March 26th, 2013 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “destined”

  1. i was destined to walk with the dragon down the unicorn fall until one faitful day the grim reaper appeared and stole my heart. saddly i had to leave my dragon and join the underworld. I still dream about my dragon from day to day and i can still hear it screaming

    By Amy on 03.26.2013

  2. He was destined to take over the throne. Nothing could stop him not even his older brother. He knew it was supposed to be him. That night he would thrust the dagger deep into his brother’s breast and claim the future of the crown for his own. No longer looking up to his brother but looking down to the land he now ruled.

    By Laurel B URL on 03.26.2013

  3. We were destined to be together. Somewhere between fate and serendipity. Wherever my mind was, he was. It wasn’t about physically being together if we were able to be together in our hearts. I am certain that is how it was meant to be.

    By Stephanie Castelli on 03.26.2013

  4. It’s time to face the fact that my wishes won’t come true;
    that the path these shoes are walking will never lead to you.

    By Carly URL on 03.26.2013

  5. When she was young, the world seemed so big. The closer she got to the end of her life, the smaller that world became… She was reaching – always reaching – for the things in life she thought she wanted. She stretched her heart out for those that she thought she loved – those with whom she thought she was “meant to be.” She wanted to live. She grasped at life and love and the path she thought was laid out for her. She spent her whole life trying to achieve what people expected or what she thought people wanted, forgetting the most important lesson that she was always too busy to learn…

    The only thing she was ever destined to do was die.

    By Briana URL on 03.26.2013

  6. They said they’d used to watch Disney movies with only socks on the living room carpet, the characters were all meant to play roles in each other’s tiny screen lives of bright blue VHS glory, it was written in crayon on the streaky walls that they were meant to

    By Molly Walls on 03.26.2013

  7. My destinsy is to die alone and be depressed with 27 cats …sad but true.

    By angela on 03.26.2013

  8. I am destined for great things. I have it in me. I have the dreams, the hopes, to goals, the change. I have it in me. Destiny. My destiny is greatness. What is yours?

    By Anja Nja on 03.26.2013

  9. i am destined to create. create a new world. create different ideas that none other could come up with. i am destined to write, destined to read, destined to succeed. Destined, because that, is destiny.

    By halfbright URL on 03.26.2013

  10. i am destined to create. create a new world. create different ideas that none other could come up with. i am destined to write, destined to read, destined to succeed. Destined, because that, is destiny. destiny is a strange thing. trying to follow something, but not even knowing what could come out of it, but you still trudge on. the feeling of succeeding is something very special. even if its the simplest things.

    By halfbright URL on 03.26.2013

  11. The grilled cheese sandwich sizzled in the pan, oozing cheddar from it’s edges as it slowly browned. It makes you wonder.

    By David Park on 03.26.2013

  12. The reality appeared to be a far cry from the future to which he had thought himself destined. Sitting alone at midnight in the squalor of his flat he glanced around at the broken furniture and dirty dishes and tried to convince himself that having your heart in the right place is what matters most. But to whom? His friends had all but abandoned him and his mother was ashamed. Even his so called girlfriend treated him with an air of disdain.

    By pip333 URL on 03.26.2013

  13. like 3 million tiny arrows diverging, unstoppable and solid and gliding smoothly forward. jesus. worse than a firing squad. we all know how this will end. the worst though is waiting for that last blow–

    By gia.mfgon on 03.26.2013

  14. It was destiny, the woman thought. The way he looked at her when she walked into the cafe. The way he would always smile at her, but not anyone else. She thought they could love each other. But he was destined for something else. He was destined for death. The war took him away from her, and it wasn’t until he left that she learned his name. “John.” she was told by the store owner, who looked sadly at her as he explained where the man had gone. She continued to go to the cafe every day, looking for him, but to no avail. Then six months later, she walked in again, as was her routine. The owner, who had become a dear friend at this point, approached her, “Melissa…” he started to say, eyes welling up with tears, “John’s mother called. He was killed in action. I’m so sorry. But he won’t be coming back.” Melissa just looked at the owner, silent tears now streaming down both of their cheeks. She thought to herself ‘Maybe… Maybe destiny isn’t what it always seems…’

    By Ragehappy Representative on 03.26.2013

  15. I’m destined to become something, but I’m not sure what it is. Some people are destined to become great, but isn’t “great” just a mater of opinion? My mother was great, and she stayed at home every day. Her impacts were small and confined, but maybe, just maybe, they will turn into an avalanche of love.

