenie directors who make obscure films that only the hipsters would love. Ode to the director – bringing our imaginations to life.

    By Jessica Rose on 03.12.2013

  8. A person responsible for making it happen, keeping it moving, sharing ideas,. NOT the person IN CHARGE!

    By Rae on 03.12.2013

  9. Movies are made to be seen. The director creates the scenes in her mind and then translates them to film. Essentially, the viewer see the director’s mind. We see minds.

    By Angie URL on 03.12.2013

  10. I am a director, and all the world’s my stage. You are merely players, and you do whatever I say. So, when the wind blows you one way or another, that’s my breath, shouting at you to get out of the curtain, and start ACTING!

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.12.2013

  11. A director, someone who knows you better than you know yourself. An out of body experience; someone who can guide you as if you are looking into a foreign mirror. How is it that someone can see us so clearly through such different eyes?

    By Em on 03.12.2013

  12. To think of a director is something strage. A director of a companiy, dressed in argyle socks and button up jackets. Or how about a theatre director, with frizzy hair and an affinity for black clothes, consci

    By Em on 03.12.2013

  13. He was fat, he was angry, he was bossy. A perfectionist, there was nothing you could do to please him. Except on a full moon, on St. Patrick’s day, if you were struck by lightning. Only then, it was possible. And even then, you wouldn’t get a word of praise. Just a “HUMPH” or a curt nod. He was our director and we tried out best to please him.

    By Bianca Baston on 03.12.2013

  14. He stands in front of us
    King of the world
    He makes beauty rise
    Around us
    Inside of us
    Through us
    We trust him
    Follow him
    This is pure

    By Gina on 03.12.2013

  15. The director of the project stood and smiled as he watched the groups of five people argue it out in separate rooms below him. They all deserved to be there, he knew that and they knew that. A sudden gunshot from one of the rooms made him jump slightly, but he quickly recovered and chuckled.

    By Beth URL on 03.12.2013

  16. I am a director. The conductor of the set. The leader of the actors. I have the power in my hands. To lead the film. To be the star. The backstage one. To win awards. to be the mastermind behind my brilliant production. I am the director.

    By RG on 03.12.2013

  17. boss

    By james on 03.12.2013

  18. when i was little i always wanted to be something big . something that was amazing . something i could have a fun time doing and not seem like its a job. i think a director would be good because i could do something i love ,

    By annyssa on 03.12.2013

  19. Director, dictator, president for life, maximum leader, father of the nation. Whatever you called him, it all came down to one thing: power. Hardscrabble, pull-your-fingernails-out power.

    The power I was going to destroy.

    By Shimbo URL on 03.12.2013

  20. The Director looked down on us with fury in his eyes, though his demeanor was so calm. He told us that we had disappointed him, and that had already been given a second chance due to our last transgression. Thus he had no choice.
    And the Director pressed a button, the red button.
    And everything went black.

    By Sasha Storm URL on 03.12.2013

  21. head in charge
    absolute force
    you’re in charge of heart
    and that’s not fair
    when do i get to take control?
    when do i get to stop loving you
    when you don’t love me back?

    By lmac16 URL on 03.12.2013

  22. I am the director of my own life, I keep telling myself. To get the feeling that somehow, I’m in charge of things. Though, I am not. Producing a film requires alot of people to get involved. And this is the truth. Embrace it.

    By 32748291o URL on 03.12.2013

  23. chair as tall as a mountain
    stretching like your ego
    far beyond the clouds
    and I don’t pity you
    Because oh, how lonely you must feel
    way above the rest of us
    out of sight of smiles

    By slantedstories URL on 03.12.2013

  24. “Kill the Director!” they shouted as they ran towards me, and I remembered Logan playing that song as he ripped apart his copy of the Great Gatsby, which I’m sure he read although he’d never admit to it, and as I dropped from my director’s chair to avoid the angry actors, I awaited the seconds until I could awake from dreamland, back into Apartment 103B, waiting for that knock on the door.

