April 7th, 2011 | 633 Entries

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633 Entries for “determined”

  1. i am determined today. that’s all i have to say right now.

    By ms pie URL on 04.07.2011

  2. breaking inhalations and falling off the sides.

    By kj URL on 04.07.2011

  3. The melody was determined, its violinist strong. The sound echoed in my ears, sending a tremor into my body. I was shaken, tossed and throw aside by his music, torn apart by the notes. It was the first time I ever heard music.

    By The Believer on 04.07.2011

  4. I just saw this word, why is it appearing again? Anyway, right now I am determined to finish this blurb on a good note since the last time I attempted it, I was cut off mid sentence. But I guess, I have nothing to say now, great, I am just hoping that this makes sense.

    By kay on 04.07.2011

  5. a determined elephant jumped off the stone and took a plunge into the depht of the river. She had remembered in the bottom there laid the meaning of life

    By alex on 04.07.2011

  6. I must be DETERMINED. After all, I recently tried this site, mentioned the aforementioned word, yet can’t log back on despite all of my determinism. Wanted a second word!?

    By Jeff URL on 04.07.2011

  7. Determined to be undermined.
    Determined to leave.
    You are always so undetermined.
    It drives me crazy.

    By mariel on 04.07.2011

  8. Don’t do this. My brain cells are dying. I hear the water running in the sink while you brush your teeth. I’m determined to leave. Just want to leave. I miss you.

    By mariel on 04.07.2011

  9. underestimating the importance of thought releasing inhibitions believing in every possibility

    By melissa valdes on 04.07.2011

  10. i am determined to find who i’m supposed to be
    i am determined to be that person no matter what

    By longbots URL on 04.07.2011

  11. they mouse ran away determined to escape the evil vindictive cat that followed close behind. the sherrif of their little underground world. the mouse was no more than a theif. a unwanted vermin that disturbed

    By Cassidy Kamada on 04.07.2011

  12. martin luther king. the pursuit of happiness. hard work. manual labor. homework.

    By KT on 04.07.2011

  13. When you are determined, you are ready for a challenge. You may or may not know or think you may fail, and are aware that you might, but you try as hard as you can, regardless. You are brave in the face of danger.

    By Emily Hope URL on 04.07.2011

  14. I am determined to be somebody. To make use of my life to the best potential. Does that even make sense? I dont think so. I determined to be somebody. I said that,. I’ll say it again – I am determined to be somebodyh. Determination is such a hard practice. You need to be disciplined to be determined. If only you could buy it.

    By Chaplin on 04.07.2011

  15. Gosto disto

    By JMGoncalves URL on 04.07.2011

  16. All of my life I have strived to be perfect. Leaned toward perfection, only to have it taken away right in front of my eyes. My mother told me i was determined, and I am determined to find the answer. I feel not only will i never reach perfection, but that the journey will kill me. I dream to be determined for the rest of my life, yet I can’t find many things to be determined about lately. I remember how lucky i am, but its’ funny that life can pull tricks on you, and show you that to be lucky, you have to suffer to remember what it’s like to have only the determination to live. how lucky we are to be determined.

    By Cheyenne on 04.07.2011

  17. determined is what you are when you are not willing to back down. when you clinch your teeth and get the job done.

    By CRH on 04.07.2011

  18. strong and steadfast. Its me before I row. I am determined not to be fat. I am determined to be loved by myself and by others. determination is sweat and hard work its never saying never.

    By Hwhit_knee on 04.07.2011

  19. This is what I am, determined. But it’s not really in there, really in me. My secret is that I’m lazy. My secret is apathy. Why be determined? Why? I want to enjoy it, smell the flowers, kiss Harry and Ben and inhale the smoke and feel better. I don’t want this bureauracy, this AP aptitude. My aptitude is measured in joie de vivre.

    By Luna on 04.07.2011

  20. Determination has never felt so strong to me before, all I am determined to do now is destroy her. It`s all I think about, it`s all I`m living for in this one moment. When I`m done with that, I can move on with my life.

    By Michella on 04.07.2011

  21. I am bound and determined to graduate from college and travel the earth. I will live within my means, and help people when I am able. I will become a great person and help shift the consciousness of the world.

