August 31st, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “dehydrated”

  1. Oh God, I’m always dehydrated. I get yelled at by people so much about it. I’ve been asked the color of my pee by three people in the last month. It’s probably the amounts of caffeine I ingest. And I forget to drink water. I’ll go have a big glass of water right after this minute ends. I am thirsty…

    By Sanaana URL on 08.31.2012

  2. It is a torture. Nothing can be light of it. You need to drink within two days or your original western spoiled stock of water will be gone. Then when you tongue is dry and you can’t gather a bit of saliva. You know. That you would do anything for a drop. Even join a war that you don’t believe in. Because your allow yourself to be only human.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.31.2012

  3. today at school i lerned that without drinking the body dryes very fast. we lose more than half a litre of water at night…so we have to drink 2-3l a day

    By julietta on 08.31.2012

  4. Wenn du dehydriert bist, wird deine Haut ganz weich und faltig. Du fühlst dich schlapp, du kannst dich nicht mehr konzentrieren, du glaubst, du bist krank und brauchst Medikamente. Dabei ist es viel einfacher: du brauchst einfach Wasser.

    By Lisa URL on 08.31.2012

  5. Dry and without life,
    I reach for the tall glass with
    sparkling ice and water.
    I drink and drink. I rest
    I drink, then rest more.
    I do not feel the life that I thought
    would pour back into me.
    I fear it is my soul
    that is

    By Karen on 08.31.2012

  6. I’m supossed to write about this word i don’t know how to describe. So let’s do it. It’s the thing you have when you don’t drink enough water or something. It’s that right?

    By Stef on 08.31.2012

  7. I was sick with dehydration one day. I thirsted for water and yet none presented itself to me. I asked to be excused from class, I begged to go home, but to no avail. The water evaded me at every turn. I felt faint, I felt sick. I moaned for relief; I was denied. In a similar way I beg for you love. At every turn you avoid me, deny me, leave me to squelch in my dehydration. If only you could help me quench this thirst.

    By Collette on 08.31.2012

  8. I was dehydrated, I realized quickly, after running the first mile. Whose idea was it to run the 5K in the blazing sun. It wasn’t even as though I was in shape, the opposite was true however. I had been trying to exercise, but it wasn’t working out.

    By Emily on 08.31.2012

  9. In physiology and medicine, dehydration (hypohydration) is defined as the excessive loss of body fluid.[1] It is literally the removal of water (Ancient Greek: ὕδωρ hýdōr) from an object; however, in physiological terms, it entails a deficiency of fluid within an organism. Dehydration of skin and mucous membranes can be called medical dryness.
    There are three types of dehydration: hypotonic or hyponatremic (primarily a loss of electrolytes, sodium in particular), hypertonic or hypernatremic (primarily a loss of water), and isotonic or isonatremic (equal loss of water and electrolytes). In humans, the most commonly seen type of dehydration by far is isotonic (isonatraemic) dehydration which effectively equates with hypovolemia, but the distinction of isotonic from hypotonic or hypertonic dehydration may be important when treating people who become dehydrated. Physiologically, dehydration, despite the name, does not simply mean loss of water, as water and solutes (mainly sodium) are usually lost in roughly equal quantities to how they exist in blood plasma. In hypotonic dehydration, intravascular water shifts to the extravascular space, exaggerating intravascular volume depletion for a given amount of total body water loss. Neurological complications can occur in hypotonic and hypertonic states. The former can lead to seizures, while the latter can lead to osmotic cerebral edema upon rapid rehydration.

    And that’s what wikipedia says…

    By me URL on 08.31.2012

  10. Jim felt his tongue nearly stick to the roof of his mouth; he wiped away a bead of sweat crawling down the side of his face and lifted the the bottle of water (empty) to his eye level. He glowered a bit, feeling woozy from dehydration and then tried to lick his lips again in order to moisturize them at least some.

