December 5th, 2011 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “deserve”

  1. i deserve better than this. i deserve better than a C on my science quiz. i deserve better than this trashy computer i am working on. believe me, this computer sucks. i hate it. it crashes, it freezes, it is as slow as molasses. i want a mac.

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 12.05.2011

  2. Aurora doesn’t deserve to die. She doesn’t deserve to be in this sort of pain. I dont know why she did it, but she did. I cant stop her now. I’ll miss her like hell, but I cant do anything about it.

    By Tracy on 12.05.2011

  3. To get something.

    By chapman on 12.05.2011

  4. you deserve this meatle.

    By Joshua on 12.05.2011

  5. I think people who behave good deserve to get rewarded. My little brother behaves very bratty and i think he doesn’t deserve to get what he wants for Christmas. But then again he is really cool.

    By Chata97 URL on 12.05.2011

  6. I deserve to be happy, respected, loved and cared. I deserve good laugh.

    By Car URL on 12.05.2011

  7. one over the other, to whom go the spoils? to the victor or the victim?

    By philippa weston URL on 12.05.2011

  8. i dont know what to do .

    By cando URL on 12.05.2011

  9. Deserve. If you do something that is right i think you deserve something as a reward.

    By tori URL on 12.05.2011

  10. If everyone would only use this word when talking with the people they love, and how they DESERVE it…we would all breathe a little easier. Deserve is two sided though, but can we ever really say that one deserves something negative versus positive? We all are, therefore we all inherently deserve.

    By jakeG URL on 12.05.2011

  11. I didn’t deserve him.

    He was wonderful. Perfect, perhaps. He asked before he kissed me and held my hand like it was the last thing he was ever going to do. He wrapped his arms around my little body and kissed my forehead, whispering into my ear whenever he pulled away. He sang Damien Rice songs to me when we would lay next to each other.

    But my heart belongs to someone else.

    I don’t deserve him.

    By Salina on 12.05.2011

  12. Everyone deserves someone. Even you. You deserve someone who will hug you, kiss you, make love to you. You deserve someone who will be there when your dog dies and when your grandmother passes away. You deserve someone who will help you color pictures in your favorite coloring book, and someone who will help you make some of the most difficult decisions of your life. You deserve someone who will act like a kid when they are able, but act like an adult when they can. You don’t just deserve anyone… you deserve SOMEONE.

    By Salina on 12.05.2011

  13. Here is order you have to obey
    Here is the woman to lead you astray
    Here is the apple that you’ll steel today
    Here is my hand that will send you away

    By gsk URL on 12.05.2011

  14. It’s a good thing we don’t get what we deserve. we often think we’re jipped, skimped, cheated. In fact, we are. Jesus came so we could be jipped, skimped and saved from a life apart from God in eternity. Thank God for that! Getting what we deserve in that sense would be a lifetime of misery, apart from God.

    By HLB URL on 12.05.2011

  15. “because I deserve it!, and I want it!” was the chant that continued to emanate from the back seat. Charlie, only wanted to raise the glass partition and shut the drunken harpie out of his mind. His head was swimming from the impromptu party, and he knew that he would bear the brunt of her misdeeds some day, but not today. He had to keep driving and remember the cargo in the trunk.

    By manwhoknew on 12.05.2011

  16. you deserve:
    lemon curd
    sunlight dappling the woods
    a nap
    to fly

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 12.05.2011

  17. “You deserve it! Everything that may fall upon you, remember you deserve it!”
    She was shouting. There was spit, flinging itself from her lips, making a grandiose flight through the air, prickling my chin.
    “Yes, everything”, I mumbled as I dried my face with my sleeve. “Even being showered by your body fluids. You’re such a charmer, really.”

    By Kirsty URL on 12.05.2011

  18. Do I deserve to be able to go to college and get my degree and not have to pay for it? No, but neither do you. Unless you worked hard for it from being in the military and serving your country to have the GI Bill pay for you. That is what my husband did, he did his time in the US Navy on the USS Pearl Harbor. Those four years were hell for him but now he gets to get his education and go into what he really wants to do, education. Now he will be able to teach in a classroom and encourage young people to be able to work for what they deserve. Again, you should only get what you deserve, right?

    What about when you get in a fight, do you deserve to get beat the hell up? Not so sure now are you? We will see, won’t we. I guess that means that we don’t always get what we deserve.

    Do I deserve money when I have a job? Do I deserve friends? Do I deserve a roof over my head when there is snow on the ground outside but there is a homeless man that is trying to find a building to block the wind so he won’t be as cold but yet he served his country just like my husband did? Does that sound like he deserved it? I figured not!!

