September 18th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “despite”

  1. Despite all the fuck ups, and the pain I cause you.. despite my consistent short comings, and failure.. your love is unconditional, everlasting, and pure. Despite this, I still fuck up, and cause you pain.

    By Miki URL on 09.18.2012

  2. Despite all of the danger and the very good chance that I would be struck by one of the bullets, I dove forward. Loose pieces of rock shifted under my feet and scattered down the slope. I soon found myself loosing my balance, arm flailing and eyes wide. I landed hard on my stomach, getting a face full of stone. The sharp edges of the rock fragments tore into my skin, but I heaved myself up by my bleeding hands.
    I stopped and gasped for air. Looking up, I saw that my reason for breaking from my cover was in front of me, lying on his side in a glistening puddle of blood.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.18.2012

  3. Despite the feeling of anxiety that I was feeling, I strode into the room with my head held high. Nothing was going to get in my way today, but there was one thing that might. One thing that I knew could get in my way, and take all of the air out my lungs, so to speak. Or maybe not so much so to speak, because as soon as I strode into the room, that air I was talking about left my lungs in a great whoosh.

    By Andrew on 09.18.2012

  4. Despite how I feel about my ex, still kind of loving him and hating him at the same time, mostly hate though, i find myself to be a different kind of happy. I guess it was supposed to be this way…who knew?

    By Lauren Pettit on 09.18.2012

  5. Despite all of the the transgressions, they’ve committed; I think I might have a tiny little itty bity drop of feelings for him. Yes, HIM! Ugh, here we go again

    By Jenna on 09.18.2012

  6. despite what’s going on in the world today life itself is good poor or not we still get so much for free like clouds and trees and rivers and oceans and birds and grass and beautiful rocks and people and babies and the sky and flowers and love and adoration and friends and i could go on and on but life is good if you think about all of that. even blind people can smell flowers and trees and the ocean and good food and new babies and lots of other things. there are good things and people all around us. the struggle to pay bills is always there for rich and the poor but the good is always there as well.

    By julie on 09.18.2012

  7. despite what people are telling me, i will always love you…

    By Jodi URL on 09.18.2012

  8. Despite. I think of this word as an escape from reality. “DESPITE (insert bad thing here), then (insert positive thing here).”
    It’s like we say this just so we have an excuse to be happy.

    By Carmen Ensley URL on 09.18.2012

  9. Despite is a word that is an escape from error. We say “Despite (insert bad thing here), then (insert positive thing here).”
    It acts as an excuse to stay positive about whatever we are talking about.

    By Carmen Ensley URL on 09.18.2012

  10. Despite. I think of this word as an escape from reality. “DESPITE (insert bad thing here), then (insert positive thing here).”
    It’s like we say this just so we have an excuse to be happy.

    By Carmen Ensley URL on 09.18.2012

  11. despite the fact that I should really be in bed, I so desperately want to be writing tonight. I found that I have these two characters who are my friends. I don’t feel like I have to tell their story, it’s just one i’m making up as I go. It’s relaxing writing, not always trying to get it all right. they make my mistakes with me. I love it. =)

    By Kathleen DeVries on 09.18.2012

  12. Despite the bad weather, the little girl was able to find a way to entertain herself. She stayed inside and played with barbies, giving each a name and personality. She liked to create; her imagination was her best friend.

    By Julie on 09.18.2012

  13. you have adversaries but despite them you accomplish your goals. this can be a good and a bad thing. good when you accomplish something. bad when you dont. will you learn or wont you, despite your upbringing. it all shows in your personality and in the way you live your life. despite is such a strong word. it can build you up while bringing someone else down. take it and make it your own. you have the power to overcome.

    By carlena on 09.18.2012

  14. Despite the fact that I shouldn’t be thinking about you right now, I am.
    Despite the fact that I want to be single right now, I want you.
    Despite the fact that you probably couldn’t like me, I can’t help but hoping.
    And despite the fact that this is totally wrong, I can’t help but feel that for me you are totally right.

    By Kayci URL on 09.18.2012

  15. despite the fact that she gave him multiple chances, he didn’t change his ways, only his moods from time to time. despite this, she still had feelings for him.

    By sarah on 09.18.2012

  16. Despite everything, I am still ok. The last time I faced that person, it was rough. One never knows who they are going to run into and what secrets they have lying hidden deep within them. I would never have thought that such a seemingly nice person was really an old nemesis in disguise. The term bury the hatchet never occurred to that person.

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 09.18.2012

  17. She was renewed, and did an even better job than she expected, despite the news that she’d lose her position at the company in the coming months. She knew her worth and reinforced it with proof.

    By Clarity URL on 09.18.2012

  18. I don’t know why I didn’t do it
    Maybe because I didn’t follow my heart
    Maybe because I doubted myself
    Maybe because I just couldn’t handle it anymore

    Maybe I don’t care anymore

    Because despite my best intentions…. I failed

    By hollymarie URL on 09.18.2012

  19. Take my hand. I will show you what it means to love the one who breaks you. I can make you feel everything you’ve taught me to feel. How much you can love one person, ignoring all the things they’ve done. Its not easy. In fact, its the hardest thing you will ever do. But it is worth the pain. Love is worth it. I can teach you to truly love.