    By Amanda G. URL on 03.26.2013

  16. She was destined for it. She didn’t know it at the time but it was her destiny. The thing she had been waiting all her life for and she didn’t even realize it when it hit her. It was everything she had ever dreamed of, but she still had yet to learn this.

    By Meagan on 03.26.2013

  17. love. destiny is the only reason love exists. people have a destiny, a destiny to be with someone else. their one and only. destiny is what plans this out and brings them together when they are ready or not. thanks to destiny 1/2 of marriages succeed.

    By Maddington URL on 03.26.2013

  18. destined? to be what? to do what? right now the future seems to have way too much weight. to many expectations, to many loans, to much adulthood.

    By S on 03.26.2013

  19. throw it around:
    the concept of destiny.
    lie to yourself:
    I’m meant to be here,
    in this clearing I walked to
    from my overpriced hotel.
    I left my phone in my car.
    I’m meant to be here.

    By smnthbll on 03.26.2013

  20. I am destined for greatness. It is not something I doubt or can be told is wrong. It is just something I know. i woke up one day when I was younger and knew, I will write and people will read. I can’t wait for the day my tome is opened, but until that day I will live day by day and it will work out eventually. I try not to get destiny confused with Fate, but sometimes these things happen. One must meditate on the perception of each

    By Kris Keith URL on 03.26.2013

  21. People often tell me that they are destined for something. Greatness, loneliness, riches. It seems like everyone weaves their own tapestry right? But isn’t that opposing the idea of destined? It’s like saying that your and optimist that views the glass as half empty. Think about it.

    By Kerry URL on 03.26.2013

  22. I was destined to do this. It was a sacrifice, but it was my destiny. Ever since I was born, I was meant to die…meant to sacrifice myself for someone else to live. I was scared of this notion at first, but now that I know who I’m saving, I don’t mind. I’d do it ten times over, so long as she got to live. I just hope I’m not forgotten…I just hope my sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

    By Rachel URL on 03.26.2013

  23. We say we met first day of school freshman year but I’m sure our lives have crossed earlier. Maybe at the mall or at the fields playing sports. Neither of us knowing what would happen in the future or how our lives would intertwine. After the past four years, we’ve grown so close and discovered the many similarities that have connected us. And now as I sit here at my college desk thinking about you, I remember all the coincidences that we’ve had and the many adventures we still go on. I believe in destiny. I believe that things happen for a reason. I believe the distance that separates is a part of our fate. But most of all, I believe we are destined to be together. Then, now, and forever.

    By Chris URL on 03.26.2013

  24. He was destined to escape this place, destined to live on and long, destined to do great deeds. First, he just had to figure out where the door was and why he was wearing a Powerpuff Girls’ wrist watches. Also pants might help.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.26.2013

  25. A human flying. How preposterous. We don’t possess the bone density, nor the simple aptitude to jump off a cliff and expect the wind to carry us across. How nonsensical it seems. Humans were land animals just barely learning to swim. But the Wright brothers had a vision. That we were destined for greater things. To touch the sky, see clouds at eye level. Be up with the Gods, like Gods. I applaud you, brothers.

    By Helianthus URL on 03.26.2013

  26. What we are destined for is not what we end up with. Destiny is a word full of good intentions and hopes and dreams. What we end up with is what we earn. What we fight, bleed, and cry for. And sometimes we don’t even end up with that. All we can do is keep on fighting.

