March 7th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “demonstration”

  1. The crowd was restless, pushing against the police barriers in waves. The police were ready, loaded guns in hands, in case of a riot. Once the president finished his speech, it began.

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 03.08.2012

  2. “You don’t believe me?” the professor said, leaning over the frontmost table of the room, his head roving in an arc around the classroom, the students in the front getting a whiff of his Listerine-enhanced breath. “Then I’ll *demonstrate* it to you.”

    He tossed the chalk into its groove in front of the chalkboard (where it rolled back and forth, back and forth), and slid the goggles over his eyes.

    By Holden URL on 03.08.2012

  3. “Yo, let me see that demonstration!”

    “What’s up with your demonstration?”

    My brother’s only noun is ‘demonstration’. Sometimes he uses it as a verb or an adjective, but mostly it’s a noun. How does one understand what he’s talking about when there is no distinction between one “demonstration” and another? What the heck is a demonstrations?

    By N.J. URL on 03.08.2012

  4. I tried to get near the front. People were everywhere, cramming the aisles, climbing on chairs. I could see his hair but not his glasses.

    By Jason Waggoner URL on 03.08.2012

  5. I’d offer you a demonstration –
    but I can’t help thinking that this proclamation of emancipation isn’t exactly your to understand in this nation of take all leave all find out what’s really going on up there, you see.
    I’m gonna end the runway fashion design, take your hearts all out in my own line of new clothes to undergo foreclosure on imagination and frustration giving way to a backwards sensation that’ll last.

    By Lancir URL on 03.08.2012

  6. so it’s time for the demonstration she said
    tight hips in a tighter dress
    i thought about her ass and cringed
    i hadn’t wanked for 8 days
    this woman must have been 40 and i was still young
    but i wanted to fuck her furiously
    she probably had kids at home
    i didn’t mind
    i’d tell em to turn the tv up.
    or i’d tell her to keep it down
    and then i’d give her my own demonstration
    it’s more satisfying to be fucked by a man who’s been been abstaining then a lazy unmotivated chronic masturbater
    i was young and could last a while longer then her husband.
    providing he could even get it up
    i chuckled
    then her presentation was over and she left and the fantasy died
    i have no idea what the fuck she said
    but i definitely have an idea of what it’d be like to fuck her

    By i'm actually completely against sex on 03.08.2012

  7. After Jad ended his demonstration, he noticed a stirring somewhere in the corner of the room. He couldn’t quite make out what was happening from his vantage point. When the crowd started screaming he knew it was something alarming . And then he heard the words, “He’s got a gun!”

    By MimiNYC on 03.08.2012

  8. I will demonstrate how to cut this fair lady, IN HALF!! Watch as I use this saw to cut through this box which my lovely assistant is kindly laying in.

    By Hunter on 03.08.2012

  9. i am alex what’s up people all my peole have a low party all night we want somer more more some more yeah

    By dsa URL on 03.08.2012

  10. No need for demonstration, I got this in the bag. I thought I had it in the bag. The chainsaw got away from me. We’re gonna miss Johnny. Stay gold Johnny.

    By Seth Abrahm on 03.08.2012


    By zeppieri on 03.08.2012

  12. Demonstration of my love to you, I show you everything I have, everything I have to give to you, but are you blind? no, your heart is just taken, taken by someone who might never exist in your life. Why do I let myself go, like a river to your heart, while I know you wont be there in the end for me.

    By Madeline on 03.08.2012

  13. I set up a booth
    you walk through
    you found a way to smile
    and i winked
    i demonstrate the world to you
    in such a fake attitude
    you think im witty
    and i think you’re cute
    i demonstrate love to you
    you’re nervous
    i am too

    By Natty URL on 03.08.2012

  14. a demonstration is when someone shows you how to do something. for example; i will give you a demonstration on how to ride a horse.

    By mak!:) URL on 03.08.2012

  15. i like demonstations. Kind of… Only if they are fun!

    By Noreen on 03.08.2012

  16. DEMONSTRATE YOUR PROJECTS NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!demonstration i where you present sometheing you made or did.SO NOW DO YOUR DEMONSTRATION!!!!!!!!

    By loulou88888 URL on 03.08.2012

  17. demonstration de/mon/stre/tion
    to show something

    By cougars8 URL on 03.08.2012

  18. Demonstration is an example!!!

    By Ivy URL on 03.08.2012

  19. today our teacher will demonstrate on how to make peanut butter and jelly. it is doing it again it says you are posting comments too quickly. some guy came in our classroom and gave us a demonstration on how to whistle

    By heaf13 URL on 03.08.2012

  20. The girl did a demonstration when the boy asked her for help.She said here let me do a demonstration for you so your not confused.Thirty minuets later, the boy said so are you gunna give me a demonstration 100 minuets later she finally did it.

