August 26th, 2011 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “destruction”

  1. Outright destruction, is it too late to give a fuck? Don’t stress it, don’t push it along. Just let it roll over you. Consumption.

    By Meggie URL on 08.26.2011

  2. your shy, sheepish smile impressed me.
    you looming over me in a dark crowd,
    jokes but serious annoyance: too many people
    too much pressure.
    the strangers made you and me.
    it was destruction, right?
    that pressing us together made
    no pearl, no diamond.
    you smiled, opaque.
    i charcoal, smudging to amuse myself.

    By teevee on 08.26.2011

  3. The power of destruction is something that many crave, unknowing of the negative impacts of such a thing. One such man who blindly sought out what he though would be the solution mas King Morad, lord of the southern deserts. The same man who declared himself a god.

    By Michael URL on 08.26.2011

  4. The children looked at the sidewalk, the cracks in it. “We could have fun here”, one said. They began to pick at the cracks, nails scratching, fingers bleeding. They stayed there until they felt they had finished their destruction, smiling at the flower they made in the sidewalk.

    By Brit on 08.26.2011

  5. breaking stuff, war zone, chaos, mess everywhere, fire, burning, people dieing, misery, sorry, miserable ka

    By Sione on 08.26.2011

  6. “Come on, read it out loud!” Alice begged her friend; fortune cookies are the best bit of a Chinese dinner.
    “Alright, alright. It says…’With the setting sun comes destruction’.”
    Alice felt the blood drain from her face.
    “Well, that’s a little ominous…”

    By libyrinth URL on 08.26.2011

  7. The world. Chaos. Soon the only thing left will be destruction. Mayhem. Death. Carnage. Destruction. It’s inevitable. Aren’t the signs strong enough? Natural disasters at a peak. Unexplained tragic losses around the world. Destruction is already here.

    By sami on 08.26.2011

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    By Sione on 08.26.2011

  9. destruction reminds me of skyscrapers being torn down, leaving only dirt and dust and debris. destruction is also like destroying someones hopes and dreams, leaving them with no answers. they just want to be that skyscraper that will be built up again from the ground, and not destroyed any longer

    By Emily on 08.26.2011

  10. Dear East Coast,

    It’s time for destruction, my little friends.


    By misscardigangirl URL on 08.26.2011

  11. Destruction. Fire burning. Trees falling, collapsing. Flames licking the sides of the barn. I must burn. The fire inside me is raging, pulling me. The glory it feels to set things afire – to see things crumble, to see things be eaten up by what I think is one of the most powerful thing on earth – fire.

    By OnTheRoadtoHappiness URL on 08.26.2011

  12. The destruction around her was oddly beautiful and her steely blue eyes were glued to it. They traced over the burning buildings and broken glass that sparkled in the fire looking for any hint of ugliness but found none.

    By Meghan on 08.26.2011

  13. Sometimes I made myself go down the path of destruction. But yet, he was always there to pick me back up and save me. He was my hope in this world. He knew when I needed him, even if I didn’t know I needed him myself. But somehow, he was always there, whether I asked him to be or not. The amount I depended on him for my happiness was astonishing, but yet he could handle that burden, and I appreciated it.

    By foost URL on 08.26.2011

  14. Destruction. War. Peace. Love. Happiness. The topics that will always conflict with one another. Why? Opposites are just the death of us. But they end up making the world go round anyway.

    By Nika URL on 08.26.2011

  15. It was odd to think that such strong, tall walls – walls that had held countless memories of my childhood – could come down so easily. But they did. I stood helplessly and watched the stones hit the ground.

    By Em on 08.26.2011

  16. It’s been destroyed. Not only his heart, but mine as well. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want it to have to end. The tears are constantly surrounding my eyes, desperately fighting to escape and flow down my cheeks. And when I look back at the destruction ive caused, usually thu do.

    By mary on 08.26.2011

  17. oh you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.

    By blaze URL on 08.26.2011

  18. Destruction isn’t always obvious. It’s not always chaotic- fire, terror, ruin. Sometimes it is much more sinister and dark. You can’t always see it happen. It may start very small- at the base of your family, your future, or your life. When you finally notice, it might be too late. Don’t let yourself be overrun by the gray decay that is destruction. Change it.

    By Tron URL on 08.26.2011

  19. Life is destruction. You build up all of your life, hoping to be something big, something great. Along the way, you get torn down, you get ripped apart, you get cut in half. Nothing matters. All that matters in the end is if you were happy or not. Either way, you are destructed in the end. Be happy.

    By Charlie Giraud URL on 08.26.2011

  20. you and I.

