June 9th, 2016 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “darkness”

  1. You may not be able to see-
    But I can,
    Right through the blackness
    take my hand
    i’ll lead you
    and you can follow
    if you can
    just be still
    listen, breathe and feel the darkness
    It’s not so bad, is it?

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 06.09.2016

  2. Darkness?

    Place in the mind that is empty, nothing resides in this place…no thoughts, no memories. Darkness is something people use as way to describe their emptiness inside them.

    By Dante URL on 06.09.2016

  3. “Darkness…” Coates pondered, shaking his head in the peculiar fashion unique to Therapods, “What is that?”

    Stationed on a planet trapped between trinary stars, Brooke had no way to explain the concept of darkness to the residents of the alien world. In a society without night, filled with photosynthetic beings who had no need and no desire for buildings, how would she find a way to sleep?

    By Kevin on 06.09.2016

  4. When I think of darkness these words come to mind: Lost and alone. Searching without direction, unable to see, fear and the space of unknown. Uncertainty and quiet. Peacefulness, stillness, asleep, and uncomfortable.

    By Shavonda Bean on 06.09.2016

  5. The darkness of the lake pooled and rippled around Emily’s feet, the gentle light of the stars giving to shallow lake a white sheen. She giggle at the coldness that tackled her toes, and wiggled them. As she stepped in further, the water began to cling to her shorts. She giggled even more at the sensation, and after a few steps deeper into the pool, she jumped and let the water hold her up as she floated listlessly around. Her hair began to get wet, dark strands becoming plastered to her face, but she couldn’t find it in herself to care as a wave of freezing water brushed against her legs.

    By Janet URL on 06.09.2016

  6. She first appeared as a black fog. She was released from the mark of cain. She is connected to the one who trapped her most recently he also set her free. Her name is Amara. She is the darkness that you know. She is your worst fear and she will destroy your world.

    By jessica URL on 06.09.2016

  7. it engulfs you at night. scary and exciting things can happen. it releases your inhibitions yet brings out your fears. we need it to revive ourselves. we need it to let loose to let our real selves out.

    By Nik on 06.09.2016

  8. it scares me. it also scares my cat. i’m convinced there are creatures living there. it’s the same color as my soul. it’s very cool. jesus loves it.

    By nyahnyah on 06.09.2016

  9. It is hard to see. It makes me scared and lonely. I hear sounds that are familiar yet I question if they are working together to harm and frighten me. I wish for the daylight.

    By Kristin Foley on 06.09.2016

  10. You’re unaware of the situation. You think it’s all fine but really it’s not You’ve been stuck in the darkness for all this time. What will it take to bring you to light, catch you up to speed? Or do you just love being left in the darkness.

    By Nicole Castellano on 06.09.2016

  11. The darkness settles in and the even the candle light isn’t as bright as it once was. But that doesn’t mean that the time for mourning has burrowed deep for winter yet – no, not yet.

    For now, it’s just me alone in an empty room waltzing with Death whispering 1, 2, 3 1,2,3 won’t you join me for this lovely waltz with my dearest friend Death.

    By M. Rene' URL on 06.09.2016

  12. black

    By brenda on 06.09.2016

  13. darkness is absence of light. absence of light festers ignorance and intolerance. a culture of intolerance leads to the kind of societal problems that can uproot entire civilizations. Turning our focus to solutions, we need to counter darkness with light. Like Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said, ” Darkness cant drive out darkness. only Light can do that.”

    By Aseem Kumar on 06.09.2016

  14. it seeped into the cracks and the corners, an alien force that threatened to stifle the life that had long thrived in this room. Like a living thing it crept into the crevices and made its home, vowing never to leave. And I couldn’t fight it, couldn’t prevent it. It stained everything it touched, and nothing I could do would wash it away.

    By Courka URL on 06.09.2016

  15. darkness is absence of all light. Darkness is feeling hopeless and lost. darkness is driving into a wall when the brakes fail. darkness is running on a ridge of sand collapsing behind you. darkness is hate. darkness is Donald Trump as POTUS2016.

    By browncrusader URL on 06.09.2016

  16. Darkness is feeling hopeless and lost. darkness is driving into a wall when the brakes fail. darkness is running on a ridge of sand collapsing behind you. darkness is hate. darkness is Donald Trump as POTUS2016.

    By browncrusader URL on 06.09.2016

  17. Darkness falls. Does it fall over the day, smothering the sun? Or does it fall away, the sun risen up to rescue us from the things that live in shadows? What about the people who live there too? The ones who either can’t face the day or find themselves truly alive only at night? Are they slayed by the bright burning ball in the sky every morning too? What happens to them? And does the fact they live with whatever else lurks in the inky black make them monsters too?

    Then again, who said the Things were monsters at all?

    By Amanda on 06.09.2016

  18. The darkness couldn’t hide the Skeleton King’s bones. His bones glistened in the moonlight. Sometimes he wished he didn’t need to plot the death of the world with his every waking thought. But tonight he would sleep under the stars… and hope the wolves didn’t come a gnawing.