    By EJ URL on 03.12.2013

  25. She was a feeble lady. Diagnosed with limes disease, and it was gradually getting worse. She saw something in me, that director. Something I myself never saw. She nurtured it. Raised it from what it was to something it could be. I became Will Parker.

    By Marcus Zane on 03.12.2013

  26. “More! I need more!”
    The director is shouting again, his voice echoing around the theater and instantly silencing any chatter. I don’t know why he likes to do that, but he does and he’s quite good at it. I blush madly as I return to my starting position, just before the big fight scene. “Now,” he starts, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. “give me more.”

    By Danielle URL on 03.12.2013

  27. Allison Parker.
    Diamond blue eyes, cobalt hair.
    She was the epitome of my jealously.
    She had everything- the look, the incredible voice, the gripping emotions I wished I could express. Funny. Smart. Talented. A director.

    Good thing director is only a title.
    People are not as great as they seem. Especially when scattered across the floor.

    By Djiin on 03.12.2013

  28. It was a rerun. Or maybe a remake. They filmed it again, shot for shot. But it never really captures the original essence. Unreal.

    By Haskins URL on 03.12.2013

  29. “Y’all are not singing loud enough!” The director screamed from the front of the choir stand. As usual, everyone–from the tenors to the altos–rolled their eyes in unison; the last time anyone had heard him sing was in the 1950s.

    By AR Neal URL on 03.12.2013

  30. I am the director of my life. Sometimes my feelings direct, sometimes my fears, sometimes my problems, but sometimes, not always, I let loose… and just let the direction into the future find a path for itself.

    By Sarah on 03.12.2013

  31. I saw the man in the yellow vest, directing traffic. The thought that immediately crossed my mind was, “did this guy really go to the academy so he could direct traffic?” I supposed the answer was no and wondered how he was the one stuck with the task. Maybe he was being disciplined for some infraction. Maybe he was a rookie. Either way, I felt sorry for the guy. I’m sure he’d rather be in a shoot out in a warehouse somewhere.

    By Tyler URL on 03.12.2013

  32. The director.

    By Jason URL on 03.12.2013

  33. The director was bustling around, placing everyone in the perfect location and positioning arms and legs in the most natural areas. This photograph had to be perfect — it would be the cover of one of the most celebrated albums ever.

    By Kristina URL on 03.12.2013

  34. Sometimes I think that being a director would be exciting, but then I remember how much work is involved. Being a director is like being a photographer who has to place every blade of grass in the right place. And then add a soundtrack.

    By Delaney on 03.12.2013

  35. The director of a play. He peared about the curtain, cautiously looking out at the spectators among the spotlit crows, as if they themselves where the act, he watched their faces, as he would a play, taking at every curve of a smile, gasp of suprise, and frown of anger. the play was a success. the spectators were delighted,

    By Sadie on 03.12.2013

  36. The director’s face darkened as he glared at the young actor’s face. The eager young man had disappointed him time and time again, failed to meet his irrational expectations.

    By Shareen Sohun on 03.12.2013

  37. “Tell me what to do director. Show me the way? What next?” What if there’s no one to ask and you are the director? What then? What next?

    By Tom URL on 03.12.2013

  38. Oh you nosy people, you want my honest answer? Yes, I would sleep with the director. Given half a chance and a double dose of courage I’d have us both out of our pants and against the wall in a second. Now, is that the answer you were looking for?

    By aura.rayne URL on 03.12.2013

  39. direktor kao režiser. ono što sam želela da studiram. ono što i dalje želim da budem. ljudi koje najviše poštujem, geniji. stenli kjubrik.

    By lenja_buba URL on 03.12.2013

  40. I am the director of my own life. Once, someone told me that life isn’t like a movie. But I believe we should pretend it is. Be your own director. Make an interesting and full movie. You can director your life in any way you like. Make it the best you can. MOst importanly

    By SizzleChips on 03.12.2013