August 5th, 2012 | 289 Entries

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289 Entries for “dare”

  1. truth or dare. i dare you to dare drug free in elementary school. expelled from dare program, dare program does snot affect childrens drug choices has no purpose or

    By michele on 08.06.2012

  2. I dare to tell important thing to my best friends who dare open thire

    By aomlete on 08.06.2012

  3. i dared myself to do it. jump. jump further than before, go further than before. i knew i could do it, but i hadn’t tried in case i hurt myself more, that is what i feared more than moving forward, was hurting more that i already do.

    By Grace on 08.06.2012

  4. dare. hope. dream. Are they one and the same? Do you need one to have another?

    By whit URL on 08.06.2012

  5. dare you
    say smething and they have to do it
    i dare u to kiss a book
    i dont know
    i dare u to kiss a computer
    i dare u to do a job for mr tonight

    By fatima on 08.06.2012

  6. Go forth and chase your dreams. Do not think about what you might regret, because there is nothing worse to regret than not knowing what could have been. Dare to dream, dare to go, and dare to find the answers to all your questions. Dare.

    By ljhao URL on 08.06.2012

  7. I dare you to think of something that you would never do…and then do it. Was it as bad as you thought it would be? Of course not.

    By PetitePommes on 08.06.2012

  8. Have you ever played truth or dare? It can be a fun game if you have the right people and the dares around too scandalous. But you can get to know people in a fun way too if they choose to answer something truthfully. Playing truth or dare is kind of lame, if you’re a kid, you don’t really know what to ask, and the dare is something I would have done anyway. But when you play the game as an adult, well, I’m sure you know how that goes…

    By one shoe URL on 08.06.2012

  9. I’m afraid of risk. When given the option to choose truth or dare, I choose truth because I’m afraid. I know that if it comes to it, I can lie, but in a dare you either do it or you’re a ‘pussy’. I don’t want life to simply pass me by while I stand here clueless and frightened. I want to say yes to life’s opportunities and dare myself to move. Because I’m afraid that if I don’t move, I’ll stay still. I’ll stay still and and one day I’ll take a step forward to my death.

    By Lola URL on 08.06.2012

  10. “I dare you.” Something that most people will hear countless times in their life. From innocent dares to knock and bomb a house to teenage “I dare you to kiss that guy” dares.

    By Ashleigh on 08.06.2012

  11. Dare to be human. Most people are not even animals, the animal kingdom is so far superior to the human race. I say dare to be human as God intended humankind to think. Think on the power of the Lord for the Big Bang didn’t come from just an experiment.

    By Jamie URL on 08.06.2012

  12. The most daring act Hellen ever did was to ride without the seat belt on, when she turned 18. Fortunately, she didn’t suffered major injuries when the car crashed.

    By Nuno URL on 08.06.2012

  13. dare. like truth or dare. some people never turn down a dare. i, on the other hand, always turn down dares. i can’t stand to be embarrassed. some people like the attention. a dare can also be seen as a risk or chance to take. you will most likely never have the opportunity to do it again, so why not do it? take a risk. take a chance. you’re only young once. you only live once. take every chance life throws at you because you never know where you might end up and what you might end up regretting. take a dare.

    By Kirsten Alexia URL on 08.06.2012

  14. I mean out of all the words I could have gotten haha… I’ve never really been bold enough for dares really. Something about my self image I guess.? I mean I also don’t like being told what to do and having the fact that if I don’t dot that thing I’ll be branded as a wimp or something like it.

    By kiara URL on 08.06.2012

  15. Have you really dared to do something that you were absolutely terrified if but felt that you must do? We all dare sometimes in our lives. We need to dare. Because sometimes life calls for daring acts. So what was the last time you dared to do something really daring?

    By Som on 08.06.2012

  16. Would you dare to love? Surely such a sweet and melodious thing is not evil?
    I tell you now that all love is a dare that ends with tragedy.
    Heed my warning and be aware of the dare.

    By shanoony on 08.06.2012

  17. Thats what it all started with; a dare.
    I have never wanted to touch one of those things but, okay i guess im not making much sense. My dare was to awaken a spirit with an Oujia boared. Dont get me wrong i know what they do but it was do the dare or get done for the drugs. I guess its not really a dare, its more of a forfit. I wish i’d never of got involed with those people, thier bad.

    By mee123 on 08.06.2012

  18. A dare can throw you off a bridge. A dare can walk an old lady across the street. A dare can make you ill. A dare can make you happy. A dark can do whatever it is a dare wants to do.

    By robbiehadd URL on 08.06.2012

  19. dre is one should have to achieve suicces in life but dare to do good things is of some worth or else it will ruin yiur life dare if u right nd dare to fight also for ur frnds nd all the people who are rite plssssssss.

    By tithi modi on 08.06.2012

  20. It was all a joke. It was only a joke, honest. That’s all. He wasn’t meant to take it so seriously. I guess he felt a need to prove himself, being as new in the group as he was. He hadn’t needed to though. Not to me at least. I mean, the other made fun of him sometimes but it was only teasing, really.

    By Raiine URL on 08.06.2012

  21. I don’t dare, but I have. I dare all the time – live a life of daring, but stupid dares – the not-thinking kind, the not justice-kind are the ones I want to avoid. Daring living, where you break out of life’s mold, that’s the dare for me. I’m not so sure about others – are they asleep or is it a case of simple-minded YOLO?

    By Mike on 08.06.2012

  22. I dare you to sit and write for a minute without really thinking about what you are typing. Simple you may think. But I sit and watch you stumble as you write. Your fingers fumble across the keys waiting to hit the right letter and create genius.

