September 28th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “dense”

  1. Like a cloud and the rain or like the cartoon of the little ball guy. Metal. Floating ice and hydrogen bonds stupid stupid stupid man. N in the middle and two ese theres another word I know like dense with two eses like that. nse is my favorite word ending I love that

    By Naomi on 09.29.2011

  2. Dense. A person can be dense. one who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Someone who is dense can here something obviously sarcastic such as “OMG i looove getting my eyeballs stabbed out with flaming nails” and thing that the person speaking is being sincere.

    By Elita on 09.29.2011

  3. I felt rather dense, wearing three sweaters at the same. All my friends wore tank tops.

    By Lara URL on 09.29.2011

  4. Hmm, let’s see. Dense can be used to describe a person, like “She’s really dense.” Although I don’t know what that means. It can also be used to describe something is dense, like density?

    By Damaris URL on 09.29.2011

  5. I felt dense, wearing two coats at the same time. All my friends wore t-shirts.

    By Lara URL on 09.29.2011

  6. I am so dense. God keeps trying to tell me things, but I just don’t get it. When will I understand what is going on? I thank you that you have not given up on me yet Lord.

    By Mary Katherine URL on 09.29.2011

  7. Dense
    Could he be any more dense? She tried every way and language to describe their situation and yet he Still refused to believe her. Was he trying to test her? Anger her? If he was, then he had certainly succeeded. It was as if he lived in his own world. A world where there was no such thing as poverty, sickness or despair. He lived in a world filled with peace. A world she secretly envied.

    By Amaryllis URL on 09.29.2011

  8. dense, density, det er tette med folk på 21 bussen om morgenen. Noen ganger må noen stå igjen på gata, det er dumt..noen ganger er det jeg. Jeg liker ikk eå stå så tett. nå går jeg til jobb. Trange busser er ikke noe for meg.. nei det er ikk enoe for meg.. nei det er ikk

    By Vibba on 09.29.2011

  9. wow you are so dense! i hate you get out of my house! i never want to see you agian!

    By makenzie on 09.29.2011

  10. Once upon a time there was a very dense little elf. He didn’t know that two plus two equaled four or that fish lived in the ocean. The only thing he knew was that Devin, his best friend, was a very tall man. One time, he climbed up Devin’s face and built a treehouse in his hair, using pieces of Kieblers treats and cookies as materials. The end.

    By Rachel URL on 09.29.2011

  11. idk it is a hard word please dont ask we this question please i dont even know what it means if the ocean is more dense it goes under the continettal crust

    By hi pie URL on 09.29.2011

  12. the density of his sorrow was more dense, then a cow in a bathtub.

    By anna.marie on 09.29.2011

  13. what i have no clue what this is who comes up with these words I mean really

    By Bryce on 09.29.2011

  14. dense

    By Pedro on 09.29.2011

  15. Cake. Thoughts. Matter. Junior high girls. Novels. Crowds.

    By Miss T on 09.29.2011

  16. the forest was dense with pine trees and aspens. It also was dense wit animal that have lived there for a very long time; such as Elk Deer Bear Moose and Coyote.

    By Colin URL on 09.29.2011

  17. The dense oceanic crust is going to subduct the less dense and make a volcano and the volcano will erupt all over the city.It will destroy everything including cars and people.

    By Henny on 09.29.2011

  18. Josh was dense. Fucking thick as a brick. Never accomplished anything, never had the wherewithal to try to accomplish anything. He was just stupid, lazy, unambitious and dull. But he had a huge dick.

    By Pat Shatner on 09.29.2011

  19. Peering through the dense thicket of trees, Andre saw something he never would have thought to see in his lifetime. He took one step closer to the shimmering red head of hair bobbing up and down in the water before him and made a crisp, loud crunch on a unfortunately placed tree branch. The bobbing head abruptly stopped and swung around, piercing blue eyes met Andre’s weary brown ones.

    “I know you’ve been watching me,” said the mysterious redhead with a coy smile. “If you’re going to try and peep you should do it with more caution, silly boys get into a lot of trouble that way.”

    By Olive URL on 09.29.2011

  20. there is dense cloud of doubt hanging around that keeps my mind to swear between logic and magic, wonder is it possible to explore .

    By filza URL on 09.29.2011

  21. the crowd was so dense that night…I didnt know what to make of it. Were they all there to watch me perform? Or just to laugh at my failure. My mind raced at a million miles an hour as my heart beat pounded through my ears. I closed my eyes and took a breath…

    By Shobi on 09.29.2011

  22. Dense! The man just called me dense! Can you believe that! Personally, I thnik he needs to look in the mirror ad see what looks back at him!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 09.29.2011

  23. Dense undergrowth brushed against her cheek as she crawled on her hands and knees trying to get away. Crying, doing her best to remain quiet afraid she would be heard.

