June 3rd, 2017 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “devil”

  1. I would like to be the devil for one night. I have been in the past i know the feeling. When i m drunk im the devil and everyone else seems like angel. I have the power, greed, money, everything that a man could ask…but thats in the past…at present i try make good decisions for me…i dont want to live in a cage i want to live free.

    By Johnyc URL on 06.03.2017

  2. “It wasn’t like that,”she said. “It was all really innocent. Really…”
    She looked away and he could see she was embarrassed, she was hiding something. They had done something to be ashamed. It was not likely they had actually contacted the devil, but who knows what is in the hearts of young women.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.03.2017

  3. Everybody knows that the devil is a woman, and she is mighty fine. She keeps her red horns hidden in her red curls and rides home on the H Line. She’ll smoke three packs and say she’ll have your back, but with each mistress, it’s all the same. It’s a mystery to me how I fall for all her schemes, but I guess it’s all part of Hell’s game.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.03.2017

  4. the devil, my favorite character. because if there is a god he must have created such an entity. He only exists with permission of the supreme. Not by choice but by design. My wishes resigned, my virtues refined, what does it mean to be an ultimate being? whos only purpose is to prove the weakness of human beings?

    By 314 on 06.03.2017

  5. The devil stands behind me. He says I did great and he is going to take me with himself now. We are going to continue the mission together.

    By Julia on 06.04.2017

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    By Johnd882 on 06.04.2017

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    By Smithb295 URL on 06.04.2017

  8. She was a nasty lady, but incredibly well kempt. All she would ever do to introduce her self to the new trainees was to stare them down from behind her polished black finger nails. She really knew how to intimidate someone with barely a glance, and with full eye contact lasting longer than three seconds, you could tell how terrified the trainees were.

    By cher on 06.04.2017

  9. The devil in the red dress. It is so appealing, so fruitful yet so… bashful and proud and lacking in tenderness. How do we have good without the bad? We need the devil and so he knows, and so we all know.

    By medusoid mycelium on 06.04.2017

  10. My little brother.

    By Dylin URL on 06.04.2017

  11. The devil daunts the reason for awakening,
    once the mind is lit with an illuminating flash light,
    held by the hands of the future,
    the mind signals its lower chamber,
    the subconscious,
    to start appreciating that fly that just now landed on your plate of peach cobbler.

    The devil whispers to take the easy way out,
    egoism, will let you shout,
    may catch some trout,
    but step back and analyze,
    what an angel would say,
    pay some homage,
    but humble,
    and converse with bliss,

    By Milad URL on 06.04.2017

  12. I looked into his eyes and saw evil. Not just a bad guy. Not just a guy with a different agenda. Pure evil. The kind that keeps you up at night. The kind that your feel in your soul.

    By John on 06.04.2017

  13. “The devil is in the details, son.” The lawmen adjusted his hat and shifted his stance to level with the kid. “My advice would be to forget what you saw here tonight.”

    By Josephine URL on 06.04.2017

  14. The devil is in the details so they say. Sarah considered this as she lightly traced the veins that laced across Collin’s hand and forearm. In that case, I love the devil more and more every day. Sarah smiled tightly to herself, admiring the play of her pale fingers over this man’s tanned skin.

    By Sarah URL on 06.04.2017

  15. he was the devil and she was the innocent child. he took and took and took until all that was left were her tears and the journal she held tightly to her chest. he told her that she was worthless, that she had nothing valuable to give to this world. and she believed him. she shouldn’t have believed him.

    By map on 06.04.2017

  16. Everywhere

    By camille URL on 06.04.2017

  17. The devil made me do it. The devil is after me. The devil is the reason for evil. The devil is evil….
    Now I’m not saying the devil isn’t real. I’m not saying he isn’t to blame but what I am going to say is, I think I should own some of the blame of the things that ail me.

    By Marc S URL on 06.04.2017

  18. on the level
    with some devil:
    “you’re not a bezel;
    at best a bevel”

    By omqwat URL on 06.04.2017

  19. The devil is not good. You should not mention it in any good way. The devil ruins people and laughs at them. Why does the devil exist? Why must there be so much evil in this world. Why? why? why? I am so confused.

