February 16th, 2014 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “demonstrate”

  1. Gal’, avec évidence tu m’dis que t’aimes quand j’te donne le maximum quand
    ensemble on danse à l’horizontale.
    Oh Gal’, avec élégance on s’donne du kif comme personne jusqu’au summum j’ai
    succombé à ta beauté fatale. On part au corps à corps et nos deux coeurs s’emballent, j’te ferais du bien tout en te faisant du mal.

    By aura.rayne URL on 02.16.2014

  2. “Allow me to demonstrate,” Dalia said, lifting a finger to interrupt my frustrated rant. She then began to twirl about the room in the oddest manner, one arm in the air and the other as if holding someone’s waist. She hummed a cheerful tune and closed her eyes, really trying to step into the role. Once she stopped, she sauntered back into my personal space, which made me grimace.

    “And that, Cathy, are the first few steps to learning how to dance.”

    I folded my arms and laughed at her. “No that, Dalia, is how to look like an idiot.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.16.2014

  3. demonstrate, is an act of showing or presenting any idea to someone else, it is to share.

    By chirag bafna on 02.16.2014

  4. He cracked his whip as he clambered up onto the trapezoidal stage. Even under the childlike day-glo face paint, his gaze was fierce.The lion paced before him. The audience went silent. The world was reduced to the two of them, man and lion; even without the spotlight, it would have been impossible to look away from that pair of locked eyes.

    By Yona URL on 02.16.2014

  5. Stanley was not allowed to demonstrate the capacity of his detonation device, as the police had already arrived on the scene and the school principal, hiding beneath his desk, had gestured for everyone in the classroom to evacuate. The seventeen-year-old wrinkled his nose in disdain at the uniformed sheriff, who walked toward him with her belt jingling.

    “So.” She clicked her tongue. “Playing with fireworks, are we?”

    Stanley groaned. “No, sheriff,” he scoffed, “it’s far more complicated than that.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.16.2014

  6. we need to demonstrate how to make jello shots. First step is to make the jello. Next step is to put in the alcohol and then freeze it all in little cups. Last step is to drink. Let me demonstrate for you!

    By Heidi on 02.16.2014

  7. She demonstrated how to cut onions with a butter knife. Nobody understood why.

    By Beatrice on 02.16.2014

  8. She demonstrated how to eat sushi using a spoon. Nobody understood why. She demonstrated how to jump on a trampoline. Nobody understood why.

    By Beatrice on 02.16.2014

  9. The demonstrators have reached Haig Street. We watch them from second story windows, radios in hand. What weapons do we possess? While they are replete with grenades and guns. In the morning, this will all be over, we tell ourselves. Whispers between radios in bedroom windows soothe: this will all be over soon.

    By RS Bohn URL on 02.16.2014

  10. Let me show you how it’s done. I didn’t really know, but they didn’t know that.
    I took the butane lighter from Marco’s mittened hand. It was his father’s, engraved with Burn Baby Burn, a gift from an old girlfriend, before he met Marco’s mother. I put it to my mouth and sucked. Instantly I felt nauseated as the fumes filled my mouth and sinuses. Wait!, Theo said. Let me get my phone. I’ll take a picture. I coughed, snorted, inhaled…. and puked. Awesome!, yelled Marco. Take a picture! I was bent over wretching, and started to cough like when something goes down the wrong way. It was a fine demonstration of something less impressive than Kiss pyrotechnics.

    By Ghostwriter on 02.16.2014

  11. Show me how this works! Show me and I’ll understand, says the Chinese saying. That didn’t work when I tried learning lacemaking. It was hard to see how that hand turned into a loom. Or when I saw Emilio fix my flute yesterday, with a mere flick of this thumb fixing that Bb key problem I was having

    By Ruth on 02.16.2014

  12. “tell me how to do this “said the student! i dont understand! i just want you to demonstrate to me that you even know what you yourself are talking about!