    By johnm on 08.31.2012

  11. It’s been days since I’ve had water. Maybe weeks. It’s hard to keep track of time while you’re wandering around the desert. I have no idea where I am, let alone how to leave. This is one of those “that could never happen to me” scenarios. Well, it can.

    By Torie Wright on 08.31.2012

  12. I tell everyone that it’s important to stay hydrated. “You can never be too good-looking or too well hydrated,” I say. The worst I’ve ever felt in my life was in 8th grade, when I got the flu and became so dehydrated I had to crawl from my bedroom to the bathroom across the hall. Always drink water.

    By Not a Vegan Pirate on 08.31.2012

  13. An odd word isn’t it? It makes me thirsty as soon as I see it. It makes me crave water, only water, not anything else. Bottled water to be exact. Looks funny in those purple letters. Bye! :)

    By Sam on 08.31.2012

  14. The sun beat down on Bernard, turning his sweaty flesh quickly into a dry and crispy desert within a desert. His body dehydrated, petrified in place and remaining as a monument to adventure… and misadventure.

    By rhyme79 on 08.31.2012

  15. Well it’s summer. We’re all dehydrated. From lack of water, maybe? Or lack of stimulation, perhaps? Are we thirsty for knowledge? Exercise? Life? Movement? Or it could be just water. We all need water. It’s the most important thing and often underestimated.

    By lamees on 08.31.2012

  16. For months the sun has been beating on us, it’s been a living hell here, and all the others were dying off, withering into brittle ashes dispersed into the wind. There was so much death around us, but I knew I had to stay strong for her, she was growing weak and brittle from constant exposure. For five days I tried to reach out in front to shield her from the destructive rays that plagued her, I was almost there fully prepared for the consequences, not realizing that she had burned and withered away like the rest of them. The sun laughed at my pain, and felt no remorse for incinerating the only thing I had left. I stood up tall against the tyrant, awaiting my final judgement, but then slowly the clouds moved in, overthrowing him and tried to remedy what destruction he had done. But it was too late, as I mourned over her, the clouds grew dark and gave her a grand finale as she laid peacefully on the newly padded soil we once grew up together on.

    By stimjim on 08.31.2012

  17. scorched, the sun is beating down on me. I dream of water and find it dancing tantalizingly in front of my eyes. I close them and I see the oasis. It’s dark green and lush with vegetation.

    By Merv on 08.31.2012

  18. she sat by the pool completely parched and too lasy to do anything about. all there was was beer. beer would have to do. oh, beer in the sun, how it moved her to look at the trees blowing and the grass across the way in the golf course.
    things were starting to get hazy, fuck water. beer is good enough. floating around the pool for hours, no fear of drowning.

    By Jade Mikaila on 08.31.2012

  19. She is seriously dehydrated. Her water bottle is clutched in her hand, liquid comfort slushing against the sides as she nervously paces through the crowd. She has to remind herself that she is in control, while her internal demons demand otherwise, but she has to keep striving forward, or she might just stay deprived, dehydrated, of life forever.

    By kerry on 08.31.2012

  20. I fell to my knees, the desert sun beating furiously on my back. A veritable waterfall poured down my face, nourishing the sand below me in a small gesture of irony. I glared at the road ahead of me. As I did, a hawk swooped out of the sky…

    By Adam on 08.31.2012

  21. Crawling on hands and knees. Wound dripping that water, that precious fluid bound with iron and colored red into the sand. Mouth gritty, filled with sand. but he doesnt care. hes already dead, his body just needs to catch up.

    By Timmy on 08.31.2012

  22. I am so dehydrated. I have been locked up in this car for over 9 hours. Someone please let me out. I want to go home.

    By teeda URL on 08.31.2012

  23. The sun was hot. So hot, that she could feel each and every ray beating on her sunburned face, causing her freckles to come alive on the bridge of her nose. She lifted up her empty water bottle. Where had it all gone? She was so dehydrated that she didn’t know if would be able to make it back in time. “In time for what?” she asked herself. She would be fine. She would find the road, catch a ride to the nearest town and be fine. Right? That is…as long as the dehydration didn’t get the best of her.

