February 1st, 2011 | 1,030 Entries

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1,030 Entries for “darkroom”

  1. photos that breathe life and build character. a room to be alone and ponder why my memories are lacking in vivaciousness. a peaceful serenity awakes me.

    By Julie on 02.02.2011

  2. Recently I’ve been surprised by a friend that we have darkroom on campus. Yeah, I know that we do have a film photography class, but I did not realize there was enough demand for a dedicated darkroom. People still use these? Why does the school even teach film when digital is used by everyone nowadays? Perhaps I am ignorant since I am not a photographer. But it’s like teaching functional programming to people that have no interest in academia, I guess.

    By felsparks URL on 02.02.2011

  3. Back of the journalism room. Nicknamed the bat cave. Been stuck back there far too many times. Since we made the switch to digital photos, all the equipment has been gathering dust, relics from a forgotten time. It’s still nice to go back there, though. You’ll never be anywhere darker.

    By Devan on 02.02.2011

  4. I sat in the darkroom, with my prints and negatives laying out about me, wondering if my life would ever be as clear to me as the images that came from my camera. I wished that I could focus the lens of my eyes the way I could focus my camera.

    By Sue Pea URL on 02.02.2011

  5. o k broski?

    By Vir on 02.02.2011

  6. Lindsey panicked. How did she get here?! Will she ever get out? Her heart pounded as the footsteps drew closer and closer. She scrambled for a place to hide. A box crashed behind her and she whimpered, but she had to keep looking. The door slowly creaked open…

    By Virtue on 02.02.2011

  7. It’s been a while since most of us have even thought about darkrooms. Most designers just know of it as an Adobe app now. But it seems romantic, that process, the smells, the sensory engagement. Then again, it was slow and expensive, but who really cares?

    By Vicky on 02.02.2011

  8. Her hand moved mechanically and she had a small smile on her lips. The red bulb had burnt out ages ago, but she knew what she was doing. She had done it so many times before, it was second nature to her at this point. As she ran the photos through the chemicals, the grizzly murder scenes became clear, revealing themselves to the darkness to be added to her collection with the others.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 02.02.2011

  9. I see a word like “darkroom” and I think of a Kanye song. Paranoid. The video is fantastic…

    I’ve realized I got nothing for this word. It’s a good one though and I wanna use it later on today when I write.

    By Travis URL on 02.02.2011

  10. Darkroom. For those of us born in the digital age, it’s an Adobe app, or something that’s seen in the odd movie (normally where a guy has been taking covert pictures of a beautiful girl). It sounds so romantic: the smells, the slow process: but I guess in reality it’s just smelly and easy to mess up.

    By Vicky URL on 02.02.2011

  11. dark
    no lights
    love of pictures
    under the trees
    in your dark room where we spent the night away from the world just us in a blanket of silence and complete love where we found each other

    By hannah on 02.02.2011

  12. Darkrooms are damp, dark, and dreary, with a smell of chemicals only a budding photographer could love. They are also the place where all that work that was put into making a photograph is for first time revealed. Then again, with digital photography, darkrooms are extinct.

    By Alberto Ferrer URL on 02.02.2011

  13. It’s a dark room. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t see. I’m sitting in a corner, alone, trying to find the light, I can’t see the light. I can’t reach the door. There is no door. I wonder what I’m doing here, and I’m scared that I won’t be able to get out. I can’t see, I can’t think. There are lots of can’ts in this room of negativity. I can’t breathe. I’m dying.

    By Iris J. Kim on 02.02.2011

  14. She dips her hands into the chemicals, knowing what will happen. She doesn’t care.
    She begins to bathe in the safe lights golden glow.
    Happiness lies within the darkroom, her photos live with her.
    They speak in many words, though they don’t say any at all.

    By Emma Clements on 02.02.2011

  15. I like to watch the patterns develop like ink rising and swirling, rising and swirling, rising and swirling, dripping and stirring. These are the images that float up from darkroom of my mind.

    By tHG URL on 02.02.2011

  16. I have a friend who is a photography major. She talks about the darkroom a lot. Every time I hear about the darkroom I think of her. She said something profound very recently. She said that the beauty of a photograph is not only the final product, but the process. I think that can apply to any art form whether visual or performing.

    By Rebeckah on 02.02.2011

  17. There wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about the dark room. Same dimensions, chemicals, clothes pins as most you’ll find.

    No, the only thing that set it apart from other dark rooms were the sounds that began eminating from it at 11 pm, on Tuesday June 4. Sounds that didn’t stop for 3 days.

    By Leilah Ambrose on 02.02.2011

  18. She slipped quietly into the darkroom, closely the door firmly behind her. As she put the film into the solution she wondered, “What the hell am I going to do with these photos?”

    By tiki URL on 02.02.2011

  19. this is the same word as yesturday. wtf. and darkroom? ..really?

    By blob URL on 02.02.2011

  20. there i was sitting in the darkroom alone forever. smelling the chemicals and knowing that I would die and no one would know that i was there. hating everything that i had become and doing nothing to prevent it.

