March 28th, 2011 | 526 Entries

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526 Entries for “digital”

  1. This is the age of easy, the age of bright and shiny, where I forget the basic skills of clockwork that I learned in elementary school. The digital age gets me ahead of my peers but leaves me far behind in social skills as I sit behind a glowing screen reading web comics instead of living in the real world.

    By Sebby URL on 03.29.2011

  2. this is the digital age. we think digital, we see digital , we act digital and our friends are digital.
    i wish we could be a lot less digital even though i love it sooo sooo much.

    By michelle on 03.29.2011

  3. digital means fingers and computers and could you get a finger based computer?
    Feel a Surrealist poem coming on here. Dali computer draped over a desk.

    By teresa URL on 03.29.2011

  4. the new age – fingers, inputs by keyboard, computerized systems, cameras and televisions, clocks, all digital in lieu of analogue.

    By jd on 03.29.2011

  5. the digital revolution has changed the way our lives are lived. It has impacted on every sphere of our existence – from the way we communicate, make friends and interact in both personal and professional circumstances, to watching television.

    By renier on 03.29.2011

  6. We live in a digital millenium. Everything that happens on this world is related someway digitally to a computer, a server somewhere in the world. No matter how small, this data is recorded.

    By Ian URL on 03.29.2011

  7. He mastered his technique digitally. He stood in front of his computer, raised his right leg and kicked. He was able to practice and perfect every aspect of his practice by watching on his computer five times a day.

    By wemuma URL on 03.29.2011

  8. 010010010111010000100111011100110010000001100001011011000110110000100000011000010110001001101111011101010111010000100000011101000110100001100101001000000110010001101001011001110110100101110100011000010110110000101110

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 03.29.2011

  9. I think about digital photography. What a way to catch family occasions, those moments of unanticipated bliss, joy, comedy and happiness. Memories may fade and disappear in time but a digital photo will stay crystal clear and fresh!

    By Brian on 03.29.2011

  10. Computers. iPods. Cell phones. Technology. Everything around us has become digital. We don’t have to get up in the morning anymore to read the newspaper; we can access it straight frmo our phones. No more rushing to the library to borrow that much needed book for our research papers; just access it from the Internet. It’s crazy how much technology has changed our lives. But we always want more. Nothing is ever good enough. Something is always not working right, or we always wish that our computers could do something else. Humans are never satisfied, even in this amazing digital world. True, this constant complaining is what drives us to improve, but at the same time, just take a moment to reflect back on how far we’ve come digitally in these past years.

    By Kitty on 03.29.2011

  11. digitasl signals going all across my mind.. 010101001010101 but decoding it is a sheer tassk. coz I won’t be able to withstand what they will eventually come out and mean. But that won’t let me from intrepreting the hidden meaning..and let me reveal the sin to myself. I ha

    By rndm on 03.29.2011

  12. It’s in the air, it surrounds us all time. What is it? It’s chaos, causing havoc wherever it goes. It completes our days and fills our silences with static. It’s the revolution, and it’s now.

    By Katie URL on 03.29.2011

  13. way of changing the analogical informations into binary codes ,used in computers and electronic devices language reduces to answers yes and no 0 or 1 .

    By khalil bitar on 03.29.2011

  14. so today’s digital world is soo confusing, there are lots of people young & old caught up in the various mechanical & digital things that have evolved at the turn of the millenia. It’s very very amazing how 10 year can influence our technological advances.

    By Mischieviousxx on 03.29.2011

  15. my heart is digital. you pressed the button and it exploded.

    By Hane URL on 03.29.2011

  16. Digital in the world of digits
    limits my capacity to delimit
    whenever i think of word play
    i get stuck in a digital coldplay
    of thoughts.

    By ivaana on 03.29.2011

  17. “Can it be a digital submission or do I need to give you a printout?” Marian asked while the rest of the class filed out of the dome. “No, digital is fine,” the professor replied as he gathered his books and placed them into his anti-grav satchel. “I’ve always preferred paper but now that we’re down to the last 100 trees, I can see how it is more efficacious to do things via vidscreen.”

    By Izolda on 03.29.2011

  18. digital world is todays world known as, binary numbers and virtual universe it is!
    what else can be computers and gadgets are digital i know its very lame to put such a profound topic is such a foolish way but i really dont know what to write i am

    By yatrik on 03.29.2011

  19. a new word that has only been around for a little while , relatively speaking. It doesn’t mean much to me, in fact, I don’t really even know exactly what it means. I assume it means electronic, but really I have no idea now that I’m actually thinking about it. Huh. Weird.

    By andre on 03.29.2011

  20. computer new age…drives me crazy being on the computer, staring at the screen..digits, ive got digits on my fingers what is the point in this?? i dont get it but im still writing, digital tv what we we do without

    By louise Hunt on 03.29.2011

  21. A modern term used to describe anything that is created digitally or on a computer. Digital number first comes to mind. Digital animation. Digital pictures. Digits as in fingers. Digital clock.

