September 18th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “despite”

  1. Despite the differences in each wildflower
    I have seen each change and ever-tower
    For the walk of the face of the pristine cliff
    covers the flowers as the winds and rains shift

    By t44 URL on 09.18.2012

  2. Despite whatever anyone told you, there is such a thing as global warming.

    By marylee on 09.18.2012

  3. despite the thoughts that have occurred in my mind, I pondered other things such as the facts of life. In my discovery of all these actions I loathed and despised the people far from my mind. I hated them and despite the condescending lies, they were all good people at least I thought they were kind.

    By James on 09.18.2012

  4. Despite the fact that they were both girls with no experience at all in this topic what so ever, it was kind of fun to be walking around after a guy they didn’t know and whom they believed had killed one of their friends.

    By Sonja Fazel on 09.18.2012

  5. You’re a very nice girl. I actually very much like you, your touch, your silky skin… The way you swear at me with that soft voice of yours. I’m happy despite the fact that you rarely answer me.
    Until that day when you completely ceased communication. No more talks, phone calls, interaction, smiles…
    You vanished on that car accident, your bluish cold body cast aside on the road as if equal to waste. Your unique features were all that remained, as a distant reminiscence of your angelical brightness.

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.18.2012

  6. She took another sharp breath. The air was so cold, she kept moving but her lungs choked out the unwanted air. She had to go on. The scales were not moving.

    By Louise URL on 09.18.2012

  7. Despite everything the world still goes on.

    By RocketshipOnFire URL on 09.18.2012

  8. despite my recent efforts being honest is a true challenge for me, especially when it comes time to my lover. I am so afraid she will forever leave me and afraid I will lose something great. Despite the fact that i doubt us so much i still love her. I feel so young minded and never ready to commit whenever it falls right in my lap. Despite my views on love and relationships, apart of me still wants it and thinks I can maintain.

    By alice on 09.18.2012

  9. I like Star Wars despite the fact that I’m the only one who will admit it.

    By Zachary Williams on 09.18.2012

  10. Despite his every attempt to reconcile his work-life and his love life, Bill failed. Miserably. Lucille left him after a weekend long business deal in Minnesota. After she left, Bill got a call, “It didn’t go too well.”

    By Brett URL on 09.18.2012

  11. Despite the desire to lash out in anger, I sit with my thoughts. I run, I lift, all for the desire to physically exhaust myself. Despite all of this, I remain with my thoughts. Despite all of my efforts, I still think of you. I hate myself for thinking of you.

    By JPHuber URL on 09.18.2012

  12. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

    By Sara Martin on 09.18.2012

  13. “Someday, despite what you think you know about me, I will become famous. No, I may not be on a billboard, or on a box of frosted flakes. I may not be on a tv commercial or an internet ad. I may not even be known to you at all, but god-dang it, one day I will be famous, and it will blow your frickin’ mind away.” This five year old was too energetic for my taste, but I got to hang it to her, she sure had spunk; at least that was what my 10 year old mind was thinking.

    By Li Poxto URL on 09.18.2012

  14. Despite all the emotions welling up inside of his gut, chewing on the edges of his bones, spitting out cartilage as it worked its way toward his heart, he continued forward, one step at a time, until he had passed through the silver door, and onward toward the woman who had left him in quicksand, quite literally. She had left him to pursue another man, another relic than the one they had agreed upon… ultimate betrayal.

    By Mika on 09.18.2012

  15. despite what you think, despite what you want, even though, despite what matters, no matter what you care about, who cares, despite this, despite that, despite what you think is right, despite what you think is wrong, even though its what you want, even though its not, even though its not enough, even though its too much, wont matter, doesn’t matter, shouldn’t matter, despite the fact that it does

    By Vanessa on 09.18.2012

  16. Despite. It’s kinda like another work for “but” in a way. If you really think about it. It rhymes with bite,

    By Bianca on 09.18.2012

  17. Despite what I see today,
    what I saw tomorrow,
    what I will see yesterday,
    Despite all that I am here to be present.

    By MARIMAR URL on 09.18.2012

  18. Despite everything he had heard, read, thought, or enjoyed; he could not see her for what she really was. He was amazed, his whole life, he spent his time searching for her, and when he had finally broken down and accepted that she was a myth, there she was.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 09.18.2012

  19. despite how much i hate this i cant shake it. despite my desire for success i cant overcome my fears. despite my pain i cant move on.

