March 26th, 2013 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “destined”

  1. when I look into the eyes of my soon to be husband. I know that we are destined to be together forever. I love you, Landon.

    By amy on 03.26.2013

  2. You are destined for greatness…you can’t just throw your life away. Those were the last words my father ever said to me. Well yelled at me is more like it. I was walking out of his house, little did I know that it would only be three months until he died.

    By Kendall on 03.26.2013

  3. What is destiny? Destiny is only an illusion in which people use to make each other think we all truly have a point in this life. Destiny is “what was meant to be.” It’s people’s excuse for bad things happening for no reason.

    By Alison on 03.26.2013

  4. People always talk about destiny. I don’t believe in it though. You can make your own life and choices and there is no road leading you through life. You get to do what you want or sometimes what you’re forced to do but whatever happens it doesn’t necessarily happen for a reason. That thinking gets you nowhere because you believe whatever is going to appen is already set in stone.

    By celia URL on 03.26.2013

  5. destiny is such a tricky thing to predict. It changes and shifts around with the actions of the present. Your destiny can be anything. And you can be destined for anything.

    By Brittany URL on 03.26.2013

  6. There is no specific destiny we fall into… but that doesn’t mean that the ball is in your hands. I know that fact too well. I know that, when you try to take charge of your own self, you always seem to fall again and again. And if that weren’t enough, sometimes, those things don’t change you. you want your own destiny, but your own dang habits are so hard to break, that you’re stuck in a perpetual spiral of your own genetic code.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 03.26.2013

  7. Destined to be a homebody. To have a mediocre life. To drink myself to death. To be a loser. To be something more. To love and never be loved back. To lose, everything. To not finish anything I start.

    By Samantha on 03.26.2013

  8. We were all destined to die. No churning about it. All of us. No exceptions. Every breath you take is one closer to your grave. Nothing really matters in that sense. We’re all dying, so why not live this life well?

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 03.26.2013

  9. was she destined for this? was she forever going to miss the mountains, the summer breeze in the trees, the lightning bugs in the bushes? she knew one thing, the place where she came from wasn’t where she felt at home. it was the appalachian mountains that called her name so sweetly. and in the big city, she found out she was a country girl

    By LBMS URL on 03.26.2013

  10. It was always meant to be. This world was destined for greatness, for tragedy, for love and for triumph. No matter how it was created, it was always going to be the home of so many that it would be impossible for at least one brilliant thing to happen.

    By kristenwrites on 03.26.2013

  11. I thought happiness was destined to those who did good. Getting good grades, not being a wild child, listening to my parents, all that crap. Get married, have kids, live happily ever after. Poppycock. It’s a sham created by TV sitcoms I grew up on. Donna Reed wore high heels and make up and pearls and pretty dresses. She cleaned and cooked and it all. But she didn’t. For an hour she faked it. She had crews doing her make up, her cleaning, her cooking, people writing her thoughts, her words. It was never real. But I figured it out way too late for it do to me any good.

    By JDwrites URL on 03.26.2013

  12. Destined. This word is actually comforting. Perhaps when I worry about the future I’m just running in place. But then again maybe I’m supposed to worry in order for my destiny to turn out well. And who am I destined to be with? And what if I’m destined to something I don’t want? Could I be? And I just want to be destined to you.

    By Sally on 03.26.2013

  13. Who am I destined to be with? They all say I’m destined to be with a great guy. Every great guy thinks I’m destined to be with another great guy. I’m not feeling antsy. I’m just feeling unfulfilled. Every night I go to sleep I feel like I was just running in place all day. I want a companion. I know this sounds silly, but I know it would make a difference.

    By Sammie on 03.26.2013

  14. i;m not really sure what destined means. i assume its like to with hold soemthing of an action? but yea i would destine myself from making myself look like a fool.

    By erika on 03.26.2013

  15. does not actually happen for anyone or thing. a collection of chance experiences makes us and things as they are. How cool that we meet at all.

    By Abomb on 03.26.2013

  16. I don’t think this was ever set, but from the way the angels sang, we got each other, and made each other sick. I was destined to be crazy, and to be alone, and to sometimes, for a second be happy. Somewhere in there, I got you too.

    By Saudade URL on 03.26.2013

  17. I swear I was destined
    to look at you
    with your small pink lips
    and your tiny nose
    and your beautiful almond
    but I don’t think it was
    destined for us to end
    up this way
    or for you to die the way
    you are
    (I know it’s a work in progress
    but you can’t leave
    me yet)
    and it certainly wasn’t destined
    for me to take my life
    before the sand stops
    falling in the
    hourglass you turned for
    me when I said


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 03.26.2013

  18. Its not a word to me, it has no meaning there is coincidence and no miracles, we’re brought up believing in destiny and become disappointed in the end, sixy seconds

    By greg on 03.26.2013

  19. we are destined to be in th service of our lord jesus christ for all eternity and to serve him with love and give the grace of his life and salvation to others by sharing the gospel with them. we are destined to be resolved to a perfect relationship with him.

    By Robin on 03.26.2013

  20. what does it mean to be destined? Should you do what you believe is right or should you do what omens are pointing you towards? Is it best to follow your destiny, regardless of what it is, or fight it? Simple. Your destiny is determined by your path.

