September 28th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “dense”

  1. I have always been a dense person. Sometimes I think it’s borderline obliviousness or something. It seems I have always never been able to read the tiny, minute fluctuations in emotion around people, and never notice anything, unless it is blatantly told to my face. I suppose it is good at times, and other times it makes me look stupid.

    By ina URL on 09.29.2011

  2. No cuż, sprawdzenie w słowniku co oznacza to słowo zajęło mi prawie 15 sekund. Napisanie o szukaniu 15. Pozostały czas niestety spowodował, że tekst stał się maksymalnie dense. Również w sensie, że głópi.

    By Marek on 09.29.2011

  3. The walls were so dense not even a jackhammer could penetrate it’s sturdy barrier. i wondered if we’d ever get through the wall. It had seemed like years already that were being denied entry into the mysterious room with no doors on the other side of this damned wall. We had dreamed what might be awaiting us there. Was it a room full of treasure? Or maybe a tomb of an ancient and noble king?

    By Dean Waters on 09.29.2011

  4. honestly how could you be so dense? i bet is i were to throw yu in the river you would sink to the very bottem and not even realise that you were sinking at all.

    By asia URL on 09.29.2011

  5. The pack of cards piled densely together, compressed by the old woman’s hands. “Would you like your fortune read?” She asked, and I walked solemnly into her bedraggled tent.

    By franny URL on 09.29.2011

  6. Why are people so dense? They are so narrow minded that nothing that they don’t like or thought of or fabricated can slip through. If they just open that sliver of a bridge between just them and the reality. They’d see that being dense isn’t a good thing. They’d see all the wonderful things in the world, and all the bad things that they can help with. i hate dense people.

    By Hanna URL on 09.29.2011

  7. Dense” was a word Connie used. Are you completely Dense? she would say. She was somewhat cultured in her speech, in that she would never call someone stupid, or ugly, or anything common. Dense. Or vapid.

    Still her insults would sting like a snowball, densely packed, left in the freezer until July and crystallized.

    By Juliadee URL on 09.29.2011

  8. I wish my hair was dense…like the forest…I am so pathetic and average…forest is the only thing that came to my mind when I wrote dense….this is bull shit….what else is dense…umm…my brains are dense too probably since I cannot get through them

    By Peau on 09.29.2011

  9. The dense storm was rolling through the countryside, licking trails of carnage and destruction in its wake. The little house on the side of the road was hit square in the middle and was blitzed into a thousand pieces of shrapnel, perforating the homes of the unfortunate neighbors.

    By ina URL on 09.29.2011

  10. The fog was dense and dripping with moisture. She couldn’t see past the windshield. She tried to stay on the road but she had no idea where the twists and turns where. Her hand gripped the steering way tightly and she inched forward until her nose was practically touching the window. She could feel the tension in her neck and her back began to ache.

    By anne saan URL on 09.29.2011

  11. bored, rubbish dense is pointless nothing to it why even bother density of an object if someone is dense it is negative they are stupid? i don’t know what else to write it doesn’t inspire me that much.

    By saydee on 09.29.2011

  12. Adjective describing someone who doesn’t quite get it. Dense also can refer to the consistency of a cake, in which case it is also not a good thing. This is my first crack at timed writing and I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of it.

    By Jenny on 09.29.2011

  13. Dense is the earliest. The alpha and omega, as it represents the universe at the moment just before creation. It also represents the nature of those poor folks who deny the true nature of the Universe.

    By Scott on 09.29.2011

  14. Dense. When I first saw the word, I immediately thought of dense fog. Dense is a type of concentration, and a description used in fictional stories, scientific reports and even poetry. In some ways it can be interpreted as quantity over quality, or the conciseness of a written essay. Dense is matter in the mind, and in the functioning of a car. Dense can be a crowd of people with the same voice over a particular issue, or represent division of opinions. The verb is an example of no shades of grey, no undecided choices or positions in a issue, so dense can be contrasting. Dense is the opposite of vast, and vast can be a long winded written report on a single word. In the end, its up to us as to how we define dense.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 09.29.2011

  15. The forest here is much more dense than it was near her old home in the Midwest. The trees juxtaposed the population of her new town, nearly a tenth of the population of her old one. It’s colder here. She needed to get used to that.

    By Lucille URL on 09.29.2011

  16. i saw a dense block. Then Richie kicked the dense block. Then Richie hurt his foot and Conor laughed at him. Then Richie made Conor kick the block so that he could feel the pain that he was feeling.

    By Gabby on 09.29.2011

  17. Molasses is really dense. I use the image in my teaching of pulling the hand and arm through molasses to have that sense of resistance, moving through a very dense liquid.

    Density–a concept which is very hard for a child to understand in terms of rocks.

    By elizabeth b URL on 09.29.2011

  18. The date of the exams and challenges are so dense…

    Next tue, Polling day, Grade8 Piano exam…
    Next sun, Life-saving exam
    Next week, 3subjects to catch up with
    Next January, Half-yearly exam
    Next June, Yearly Exam.
    The March after the next, the DSE .

    But all these doesnt matter. The thing is that I can and I WILL get them all accomplished.

    Dense work means dense training, which means dense success:D

    By IDIOT on 09.29.2011

  19. i deal with wuite a few people who are just unbeliveably dense. They are confinced that they have arrived, that all of the important questions in life have been answered, and they’ve been answered correctly by the,

    they are like glasses that are full to the brin andunable to be filled any farther, and yet when questioned about their understandings or ideas I fine that they are defensice and quiet, not wanting to admit, to me or themselfs that they actually have no idea what thehell they’re talking about.

