August 4th, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “delve”

  1. It was dark in that place… but the way behind was blocked. I could taste the stale air on my tongue as I breathed it in, as every footstep took me further in. There seemed to be no end to this darkness. I was probably going to my doom. But I would face it head-on. Because there was no choice. Because there was no going back.

    By Courka URL on 08.04.2013

  2. I’ve chosen to delve into you. A search and a test of all tests. To continue is madness, to stop is death.

    By Jeff B URL on 08.04.2013

  3. Dig deeper, there’s meaning hidden somewhere. Secrets are shared for a reason. Look carefully; watch for what’s repeated. Someone is trying to tell you something. It’s important that you don’t miss it.

    By MaybeMe URL on 08.04.2013

  4. deeper into under

    delusion deluge
    delving into someplace
    i shouldn’t

    By mouse URL on 08.04.2013

  5. To delve into ones past is too often a disappointment.

    By Jillw on 08.04.2013

  6. ‘When Adam delved and Eve span, who then was the gentleman? ‘ Thinking of the Levellers of the 17th century brought back so many memories from this life, and for all she knew, past lives.

    By Bunty on 08.04.2013

  7. To delve in one’s self is the where the purest form of creation develops. If you look within, you’ll find a place where everything exists and you just have to

    By Zak Ehrich URL on 08.04.2013

  8. She looked at the group , arms spread out desperately. Seriously, how could they be so dense? It was easy work if you really tried. “What is this supposed to incite?” “I dunno. Get into the story. DELVE.”

    By Kayleigh URL on 08.04.2013

  9. The lake was a black sapphire at this hour of night. A distorted silver moon spread across the gently bobbing surface. The sky was black, and the silhouette of the trees was just a shade blacker.

    Amelia’s feet were silent as she approached the edge of the dock. It was dark, but she could feel each wooden board as her feet curved over them. She wore the wet suit provided by the clandestine organization she belonged to. It had a hood on the back of her neck which she pulled on. It was like a swimming cap, but it covered her ears with a thinner dotted material that was meant to allow her to hear without getting water in her ears.

    Amelia felt absolutely ridiculous in her skintight alien suit; she was glad it was too late in the night for anyone to see her, even if they happened to be at the lake this hour. Amelia’s arms extended above her head, pulling her muscles in preparation for what was to come.

    She took a leap off the dock and shattered the moonlit glass surface of the lake and began her search.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard URL on 08.04.2013

  10. Digging deep down into the shelves, she pulled out all manner of items – yet none held any interest for her but the book.

    By Jennifer URL on 08.04.2013

  11. I delved into my soul to try and find some peace and quiet. I searched long and hard, but I could find none. It was gone, all but empty space remained in the nothingness of my consciousness, until at last, I found it.

    By Anisha Russell URL on 08.04.2013

  12. I want to delve into the deepest depths of you.

    By l e ~ URL on 08.04.2013

  13. He placed his mask firmly over his face and took three sample breaths before smiling his broad, boyish grin and falling backwards over the side of our boat. As I watched his body disappear under the surface, I counted quietly under my breath.

    By Amy on 08.04.2013

  14. Delve into love, delve into language, delve in to sex, it the best!!! delve into water, I wanna travel with my love. Delve into faith, delve into hope, delve into silence, there is where god exist. I need to find god, or am I God, who the fuck knows!

    By Ayanna Taylor on 08.04.2013

  15. I want to delve into the deep, to live under the waves. But I can’t. I am afraid, but I am not afraid to dream.

    By Diana URL on 08.04.2013

  16. Dive, jump and dig into it. Turn the page, the story waits for you. You’ll never know how it ends unless you commit. Where do we go from here?

    By Robert J URL on 08.04.2013

  17. It was nonsensical to delve into the books now, as the hours were slipping by fast like rain against glass, and the merciless ticking of the grandfather clock was more curmudgeonly than fatherly.

    We huddled together on the carpet regardless, the tomes surrounding us but unread. At this point, we would learn nothing. We could learn nothing. Our brains were frozen.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.04.2013

  18. Sleuth out what you can. Don’t leave any rock unturned. There has to be truth somewhere, you just need to delve deeper into goodness.

    By Pat on 08.04.2013

  19. She contemplated her situation over and over again. Should she delve into this mysterious relationship any further? Or play it safe and go with something she could see right in front of her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.04.2013

  20. Ahh, this word. It scatters, jumping through my mind, a cartoon insect. It has a voice…

    Imagining a thick steam of volcanic lava, thrusting down into a cavern in the ground. Delving into a situation where life is sacred, lives are few, and there is something important to live for

    (to do something perilous, there must be a reason to come out alive, something to fight for).

    By Saudade URL on 08.04.2013

  21. where shall we begin?
    let’s just delve right into it then;
    once upon a time.

    By Courtney on 08.04.2013

  22. I don’t like to delve too deeply into my past.

    By A False Terl URL on 08.04.2013

  23. George thought long and hard over the mistake that he made long ago.

    By A False Terl URL on 08.04.2013

  24. I like to delve into a good book. I think it would be correct to say that in a sentence. Sometimes the books I read are absolutely terrible, but sometimes I definitely love them. I would marry a book if it was good enough. Me and the book would have book babies.