    By Dream on 09.18.2012

  20. Despite what they all say, I still love you.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.18.2012

  21. I care, despite all the awful things that have happened to me because I chose to care. He is my best friend and I hope he knows that I would do anything to keep his happiness. Doesn’t he know how much he means to me? Best friends forever, right? Or wrong? I wish I knew what I did that made him so…something tonight. I feel like I’m losing my best friend… :(

    By KRR on 09.18.2012



    And despite the fact that you are ‘raising’ me, I will be an awesome person.

    By Anon on 09.18.2012

  23. its a word you never wanna hear. it means bad things my ex said it to me and we ended.

    By seraphina on 09.18.2012

  24. Of all the things we could’ve loved, we fell for each other. The whore and the addict. Sending waves of less than cares, tons of neverminds and maybes. We always would belong to the seedy underground. But I still hold out hope that one day, despite our horrible realities, we’ll bring the fantasies to the forefront. She’ll be my truth and I’ll be the only honor she’ll ever really know.

    By Trey URL on 09.18.2012

  25. despite the fact that i am sitting here telling myself im okay, im not and im missing you terribly and i just want you to want me too. i dont understand what happened, what changed, i dont understand at all. i just hope you one day wake up and realize that you care for me too still. soon.

    By Megan on 09.18.2012

  26. Despite everything, everything stays the same. Even though things change, it’s all the same. So people really shouldn’t stress about anything. Just live how you want.

    By Marissa on 09.18.2012

  27. I have lots of zits.
    But despite that I’m beautiful.
    I like chocolate.
    No, I LOVE chocolate.
    Despite my fast today, I feel like eating some chocolate.

    By Nimisha on 09.18.2012

  28. Despite it all, she still loved him. She wished that she could stop. It would make things much easier.
    “Bye,” he grunted as he gave her a peck on the cheek and headed out the door. She hardly noticed, too busy staring out the window at the man walking past. She wondered if he remembered her, if he thought about her, if he ever felt the same.

    By Madi on 09.18.2012

  29. Despite all my efforts, despite all my hard word, I have failed.

    No, that is not true. I have not failed, nor have I lost.

    I simply tried something new. Suck on that.

    By Raneem URL on 09.18.2012

  30. Despite the fact that I love my boyfriend deeply, I really have a desperate infatuation with his best friend. I don’t really even find him attractive; I think it’s the appeal of someone else enjoying my company that compels me so.

    By Heidi on 09.18.2012

  31. despite all her efforts, she had never been able to get that oatmeal recipe just right. and that was the sad thing about it, was that it was an oatmeal recipe. it was the type of thing in which she could just look at the back of a box or get some sugary instant stuff, but she remembered the way her father used to make it. it was perfect, honey and fruit, and always in the right amount

    By Jessica on 09.18.2012

  32. My fears I will succeed, I will rise above and I will find happiness, I am destined to enjoy live and find forgiveness, the future will bring good things

    By Flor on 09.18.2012

  33. of knowing that how good you are. why would you fall in the trap of getting noticed doing something this weird. fly a plane. go mad, drive someone crazy. make them feel ignored is not your way of dealing with things. it matters how well you behave rude with someone

    By bhasha on 09.18.2012

  34. Failure is intrinsic in writing, in translating concrete images into abstract signs. Which is why one always writes ‘despite’.

    By Hafada URL on 09.18.2012

  35. despite all of our differences, the tiny similarities we have are what keep us all together. I look at you and you look at me. We both have 2 eyes and a nose. We both have mouths. And they’re capable of saying I love you.

    By Mezzyface URL on 09.18.2012

  36. Despite the warnings my mother had given me … my heart still belonged to a man that I could never forget. At the same time a man that I could never forgive. Despite the heartache, the drama, the aggravation, the broken promises and the cheating; he was also the man that taught me to be the strong woman I am today!

    By Samantha on 09.18.2012

  37. the word despit means that you are taking action against an opinion…or is it? but then, despite is hardly used in direct speech-usually in either synthesis or your English home-UGH! forget it…

    By Abi :D URL on 09.18.2012

  38. despite their for the unknown, they were daring enough to speak up. An act in which the tongue dares to make the cords shake from their mind down to their throats up to their mouthes. That was something, to give the mind an audible incarnation.

    By Linzo88 URL on 09.19.2012

  39. Despite how you feel about the situation and yourself, I think you have so much to live for. You are worth saving, worth pulling from the ledge where you teeter when you contemplate that dark. I do not wish to save you. Only you can do that or want that and I want to hold you and say, “LOOK UP,” and maybe you will keep trying.

    By Lana C. Marilyn URL on 09.19.2012

  40. Despite our differences….I Love Him!
    Despite our disagreements….I Love Him!
    Despite the changes….I Love Him!
    Despite the hurtful moments…I Love Him!
    Despite the hard times…I Love Him!
    Despite what others say…I Love Him!
    Despite what I want, wish or hope for….I Love Him!
    I just can’t help but … Love Him…
    Love Him…Always & Forever!

    By RaShelle URL on 09.19.2012