    By Bieberlover URL on 03.08.2012

  21. demonstration is an example..

    By rainbow URL on 03.08.2012

  22. I dont know what demonstration means.

    By zach URL on 03.08.2012

  23. I once went to a demonstration for one of those “as seen on TV” products, and it was just how I imagined one of those would be. There were overenthusiastic people rejoicing over the wonder of a weak motor inside a tiny plastic blender that could chop through already chopped vegetables. There were even videos of people spililng things all over themselves before the product had magically come into their lives.

    By Laura on 03.08.2012

  24. Show me. Involve me and I will understand. Picketing. Protest. Show someone and they will understand. QVC infomercials…hook for easily had folks with nothing but time on their hands. Perhaps they should have been shown something else so that they would be involved. Is there a demon in demonstration for those that watch infomercials? I think so. In the classroom, we must involve the learner for successful engagement. That’s often difficult to do given the subjects we teach. Aren’t teachers just like infomercials? Hmmmmm……

    By Mrs. Allsbrook on 03.08.2012

  25. The demonstration raged on and on, until it became more of a riot than anything else. People were so angry, and understandably so – their voices weren’t heard and the ones not listening had it all. They just wanted a fairer distribution…or so they said.

    By zebra URL on 03.08.2012

  26. Nervously unfolding the giant cardboard backdrop, I glanced behind me to ensure no one was witnessing my clumsiness. I searched frantically for my posters, and I could already feel the sweat forming under my shirt.

    By Lisa on 03.08.2012

  27. Nervously unfolding the giant cardboard backdrop, I glanced behind me to ensure no one was witnessing my clumsiness. I searched frantically for my posters, and I could already feel the sweat forming under my shirt. What do I really know about this subject? How can I possibly demonstrate something I don’t care about, or believe in? A job is a job, I guess.

    By logiqueen URL on 03.08.2012

  28. to show and to explain. ask anything, and this will be given. by the right person of course.
    don’t be discouraged, a demonstration is encouraged. To help, to prove, to show you really know. It’s to prove a point. To give an example, and ultimately a demonstration could change the world.

    By Avery on 03.08.2012

  29. Today was a test run. I was proving to myself that I could manage the challenge without a crowd of cheering pedestrians. Decked out in purple, I met the sun. A 26 mile run was the enemy I had to put down.

    By Ruben URL on 03.08.2012

  30. Again with the demonstration. I am tired and I wanna go home. I’m drunk and I wanna go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago and it went straight to my head. Wherever I may roam, on land or see or foam. You will always hear me singing this song. Show me the way to go home.

    By Steve H URL on 03.08.2012

  31. this is a demonstration of frustration. This is a demonstration of frustration. Why the hell does demonstration keep coming up? I am a noob and I’m tired of this demonstration.

    By Steve H URL on 03.08.2012

  32. I followed the demonstration. I did everything I was told. I expected the same results. I was not prepared for what actually happened… YOU. I could not continue. My new goal was you.

    By Marina URL on 03.08.2012

  33. The demonstration lasted for three minutes. In that short amount of time, different things went through the mind…he actually got it. The demonstration opened his mind about a lot of things. Suddenly, it was all clear and he was going to be okay now.

    By Edt on 03.08.2012

  34. It’s usually a group of people gathering to protest against somethin. Demonstrations are usually friendly, but often they become violent, and this can have vital results. Short it’s called a “demo”.

    By Joachim Waade on 03.08.2012

  35. I’ve marched in just a few in what could be considered a demonstration. It was MLK Jr. day and a huge group of people gathered in Seattle to honor the man and protest the Iraq War when it was just beginning. The crowd was an amazing and diverse mix of people—all colors, all ages, all shapes.

    By Andie on 03.08.2012

  36. the demonstration of the new product went to hell. The fat lady fainted and the bald guy threw up. I had no idea that the girl with the rat faced dog would start crying. if I did I swear I would never have thought that the launching of baby seal burger would have such an impact.

    By Nerve URL on 03.08.2012

  37. ok so this is a demosntration of what i was supposed to do here and i’m kinda desperate cuz idk what to write and oh god this is kind of like what they call it, like thought diarrhea or something ahhaah when you just write whatever comes to your mind. ok now whats on my mind is where will this text be once i finish it?? oh crap

    By Larissa on 03.08.2012

  38. demonstration. demonstrative. demotivate. de motion a de ocean. devotion.

    By H.B.A on 03.08.2012

  39. The efficient way to demonstrating one’s talent is through ones ability to communicate with other as to what they infer from a given situation and their best suggession or recomendations they think will work in that situation

    By Priya on 03.08.2012

  40. i dont know what that word means. it demonstrates things. i guess. the word doesnt mean anything to me. seems boring.

    By ben on 03.08.2012