June 5th, 2017 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “details”

  1. “This doesn’t work.”

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    “It doesn’t contain nearly enough information.”

    “Pfft. Details.”

    “No. Not details, Griff. Information. Full, useful, data-driven information. This doesn’t have that.”

    “Martel’s right,” Booth remarked gruffly from her desk. “We can’t send that off to the boss.”

    “Give me a break!” growled Griff. “I tried my best!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.05.2017

  2. I have no details, I have never gone into detail before

    By ian URL on 06.05.2017

  3. Everything is in the details. From the twitch of his brow to the drips of water you spilled on the floor, the details are what capture small moments infinitely in time. They take us from hurdle to hurdle, allowing us to grasp onto the easier moments when everything felt okay. To when everything felt whole. We had the water on the floor. We had his attention and his expressions. We were something to be seen.

    By Jade on 06.05.2017

  4. When writing a scene, you want to focus on the details. Not everything.
    Don’t talk about everything in the room or every large detail on a person’s appearance, but what makes them special? If you walked into the room–if you were the narrator, had the narrator’s personality, what are the things that you’d notice?
    What personality does that person have? Would it affect their face?
    Memorability is in the details.

    By Ian URL on 06.05.2017

  5. I didn’t give her all the details, but she was sobbing by the time I was finished speaking.
    I had done it. I’d broken a person, and there was no turning back.
    I knew I had no right to the sinking heart in my chest, but there it was.

    By Sunny on 06.05.2017

  6. This might be helpful, to write some details in just one minute. I am not usually very fast, so this site will help! It’s all in the details, after all…

    By Carrie URL on 06.05.2017

  7. the devil’s in the details
    how’d he get in there?
    forgot to zoom out and scale
    now stuck in a square

    the angel’s trapped on some rails
    locked in a prayer
    words stack and blackened exhale
    now gasping for air

    By omqwat URL on 06.05.2017

  8. the details of the case were never made explicit. the body was not identified although many people wept at the funeral. the place, time and weapon used for the murder were also not specified although almost everyone knew it took place in the 21st century, in the United States, and that many murder weapons were used: knives, guns, poison, needles, pins, and heartless recriminations. It’s still an open case but also a cold case. Mysteries will never cease.

    By Joanna Bressler on 06.05.2017

  9. The delicate filigree of her wedding band. The deeper shadow of navy underlying the sapphire of her eyes. The crookedness of her right pinky finger. The catch in her voice when she tries not to laugh. He remembered everything about her.

    By Grace URL on 06.05.2017

  10. Details are the fabulous part of life that make things more interesting and wonderful. They help us know more about the thing we are talking about and something else about details. They stop life from being boring. Life is not boring when you have details. Details are really just wondewrful and something like that. yes excellent.

    By monica on 06.06.2017

  11. why should i tell you details
    when you´re not responding

    our what is descending
    into something i call pearls
    tasty skinny solid pearls
    pearls that i dont
    nor intend to wear

    because you like
    what i would not eat

    when i should be happy

    i know who

    i hate that i was wrong
    and you´re not even trying

    crying on a piece of…website
    as usual

    By too stable URL on 06.06.2017

  12. It’s all in the details.
    The bigger picture is a grand old thing, but it’s the details that make it so.
    This I know.

    By SamCat URL on 06.06.2017

  13. I have come here for the details.
    My life depends on it.
    It doesn’t matter what I have to feel, what I have to go through, or whatever the hecks.
    I need the details.
    Like I said, my life depends on it.

    By Sameeka URL on 06.06.2017

  14. “The Devil’s in the details.” she says.

    “What? What does that even mean?” She ignores the worried look on his face.

    “You’ll see later. You know, when you’re burning in hell.”

