January 19th, 2015 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “cursed”

  1. Bad luck follows you around like a black rainy cloud. Nothing good can come from a curse. Witches, Warlocks and evil demons curse good hearted people with bad luck to fulfill their evil need to conquer the earth.

    By Shavonne on 01.19.2015

  2. The a cursed baconnators of sector 12 stole and ate all the cheese from our world. They destroyed all of the cheese factories after they took all of the factories cheesy resources.

    By JM URL on 01.19.2015

  3. they may still exist. witches ladies and gentleman. withces. they are the first thing that come to my mind when i hear the word cursed. you get cursed by a witch for saying something stupid an zaaaaaap. you’re a frog.

    By Lee URL on 01.19.2015

  4. She looked at her dark blood that was gathering in a puddle at her feet. It was too late now. Everything hurt. Her jaw clenched as she drew her knife and readied herself for the inevitable.

    By Sigrid Marie URL on 01.19.2015

  5. when i think of the word cursed i think of bad stuff it going to happent to you when i think of the word cursed i think of witches and that what i think about the word cursed

    By Jen002 URL on 01.19.2015

  6. Sometimes I feel I’m cursed – with good looks, I mean. It’s not my fault that I’m blessed with naturally thick hair, a winning, white smile, and the height that most investment bankers would kill for. Everyone knows that being tall means you can be trusted. If it weren’t for my tiny, tiny penis, I’d be perfect.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 01.19.2015

  7. Arnold was a terrier. That’s it. A regular, run of the mill dog – not even purebred. He was cursed, though. At just two years of age (fourteen in dog years) he’d had over a dozen owners, and each one had suffered a life altering, if not ending, accident.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 01.19.2015

  8. Everything made sense now. Why she couldn’t accomplish anything, why she could never find a boyfriend, why her family dismissed her as though she didn’t matter at all. She was cursed.

    By Stephanie on 01.19.2015

  9. A smile spread slowly across her lips as she took in a deep breath. Her body shook from the inside out, but she knew she had to go in. Pulling her bag next closer to her hip, she walked in with the fake smile. She was cursed to keep others happy, but her own happiness did not matter.

    By Spirit-Writer URL on 01.19.2015

  10. Sometimes I think I’m cursed. I find myself falling in love, opening myself up to someone, reaching for a connection. To finally connect with someone at last, it’s like a fireworks show. Brilliant and dazzling, with loud noises and pretty lights, music playing to pull it all together like a reality movie with two hearts as the stars and one of them is mine. It’s all so magical. And then I messed it all up. I shared my words and you ran. You claimed to see beauty, truth, all I wanted to convey, but whenever I actually touch you and you can feel it–you withdraw, retreat, spew with anger or envy or a violation, and go. Do you truly not understand? To write my words, capture them on paper and screen, and to have them turned away by the one I trust, the one I thought I knew, my one… To bare my heart, my fears, my joys, my thoughts, my love… and pushed away for it again, over and over again. My heart can’t fathom, my mind can’t grasp, and my love weeps in hopelessness. My eyes seek out light again, hopeful; but the rest goes into storage as you push me into detaching. My inspiration squelched and exiled even in the slightest playful spark. Again. Lost… wandering… alone again I sit. You desire constant reassurance of love’s presence, yet if your actions cannot match your words, my words and all the hope I embraced within them, serve no purpose. And neither do I within your life.

    By JDwrites URL on 01.19.2015

  11. That cursed girl, she thought I loved her! I simply needed an answer to the homework, and she turned it into everything it wasn’t. I only had eyes for Grace. Arguably, she was pretty… STOP IT. NO. And her hair smelled like cotton… That’s not important! Grace would be marrying me in a few months and that was all that mattered.

    By Peter McGee on 01.19.2015

  12. when you find that one person your brain sticks to like gum on the bottom of your old sneaker, you are cursed. cursed because once he is there he never leaves. cursed because once he is stuck on you, you are never clean

    By Avery on 01.19.2015

  13. I could feel the curse overcoming my body. It swept through me, leaving each limb feeling heavy and tingly. She couldn’t have just been normal and dealt with it? No, she had to curse me.

    By Grace Finchel on 01.19.2015

  14. I am cursed
    My curse traces my veins
    Rocks my bones
    I scream
    I cry
    But no one can hear me
    It’s deadly
    It kills
    Some call it silence
    I call it the death of me

    By lizzy URL on 01.19.2015

  15. The old man didn’t like the loud and noisy little hooligan, James. So he got his witch of a wife to put a tragic curse on James. James was a bad boy. The curse was the awful kind that was deserving of no man, woman, or child.

    By Emily Theriac on 01.19.2015

  16. Everything went wrong today, staring with breaking my shoe laces. Then there was the flat tire.FML! The last straw was the train blocking my route to work. Nothing went right this morning. Except the fact that after all those delays I was 3 minutes behind the drunk who ran the red light and broad-sided another vehicle, killing the driver

    By mtnslamgrass URL on 01.19.2015

  17. her lips are cursed, i tell you. with chants they’re calling mine like the day calls her sun; to a sweet inescapable desolation. in her darkness, i’ll be her light, that all consumed at dusk.

    By edrianredentor URL on 01.19.2015

  18. is a ship that i bye and it is called the dolphin cruiser

    By ava on 01.19.2015

  19. i love my dolhfin crioser

    By ava on 01.19.2015

  20. we have not been on a curse or on thee sea.

    By bethany on 01.19.2015

  21. She cursed the Gods for doing this to her. The Gods she didn’t even believe in a week ago but now were telling her she was some sort of prophet destined to die to live out some fantasy written thousands of years before her birth. Frak you all wasn’t even close to strong enough.

