August 4th, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “delve”

  1. DELVE (v.): to buy ice cream and eat all of it in one sitting. See: drown.

    By Mike on 08.04.2013

  2. After minutes of waiting, a slender woman with curly hair opened a door that locked from the other side and called the girl’s name with a smile and a beckoning wave. The girl followed the lady back to an office where she chose from a selection of comfortable chairs. The lady sat upon a spinning office chair and asked, “So why are you here?” This is the moment where we delve into my past, the girl thought, uncovering secrets and revealing truths I wish I could forget.

    By Willow URL on 08.04.2013

  3. i delve into the dark abyss of reality, not knowing where i’ll end up. not knowing if my feet would touch the ground or if i’ll fall on my back, but if i do i just need to get back up.

    By perri on 08.04.2013

  4. Where I grew up, the Mississippi was considered to be a sort of friend. In summer we’d splash around in the shallows, using rocks and driftwood and waterlogged bits of garbage to dam the river’s racing network of little capillaries. On winter days the river would reflect the slate sky and churn mutinously around the feet of the Stone Arch Bridge. Every time we crossed the Mississippi it meant we were home again.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.04.2013

  5. I delve into the murky depths
    trusting that I will be able to see
    the treasure that has been waiting
    for eons, in the darkness
    for me to find and set free.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 08.04.2013

  6. Oh gosh, I don’t know why i delve into other people’s lives but once I start I can’t stop. I have to look through every photo, read every line, see every friend, figure out where they studied and what they studied and what type of education comes from studying such a thing and where one works or is expected to be when after studying that thing they graduate. I need to know all the details. I don’t know why. It only makes me feel sorry and depressed.

    By Meg on 08.04.2013

  7. Let’s delve into your past. What do you feel when you think about your childhood?

    I am still in my childhood, man. What are you talking about?

    By sitara URL on 08.04.2013

  8. Way back in the Ancient Greece, a small boy grew up near a temple. He was not polite, nor was he the strongest. But he had a destiny, which only the oracles in Delfi knew about. He was chosen to be greater than them.

    By Rune Eriksen on 08.04.2013

  9. The conversation delved into the murky depths of his soul. Although it was hard, he kept going, past the fear, past the embarrassment until his story was told. With light in his eyes that hadn’t been there for the past three years, he looked up to her, asking for forgiveness.

    By Katerina E URL on 08.04.2013

  10. The cave was dark and scary. He didn’t know if he wanted to go in; now that he was there, the fear and darkness began to crawl all over his back, and he couldn’t breathe. He fougt the desire to turn back, and faced the darkness. there was nothing he could do to stop it. He began to delve into the cave.

    By Paul Nelson URL on 08.05.2013

  11. Delve into my private secrets, and you’ll discover some pretty unpleasant things.

    By Jason URL on 08.05.2013

  12. “Don’t delve too deeply, my lady. For these are the matters of men-”
    I rounded on him, eyes blazing with the force of my fury. “How dare you dismiss my fears so casually! I am your princess, soon to be your queen!”
    His smile was small and uncharacteristically smug. “Not yet, my lady. Not ever, if you continue thusly.” he stepped forward and took my hand in his wrinkled one. “Trust me, my lady. For your own sake, let this pass,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.05.2013

  13. If I delve deeply into my childhood memories, I come up with summers. That was when things happened because we were free. The rest of the year we were subject to rules that adults made up for us, but summers were our own.

    By Caroline Vidican URL on 08.05.2013

  14. Once I was satisfied with the standard of the food show, I devle into the food that was prepared for us. I must say tha it was one ogf my most satisfing moments.

    By victor URL on 08.05.2013

  15. Delving deep into the heart of the matter can yield answers that might be better off left un-found. Think before you act – do you really want to know the truth? Are some things better left unsaid and unknown? You can’t put the genie back inthe bottle once you’ve let it out.

    By Ara URL on 08.05.2013

  16. I’d like to delve into the meaning of this word, but I’m in a mood just to see how much I can type in one minute. It’s all about the speed of the typing. I like this exercise but one minute goes by so quickly. I’m going to delve into cleaning the clutter in my room as soon as I finish this little exercise. One minute is not a very long time!

