August 31st, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “dehydrated”


    By Jasmine URL on 08.31.2012

  2. Quite thirsty am I. Thirsty for adventure, for people, for love. Without these, we are nothing. But ya know what? I could really just use a nice big glass of ice water right now.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 08.31.2012

  3. dehydrated. so dehydrated. where the hell were we anyway. i checked my surroundings and saw nothing but sand and dried up earth. waves of heat radiated off of the soil and floated upwards, distorting my vision of the relentless sun.

    By Chloe on 08.31.2012

  4. cracked lips running
    over a dry tongue
    bending folding
    caught somewhere between reality
    a night mare
    shapes jumping and
    feathers floating
    and still more
    sun on your back and
    suddenly nothing

    By alias URL on 08.31.2012

  5. Well I feel dehydrated I feel like the only thing I can do is drink. Even a sip, like all I want to do is stand in the rain looking up at the sky with my moth open wide like a pelican, taking in the water that is given to me from the sky because it knows that without it i cannot survive.

    By Christina on 08.31.2012

  6. The sand is billowing around, amber and specked as it cascades into your face. Goddamn it, are you so thirsty. Throat dry and barren, almost bleeding from it’s rough treatment, and your lips are as cracked as the motorway back home. But whatever, just one more hour. Thats all you need, honest!

    By Harold on 08.31.2012

  7. i feel like drinking a glass of water. The thought of ice cold drink sounds amazing in this blazing heat. most people would want a glass of beer or a lemonade all i want is water

    By charde on 08.31.2012

  8. In the desert. Or it’s just that feeling you have waking up from a long night out. Dry mouth, headache. Bad breath. Thank goodness I’ve never really experienced it.
    It’s so dumb that I always go for the espresso when I’m in this state. I feel like I could drink a gallon of water, but caffeine seems to be the only thing that gets rid of the headache.

    By Alyssa on 08.31.2012

  9. Dehydration. The reason I could never be in sports. That and my unbelievable lack of athletic ability. Sure, it made me unpopular, but at least I wasn’t the one sweating.

    By Brenna on 08.31.2012

  10. I sat in the middle of the field, waiting for her to come back. It’d been almost an hour, at least it felt like that. I couldn’t swallow anymore. We knew I was dehydrated, but we were hours away from the nearest store and had run out of water. It wasn’t to the point where I was going to die yet, I knew that, but if she didn’t hurry I might pass out. I felt like I was dying sitting here and waiting and yet she was so far away that there was no way I was going to be able to just stay here.

    By Brandi P. on 08.31.2012

  11. I’m thirsty so i need something to drink. at practice wanting to pass out and all you want is a big gulp of cold water. you feel lightheaded and blurry. passed out in gymnastics when i was little, was carried to the water fountain to help me. hot out so hot out, no water. like in the desert you just need some water.

    By Megan ONeill on 08.31.2012

  12. i need water lots and lots of water, like at a big stream in the countryside, that will hydrate me. i hate feeling dehydrated, i always try to carry water or a drink with me everywhere i go. water’s the only thing that best for conquering this though, not fizzy drinks

    By Amber Gunn on 08.31.2012

  13. When I was little, I had to go to the hospital because taking medicine made me throw up, so I got dehydrated. I don’t remember much, but I do remember watching the Sword in the Stone and getting really cool coloring books.

    By Micah URL on 08.31.2012

  14. Stumbling. Tripping. Dragging feet. No ounce of energy left in her bones. Deep to the core. Dehydrated. Thirsty for more.

    By esky1118 URL on 08.31.2012

  15. i was walking down the ayle and all i could think about was the fact that i was thirsty. not that i’m getting married. commited. for the rest of my life. with someone i don’t even love. just that itchy sensations of thyrst.

    By Gabriela on 08.31.2012

  16. If I were dehydrated and lost in the Sahara desert with a dead camel, I still wouldn’t ask him for a drink of water.

    By leelee on 08.31.2012

  17. I was feeling dehydrated. My father had warned me before I had went hiking that something like that might have happened, but did I listen? No! I was too stupid to listen to something that he said. Why did I always do this?

    My body felt like it was going weak. I hadn’t drunk anything since early in the morning yesterday, and the amount of energy I was losing was–well, insane, to put it simply.

    Surely that wasn’t good.

    By Brandi URL on 08.31.2012

  18. She sat down on the rock and rummaged in her backpack, looking for her bottle of water. Her throat was dry, her sweat wasn’t right. She needed to find that stupid bottle of water. Once it was in her hand, she twisted the cap off viciously and just began guzzling it. After she finished the bottle, she dropped it back into her bag, then continued on her path.