    By Shardi on 08.31.2012

  24. when your throat feels a lack of liquid and you feel out of sorts. you need something to sustain you, to keep you going, and in a moment you dramatically think you might not make it. you get all antsy and lick your lips, hoping for any liquid you can attain even if it is your own.

    By liz on 08.31.2012

  25. Omg when it get really hot that’s when I get really dehydrated. I crave water all day everyday. It reminds me on how much I hate the heat during the summer time. *sad face*. I really wish it can be winter or maybe even spring all year long. Well, my time is almost up but it was cool talking about dehydration. *smiley face*

    By Jaliyah on 08.31.2012

  26. Dehydrated ice cream, that’s space food. Don’t let them make you think it’s anything exciting. Go for the real ice cream from the little shop down the street. I mean, maybe not everything is quite as neat as it seems.

    By Kate312 URL on 08.31.2012

  27. Dehydrated. Running high on a runners high, sunlight in my eye, sweat dripping down my thigh.
    Demotivated. Running low on sunday mo’, try to keep with the flow but the flow just says ‘no’

    By Lome on 08.31.2012

  28. I once got dehydrated at summer camp. I was in bed and I just started shaking and started to feel really sick. A couple of my cabin mates walked down to the main hall to find the counselors. Nothing really happened. They just made me drink a lot of water.

    By Emily on 08.31.2012

  29. a need to quench this thirst. insatiable. before it ends me. before i die. end it. i want to feel young again. help me. i’m dehydrated.

    By Srikala on 08.31.2012

  30. I felt completely malnourished, completely dehydrated. I’ve never felt worse in my life.
    This reminds me of The Hunger Games when Katniss becomes extremely and near-to-death dehydrated. I’ve always loved those books.

    By Amarie URL on 08.31.2012

  31. My thirst is palpable. Motion. Drop by drop the liquids of my body disappear with every breathe. In, out. In, out. I push harder as it becomes harder to push myself. I feel the asphalt move underneath my automaton feet and the virgin air. Sound reducing upbeat music chant in my ears and my hammering heartbeat.

    infinite sky; timeless road. I am always almost drained.

    By Kat on 08.31.2012

  32. yes I am

    By Chris Taylor URL on 08.31.2012

  33. There was nothing left in me. Nothing. I had nothing to offer, nothing to give, not even my own blood. I was dehydrated, for they had drained me completely. I was dry, I was pure sand.

    By Uli on 08.31.2012

  34. I was so dehydrated that I coudln’t even move. No, I just didn’t want to move. I wanted to just lie down and fall asleep. But I knew I couldn’t. I would die if I did that. I had to get to some water before I passed out, litterally.

    By keilah on 08.31.2012

  35. My tongue screamed for water. it was as dry as the sand that squeezed itself in between my toes. A glimmer shone somewhere in the distance. “Water?” my dehydrated brain rasped.

    By Rose Silver on 08.31.2012

  36. Blood dripped down my mouth. I was about to go where no soul had gone before. Human? Hah. I would hardly say human. More like-


    By heytesswhatsup on 08.31.2012

  37. thirsty, needing water, this is a dessert, so hot, so dry. Need refueling to refresh. Sunshine, hard work.

    By ally on 08.31.2012

  38. My day was dehydrated of energy.
    The girl was dehydrated at the beach.
    Dehydrated: lack of water.

    By Haley on 08.31.2012

  39. So… thirsty. Couldn’t breathe. Making my way across the barren ice, I needed to stop. I knew I couldn’t, because I would freeze Making it seem as if my love was completely gone for the world might have been my only chance to survive, but I skipped the lovely offer. If only, if only.

    By Stella on 08.31.2012

  40. The second her lips touched his, he was nothing but sand on the wind.

    Falling through the cracks between her fingers.

    Sprinkling over her shoes like one last pleading kiss.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 08.31.2012