    By Patrick URL on 03.26.2013

  27. this is not destined, but it is determined. there are agents in our lives that dance and intertwine and speak to each other in a language that we do not understand, conspiring and forming our bodies, our souls. chemical impulses, physiological and psychological yearnings, experiences, and an innate animalistic nature that we aim to control and contain. “destiny” is a whimsical, fantastical belief in something intangible and imagined. “destiny” is not an agent in our lives, just like our own “free will” is not. there is no use in fighting that which is already determined.

    By kapanga URL on 03.26.2013

  28. hardly did i ever think he had done it. without dropping the cup, i glanced at the commotion outside, the mess. all those years ago, i thought he had died, but he had escaped. he had fooled me! i dropped the cup.

    By k on 03.26.2013

  29. He was destined to screw it up. All his life he had waited for this moment, but his fate was sealed. Life was far to cynical to let it work for him when he needed it most.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.26.2013

  30. She was destined to be a hero. It was written in the stars the very day that she was born, or so her mother told her. From her perch atop the tower she certainly felt like a hero. She could see all, from the tops of the trees to the farthest house.

    By KT URL on 03.26.2013

  31. We are all chased by something, and it always catches us. We may not end up in its den, but we end up in its jaws.

    By Lance URL on 03.26.2013

  32. something (ridiculous) kept telling her they were meant to be. destined to love one another for all time. something (entirely stupid and reckless) inside her clung to his abusive ways and accusatory tone for far longer than anyone (in their right mind) could or should. what kind of disposition must one have to spend every waking moment searching for the negativity and disappointment in life (wtf)?

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 03.26.2013

  33. It has been prophesied that you would come, young one. The girl with the fiery hair looked up from her kneeling position at the queen of the fae and met her eyes. “I intend to fufill the destiny your people outlined for me eons ago.” With that, her fate was sealed, and she stood up, ready to take her place among her own kind.

    By Christinymous URL on 03.26.2013

  34. Were we always destined to die? Or was there ever a bigger picture which would have let us stand forever, on the edge on the cliff, and never step off? Did we break that image, or is our future simply a mosaic which is yet to be built?

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.26.2013

  35. With the sense you can’t place with a touch, much less hope to sniff, taste, hear, nor see…that nagging little thing that scratches just at the edge of the horizon, and boomarangs through space and time. Call it an illusion, an infusion, and above all respect the maze that is full on confusion. Mind the myriad of paths and maybe you’ll find out just what the hell it means “to be destined.”

    By Intuition URL on 03.26.2013

  36. something that is meant to happen and should happen so you can develop as a person. I think that i am destined for something but i don’t know what it is and probably most people don’t truly know what they are destined for. It is fate and will happen unless someone makes a time machine.

    By Adam on 03.26.2013

  37. They told us we were destined to do great things. Yeah. They seriously rounded us all up, threw us in this gray, stale-air room, and said the words out loud, “You guys are destined to do great things.” Yeah. Well fuck off. The kid in the corner is nervously shuffling through his bag, muttering something about “Shit where did I put the stuff…”. The kid in the other corner has his eyes closed, his head back, and might not be alive anymore. The pregnant girl in the middle is furiously texting away at her phone, most likely to one unlucky man.
    We are not destined to do great things.
    We are destined to be the bottom of society.
    We are going to be the ones people don’t like to look at.
    We are worthless.

    By Amanda URL on 03.26.2013

  38. I always felt in my heart I was destined for much more that one I saw around me. I work hard. I have accomplished a lot. However, what I am destined to do is what is deep in my heart. It tugs at me when I have stopped thinking about it. It’s my gift. It’s what I am working on. It’s my God given talent. It is what I was destined to do!

    By K URL on 03.26.2013

  39. Do odds even exist

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 03.26.2013

  40. Most people define their destiny as where they want to be. It is only the people who make it there that are destined. I will be destined

    By Dillon Rose on 03.26.2013