    By AnnaJo on 09.18.2012

  20. despite the fact i love you
    i will always be alone
    ever spiteful
    i sit in a dark room
    never knowing the sun in your hair
    or beads of sweat on your neck
    i sit alone waiting for you to whisk me off my feet
    never knowing what it means to seize the moment

    By Kyra Bee URL on 09.18.2012

  21. Despite the fact that my heart aches I can still be happy. Even though the man I love is 15hrs away.. I can smile. I choose happiness.

    By Maria URL on 09.18.2012

  22. after that mayhem he stares at the souls in the room , smirking he says: all of you, all of you are guilty….not me

    By Andre URL on 09.18.2012

  23. It was a cold night, but despite that, she wore a tank top. She wore sandals and had her legs mostly bare from her shorts. She was running.
    It was raining, but despite that, she was running. Her dad was climbing into his car, telling her goodbye, but despite that, she was running to get him back.

    By Alyssa on 09.18.2012

  24. Well really! she thought, … despite the glorious mountains, the deep blue skies, the sparkling water lapping at the shore, she was forced to admit she missed him!

    By Katherine on 09.18.2012

  25. Even though something is so, you choose to go against it. You don’t care that it is abnormal or strange, it won’t stop you.

    By Lauren URL on 09.18.2012

  26. Despite all odds the hero shall come home victorious… or die trying.

    By all4imagination URL on 09.18.2012

  27. The snooping, the peeking, the spy software you think I don’t know about. In spite of it all, I love you. And, no, I am not cheating.

    By Nico URL on 09.18.2012

  28. Never short of an answer. All your worries won’t hold you back. A wait in time will determine your outcome. Above all, you always have second chance.

    By Alexandra URL on 09.18.2012

  29. Despite her efforts to become turtle,
    she woke up every morning no closer to the perfect shade of green.

    Somewhere the people move slowly.

    By Haley Honeman on 09.18.2012

  30. despite the fact that i’m still here
    despite the fact that everything is different
    despite the fact that youve changed and ive changed
    and i know youve changed
    and you know ive changed
    we are still here
    and for good reason

    By Hunter Childers on 09.18.2012

  31. Despite the weather, I went outside today. It was raining like a tropical storm and I forgot my coat. God damn them clouds that make rain.

    By Luka on 09.18.2012

  32. “Stop!” he caught my arm, and pulled me into a hug. “Crazy girl, will you just LISTEN to me? I don’t care about it! It doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t change anything. I LOVE you.” The clouds that had been threatening rain all day made good on their promise at that moment, and we were both soaked through in moments. But it didn’t matter. He loved me. Despite everything, he loved me.

    By Ema on 09.18.2012

  33. Even if something is done, something else can counter it, and even negate it, if the latter is more intense than the former.


    By Luka URL on 09.18.2012

  34. Despite everything we’ve been through, and I mean truly everything, I still love you. Despite the fights and the jealousy and the disapproval from just about everyone and even despite the bad split. It doesn’t change a thing. I still love you, always have, always will.

    By Sammy URL on 09.18.2012

  35. despite everything i’ve done, i’ll never know if it was worth it. in the future, looking back, i’ll never know which steps lead me where. i think, perhaps, this one will lead me in the right direction because it’s completion makes me happy, but maybe it’s that step i thought was a mistake.

    By paul on 09.18.2012

  36. … everything I had though him, he still decided to pursue his reckless behavior.

    It all started a while back as we were traveling to the ball game.

    By Pat on 09.18.2012

  37. Ah, despite the fact that I never have believed in a god, his was so beautiful that I had to take a chance. I listened for hours, actually. Heard his words roll around like children, giggling. Maybe there is something out there, for one to be so perfect as he

    By Haley on 09.18.2012

  38. I never liked using this word. It irks me actually.

    By Ali URL on 09.18.2012

  39. Despite previous
    musings on my happiness,
    I am now depressed.

    By Andre Toscano URL on 09.18.2012

  40. despite the fact that i can’t feel, i can still think. i really want o feel. really. but sometimes i don’t. feel like it. i feel so conflicted about everything, i can’t decide.

    By csa on 09.18.2012