    By no on 08.04.2013

  25. “You see, that’s the problem!”
    “You! You… delve into other peoples’ secrets. You think you can find out all about them. Well, you can’t. I’m my own person. You can’t find out about me just by opening me up like a book and reading me. I’m a person with secrets and hidden codes in my pages, and–”
    “You’re taking the book analogy a bit far, Dave.”
    “I am.” he said, and paused, his finger in the air, “But that does not diminish my argument. You cannot simply tell me what I feel when you’ve known me less than twenty four hours!”

    By Maria URL on 08.04.2013

  26. I’ve delved too deeply into my thoughts, and have arrived at the conclusion that there is nothing of value to be found there (in my mind that is). A human is not a human without socializing with her or his environment. Thus, I find that the less I interact with the outside world and the more that I entreat within, I begin to lose myself and insanity begins to lurk just around the corner.

    Also, my capacity to communicate succinctly has greatly deteriorated. I once inked magnificent stories and novels on paper. I could once paint with words, but now I find myself lacking of such talent. I am nothing. I have always been nothing. I will be nothing. It’s hard believing I will amount to anything in life. I’ve delved too deeply in my thoughts. I need to participate in the external world and society in order to change my perspective on life. I need to change, else I’ll wither and die.

    By Aisha on 08.04.2013

  27. “Quite frankly, it’s none of your business. I can’t believe you would have the audacity to ask. What you weren’t there to see, the woods you weren’t there to stumble through with me, is none of your business. I’ve made my peace with what has happened. I’d ask you to find your own way out and to kindly hop off- if you please, or don’t please!”

    By Criss on 08.04.2013

  28. Delve deep into the dragon’s lair, I hold my breath and strain against the current rushing out of the submarine catacombs. I couldn’t fight dragons that could fly or breathe fire, but even a dragon out of its own element could prove to the knight who rescued me that I didn’t need his help.

    By Andrea URL on 08.04.2013

  29. delve. to delve is to experience and learn new information. splashing you with new foods, culture, art and music. genuine beauty for the souls enjoyment

    By lauren on 08.04.2013

  30. No one ever promises
    To lie for their whole lives
    Yet there is some sort of code
    That brings me to this point

    It’s wrong to delve too deeply
    Into a hollow mind
    But sickening to open doors
    That have locked themselves

    By slantedstories URL on 08.04.2013

  31. uncharted waters always make
    us uneasy.

    we don’t like to talk about things:
    we don’t like to talk about
    our flaws, our problems
    the things we take and
    bury deep.

    but the only way to understand is to
    delve into the madness and
    talk to each other

    it’s the only way to move

    By Kalina URL on 08.04.2013

  32. I made the entrance with a limp, unintentionally I tripped over something…I think it was a chimp. I then found myself staring right in the eyes of the most majestic woman. Without words, we delve into the depths of delight.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.04.2013

  33. She went for it. Whatever it was, beneath the surface, she did whatever it took to get it. Diving, searching, grabbing, yearning. She wanted it all.

    By Alanna URL on 08.04.2013

  34. Alice went on to college, and worked towards her dream of becoming a child psychiatrist. She vowed to leave the past behind her, and would delve no further into the life of the man who had been her “father”, even though others would try to. Journalists, and other psychiatrists would try to get her to open up about her childhood, but she just claimed to remember nothing of it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.04.2013

  35. I always delve too far. The front story is not enough for me, I always must dig for all of the details. This always gets me into trouble. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss, I guess. But I don’t care. I’ll deal with the isuues that arise as long as I can always access the complete truth.

    By Amanda URL on 08.04.2013

  36. To feel his warm breath on my neck was relieving. Dean’s lips just danced on my skin as his hands were snug on my waist. A passionate kiss to follow after a nibble on my upper lip. He wanted me all along.

    By Kayla URL on 08.04.2013

  37. “I can’t”, Nathan repeated. “I want you, too…but it can’t.”
    “Because I’m me, right? Opposites are supposed to attract.”
    “Yeah attract, not want to kill each other.”
    I was losing Nathan again. But this time it was for good.

    By Kayla URL on 08.04.2013

  38. elves? I dont even know the meaning of that word. “Delve”. Is it a word? is sounds like fantasy-based or magical. Some word a kid would enjoy listening to and would learn quickly enough to recognize.

    By Sabrina on 08.04.2013

  39. i delved into the corners of my mind to find the reason as to why I keep remembering the pain you’ve caused. then I realized it’s out of shock. that someone whom i cared for dearly could put me at the bottom of their list. no. worse. i wasn’t even there.

    By Pip URL on 08.04.2013

  40. Eu estava lá, esperando por ela, naquela longa espera enquanto fazia um lindo sol lá fora. E eu ali aguardando sua chegada. Resolvi afundar na poltrona e aprofundar meus conhecimentos sobre seja lá o que fosse a reportagem dentro daquela revista. Era tudo o que me restava fazer. Já passara muito tempo olhando pela janela, o que só tornava a espera mais longa.

    By Katarina URL on 08.04.2013