    By Watchman on 03.29.2011

  22. in this digital world how will be become closer to one another? how can we get past the screens and into our hearts? how can we stop wanting if everything is thrown at us. digits my fingers they cannot reach you through my phone or my computer or through your eyes or words nothing seems to touch you whatever i may do i am so sorry i will go back to playing my wii now it is better this way.

    By liz on 03.29.2011

  23. The camera snapped a photo of all of us. Flash! Smiling bright, we captured the moment. Digital clocks! Bright red numbers!

    By Eden URL on 03.29.2011

  24. camera, phone, technology, Me, Lazy, People, life, everything

    By Arianna on 03.29.2011

  25. Números. Uno. Cero. Uno. Uno. Cero. Dos molesta, no existe. Deben vivir solamente los unos y los ceros. La vida digital es si o no. No hay 0,5. No hay 1,22234576. No. Si. Sero. uNo.

    By Eli URL on 03.29.2011

  26. everything these days is digital. digital clocks to digital dogs… digital dating and digital conversations, digital this and digital that. what ever happened to good ol’ sundials instead of digital clocks, and

    By Stephanie on 03.29.2011

  27. Sometimes people spend way too much time on their digital ind and not enough time on the real. I miss when we all sat in the living room and talked, I miss the old days when a book beat a kindle out. Where has humanity gone? and WHY on earth have we forgotten about human connection? trend over love? I think not.

    By Savannah Harden URL on 03.29.2011

  28. I reply (lol) to my friends with no emotion on my face…
    they reply back probably doing exactly the same thing…
    surrounded by these tools to remain always connected… we’re eventually moving away from the real communication…
    enclosing ourselves in this digital fortress…
    got to get out… move out to a place where we (laugh out loud) in REAL

    By Tyroceur URL on 03.29.2011

  29. We Are in the digital era!

    By nick URL on 03.29.2011

  30. I remember the days when everything wasnt that digital. It was much calmer. There was much more freedom in the air. Life was more interesting. The digital world is slowly making us into the machines we will undoubtely will eventually become…Or have already become…

    By etans URL on 03.29.2011

  31. the digital age is pulling us further and further from each other. people don’t author hand-written notes anymore, we don’t speak face-to-face, we fear the intimacy and let the mask of the internet consume all those fears and save us from our own insecurities.

    By BRRC URL on 03.29.2011

  32. It’s sad that most people have a tough time reading any clock that isn’t digital. For that matter try explaining records or 8 tracks to someone under the age of 20!

    By David Saleeba URL on 03.29.2011

  33. Digital things are destroying the world, while enhancing it. Everything is going to be digital and what will be left for us to appreciate? Digital cameras, what happened to polaroids? digital everythinggggg

    By Bella Danowski on 03.29.2011

  34. Let’s get digital, digital
    I wanna get digital,
    Let’s get into digital,
    Let me here your camera whirr,
    Your camera whir

    By misty on 03.29.2011

  35. life is so great we must enjoy everything and go for what ever you want time is flying so we have to take advantage of everything we have. life family love hope faith life is not stopping for anyone. we must love eachother an enquire peace in the world fighting is pointless lets all just love and be happy with one another.

    By taylor URL on 03.29.2011

  36. The digital age is upon us. I think I wrote a poem about it once, and it was really repetitive and kind of creepy. Then again, the was the digital age is advancing, it is pretty creepy. The poem had one line that I loved, and it didn’t make any sense. It said, “The last true leaf is falling.” I think that means, we’re almost gone.

    By Jennedra on 03.29.2011

  37. The revolution has come. Things exist in bytes on tiny little squares now. Organic content has lost it’s hold.

    By Jar URL on 03.29.2011

  38. is awful. Analogue is the smooth way to live. No jaggies, no aliasing, just raw noise and lifelike edges. Trust me, digital DOES NOT MAKE THINGS BETTER. Say it out loud. ANALOGUE!!!

    By me on 03.29.2011

  39. If my heart was digital, you have keyed your way into it. You figured out the password and came right in. I tried to convince myself that I was just being easily swayed, but when you finally gave up, the feelings came back. I didn’t want to date- and I still don’t! But I don’t know what to do now.

    By laughalot on 03.29.2011

  40. The digital age has distorted all of our minds. Rather than having real, meaningful relationships between real, live human beings, we have these second-hand, mediated relationships in which things are primarily about our own comfort. It’s too bad, really. I think the damage has already been done, and the precedent has already been set for the generations to come. It probably will encourage an even more distant sense of family, encouraging an even greater confusion in the future world about the concept of a cohesive family unit.

    By Josh URL on 03.29.2011