May 28th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “despair”

  1. one word can describe how i felt you left. here. alone. nobody else has ever treated me this way. a burn in my heart. homeless. heartless. this is is what i became, just because of you. despair has made me one of this selfish and lonely girl, because i am not able to love anymore.

    By shanyz on 05.29.2011

  2. I looked indespair as the great wolf devoured the sun. When he chew the last bit I couldn’t see anything apart from darkness.

    By anastasia on 05.29.2011

  3. “Oh how I despair about his future! He has all the wrong symptoms, no pluck or innovation to create his own, no discipline to follow and take advantage of what I do for him, not even reasons and excuses! What can you hope for when it comes to such twenty year olds! I tell you Mr. Psychiatrist sir, I wanted to bring him to you, but he wouldn’t come! So, I despair. After all, it’s not a symptom you can ignore. Everyday lunch is ready by one and he lands up at 2 or later in the afternoon!! What shall I do?!”

    By Harvinder URL on 05.29.2011

  4. Despair again? I’m starting to despair of seeing a new word. They do know it’s a new day, don’t they? At least it is in most parts of the world. Even in the US. Especially in Europe. I can’t keep track of Asia though, more’s the pity, maybe multiple watches would help.

    By rommie URL on 05.29.2011

  5. desparity in all its forms,

    By Naomi Schademan on 05.29.2011

  6. i could cry or weep, i could hang my head in total despair but you know what? I believe in God and I know that I am saved by Grace, through Faith. So I can hold my head up high, smell the roses and I don’t have to worry about where I’m going and when I’ll get there.

    By cleany URL on 05.29.2011

  7. The cold and dark ground was the only cushion for my body as I lay waiting for someone to realize I was gone. My body filled with despair as no one came. I waited and waited.

    By Kassandra Elizabeth URL on 05.29.2011

  8. She was in a state of despair. Everything seemed to be going wrong this week. First her best friend, the cat she had had for 13 years died. Then her car broke down, and she didn’t have her cell phone with her. She had to wait on the side of the road until someone would stop to help her.

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 05.29.2011

  9. despair. a new low. despair implies no hope, or a flicker of hope acknowledges but not powerful enough to pull you up, like the sunlight from a bottom of a well but no rope.

    By Tyler on 05.29.2011

  10. Despair…makes me think of funerals…and catastrophes…i’ve had a lot of it, is it wrong for a 13 year old to feel a lot of it? i feel it now…finals…when i get a bad grade..when i feel pressure…is it right for thirteen year old girl to feel that much pressure? my guess is no

    By brighterwriter13 URL on 05.29.2011

  11. Despair, what a descriptive word. It describes the lives of EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet. That includes you and myself. But what people don’t know is that every person also has the power to change their despair into complete and utter joy.

    By Marc Romano on 05.29.2011

  12. and the sadness set in. the struggle became more grueling than anything she could ever imagine. she couldn’t help but cry out in pain for what she was experiencing. a new love for herself in the form of despair.

    By jake cervetto on 05.29.2011

  13. Despair is the emotion you feel when something relatively tragic happens. you mind becomes and empty space void of any and all thoughts of pleasure. Your eyes will be sdistant as well as your friends. People will start to wonder what’s wrong with you. sadness is everything, you hang your head. you cry. a lot. sorrow is the worst part.

    By Sammy on 05.29.2011

  14. despair sucks i hate being in despair i wish i could never be in despair why is it that people are in despair it is just what makes us human i guess. Despairity sucks alot like i love to always be happy and enjoy myself but why is it that despair has to happen i guess because every thing happens for a reason and you cant have to much of a good thing thats why despair is prlly part of our lifes without were not normal but all the same i want to be differnet and with be original you have to have some sort of despair to face.

    By Torey Hammond on 05.29.2011

  15. that sadness inside my heart is aching my whole self. I know everyone around me is uncomfortabe but i can go longer keep it inside of me. Never again will I be swimming with the big fish.

    oh the hurt!
    Oh the pain!
    Oh the underpants!
    Oh the wooo

    By sunita URL on 05.29.2011

  16. i am sad because i love my brother chad in a car accident when i was thirteen years old. i’ve never felt so much despair in my life. it just hurts my heart that me and my family have to go through this amount of pain. i have never known such saddness as this. i spelled sadness wrong back there. i am to lazy to go back and fix it. despair. tradgedy. it is all the same.

    By Hannah on 05.29.2011

  17. Oh, I know the feeling. The hopelessness. The nothing will ever get better. Yes, this I know. Yes, this I experiece. Frequently- maybe too frequently. But so do you I think. So does everyone. Maybe things get better when you’re older. I wish I knew, for sure. All I know for sure is I feel so much now…

    By youcantknow URL on 05.29.2011

  18. Despair – the yin to the yang known as happiness. In fact, there can be no happiness, without despair. People fall into despair more easily today. Probably because we get things too easily now and don’t need to strive so hard to get things. Unlike our ancestors who had to presevere to achieve anything – never give in to despair, it’s the cause of more despair.

    By Wen on 05.29.2011

  19. Despair is a word very common amongst the young but they can never fully understand the magnitude of it’s meaning. A women living to 92 and then having to watch her husband slowly fade to some cruel disease, that is despair. Living your life and watching everything slowly crumble around you, that is despair.