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.05.2013

  17. delve is to look closely. to understand clearly and to look past through everything that’s superficial. when everyone’s judging based on what’s happened without really understanding the reasons behind the story, you go and imagine yourself in their shoes and genuinely try to consider every factor that influenced one’s actions – that’s delving. Delve into the depth not swim on the shallow. Delve into the inner core not conclude with what’s on the surface.

    By Aura on 08.05.2013

  18. I’ve seen my friend delved her own grave
    and no one came to save
    all i can do is to crave
    beg her not to put on the shave
    we are misbehave
    when careless to wicked wave

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 08.05.2013

  19. His coffee spoon rings like a bell
    it calls me away from where I’ve been delving
    calls me back to the eggs and potatoes
    cooling on my plate.

    By amygdala URL on 08.05.2013

  20. She delved into her purse, searching for the familiar cool metal touch and jangling sound of her keys. Instead she found the softness of crumpled tissue, the crisp crinkle of disgarded receipts and the unexpected goo of a lip gloss that had somehow lost its lid.

    By mrsmig URL on 08.05.2013

  21. delve is a mechanic in magic: the gathering. i’m not sure what it does, but some people say it’s very powerful. the people who say it’s powerful understand the game. most other people look at you funny when you talk about the mechanics of spells.

    By nathan carson URL on 08.05.2013

  22. She dove into the labyrinth that was his mind
    Searching for secrets she wasn’t to find
    And when she found what she came there for
    She left his heart shattered on the floor

    By Cat on 08.05.2013

  23. I love to delve in to the past. The history of relatives and royalty – though not connected of course! Delving deep in to the lives of those who went before us is so exciting. Of course delving into someone now could be very interesting

    By Alexandra URL on 08.05.2013

  24. let’s look into this. let’s look closely. because the last time, when we just jumped into a thing like this we got screwed. so let’s take our time and be sure of our next moves, capice?

    By Lee URL on 08.05.2013

  25. when he opened his eyes he saw the doctor and the beautiful blonde nurse. was it a dream? was it reality? he tried really hard to delve into his memory for what had happened but he did not succeed. it was like meating eraser head together with ally mc beal in a really nice white outfit. perfect! what a start for a day!

    By Stef URL on 08.05.2013

  26. Deep and dark and mysterious and sensual, It rings of feather beds and Stalactites and torches. Treasures and gemstones accentuate it.

    By Risana Malik on 08.05.2013

  27. I’ve already been there. But that’s no excuse. As Anais Nin said, there will always be more mystery. So lift back the tent flap and find…

    By Risana URL on 08.05.2013

  28. Going into conversation with him was like cave-splunking. He could never stay on the surface. His eyes would probe, his questions would dig, and inevitably, we’d end up on the deep end. Sometimes, we’d go too far. He’d leave me gasping and reaching for

    By Soft URL on 08.05.2013

  29. I like to delve right in to what ever I do. Like when I start my work day. I am not one of those people who get there half an hour early then sit around gossiping about everyone…no…I get there fifteen minutes before I need to start. Go to my locker, do what needs to be done and be ready to start right on time. No sitting there, getting drowsy, no gossiping…just hit the door running and be ready to start my day!

    By Summer of Love on 08.05.2013

  30. I am in this technology workshop and I really need to delve into my work. But I am somewhat overwhelmed. I am indecisive and I just want to try everything. But I know I need to narrow it down….yikes. Where do I begin?

    By Ms. Davis URL on 08.05.2013

  31. Come with me. Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes. I promise it will be fun, and you will see wonders beyond your imagination. Now after you have taken this first step, I should inform you that there is no turning back. Welcome and enjoy being trapped.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.05.2013

  32. I didn’t really want to know all her secrets. That was her life, her suffering, her medical diagnoses. But she was my mother. If anyone could delve into her life, wouldn’t I be the one?

    By Sharon on 08.05.2013

  33. being dipped in a pool of blood just does /something/ to a person

    By h. b. URL on 08.05.2013

  34. It’s scary to delve deeper into a number of things. A situation that could be potentially dangerous. An opportunity to advance your dreams, but also presents a handful of unknown variables. It’s up to you to determine whether to go through with it, but always prepare yourself.

    By Ashi URL on 08.05.2013

  35. I love opening the pages of a book for the first time. When I crack open the tome and flip through to page one, I feel the excitement of being able to delve into a new adventure.

    By Lindsey Meyer URL on 08.05.2013