    By Lance on 04.07.2011

  22. I am determined to never let anything stop me from becoming who I want to become. I am determined to do everything in my power to save those I love. I am determined to live the way I wish to live, and to never let anyone tell me I’m not doing it right. I am determined to be me.

    By Jess on 04.07.2011

  23. determined is essentially a word that is determined to determine why we do things. how we are driven, focused. Why we must execute and do so proficiently. The passion that lies underneath. the reason for existence.

    By rudyF URL on 04.07.2011

  24. I am determined to finish this challenge. Determination. What is it really? You have to be determined to do something. So, it’s the drive. The pull caused by wanting something. Right?
    Like, I am determined to watch Up and Inception with Cameron. It’s going to happen. No matter what. It might take a while. But it will happen.

    By Nina on 04.07.2011

  25. i was determined once, a young lad destined to reach the tops of mountains and the bottoms of valleys, long journeys where heavy rain and fearsome monsters awaited him. he did not know what to expect, but his determined soul pushed on to the unreachable goal. no matter what.

    By Travis Richards on 04.07.2011

  26. I am determined to succeed.

    By Andy URL on 04.07.2011

  27. I’m determined to keep my head up. I’m determined that I can stick it out through everything. Now I know, my problems aren’t that hard compared to some: But I’m not some people. I’m me. I’m in the here and now and it hurts like hell. But I suppose pain is the savior for some, isn’t it? We learn through pain.

    By Hayley on 04.07.2011

  28. i am determined to win a million dollars. or make a million dollars which ever comes first. If i do make a million dollars i will give coti miller 7 dollars and a piggy back ride to kroger

    By Andrew Obaseki on 04.07.2011

  29. i am determined to make this world a better place, determined to bring peace to everyone i meet everywhere i go. i am determined to be the best person i can be all the time. i am determined to make people smile when they are around me. i am determined to make mine and everyone around me lives as happy as possible!

    By Jenalyn on 04.07.2011

  30. eagle eyes
    sweaty like drips of oil
    into a sizzling pan
    heart beats and heavy breathing
    into the wind

    By ashy URL on 04.07.2011

  31. I am determined to find love. It does not come easily to me, but I am determined nevertheless. I wish it would find me; it would be so much easier. Why can’t love find me? Why? I wish life was simpler. But alas, it is not. And there isn’t much I can do about it at this point, now is there?

    By Sara Dumanske URL on 04.07.2011

  32. Persistent deranged idiots hell bent on finishing something totally pointless — determined? Yeah…to look foolish.

    By scott tiedge on 04.07.2011

  33. i’m determined to do things right and never mess up. im determined to do something big with my life and i’m determined to be something. determination is a necessary part of life okay cool determined people get farther in life than people without drive. i don’t know what else to say okay.

    By Samantha. on 04.07.2011

  34. just want to be more alive, and feel the moment like a unique thing.. im so confused about what life really means … and i dont want to lose more time anymore.

    By Clementine URL on 04.07.2011

  35. calido bondadoso cafe amigos anomalia etereo honesto gato

    By Lucas on 04.07.2011

  36. its what i am to be going to san francisco. no matter what someone says i know i can make it with my sheer determination instilled in me by MYSELF and no one else. this is all me. and if no one likes it, they can fuck off and id be perfectly fine with that because i dont need those people in my life to hinder whatever progress i want to make. this is me. me me photography art writing. its mine cause its what i make of it

    By Tatiana on 04.07.2011

  37. I just did this word and now I’m doing it again. I’m determined to make it in life. I am determined to finish school and make something of myself. I’m determined to be the opposite of my family members, and not be forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck. People without determination become nothing.

    By Samantha. URL on 04.07.2011

  38. I’ve written about this three times today. I am determined to actually get it right this time. I am determined to watch Up and Inception with Cameron because even though it seems like he’s avoiding me, I will make it work. I will find time. Determination. Determined to make him mine.

    By Nina URL on 04.07.2011

  39. the surgeon general has determined that cats are hazardous to your health. When smoked. Or eaten undercooked. I just wasted ten seconds

    By ted on 04.07.2011

  40. Determination is always a good thing to go with. I mean, I can be determined to finish this in about 60 seconds. It’s ridiculous how determined I am on doing this and how I didn’t stutter or stay thinking about determination. Determining, determination. Yes, determination.

    By Victoria Adamson URL on 04.07.2011