    What will you do to make sure that that man gets taken care of? Does he deserve to have the goverment and the people of the United States to ignore him??? So rather than you and I deserving something, how about you figure out what someone else deserves. Think about this, one day you will see a man wearing a Vet hat, what will you do? Does he deserve your cold shoulder, I think not.

    What do OTHERS deserve?

    By April Little on 12.05.2011

  19. Deserve is to get somehting you get for doing something good. you get it after doing something you think is good enough to get some thing back.

    By Shark11 on 12.05.2011

  20. everyone deserve’s free speech

    By tylerw URL on 12.05.2011

  21. I deserve to be friends with kiwi!! ;)

    By mango1209 URL on 12.05.2011

  22. deserve means that you have earned something like a football championship. If you work really hard you deserve it.

    By inforser URL on 12.05.2011

  23. Deserve means to have a good reason to do something, like “I deserve to be mangos friend!

    By kiwi URL on 12.05.2011

  24. I deserve … a thought in with which to finish this sentence with.

    By kosher URL on 12.05.2011

  25. They did deserve one another. It didn’t matter that they made a very odd couple. Their vision was clear, the knew what the wanted and it was, quite simply, to be together. Forever.

    By Rosie Nazilli URL on 12.05.2011

  26. Here is the order you have to obey
    Here is the woman to lead you astray
    Here is the apple that you’ll steal today
    Here is my hand that will send you away

    By gsk URL on 12.05.2011

  27. I deserve more than this! I don’t understand why nobody thinks I don’t deserve the right to stop and watch one day go by! One day! Society doesn’t care about nature. they say they do, but they don’t. All they care about is what they think people want to hear.

    By Trevor on 12.05.2011

  28. do we really deserve anything we have. we are blessed with the things we have and and we take it all for granted! hopefully this year you will resolve to be thankful for what you have.

    By Jackson on 12.05.2011

  29. I deserve respect. I deserve the things that are given to me. Why can’t I have thenm all? why is it the bade people who end up with the best things? Do they do good for the world? Do they respect, love, and cherrish our older generation? I don’t think so.

    By Zoe on 12.05.2011

  30. i am so deserving of all beautiful and good things. i am worthy. everyday I feel good and beautiful and that is right. I love knowing that I deserve to be surrounded by people who cherish me, but also that feeling deserving is enough.

    By hgs on 12.05.2011

  31. People deserve to get gifts for Christmas I feel guilty getting all these gifts when a lot of people don’t have the money for gifts during the holidays. I also think the soldiers deserve to come home and be with their families for the holidays, and see their kids (if they have any).

    By isabelb12 URL on 12.05.2011

  32. If only the sands didn’t slip and drift against the sun-beaten logs, if only the wind didn’t blow across the water. Do we deserve to be here, in this place? Do we dare dream of acquiring a moments peace like this, by the water, in the sun, speckled by the wind-blown sands…

    By John URL on 12.05.2011

  33. i deserve ice cream thats what it means!!!!!!!!!

    By picklebounce1 URL on 12.05.2011

  34. Entitled. Earned. Deserved. These words I think of when I think of my daughter’s life. She deserves it to be good. She deserves a good mom and a happy home. She deserves to be empowered.

    By Mair Downing URL on 12.05.2011

  35. I looked at her, and I saw right through it.
    I saw beyond her blonde hair, her pretty face, her smile,
    I saw that somewhere, she was simple and mean
    she didn’t deserve it,
    I did.

    By anya URL on 12.05.2011

  36. Deserve is a phrase used by people that do not warrant its usage and think they are quaranteed something.

    By miste URL on 12.05.2011

  37. Deserve it? What do you think you deserve? You don’t deserve anything? And the world owes you nothing. It was here long before you were and will remain long after. Deserve. Entitled, you mean….

    By jasmith URL on 12.05.2011

  38. Christmastime seems to make people feel like they deserve the big screen televisions, the iPhones, the nonsense. What people really deserve, though, is fresh drinking water. Food on the table. A bed to sleep in. Someone to love them.

    By Nick Rassi URL on 12.05.2011

  39. Jensen was tossed onto the floor of the stable, his head hitting a soft clump of horse shit. When the burlap bag was wrenched from his head, he blinked his eyes. When they focused, he found himself staring into two black ends of a pipe. A shotgun.

    “I don’t deserve this,” he thought to himself as he closed his eyes again in resignation.

    By chole URL on 12.05.2011

  40. We all deserve respect and our rights to a certain extent. We are all born equally and therefore we all deserve the unbiased judgments of other people. After all, we’re all human on the inside.

    By Alex Cornell URL on 12.05.2011