    By Kerry URL on 08.06.2012

  23. Dare to do whatever the fuck you want. That’s the cliche I bet most people started off with here. Dares are dangerous, you don’t actually want to do them. . . do you?

    By Connor on 08.06.2012

  24. ‘It’s time to take down your enemies, son,’ his friend said with a heavy handed slap to the boy’s back.

    Eleven took a tentative step forwards, shaking in his cloth gloves, not even daring to face his school yard opponent. Could he do it? Throw the punches he needed to?

    ‘I dare you.’

    By genahtastic URL on 08.06.2012

  25. It was a dare. And I remember telling my sister we couldn’t do it. I look back now, all these years later, and while it was tame in comparison to the things that are a daily part of our lives now, I remember making the call at the popular girl’s slumber party that we weren’t going to do what everyone else was forced to do. I’m proud of 11 year old me. Taking that unpopular stand made me a better person.

    By Shannon on 08.06.2012

  26. the ability to do things that you only think about and goating yourself into believing you won’t do it but you can if made to. the idea that dreams aren’t impossible any idea has plausability to be done if you so desire to and are determined to.

    By Jason Stives URL on 08.06.2012

  27. I dare you to do this. i dare you to do that. I’ve heard it a million times. I’ve PLAYED it a million times but it never gets old. Memories are made and laughter is shared. Truth and Dare really is a the best game to play with my sisters.

    By Ira on 08.06.2012

  28. John used to look at disdain at the Rodniansky brothers. They chased each other down the street below his window. They dared each other do to things; when they were small, climbing fences, jumping off the deep end of the pool; then sneaking into the basement of the deserted house down the corner, asking the pretty girl out in front of everyone. They always got themselves into trouble. But they turned out decent in the end, headed towards a career in business. They had a mutually developed courage John didn’t have. Maybe that was why he had been unable to veer off the path to the safe and comfy job in academia that awaited him.

    By Holden URL on 08.06.2012

  29. In the very center of a rolled up piece of salami with cream cheese inside is a Chinese fortune cookie fortune paper strip. Your lucky number is not particularly lucky. You will not know love. All your fortunes will be greasy.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.06.2012

  30. “I dare you,” she said, “to jump off that cliff, spread your wings, and fly.”

    Her words were first hilarity, now they drive me on as I soar and spit against the sky. What did you think would happen, witch? Did you think you would see me dashed to bits against the rocks far below? Did you think you would finally be rid of the one person who can see past the marble mask?

    But here I am. There’s something that spikes through you, the adrenaline, of being told to do something you are not meant to do.

    By haywirehay URL on 08.06.2012

  31. Do I dare to eat a peach?
    Do I dare to take a risk?
    Why not. Life is short
    full of pleasant and not so
    pleasant surprises round the corner.
    Dare to be bold and to have fun. Dare to
    see the bright flowers after the storm.
    Dare to love who you want to love!!!

    By Robin on 08.06.2012

  32. Da. Es blitzte kurz auf und verschwand wieder. Die Dunkelheit summte leise. Dann ein Pfiff und das Licht erschien größer aber weiter entfernt. Karolina erschauderte. Sollte der alte Mann doch recht gehabt haben?

    By Eli URL on 08.06.2012

  33. What is a dare? Is it a scare? Do you have to be afraid to climb that stair? Is it a tactic to push you in a forward direction? I think so. A dare does not scare me. Today I can cross the river without a care because someone cared enough to dare me.

    By Chezrobin URL on 08.06.2012

  34. Manchmal, da muss man etwas riskieren, auch wenn man weiß, dass es in die Hose geht. Schon oft hätte ich riskieren müssten – tat es aber nicht. Immer auf dem halben Weg kehre ich doch um. Wie eine Katze, die sich gaaaaaanz lang macht, um irgendwo ran zu kommen, aber sich doch nicht so ganz traut und mit dem Hinterteil vorsichtshalber mal hinten bleibt. Genau so bin ich. Ich sollte einfach mal was riskieren.

    By Deni URL on 08.06.2012

  35. They wanted me to do it. And I promised to stick to my dare whatever I was given. I always keep promises.
    So my friends watched me stride out into the dance floor. I grabbed his arm and made him face me, he was so handsome…
    And I kissed him.

    By Hatty on 08.06.2012

  36. I dare you to love me. I dare you to care. I dare you to dare yourself to go beyond any measure of self doubt and say those wonderful three words. Would you? Would you if I double-dog-dared you? How about triple-dog-dared you? Never will you break that dare…

    By Janilien URL on 08.06.2012

  37. Я посмею. Слышишь? Я обязательно пройду мимо тебя, толкну и поздороваюсь. Нагло, в своем стиле. И ты не сможешь меня не заметить. Еще бы! Я ведь не серая мышь. Я сумею заставить себя быть яркой.

    By Lesia URL on 08.06.2012

  38. i dare you onw word to stop giving me the word dare and give me a different word. that would be quite useful because i have done this word several times.

    By Lizzy Smithe URL on 08.06.2012

  39. “I dare you to do it,” she whispered.
    “I couldn’t. It’s almost treason.”
    “Sure you can Donnie, I’ll do it first.”
    The British children then grabbed hands and ran around the block yelling “We hate Harry Potter and JK Rowling is a twit!”

    By Maureen on 08.06.2012

  40. It was to be a simple dare, but hearing the heavy footsteps not far behind me, as I continued to thrash through the woods, I knew that he was taking it to a new level. We were alone out there in the dense woods. There was nothing making a noise, not even a bird’s chirping ahead. Instead, all I heard was him coming closer and his yelling, promising me pain. Maybe I shouldn’t have kicked him that hard, but when someone pushed, I pushed back.

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 08.06.2012