September 28th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “dense”

  1. She was dense. She was stupid and dense. And dumb. And all around thick. But she herself was very thin. Thin but dense. Intense. Quite selfish. Thick. Speckled with negativity like street trash. No treasure. Freckles. Garbage cans over flowing and no baggage claim. Baggage blame. Your zipper’s undone, your zipper broke. Nope. Joke. Hoax. Folks, …

    By rai URL on 09.28.2011

  2. the world is filled with dense thoughts, people think about ways they can die or how someone had such a huge impact in their lives and how it would be horrible if they weren’t in it anymore. we also tend to think of how the universe correlates and how vast it is.

    By Vanesa on 09.28.2011

  3. In the matter of dense All tings considered a thought comes to mind and the word is dense in thought and matter and words and meaning

    By Em on 09.28.2011

  4. people. people are dense. i feel dense. sometimes i see a person in some situation and i think you’re doing that all wrong. i’d do it this way. but then again, i did get acrylic nails this weekend on a dare that wasn’t a dare.

    By Sarah Brooks URL on 09.28.2011

  5. Spent on nothing more than dense,
    Wasted money that could have bought a pair of shoes
    or a few more seconds
    of time
    with you.
    When will I ever learn?
    Never, probably.
    I’m too dense.

    By Carla on 09.28.2011

  6. My folder’s not too dense. I keep throwing out old pieces that I hate in favor of newer ones I don’t yet. I have the misfits playing musical chairs. One day my folder will be empty and clean.

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 09.28.2011

  7. Spent on nothing more than dense,
    Wasted money that could have bought a pair of shoes
    or a few more seconds of time with you.
    When will I ever learn?
    Never, probably.
    I’m too dense.

    By Carla Michelle URL on 09.28.2011

  8. The dense fog shifted over the calm green landscape below. I looked around, trying to see if anyone was coming, but I couldn’t see a thing. My dog barked next to me, and the sound did not echo. It was an eerie feeling, being so lost in the fog and mystery.

    By emmett URL on 09.28.2011

  9. “Are you dense?” Kathy cried out. He was fuming in the corner, thinking about his stupid interactions with his stupid friends and the stupid implications thereof.

    By Jonathan on 09.28.2011

  10. The mass of Blaine’s head seemed increasingly dense. The frustration stemming from Blaine’s disinterest completely infuriated those who dared to come in contact with him.

    By Sarahkathryn URL on 09.28.2011

  11. Like the fog. Feeling clearer these days. Density of life on my shoulders, in my heart. Things don’t have to be so foggy.

    By mrs. f URL on 09.28.2011

  12. Remember the time in science class where they have a tube with a feather inside and then they suck all the air density out of it and the feather drops like a rock?

    By annykandi URL on 09.28.2011

  13. “You’re so dense!”
    is that supposed to be an insult or a compliment? or merely just a statement? jane didn’t know. she just knew that she had heard her mother yell that at her father much too often, and now, she was yelling it at her best friend. she hoped it hurt him.

    By catyeah URL on 09.28.2011

  14. the man at the counter was dense, not your everyday kind of dimwitted, no, the man was dense in every sense of the word, from his thick fingered hands to the breadth of his neck. He chewed on something, rhytmically, staring off into space. i repeated my question, and got the same look of blaise contentedness.

    By cymbaline on 09.28.2011

  15. It is an atmosphere. It is an abstract mood when you feel uncomfortable without a reason. It feels like metal.

    By Kaenif on 09.28.2011

  16. solid hard dense denser density dance dance dance you dense dancer. You’re heads so dense. That’s one dense fence. Hipsters are the least dense people I know. What on earth am I doing here? Science is ridiculous. Screw this.

    By Melissa on 09.28.2011

  17. She could be so dense.
    He had told her, over and over, he loved her. He told her, again and again, that he would never cheat on her. Still, he would see her car in his rear-view mirror once a week, following him to work and back.
    He had never given her a reason to be distrustful. She would shrug and say, “It’s not you. Just everyone else.” And they would fight, again and again, because he wasn’t anybody else.

    By Chelseyann URL on 09.28.2011

  18. The fog was dense as I stepped out into the cool morning air. It was early and the campus was deserted as I walked to the caf. With a cup of coffee and some breakfast I sat in a back corner away from the few people who were up with the morning sun. I sat with my book and God, starting the day off knowing that it was going to be good.

    By Haley URL on 09.28.2011

  19. Thicket in a forest, salal underfoot, vines entangling, tripping, needing a machete to move through.

    By Sherry on 09.28.2011

  20. with love in a jar which was glowing in the dark sending millions of stardust into space – Ooooh! the wonder of seeing such marvelous thing in a simple instant!

    By shiny_waters on 09.28.2011

  21. They say that blonds are dumb. They don’t know Sonia. “Gimme a break!” she snorted at the stumpy little car dealer. “You want me to buy that piece of junk?”
    The dealer sweated bullets, but inside.