    By Aimless-A-Smiles URL on 06.06.2017

  15. Never mind the details just get yourself over here and we can work out the details together.

    By Diana URL on 06.06.2017

  16. She looked around, scrutinizing, checking things off her list. She peered over the edge of her nose at the baseboards, the window sills, the corners where the dust had settled. He watched anxiously, fiddling with her fingers.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.06.2017

  17. I don’t no what details means!!!!!

    By jacob on 06.06.2017

  18. What something looks like.

    By Shawn huey on 06.06.2017

  19. details are something that describe the object you have

    By Alexis hogan on 06.06.2017

  20. When I think of details I think of some one describing something.

    By Chase tesluck on 06.06.2017

  21. The picture has many details. Details are things that you draw or not even about someone or something.

    By Julia on 06.06.2017

  22. When I think of details I think off like I n a story hey tell about I think of details.

    By Savannah spiegel on 06.06.2017

  23. its the same thing as yesterday so I cant write anything

    By ian URL on 06.06.2017

  24. “Penny for your thoughts?”
    Peeking around the door, there he stood. The one who always had to have the details. And for so little.
    ” I should start charging you more…”
    ” You get a raise when I am confident that you are sharing ALL the details, and not a minute sooner! Lunch?”
    “Sure” she said as pulled her purse from her office desk. “You are buying, you are the one earning the big bucks.”

    By Lisa B on 06.06.2017

  25. pay attention to the small things. the intricacies of life. the details of the big picture. pay attention and do not miss out on beautiful things like love and life.

    By ashley URL on 06.06.2017

  26. “Text me deets.”

    The cursor blinks. I don’t “send” anything. It’s been awhile, but you’re always on my mind. I often push these thoughts of you out the door. Out into space. Out into another dimension: one where we haven’t ever met. But the truth is when we do meet from time to time I always feel your eyes on me like a sixth sense, like shapes in the periphery. Following along to see what I’ll do or what I notice first that might be out of the ordinary.

    By g* URL on 06.06.2017

  27. There’s a party? What do we want? Details. Someone has a baby? What do we want? The details. While we are caught on each individual piece of the puzzle, we neglect to observe the whole image. It is difficult to put everything together with only random details. How can we live to the fullest with only miniscule parts? Let us look at the bigger picture.

    By Maddie T. URL on 06.06.2017

  28. Details Details, the captain ranted, “It’s all details, and I need you to pay attention to them!”
    “Yes sir!” The ensign snapped.
    “What did you do with the ac coil?”
    “Sir, I do not know sir”
    “My ship is broiling, and you do not know? That is a pretty piss poor answer,”

    By Zhelana on 06.06.2017

  29. all the little details inside ones head are what make them who they are. its the little things like what they like to eat or there favorite color that ppl can learn and copy but the way one views the world is what makes them unique
    and i believe that time universe infinity are consepts that differ among everyone.

    By shelby on 06.06.2017

  30. Details are arbitrary things society pays attention to. They’ve been ‘important’ for as long as we can remember and yet we can’t remember why. Details take over our experiences

    By mady burke URL on 06.06.2017

  31. The small things that make all the difference. This make me think of my wedding last August. Details can consume you. Details can change everything. Detail shows that you really thought about something.

    By K666 on 06.06.2017

  32. I am an Architect and I need details in my everyday life. The drawings I do needs details in order for it to be executed in the right way. I also wish to have a more detailed life as I am planning now how to live fully and happily because I am struggling so much with it.

    By Jia URL on 06.06.2017

  33. The details are in the, um, the, well, ahh, the, you know. The results. no, the effort, no the finish. Maybe, in the end.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 06.06.2017

  34. Missed it
    A reward of
    ‘you’re smarter than that’
    As if absent-mindedness was a
    Demerit on intelligence.
    I’m sorry, I’m tired.
    I’m sorry, I didn’t see.
    I didn’t look carefully. I didn’t care. I don’t.
    I’m sorry, apologies have killed me
    And the dead don’t pick up
    What you put down.
    But shift into my spectrum
    And nothing escapes
    Even in lethargy
    Even if I inhabit another skin
    For a day, a week, a year—
    Its automatic, an energy
    A direct route to the brain
    I don’t just see a face, I see lips
    I don’t just see skin, I see stories
    I don’t just see a wink, I see the crease
    Coming from the sides of your eyes, a blink
    A wordless blast rushing toward me
    Like a tsunami.
    I didn’t miss that.

    By Ai URL on 06.06.2017

  35. They say, usually, that God is in the details, but sometimes I’d like to think the details, are sometimes God themselves. For instance, if you find yourself in a predicament where the details determines life or death, obviously, that is always the case, then yes God is the details. God. Details. Jesus “Details” Christ.

    By Terence Calacsan on 06.06.2017