    By motley on 02.16.2014

  13. You have to demonstrate your best behavior, in society. But what happens when you have grown tired of doing this. What societal rules do you then abide by? Where do you begin to know what “guidebook” to refer to?
    Ivy was deep in this philosophical train of thought, 2 a.m., on the dating sight “Alrighty Aphrodite” where insomnia had unfortunately taken ahold of her, for yet another night. She would have much preferred to have an excuse of some sort, and wished to be under the influence of another sort, but the state of her awaken-ness was painfully, tortuously lucid.
    Ivy had partaken in behavior that seemed unthinkable to her just a month ago, the art of the booty call. She couldn’t believe her luck, even though she always deemed herself a very strong judge of character(the exception that seemed to make the rule, being her ex-husband) and she carefully sift through the sadly optimistic profiles, looking for the snarky guy who, as if by gunpoint, reluctantly agreed to write about themselves, not being able to take this seriously, and yet when it gets to their likes and going on in such a manner that one would think they applied to just be

    By hillary URL on 02.16.2014

  14. wtf? I don’t know how to demonstrate my feelings toward you. you overachieving, patronizing bitch. If I never had to see you another day in my life, I would love it! when I leave, i’ll demonstrate holding up my middle finger.

    By thisisme URL on 02.16.2014

  15. Jack sat down but than the teacher called him back up to demonstrate the next problem. This was the least of his worries. Jack did not know what was just around the corner.

    By Carissa URL on 02.16.2014

  16. He held it up
    showing it off like a golden eagle
    for all to see
    without a hint of irony
    just of rosemary, hanging in the air
    garlic savoured between teeth

    I gave up after the third mouthful
    his eyes pierced more pointedly
    than the knife in limp hand

    By gsk URL on 02.16.2014

  17. “Would you care for another demonstration, my lady, or has your curiosity been sated?” she asked, sounding smug despite her state of breathlessness.
    Arya groaned low in her throat, the sound falling somewhere between pain and residual pleasure. “Please, no more,” she breathed, laughter in her voice despite her exhaustion. “I concede; the victory is yours,”
    “My lady,” she purred, sidling up to her once more. “I do believe we are both victorious here,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.16.2014

  18. “Let me demonstrate that.” he says with a soft chuckle as he takes the billiard cue from me. What follows in perhaps the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed.

    By eni URL on 02.16.2014

  19. why does it have to be demonstrate
    why can’t it be some other damn word
    I don’t have anything else to show you

    By Timothy URL on 02.16.2014

  20. She was supposed to be the perfect example, the obedient child in the class. The teachers often asked her to demonstrate to the class for various things, which made the other kids hate her. They’d call her a “teacher’s pet”, or any variation of that.

    By issabelle URL on 02.16.2014

  21. Please demonstrate your powers. You say you can fly, but I don’t believe you. I don’t know anyone who can fly. No one in my family can. None of my friends fly. How can you fly? Go on, little birdie, spread your wings and fly.

    By Candace S. URL on 02.16.2014

  22. She tried to demonstrate what she could do. She had spent her entire life preparing for this moment in time, and now here it was. She will beat out the demons that hold her back and she will take back her families title.

    By Graciela on 02.16.2014

  23. She would demonstrate to him her full fury. He would not see it coming.

    By Jerri URL on 02.16.2014

  24. Please demonstrate the mission with stealth. Do not be seen. You are the shadows brought in by the wind. Cloaked with night and death your guiding sight, the mission will not fail.

    By mistakengrace URL on 02.16.2014

  25. How do I best demonstrate the way to write to a bunch of kids who have little to no practice? Ah…sigh…sometimes I worry that I’m not doing enough for them…sometimes I wish I had a road map. But, as they say, there is no road map for kids…besides, everyone just uses their phones these days anyway.