    By Elizabeth Stanwood on 03.26.2013

  21. are we destined to a life subjected by our conscience
    that struggles with finding meaning in everything we do
    to the point where the only way to escape temporarily is to inhibit it
    or else face a life of eternal struggle

    By Aidan URL on 03.26.2013

  22. We are destined to be the fallen generation. Each young pair of eyes slowly drinking lies about personality and appearance. Each torturous brain picking apart cells to hate. We are destined to spill cold blood across the cold kitchen tile, waiting for the sludge of hatred to fill our veins.

    By Whispers on 03.26.2013

  23. It may or must have been destiny. I was mostly gone but you captured the rest of me. Earnestly, patiently, you accepted and indulged in what was left of me. Reconstructing me, demolishing my disaster faster than my eyes could see. My question was “to be well, or not to be?” and you always had the answer. Fluidity. My eternity. My infinite dancer.

    By Emma on 03.26.2013

  24. the hero was destined to save the universe from the evil two faced dragon armog. The hero knew he was destined thanks to an old man who walked up to him one day and told him so. “Is this destiny?” the hero thought.
    what are we destined to do? we never know. It only comes like a storm . Unexpected. sometimes good. sometimes scary. but we never know. we just accept.

    By Danielle on 03.26.2013

  25. She knew it was true. Why else would he look at her like that? She glanced around the corner. He was still standing chatting with his friends. Taking a deep breath she pushed herself away and walked toward him. He turned and smiled. Her heart did a little tap dance. “Hi,” he said.
    “Hi,” she smiled at him, destiny shinning in her eyes.
    “My name’s Brandon.” He stuck out his hand politely.

    By Anabel Crowe URL on 03.26.2013

  26. I’m destined to be something, that’s for sure. The question is: what exactly? What exactly do I evolve into? Where will my efflorescence take me, make me? Only father time will tell.

    By Evan Lindemann URL on 03.26.2013

  27. Writing about the word destined, would be the equivalent to me being destined to write about this word. It is great that this happened to me because I’m all about destiny and fate.

    By alexandria ramos on 03.26.2013

  28. “You’re destined for greatness” are words that I never want to hear. I feel like I could never take that amount of pressure, as all the heroes do in the famous movies. I don’t want to be destined for anything that will affect a bunch of people, I just want to take myself to a place of peace. I want to be destined for my own happiness.

    By Calico URL on 03.26.2013

  29. me and him are destined, we have to be together… he fits me and completes me like a missing puzzle piece… are a key to a lock…. or a glove to a hand…. we are destined…

    By manana sanders on 03.26.2013

  30. they were meant to be
    hand-in-hand they walked
    all smiles,
    stolen glances,
    giggles and racing hearts
    “destiny,” they said

    By Chantelle on 03.26.2013

  31. My future is planned. I am destined for greatness, like a seed destined to become a tree. My control over the future is one thing but my destiny is another. For there is no destiny without hard work and perseverance.

    By A URL on 03.26.2013

  32. she picked up her sward and left. with nothing as mush as a good bye. just like she was destined to fall in love with bill she was destined to fight for her county, and she had just made her choice on witch has more important.

    By isabella URL on 03.27.2013

  33. For what am I destined? I think that every people has skills toward which they are naturally inclined. What skills are mine? Writing, analyzing — visual thinking, visual creation. I need to do something with these things. And I know I have the capacity.

    By Keith Bouchard on 03.27.2013

  34. destined should be used cautiously
    because if everything was already preplanned
    than what’s the point of trying

    By smorris URL on 03.27.2013

  35. do you think it is easy to be someone that you never chose to be?
    do you think it is easy to follow a path that was chosen for you by something the likes of which you can’t even grasp?
    do you think it is easy to abide by the rules of something that you don’t embrace?
    do you think it is easy to avoid the trenches and peaks that lie next to your route?
    do you think it is easy to be the chosen one?

    By berenique URL on 03.27.2013

  36. I was destined to love you,
    You were destined to die.
    I was destined to hurt you,
    You were destined to cry.

    Don’t struggle against the bleeding,
    Don’t cry out against the flame,
    There’s a power in conceding,
    It’s the nature of the game.

    By Shimbo URL on 03.27.2013

  37. pacify retract and react
    able apathy redact the tract
    it never seems much more than
    a blank page
    a thought
    an idle memory of an idea
    are we destined to dream
    or do we put it into active reaction?

    By Matty M. on 03.27.2013

  38. I think we were destined to enter each other’s lives. As cheesy as this sounds, I really believe this was supposed to happen. We have so much in common, we think a like most of the time, and we always have a nice time together.

    By Daisy Alvarez on 03.27.2013

  39. The hero stood, overlooking the bloody figure of his long-time rival. How did this happen? Images bombarded his mind and he is forced to remember how he embarked on this arduous journey to complete the quest – to slay the dark knight. He could only come to one conclusion: He was destined to.

    By Nyan on 03.27.2013

  40. To be a legend. Maybe not. Who’s to say. God I presume. Build it and they will come. Build it and your soul will show. A carpenter maybe. Maybe an inventor, a writer? Nah. Poet? Hell No. A rapper, only at the crib by yourself or when your drunk with a group of cool people. Destined to fulfill a destiny. That seems to be what its all about. Destined to be the man of the house. never complain, never pout, thats for children and women. A man shouldn’t be careless. Destined to come from the bottom to the top.

    By Bruce Leroy URL on 03.27.2013