    By MK Hodges on 02.02.2011

  21. And when I dipped my hands in those vicious chemicals to turn the page over, and saw that first image appear from thin air onto the sheet, the human face that came up in three dimensions on that flat page, I was transfixed.

    By M Larsen on 02.02.2011

  22. There is a dark room. It is dark, ebony. It is shadowed. Nothing in site. Nothing. Nothing. This is boring I don’t know what to write. I don’t ike this one. Damn

    By Brett on 02.02.2011

  23. film glitches are the future of movies what is left is only data, space and colour, transitions.

    By Francis Qureshi URL on 02.02.2011

  24. darkroom, scary, lonely night time sleepy monsters boogy man sometimes, I just want to scream, take me to a better place

    By Nicole on 02.02.2011

  25. A dark room can be scary. People fear the dark, because they fear the unknown. Your mind wonders to what could be “lurking” in the dark, like a monster, or your worst fear. The dark also makes you have to think. People don’t like thinking, they have to deal with their mistakes. This all comes from the fear, inside of a dark room.

    By Rosie on 02.02.2011

  26. In a darkroom, there is no light. The spider webs coddle and curdle into a heaped mess, and the thunder strikes until it hits no more. The people flee until they can cry no more. In a darkroom… there is no light. The photos long forgotten, the windows shattered out of sight.

    By Orin URL on 02.02.2011

  27. the red light hides her emotions as the photographs slowly starts developing to reveal that her worst fears were coming true in front of her very eyes. Just as the details of the photograph start s to become clearer, so does her determination to deal with this situation with firmness and finality. She will confront him with what she now knows is the truth.

    By Mahmoud Abu-Wardeh URL on 02.02.2011

  28. My thoughts and I… Just to create something new… Do not disturb us!

    By AmaSilyS URL on 02.02.2011

  29. Darkroom is where I spent my life early on. The arliest. And then came the ight.

    Years later, the darkroom appeared again, this time by choice. Three years of high school in a darkroom, using light to paint the world I was creeating.

    The darkroom is where you go just before the light.

    The darkroom is where you find the future

    By Barak Rosenbloom (TimeNative) URL on 02.02.2011

  30. I stepped out of the light and into a world. My world. Apart from everything that confused me and everyone that judged me. I stepped out of the light and into the darkroom. The cool air wrapped around me, inviting me in, and the chemicals lined the room just as I had left them.
    Sometimes, I was sad no one at school appreciated this tiny world. Most times, though, I let the selfish side of me reign, revlling in my sole ownership of this dark safe-haven.
    I waited every day for 3:15 PM, when everyone flooded out of the school, and I could flee the complicated place that is high school. In the darkroom, my pictures took shape as the combination of chemicals and patience breathed life into them. Pictures of my sisters, of my trip to Africa, of the boy I liked on my soccer team, of my friends and I at the Spring Fling Festival. Snippets of my life hung on the line, drying and settling as they told my story.
    A story only my darkroom would see.

    By Sophie Roppolo on 02.02.2011

  31. Aw man, I already did this one once already…

    So, darkroom. That’s like a photo developing room, or something. I took a photography class once. I never learned how to develop photos though. I’ve also taken a digitally editing photo class. That was interesting, and forced me to use my nonexistent artistic side…

    By AG Stewart URL on 02.02.2011

  32. a place thats dark. develop pictures. a creative place. a place id like to make out with someone. artsy fartsy. hidden. comfy. cuddle. lets snuggle. comforting. scared of the dark.

    By Em on 02.02.2011

  33. There I was – a roll of film in my hand. A roll that could determine the entire race. A roll that could end everything he had worked so hard for, but then it was his stupid mistake. I decided to go ahead and open the roll when I was shocked to discover, it was empty. I had been duped.

    By Rea Rose URL on 02.02.2011

  34. The next time I come back there had better be some LIGHT – a light house – a nice bright house (not the in mass market consumer debt trap way) just some happiness bouncing around. People paint their walls & pick out colours but they don’t really pick out moods – like they’ve got no control

    By Em Pea URL on 02.02.2011

  35. I was sitting in the darkroom minding my own business when this crazy guy burst into the room screaming about gorillas and how they had captured his grandmother. I guess he was looking for help but I didn’t really know his grandmother and mine always told me never to talk to strangers.

    By Kristen on 02.02.2011

  36. The darkroom, where film comes to life. Different things all over.

    By .trista. URL on 02.02.2011

  37. when i hear the word darkroom it reminds me of movies and whatnot. They are weird in some sort of way though
    just because.

    By twiztid URL on 02.02.2011

  38. a dark room is pretty cool it develops film from a camrea its pretty cooi thinkk so yah i kinda like this one so if cool ish so yah this is my one wotd for the day but other wise u needed a dark room in old time some eople still use them but not meny

    By rino-runner URL on 02.02.2011

  39. A darkroom is when u turn off the lights and its dark or u have no light then its a darkroom to.

    By smalls08 URL on 02.02.2011

  40. Is where they made the hits.What I mean .There is where they make the movies. It is call the darkroom.

    By alejandro URL on 02.02.2011