    By Natasha Merriman on 08.31.2012

  19. I’m thirsty. I’m dying. What am I, a camel? Huh? Humans get dehydrated easily, deal with it. How am I supposed to find water in the stinking Sahara? I’m no camel… oh dear… *plonk*

    By Christina on 08.31.2012

  20. its that a person body ran out of water his body is dry

    By rahma on 08.31.2012

  21. A man walked in the desert. He was dehydrated. He became delusional and woozy. He desperately needed water as the sun beat him into the ground. The end.

    By daryn URL on 08.31.2012

  22. thirsty, lips, moisture and dry. sand dessert but not artic dessert. THE artic dessert is the largest in the world, not the sand dessert. lack of water or

    By catherine on 08.31.2012

  23. I thirst for so much at this very moment, water first of all then there is always the yellow gatorade how awsome would that be? to bad im stuck on a raft in the middle ofthe ocean with only salt water…… that a monkey flying over me?

    By Jerome URL on 08.31.2012

  24. Lost, fumbling through the desert. Limbs shaking, stomach heaving empty contents. All is sand and time is nein and I want to sleep so badly, give in so easily.

    By Jenna URL on 08.31.2012

  25. Dust caked his lips like the sunset that basked the earth around him in a gentle glow. He could taste the dirt coating his throat, sucked in despite his efforts to keep his mouth closed — panting made breathing easier. The heat threatened to bake his brains and he could swear his blood was boiling in the veins that protruded from his arms thicker than usual. Water. When was the last time the life fluid had filled his mouth enough to satisfy this thirst that ate at his entire being? Too long. He supposed, a dry bark leaving him in a vain attempt to laugh at himself. Serves him right for wandering into the desert by himself.

    By heather URL on 08.31.2012

  26. I am thirsty for knowledge. Dehydrated of the facts and evidence I spend my life clamoring for.

    By Jimmy on 08.31.2012

  27. my throat burned, my mouth dry, i no longer craved the taste of water, the feel of liquid on my lips, i craved the feeling of being quenched, the contentedness that came after a full dinner (or in this case drink)

    By Aoife CodyKane on 08.31.2012

  28. i was just wishing to get dehydrated, the sun was to far away, so when i opened them i saw the red light.As my heart stopped, as my laugh grew denser, there it was, the destiny in form of water.

    By Luca on 08.31.2012

  29. She thirsted for him as she thirsted for nourishment. It was not a relationship of caring love, mutal respect, and independence. It was an animal craving that set her wild.

    By carlyrenee on 08.31.2012

  30. I was walking three hours or so in the hot sun that night. Yes, the sun in the night. I was dreaming, you see. And the sweat dripping from my forehead was dehydrating me. When I woke I realized, it wasn’t a dream exhausting me. It was just her. The sex was just phenomenal.

    By TheRealNichole URL on 08.31.2012

  31. I never seem to have enough water. It’s not like I live in a desert – hell, I live near one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world. Lived. That’s right, I don’t live there anymore. It’s weird to think about, isn’t it? The fact that I’m not at home.

    By lauren cooper on 08.31.2012

  32. I had been walking through the desert nearly three days with only little signs of water. I was dehydrated, and most definitely delusional by that time. I managed to get w

    By S.Steele on 08.31.2012

  33. I am dehydrated. this is because i was left in the desert trying to go ham doing elderberries and i wanted to get some wizardly gaff out west. However, i ended up doing other things, namely becoming dehydrated. I was doing everything i could to keep myself alive

    By Max Klein on 08.31.2012

  34. I rubbed at my throat. the lack of water burned my whole body. I was dehydrated. No I was beyond dehydrated. I was dying because of this. I needed water. and I needed it now.

    By Minka52 on 08.31.2012

  35. I had been dehydrated from love that I required, craved, needed to live a happy an normal life. I can’t even remember what it was like, having a mother that cared and I envy those who do

    By S.Steele on 08.31.2012

  36. I’ve never felt something worse than this. My throat is as dry as the sahara desert, my body is weak. My mind is jumbled; an incoherent mess of thoughts that aren’t even real.

    By Lindsey McCoy on 08.31.2012

  37. She was dehydrated; all the life had been sucked out of her. The memories that once made her heart float with happiness were replaced by a dull and heavy ache. And the girl who used to laugh and smile became the girl who could only watch with watery eyes.

    By emlex URL on 08.31.2012

  38. i thought i had brought enough water, but now, 6 hours later with the sun beaming down on me and the sweat pouring down my face, i realize i was sadly mistaken. the 6 gallon cooler i packed has long been gone, and the salt has crystalized on my lips.

    By tiffany on 08.31.2012

  39. I was dehydrated because i forgot to drink my apple juice. APPLE APPLE APPLE.

    By KAY URL on 08.31.2012

  40. dry, empty, thirsty. hot desert sun. no rain. mirage drifting over sand. fading away to nothing. dried up. need water. more people are dehydrated than realize it

    By Lynn A. Davidson URL on 08.31.2012