    By Anna on 09.28.2011

  22. whipped cream, petrol floating on water, viscosity, a particular texture sometimes to be diluted, an important variable in calculations

    By antonella monaco on 09.28.2011

  23. The air felt dense and coiled around her tiny frame. She didn’t know how long she’d been here but her small voice had got lost in the impending darkness. Why did the nasty men take her Daddy away?

    By Laura URL on 09.28.2011

  24. dense can be used in several ways as in dense forest. But it can also be used in context where a person is too stupid. Example would be, how dense can you get? Isn’t it weird a single word can have several meanings. Though it sounds complicated it is still fun.

    By Anu on 09.29.2011

  25. those who are dense bother me. but sometimes I realize it could be me. why things dont get through their heads is unfathomable.. yet how come I can’t get through my own head? Are we dense to all around? .. dense to the lack of life we are living? I know I sure am. Floating prohibited in life. Im dense to that. Missing out.

    By Hannah on 09.29.2011

  26. Dense. It’s a weird word. It’s usually used to describe heavy situations or crazy intense wording that you have to pick through and overanalyze to understand.

    Perfect for me right now.

    There’s a strange sort of density that comes with trying to write Dexter, because that is the best word to describe how he speaks.

    Weird coincidence.

    By Alexis URL on 09.29.2011

  27. I’m SO dense sometimes. He was in love with me all this time, and here I was, thinking blindly that we were just good friends. It never occurred to me that a hug could mean more than a hug with him.

    By Amelie on 09.29.2011

  28. It was pouring rain, but the party raged on in the basement. The air was thick with so much moisture it was nearly visible, and the bodies packed densely together on the dance floor writhed in eerie unison to the beat of some primitive techno drumbeat, forming a single, pulsing entity.

    By sara on 09.29.2011

  29. He smiled pretty. He looked pretty. But when he opened his mouth, he was pretty dense. I walked away as quickly and politely as I could. He was just another pretty face. Who likes that? There were others who were so much more and so I went to seek one out. I knew I deserved at least that much.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 09.29.2011

  30. The fog was too thick and dense for Herbert to see through it. All the eyes in the room were on him. Maybe his brain was too dense too, just like the fog. Maybe the eyes in the crowd knew his game was up. Maybe the fog would roll in and take his dense little brain into the ground… into the abyss… into the forest. Dense fog. All around. Herbert couldn’t breathe.

    By amy on 09.29.2011

  31. The fog is dense. The air thick with dew and moisture. Where am I? Where do I go?
    Strangely, in the quiet and loneliness of the environment, I’ve never felt so much company. Perhaps it is the sound of the crickets from the brushes, or the thickness of the air, but all is well. Peace surrounds me.

    By Henson on 09.29.2011

  32. The water is dense. I cannot see very far up. Slowly I sink farther and farther down into the cold abyss until I cannot hold my breath any longer. Crying, my tears blend with the ocean and I open my mouth and inhale a breath of water. Expecting to choke, I shut my eyes and brace myself. Instead, I feel my lungs fill with satisfaction, and exhale. I am breathing.

    By Marcella on 09.29.2011

  33. Something that is solid and thick, like a wooden cube. Also someone thick, or stupid, ie hat guy is really dense, nothing gets through his head. Something filled with a lot of content

    By kelsey moller on 09.29.2011

  34. thoughts so dense. entangled in the forest of the mind. you slash at the thickets of words with the machete of reason just to find that you can’t move the arm of thought. and it just gets denser.

    By JT URL on 09.29.2011

  35. the dense fog over the world is of terrorism and al quada
    we need to remove this dense fog and move ahead !!
    we have to work hard and do something good for the betterment of world\
    and bringing peace to the world.

    By vaibhav on 09.29.2011

  36. My mind was dense with contradicting thoughts. I could no longer think straight and so I just decided to go with it. Forget the consequences, forget my actions have any meaning at all, and free myself from the suffocation of my conscience. I’ll deal with that later.

    By Victoria URL on 09.29.2011

  37. I am told that warm air rises and cool air falls: the same goes for my thoughts. My dreams are made of molten heat that roll above me like the angry, thunderous clouds of electrical storms. The bolts of lightening crash upon me in waves of brilliance. The chill that covers it all in ice–a freeze that cracks the cloud-cover–is a cold reality that seems to manifest itself in your absence.

    By Megan Haves. on 09.29.2011

  38. thickets, thick, idiot….heavy, claggy thought processes, brain waves made of dull grey lead, making my neck tired and straining to keep the heaviness of my mind balanced atop it. Impenetrable, opaque, tongue coating exhaustion

    By georgie on 09.29.2011

  39. the cloud was dense and was posing a threat to the residence of Philips Drive in my home town.The fire had gotten out of control, and cause tremendous damage. both to the business and the houses in the village.

    By victor walkes URL on 09.29.2011

  40. Sometimes I can be so dense. I hate when it happens. It makes me feel stupid, which I am not. Density can happen to anyone, can’t it? I don’t know, but this just doesn’t make sense.

    By spartica URL on 09.29.2011