    By Jean URL on 09.29.2011

  24. As dense as he could pack it, he placed marijuana into his smoking pipe. Andrew took a hit, passed to his left.

    By Nick Thaxton on 09.29.2011

  25. the density of the lake scared the young girl as she stood at the top of an old oak, rope in hand. She had been invited here by here friends to take a daring leap, but as she stood there, she froze in fear.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 09.29.2011

  26. Metal is usually very dense, where as areogel, the lightest materiel created by man is not very dense at all, but very expensive to make. It was designed for the stardust project by NASA for collecting the dust from a comets tail.

    By just582 URL on 09.29.2011

  27. you open me.

    this morning, a dream:
    a voice in the cathedral
    fragmented by architecture
    by a coldness that belies temple stone
    but walking, as a dancer
    illuminating space
    in breathless silence

    a dream:
    ebbs, rises,
    the uncharted green of your iris
    a glimpse of your secret ocean
    our symmetry
    melts to shadow
    on a thin bell
    of morning sunlight

    By minimalist URL on 09.29.2011

  28. The air was so dense, you could cut it with a knife. The room was silent as the two looked at each other, swords drawn. There was a gasp, a crash, and the clang of swords hitting as they started their battle.

    By Lauren on 09.29.2011

  29. The dense feeling of the environment was harsh and tense. The mutual feelings of everyone know that the house was going to be different now. Two murders, allowed us not to realize what was really going on anymore. All of our judgements were clouded and I realized a part of me was going to be missing forever. I knew that that one part of my life was gone now and it would forever affect me. Sometimes I wish this had never happened…I wish I had never lost my cat.


    By Amanda on 09.29.2011

  30. in high school we learned about rocks and how they form. there are few things in this world that are truly substantial. listening, or seeing something truly dense is a rarity.

    By robert c on 09.29.2011

  31. Lunch today was pretty dense, and I have a food baby. Not a good food baby. Not at all a satisfying one. Just like a lump of food in my belly. Why is the food here so awful? Maybe I’ll just make food in my apartment instead.

    By mere URL on 09.29.2011

  32. Sometimes I feel dense when trying to come up with something poignant to say during this 60 second exercise. The words run from me, like a fox from an angry but sad-eyed bloodhound. I’m forced to resort to somewhat cliched metaphors stolen from Disney films.

    By Todd URL on 09.29.2011

  33. You are so dense to even talk to me. People like you must be shot. I mean, I’ve dealt with a lot of dense mothers in my life but you really take the cake dearie. And I tell you right now, I can’t associate myself with someone so dense, especially since I have this inkling feeling that you tried to make me as dense as yourself at one time. You have your own little view of the world and it is so closed minded and false and unhealthy. I choose not to associate with that. Although I was probably just as dense as you were at one time my imagination and willpower was just way too strong to be kept down, even as I lay down wounded. All you do is let your wounds fester and fester until you can’t help but be dense and need to rely wholly on other people. Now what the hell kind of life is that, huh?!

    By Swilltastic URL on 09.29.2011

  34. Denser than ice turned blue on a winter’s day,
    Denser than a sophomore who didn’t make the grade,
    Denser than a star that just won’t fade,
    Denser than the verbal interplay
    Of a million contradications
    Spit from broken promises made
    Off the back of power and money- played
    The system
    So dense we made our beds
    And now we lay

    By Geejay URL on 09.29.2011

  35. I am not quick enough to think of something to write for this word.

    By b. URL on 09.29.2011

  36. her mind is more dense than the strongest most impenetrable steel on earth..her heart is a fortress unknown to the every day joe..only the most skilled warriors can penetrate her walls

    By Jawny URL on 09.29.2011

  37. You are dense. You have no substance for me to relate to. Our conversations are dry like a dense piece of cake. Theres nothing in a piece of dense cake for me to enjoy. That’s precisly what I think about you. You are a piece of cake. Not in a good way.

    By Rachel Roberts on 09.29.2011

  38. i feel dense ..when i feel..i feel it alll the way in ..not down..but in…it starts in..i am dense..dense is feeling it in the gut..feeling it in the heart…my life go is to share what i feel in my dense…from me to you…sent from the dense

    By ajloopy URL on 09.29.2011

  39. is a type of consistency you want when you make something like a cake only certain cakes tho …

    By Eliabeth<3 URL on 09.29.2011

  40. Sometimes people can be so dense. They don’t realize what is going on around them. They aren’t receptive to other people’s feelings, they only take into consideration what they want and how they perceive things. Empathy can be a powerful thing – it allows you to move past that density and have a more perceptive view of the world.

    By Rocky URL on 09.29.2011