    By Rover URL on 06.09.2016

  19. June

    You walk down the narrow street
    everything suspended in cold black
    kick up the voltage
    breaths, steps
    turn to raindrops
    following, chasing each other
    everything again circular

    even in its sharpness
    life has a rhythm
    in your day job
    you mix colours
    but this is not daytime
    where clouds silently drift apart
    endlessly and
    people float by

    this is one of those times
    everything pours out
    like an upturned cup
    the night becomes
    a closed eye
    and the prints you leave
    are fresh

    By minimalist URL on 06.09.2016

  20. Old friend, how have you been.

    I always forget how you ride along, just in the backseat as my automated day goes past. I always wonder if you’re there but you reassure me with just enough doubt to drive my mood from hero to zero. So – welcome back, and enjoy this desolate wasteland you have created, this shell of a human barely functioning.

    You have front row seats this time, no need to hide in the back. I welcome you to the madness you’ve bestowed: a Carnevale delle Tenebrae if you will. So – relax, I’ll hand you some snacks in a bit, and let’s enjoy the trainwreck happening in slow-motion.

    By Z URL on 06.09.2016

  21. Darkness came crashing down on my head. No, literally: it crashed. On my head.

    I shook myself off, cotton and nylon and – leather? ew, I didn’t need to know that – flying into a heap at my feet.

    “Oh, sorry, hon!” Mom called down.

    I grumbled, kicking at the pile and yanking a sock that used to be white off my shoulder. “Maybe there’s a reason they stopped building houses with laundry chutes.”

    By ThePumpkinQueen URL on 06.09.2016

  22. It was when the stars studded the darkness that she felt like she was complete. She revelled in the way they danced and flickered, like candles in a room of roses and plates and meatloaf and love. She felt constellations above her form in a way that energised and pulled her together so immaculately, so simple and so pure.

    By may URL on 06.09.2016

  23. buio. calmo. nero. sono stata bambina anche io. con la paura del buio. ora mi piace. nasconde. protegge. ricopre. come perdere la vista, come sentirsi davvero liberi, leggeri, vuoti.

    By Didi URL on 06.10.2016

  24. Everyone has a light and dark side. Yin and Yang and all that.
    Sometimes I feel like my dark side is the one that dominates me.
    Like I’d be a Sith instead of a Jedi, a villain instead of a superhero.

    By Shay Caudwell on 06.10.2016

  25. the darkness fell like a huge comfortable quilt it covered the field in an instant.

    By Pam on 06.10.2016

  26. I didn’t know where I was going
    Or how or why or when
    And so I followed him into the darkness
    Never to leave again

    By B.E. on 06.10.2016

  27. Black . Might be blind if you didn’t know. Curtains and fear of it. Absence of light. you can’t replicate it.

    By Catherine on 06.10.2016

  28. long step stairs disappear into blackness. I stand in the doorway. My foot inching toward the threshold

    By Nomdore Gnike URL on 06.10.2016

  29. I keep on fumbling to find my way through the darkness, but I am getting so weary. I am afraid that I have already exhausted all my efforts to no avail. Is this really where I’m meant to be, lost and confused and very lonely?

    By Zoe Jen URL on 06.10.2016

  30. I can’t deal with this again. No more, please change. It’s been dark for so long. The light breaks through sometimes and makes me cry inside – I know it will only disappear once more.

    By Amanda on 06.10.2016

  31. As darkness started to creep in as the sun went down all of started going to sleep and doing the things we needed to do before going to sleep.

    By ThatGuy^ on 06.10.2016

  32. Darkness the one thing that is like gravity you cant exactly see it but its still there.

    By firecadet on 06.10.2016

  33. You do realize that the man in the darkness the one slinking in the shadows. the one named firecadet is the most powerful person for miles around.

    By ThatGuy^ on 06.10.2016

  34. It is the opposite of light. Mostly used in a negative connotation, but I find darkness comforting. It can shield you. Whereas with light everything is exposed, darkness can wrap itself around you like a warm, protective blanket. Darkness is safety.

    By Alyssa on 06.10.2016

  35. Darkness is very close to me. My heart is dark, my mind twisted, and my soul cracked! Without darkness, I would cease to exist. I’m so accustomed to my darkness, I find light intimidating!

    By prettybroken URL on 06.10.2016

  36. Darkness. When I think of darkness, I think of lack of light. I think of evil. Darkness rhymes with shark-ness…which is not a word. However, sharkness is a cooler word than darkness. Sharkness might mean something like, being very sharky, or something like that. Wow. I hit back and it is allowing me to type AGAIN for 60 seconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnds. I am over it becasue I already wrote about darkness & sharkness. Now I feel like I need to write about, hmmm, idk,….can’t think of anything….barkness is all that comes to mind.

    By Gabi on 06.10.2016

  37. The counterpart to light. One can not exist without he other, they are two sides to the same coin. We all exhibit both light and dark in ourselves, acknowledged or not. The darkness doesn’t necessarily blot out the light and the light doesn’t necessarily lessen the darkness, they both exist independent of the other, battling for control of each moment we face.

    By ABot URL on 06.10.2016

  38. As the dusk starts to settle, darkness began to envelop the world around Yoroni. he didn’t expect it to come so fast. All alone in the vast forest

    By asd URL on 06.10.2016

  39. The complete darkness of the small room and the hum of the air conditioner make it a perfect cave like experience to have a great nap.

    By Nancy URL on 06.10.2016

  40. The darkness emerged from the trees and spread through the sky. They were all frightened at first, and then mystified and entranced by the shifting patterns. “It’s starlings,” the girl whispered. And the family watched as the cloud expanded to cover most of the sky, then contracted into a thin black line and then the flock moved away, allowing the sunlight to reach the ground again.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.10.2016