    By Michael Hernandez URL on 06.04.2017

  20. He asked me what I wanted. I didn’t think he was making a list. I thought he was being rhetorical. he just wanted me to think of all the things I didn’t have so I told him–I told him everything that I ever wanted and I shit on everything that I didn’t have.
    He told me he’d fix all of that, I just had to give him one thing in return.
    I snorted, “What? My soul?”
    “You sound like you’ve done this before,” he said.
    I thought he was joking.

    By Ian URL on 06.04.2017

  21. “The Devil may care,” but honey that old saying don’t mean anything to a three-horned demon as persistent as me. Love, I’ll still take you by the hand as we wander in a sacred garden. Arrive at my favorite tree where I will ask your pardon. We lay like spoons and gaze up into the sky, you close your eyes and I slip past that fly. Pressed against the trunk I feel you thickening with me, blush cheek flush with my shoulder, fingers curling, I can see you’re feeling bolder…oh sweetheart with the thorny sigh, part those lips like you part them thighs.

    By Handy Eve URL on 06.04.2017

  22. The devil. Or, at least, that is what I called him. I’m pretty sure Alex wasn’t the disgraced angel from heaven; however, he did act like the clone of the devil. The nerve of him to get close to someone just to throw them away like a dirty old rag! Alex, you’re going to regret what you have done to my friend.

    By Catty Misty URL on 06.05.2017

  23. the devil is around me. he tries to tempt me to become evil, to do bad things. people blame the devil’s temptation when they do bad things. However, I think we are all a little bad inside

    maybe the devil just brings out the truest form of ourselves

    By erica on 06.05.2017

  24. And then devil smiled at me and said, “Admit it, love. You cannot resist me.”

    By Alodia on 06.05.2017

  25. She grinned mischievously. “And what’s that to you?”
    “I mean, I don’t care,” he said, scuffing his toe along the baseboard, staring hard at his laces.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yeah, shut up, stop it.”
    “Oooh okay. I see what’s going on.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.05.2017

  26. Sneaky, skulking, slithering, slumping, the dejected and mal-intentioned lizard raced through the hallways setting traps. “Hellways… heh.”

    By ml on 06.05.2017

  27. I hate the devil. Anything that is nasty in a mean way, I hate it. A devil is just one example I could use, but there are many more. Among the rest, the devil has got to be the worst one of all.

    By Braden Hilliker on 06.05.2017

  28. When I think of devil I think of a person dressed up in a devil costume for Halloween.

    By Chase tesluck on 06.05.2017

  29. When i hear the word devil I think of a older man all colored in red who is so evil that he can possess people.

    By Emma on 06.05.2017

  30. When I think of devil I think of like the devil that try’s to get us on he’s side instead of Jesus’s side.

    By Savannah spiegel on 06.05.2017

  31. The devil is a bad person. It is usually referred to as the opposite of God. Some bad people are considered Devils.

    By Julia on 06.05.2017

  32. When i hear devil I think of ghosts taking over our bodies.

    By Alexis hogan on 06.05.2017

  33. I do believe in the devil but I don’t worship him. I think he/she is a horrible person that will forever be in hell and eternal damnation.

    By Dereik on 06.05.2017

  34. The devil is some one who is possessed that is bad and can persuade someone to do something they shouldn’t, let’s just say he was good but turned bad in an insistent .

    By Kaylee on 06.05.2017

  35. A devil can eat my dick

    By Gear funnel on 06.05.2017

  36. A devil can eat my dick,

    By Gear funnel on 06.05.2017

  37. What I think of devil is someone how is making your life bad.The devil is someone living in a place that hats a lot of people so he is going to make the peoples life in hate.

    By Nicole URL on 06.05.2017

  38. When I think of the word devil the devil emoji

    By nikolai on 06.05.2017

  39. A devil is someone who stalks you.

    By Shade on 06.05.2017

  40. This remains me of someone being mean.

    By Carsten on 06.05.2017