    I suppose i deal with the same thing though, somehow I’ve decided that i am the cure to their arrogance, that my questions are the answer to their answers. at the end of the say i suppose we’re all dense in our own ways

    By ryan URL on 09.29.2011

  20. Dense.
    People, their stupidity. They think they can get away with anything, without getting blamed. They won’t get blamed for the small things. But they will always get blamed for the big things. The small things matter more to me, and only to me. They don’t understand. They’re all so dense…

    By Victoria URL on 09.29.2011

  21. The cloud was thick, dense, and smelled of ash. I couldn’t see infront of me at all, but I kept walking deeper and deeper into the cloud. I heard footsteps in the distance, walking away from me. I cautiously walked faster to catch up to the unknown sound.

    By Bo on 09.29.2011

  22. my heart is packed down dense, maximum capacity, filled to the brim with all of you.

    By BridgetD96 URL on 09.29.2011

  23. thick and foggy, not very nice, hedges all around
    Thickheaded, not very bright, how do feel if you feel dense? I don’t really want to know. Is dense a feeling? Maybe not!

    By chha303 URL on 09.29.2011

  24. water is one of the most unique molecules of them all. due to the polarity, which leads to strong dipole-dipole bonds and h-bonds water, aka intermolecular forces, water is the most dense in it’s liquid phase, almost all other molecular compositions are most dense in their solid form. this explains why ice floats in water:)

    By abra URL on 09.29.2011

  25. This entire thing keeps giving me dense. i dont understand why would it keep giviing me dense. does it not know any other words? i dont understand it. whatever. ill continue to write because i think bla bla bla and this reminds me of mr. scorza because he likes to do freewrites. whatever.

    By Alex on 09.29.2011

  26. i think that every time you go onto this webpage there should be a new word waiting for you. I’ve writing about the word dense continually. When i think about the word dense i think
    – dumb blonde(im blonde so im allowed to say that)

    By Alex URL on 09.29.2011

  27. The watch had a toothy grin. Cal tapped it. The time read: dense.

    He sighed. Yet another wormhole. Glancing around, he took in all the cats and crooks and pretty girls, and decided that, for once, he deserved a vacation. Even if it was in a no-space, no-time wormhole somewhere beyond the Milky Way.

    Lying back, he watched the universe un-turn, and for the first occasion in decades, he turned his phone off.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.29.2011

  28. she cit into the newly baked loaf of bread and noted the thick, crumbly dense texture. the loaf smelled deliciously yeasty and wholesome.

    By blossom URL on 09.29.2011

  29. that’s the atmosphere. that’s how i feel when i think about you and i can’t stop it. because it’s just without sense.. i can’t let you go but i can’t also let you in my life. and i feel dense and so sorry about this situation and i know i made it this way .. so again sorry!

    By Neella on 09.29.2011

  30. I wrote about you yesterday already. Today you’re reminding me of Him, and I was trying so hard to forget.

    By Mandy URL on 09.29.2011

  31. Dense, I have known some very dense people. You can’t make them understand anything. I’m not sure if they are really dense or if they are just selfish. They seem not to understand or care what others think or feel. They can’t put themselves into another’s shoes. If you could get them to walk a while in someone elses shoes maybe they wouldn’t be so dense. When I think of dense it seems a forest would be more agreeable than people.

    By Michaels on 09.29.2011

  32. Is it possible
    to calculate
    the density
    of the improbable
    my dreams are weighing heavily
    on my mind

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.29.2011

  33. you are dense. your brain i mean. i don’t understand how you can do what you did. we were fine, and happy, and in a switch, very much like a light, you fucked it all up. this is hard for me. so don’t ask me if it’s not. you are dense.

    By Tegan URL on 09.29.2011

  34. Life advice: don’t be a dense prick. Be open to others opinions and listen to what people have to say. You will learn something and be aware of things you have never though before. Try it.

    By Emily on 09.29.2011


    By MORGAN AND AMBERRR:) URL on 09.29.2011

  36. cake. Dense, rich chocolate cake.
    And stupidity. Some people just don’t get it! Why. Can you not think about anything beyond yourself?
    The dark, dense forest. Lillies grew at the base of the trees where the body lay and decomposed. Insects buzzed above.

    By Julian on 09.29.2011

  37. This chocolate is so dense. It is deep and delicious. My personality is dense. It’s hard to get thorough. Whether it’s a forest or a novel or a person, it’s hard to get to what’s underneath the surface.

    By Elise URL on 09.29.2011

  38. the dense fabric tucked under my skin, as he softly pulled it out from under me. i felt like i was floating, above the wold. was this the first time i would experience love. passion.

    By Chloe on 09.29.2011

  39. Im lying on dense sheets. They’re soft, though uncomfortable still. Everything feels uncomfortable. Im tired, and upset. I knew every moment we had would end the same. Though i dont let you notice this on my face, as you slowly enter my room. you walk to me, and pull the dense sheets out from under me. tucking me in, leaving me with the trace of a kiss on my forehead.

    By Chloe K. URL on 09.29.2011

  40. some people can be so dense that talking to them is like talking to the brick wall
    how do you help them you cant they dont get it just keep trying and may be you will get throught if not you have tried feel good about that

    By marie on 09.29.2011