    By Susannah URL on 02.16.2014

  26. “Let’s go,” she said. “We have only ten minutes to demonstrate the laser.” Maddie was tired after the long day. They’d flown in the back of a military cargo aircraft with a giant jet engine suspended on a frame. It had been a constant rattle of noise and smelled of oil and

    By Linda Maye Adams URL on 02.16.2014

  27. “I demonstrate my value to you now through the work of my hands. I show you how I can bend the reed and build the strength.”
    “You are not who you say you are young Valum. You are a fraud. You belong in this red brick building.”
    “But I am worth more,” I began to stutter.
    “You are worth nothing you insolent pig.”

    By Roddy on 02.16.2014

  28. He took the opportunity to demonstrate his skills on a unicycle, and the results ensured that Dolores would never forget the first time they met.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.16.2014

  29. Placards and slogans, shouting at the top of your lungs for everything you want to say and can’t, for everything you do say and get punished for. I will stand there and witness your rebellion, acid tongue and basic needs. The triad of desires is my plentiful duty.

    By Jess on 02.16.2014

  30. Thunder, a lion’s mighty roar; the rumbling, growling battle cry of a waterfall. Holy, holy, holy we hear. With all might and wonder, the world is here to demonstrate. Our God is holy. Holy. Holy……..

    By Jose on 02.16.2014

  31. I guess it wasn’t entirely his fault that the classroom was set on fire that mid-autumn afternoon. I mean, sure, Mr. P’s demonstration could have been a bit more controlled and supervised for the most part, but I suppose I played a part in it as well.

    By LapidistCubed URL on 02.16.2014

  32. “Let me show you,” he said and took my hand, pulling me out onto the floor. He let goand showed me how o do a jazz square. Simple enough, I supposed. I repeated the movement back to him.

    By L on 02.16.2014

  33. As I reached for my ballet slippers out of my bag, I heard my dance instructor call out, “Before you do anything, let me demonstrate.” She then proceeded to do three pirouettes and an arabesque before letting me attempt the same.

    By ShortCutiePie7 on 02.16.2014

  34. The women stood at the front of the class, condom and phallic object at the ready.
    We exchanged a loaded glance before breaking out into laughter so loud it could wake the dead possum we buried in the school football field.
    That’s when I knew she was the one.

    By Jenna on 02.16.2014

  35. demonstrate, just because. there are no needs for a special day designated to show one’s heart, to persist in consistence. demonstrate your love for me.

    By Anna URL on 02.16.2014

  36. She stood on the slope with her Wheel-O, watching Mr. Witte disappear into the distance. She could hear him calling out to Mrs. Witte: “There’s a little girl up here with some kind of crazy toy, and she wants to demonstrate it for us!”

    By Mexichick URL on 02.16.2014

  37. demonstrate me who you are, what you feel, what you think, what you know, what you believe in. show me your soul and i’ll stay with you, i’ll be just as true. hold me close and demonstrate me everything i want to know. those things you wonder at 2am are the ones that really matters. that demon you’ll keep fighting.

    By Dariana Villamil URL on 02.16.2014

  38. to demonstrate is to teach, to teach is to learn. when demonstrating, one will share their knowledge of a topic with another, therefore enlightening them with their wisdom and maybe, just maybe, the other will enlighten them too.

    By Green Unisaur URL on 02.16.2014

  39. to show
    to make something
    to let another how to do something
    to teach
    to open possibilities
    to teach
    to let others know how to do something
    to be clear about steps for a process
    to help in the thinking process
    to show skills and methods
    to determine the steps

    By Regina URL on 02.16.2014

  40. He didn’t want to go. She was dragging him, practically. He remembered the way Dorsey’s mother used to drag her child through the kitchen and out the back door to go pick up after their dog. He would stand there in the kitchen watching what his own mother would later describe as ‘abuse.’ He felt his sister was doing it to him now with guilt. He didn’t want to go to the demonstration and knew it’d be trouble if he didn’t.

    By DMM URL on 02.16.2014