    By Mary Rose Arieylle URL on 08.26.2011

  21. through the pain and destruction, you are still there, holding me tight…

    By katie URL on 08.26.2011

  22. You led me to my destruction. I am now having to rebuild myself. I wish I had not crumbled so easily. I let you win.

    By Marina URL on 08.26.2011

  23. The end of everything. The end of this horrible path and the beginning of a bright new future, a place where the boy gets the girl and the boss wants you. Once this part is destroyed, only the good bits will remain for us to enjoy, somewhere waiting here is the moment we have been waiting for all this time. This is it.

    By Liz on 08.26.2011

  24. the more i do this
    certain trick
    the more i am certain
    i am destroying my brain cells.

    allowing them to attach to
    these traitorous thoughts.

    it’s like the classic
    sawing-act, alongside
    a brilliant reappearance.

    this destruction, however,
    is so sweet.

    By rachel. URL on 08.26.2011

  25. if we break everything down
    break it apart
    tear it open
    tear your heart
    is called destruction
    if we repair it again
    if we make it better
    we put together
    the things we severed…?

    By celeste cervantes URL on 08.26.2011

  26. rebuilding, starting something new. we have torn apart our kitchen and soon we will be rebuilding it into something new and better. i think destruction is wonderful and looking so forward to reconstruction. destruction does not have to be bad.

    By copgrrl URL on 08.26.2011

  27. The town was nothing but rubble now. Pieces of wood, concrete, metal, and all other materials all throughout the streets. Where could this piece have come from? That building, or that one. The destruction was heartbreaking, and I was devastated that my city was ruined. But the worst part was that I was completely alone.

    By Meg Murray URL on 08.26.2011

  28. We all create destruction in our daily lives. The foods we eat, the things we do or say, all leads to our own self destruction. You look for ways to change what you do but in the end you still face your own destruction.

    By bigmomma URL on 08.26.2011

  29. Let’s make a band
    of grand destruction
    with trumpets grand
    that spew seduction
    and drums that pound
    the loud battle cry
    and with this sound
    let fury fly

    By SprawlingInk URL on 08.26.2011

  30. Alex Wilde looked on as the monster carved it’s terrible path of destruction. She knew it was evil, but she had to end those godforsaken kids next door once and for all. All their meddling in her business was bound to get them in trouble eventually…

    By Robin on 08.26.2011

  31. the world burning down. everything going to hell. ending in misery. this city is burning. just what i needed. to start over. what do you say after a mass destruction? kurt v fans im looking at you!

    By Kelsey Lennon URL on 08.26.2011

  32. Tired. I am so tired that the destruction of my health seems imminent. Tired. The destruction of my mindset seems prevalent among all that ails me. Tired. I collapse onto the ground in a fit of exhaustion. Tried. I tried to stop the destruction, but it was too late.

    By Suwa URL on 08.26.2011

  33. He had never wanted for this destruction to happen. Never wanted this innocent land to be burnt to ashes in the wind, nor for the people to be expired before they were meant.

    All he had wanted was the destruction and devastation of those who had deserved the end the others had met.

    By Tayler Siobhan URL on 08.26.2011

  34. war. heartbreak. chaos. ruins. pain. pain. pain. entropy. enthapy. endings. new beginnings. civilizations. oppressed people. loss. loss of control.

    By Andrea on 08.26.2011

  35. I am the only one who controls my path. That path I am going down has no light at the end. No happiness. I live in a world of destruction. The only way to survive is to cause more damage, and further feed into the madness.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 08.26.2011

  36. She couldn’t stand his smile. It was grotesque. It said that he had had too much to drink that night. She didn’t want to take his arm.

    By bc on 08.26.2011

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    By someone on 08.26.2011

  38. This place deserves more than destruction. It may only be one tiny place, a spec in space, yet it is agonizingly and flawlessly beautiful. Our planet, our earth, our flesh and blood home. Which part of it are you harming, and how long will it take for you to realize, our home deserves more than destruction.

    By leah URL on 08.26.2011

  39. If You’ve come to me right, I would have done this to suffice. support you, fight for you and for every good thing. You could have make nice, and play this all right but you’ve f’d with me and put me through your hell, not only me but the innocent who believed your lies and the ones you call baby. Its so evident I tried to make amends for the times I messed up and now you found this side of me you like to call the jackal. its only afterward that you’ve seen now you looked find me and the destabilization of your whole region.

    By visiontest URL on 08.26.2011

  40. BOOM! CRASH! BAM! duh? When something is falling? rather it be a building or your heart. rather it be someone flying a plane into a building.. or someone creating it in your heart. it’s all a matter of the kind =]

    By Shawna URL on 08.26.2011