    By Megan Kathryn on 05.29.2011

  20. Its the feeling when you know you don’t have the power to change anything in your life. The most helpless feeling in the world . Maybe losing someone you love or something precious, that has slipped out of your hands and would never return. It strikes even the toughest of people. The counter measure – Hope. Eternal hope. Its the only medicine, the one cure, for despair. Hope.

    By Abhipsa Gaur on 05.29.2011

  21. Don’t despair, when the sky is a copper brown
    and the sighs of your past come calling
    Do not think that you’re the only one
    who screams for help
    when you’re falling

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 05.29.2011

  22. Once upon a time, a girl had a despair of pants. They were the cutest despair of pants that you ever did see.

    By Anonymous on 05.29.2011

  23. There was so much wrong with this sick, sick world, Desere thought as she surveyed the city. Everywhere she looked there was some scene of pain- a group of beggars huddled around a fire, open bags of trash littering the street. People seemed oblivious to this all, used to it, and Desere felt she was the only one in pain.

    By Brooke on 05.29.2011

  24. Despair starts to take over Myles too much. He knows he should be remembering by now, and he is, but there is still too much that is missing from his memories. He sits quietly with the dictionary or the encyclopedia, flipping through pages we’ve already read in hopes that something will spark in his mind. It doesn’t happen much.

    By Veerin URL on 05.29.2011

  25. she heard the call. Uncle Brenton. As she was getting off the couch he ran outside. He knew. Your cat is dead. Our cat. Is dead. Run over in the road. Instantly. Our hearts were completely broken.

    By megan Furniss URL on 05.29.2011

  26. despair is when you’re in trouble. uhmm, in despair like stranded on a desert island, not like in a sticky situation with a boyfriend. you’re basically struggling to continue unless someone helps you out. like a difficulty i guess it could be.

    By Clarissa on 05.29.2011

  27. in the departure lounge. ”.. cause she isn’t there to hold your hand, she won’t be waiting for you when you land.. and the taught of it makes you feel a bit.. ill.

    By musicmln URL on 05.29.2011

  28. Drowning. Dark, and dank, and simple- only in it’s complexity. But isn’t that why it’s so awful? Because despite all the interconnecting pieces, you can never go beyond what it is. Despair. Definitions do no justice.

    By Danielle on 05.29.2011

  29. despair is what I feel when I’m trying to get my point across to someone and they don’t understand me: neither what I’m trying to say, neither where I’m coming from with the idea. That, for me, makes me feel desperate.

    By Abs URL on 05.29.2011

  30. During his sojourn in Paris Arthur was hit by despair. Even the streetlights’ clinquant glow reminded him the good old days when a toothsome pie would be left cooling in open window.
    He left the room in high dudgeon.

    By Dmitry URL on 05.29.2011

  31. despair is for those without god. i do not despair because i have my lord to keep me safe and i have eternity in heaven. fear is from satan and comes with it a spirit of despair/ i shall not worry about anything but pray about everything because my god is good

    By rosie on 05.29.2011

  32. panda

    By Azi URL on 05.29.2011

  33. despair is knowing what you did isn’t right. i knew the moment it happened it was wrong, or i wouldn’t feel this crappy. there’s no going back and what’s done is done, now i have to face the consequences. but i still can’t help thinking she deserved it. and i sure as hell tried to warn her. but i could have stopped it and i didn’t.

    By emma on 05.29.2011

  34. A hollowness prevails in my bones. It is not the sort of raging inferno of pain that grief or, indeed, even anger is linked to. Despair is, for all intents and purposes, a sort of end to the human bits of life; the smiles have no eye-crinkling quality, food is but sustenance, and the world looks much more like it did in the Industrial Revolution, grey, everything dampened and covered in soot.

    By Cody Davis on 05.29.2011

  35. Despair can be felt when a child doesn’t have enough food to eat. Despair can be felt when a single parent looses there job and now faces life on the street despair is an un forgiving emotion that swallows you up until there is nothing left.

    By jessica nelson on 05.29.2011

  36. I am in despair because i lost my home……

    By Madelene on 05.29.2011

  37. And the girl sat alone in her bedroom, thinking to herself about why all things have to happen to her. Tears started to make their way down her cheeks, and the thought of this happening again, created a silent waterfall. She took one last look at the photo, before ripping it up and throwing it away.

    By Ambrosia on 05.29.2011

  38. She is in despair. He doesn’t love her. He held her close and whispered into her ear. But it meant nothing. And now, as she lay in her bed, with tears streaming down her face, she knew. It was all over. Clutching the silk linens she prayed for an angel.

    By Kamla on 05.29.2011

  39. she felt despair as she remembered the day of how her father died. she was in a mall with her family when she went to go get movie tickets. she was gone for a while trying to pick which movie she thought everyone would like. Suddenly loud gun shots ran out and she sprinted to her family and found they were crying over her father’s motionless body.

    By Maya Baharlou on 05.29.2011

  40. Despair is the ultimate low. You can’t move, can’t function, can barely breathe. Exasperation takes over, and between the last rolling tears you just stand there, helpless and unable to do anything about it.

    By Rachel URL on 05.29.2011