    By SK URL on 01.19.2015

  22. “They say that the Proffer family was cursed back in 1891,” said the old man who had decided to converse with me by the bus stop. “Have you heard of the Proffer family?”

    “No,” I replied. “I just moved here.”

    The old man wrinkled his nose and let out a warm rivulet of air from between his lips. “Lovely local family,” he muttered. “Pity what happened to them. All over some silly Native American burial grounds.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.19.2015

  23. a sickness. something you cant be rid of. Can be a blessing. seen as a torment of the soul. some say humanity is cursed since we a doomed to die. Curses can be cured to, can death be cured.

    By Wendy on 01.19.2015

  24. He was cursed so he sought he services of a curse breaker.

    “Heal my soul,” he said, placed his money down on the table and pushed it over, but a soft hand closed over his. Gentle eyes and a whispered voice spoke in tandem, “That won’t be needed here.”

    By Intuition URL on 01.19.2015

  25. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe what I’m turning into. Is this really who I am? Is this some kind of curse? I just want to be who I’ve always been. I don’t want this. I want my old life back.

    By Sammie on 01.19.2015

  26. I was there, on the edge of the brush staring back at the monster behind me. As my feet were close to the edge, I could not move. I looked again. It was right there, with it’s cursed smile and wicked tone. What was I to do now? Her dark pale green eyes made you feel a sense of depression. A sense of death. She was mocking me, and i had nothing to do but fall or give in. Either way, I would die. So I stepped backwards.

    By Margaret on 01.19.2015

  27. she was cursed by the wicked witch from north, not to be mistaken with the wicked with from the south – she was much more tanned and more wicked, as the legends say. the girl could do anything but breathing.

    By patrycja on 01.19.2015

  28. I was cursed with this ability. Hair grew out of my arms to shield my body. My legs broke, twisting to conform into an animal. Everything changed when I became a wolf. I no longer knew any of my friends. I had teeth that could bite, and eyes that could kill.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 01.19.2015

  29. A little bird in a tree
    What is in store for me?
    Is my life so perfetc that I’m blessed?
    Or just so dull it is deemed cursed?
    I love what I really have now,
    So may I seek refuge in a flimsy bow,
    So let me feel the world go down,
    But as a bird, I would have flown.

    By Yuuki Asuna on 01.19.2015

  30. She knew she was cursed before anyone else ever did. her grandmother called her for dinner just like any other day, but she wore her hands in gloves, so no one could see the purple-black bruises stemming from her knuckles. they’d think she got in a fight. but it was so much more than that.

    By Dia on 01.19.2015

  31. cursed. a witch sent a curse on some one. they will forever have a demon following them. said demon has wings and a tail. he likes cupcakes and will make small comments on people you pass by on the street. no one else can see him but you. he is really friendly with dogs and doesn’t like cats. you’ve taken him to the zoo a few times. he wanted to ride a giraffe. it doesn’t really seem like a curse at all.

    By Talia on 01.19.2015

  32. Aisling always believed she was cursed. There was something about the poisonous words that could come out of her mouth that could come true — whether it was a matter of seconds, days, months, years, even… it didn’t matter. She was cursed. Even if she didn’t mean it, even if it was just a joke, even the worst things could come true.
    That’s why she kept her mouth shut about everyone else, that’s why she only said things that were positive, for the fear that anything less than that could come true and come back to knock her down more than they had before. (She didn’t want to kill anyone else she never wanted that)
    That’s why she kept her mouth shut about her insecurities about Syaoran. (What if one day he realizes that he doesn’t like me? That I’m not good enough for him? What if he leaves? What if, what if, what if…)
    It hurt to keep it inside, Aisling hated to keep it inside, but she always managed to suppress the urge to say anything out loud. (Which, ironically, she always encouraged the rest of her crew to speak their minds, after all, “It’s healthy to, and it doesn’t help to keep anything inside.”) She kept up her smile, kept her chin up, and tried not to think about those dangerous thoughts while she snuggled up against Syaoran’s side. Anything so that he wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong, so he would never ask, and so she would never have the urge to let those words spill out and come true. And of course, Aisling could never tell him about her curse.
    Because who would ever love a cursed being once they knew the truth?

    By Jem URL on 01.19.2015

  33. The prince was a tall and aristocratic looking young man, blessed with beauty and sharp wit. However, like most of his bloodline, he was cursed with melancholy and was prone to black moods that alienated him from those around him, be they compatriots, advisers or the closest of friends. He was a difficult sort to get along with and lord father was secretly grateful that this fiercely intelligent and fiercely vindictive young man wasn’t the first in the line of succession.

    By The Ersatz Gentleman URL on 01.19.2015

  34. He gasped as his vision went blurry. What was happening to him?
    “I am the one who cursed you, and it is I who must remove it,” I voice echoed in his head as his vision faded and he blacked out.

    By *insert pen name here* on 01.19.2015

  35. “Cursed to drink the blood of the innocent and haunt the night until the end of time, blah, blah, blah; you’ve heard the story a thousand times, right? Well, it’s crap. Total crap,”
    “Oh, yeah. Vamps’re always trying to play up the whole ‘dark and mysterious’ thing but, hang around ’em long enough, and the mystery? Poof, gone. Minus their whole exsanguination habit, bloodsuckers’re just like you and me, boring bits included,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.19.2015

  36. Damned and defiled
    brought low by the name
    defamed and abolished
    from the lists of mankind
    stayed beneath the Hellish
    rhythms taken down low
    to the brethren of cinders and ash

    By Protean URL on 01.19.2015

  37. There are days when nothing goes right: have to go into work way too early, stay too late, come home to eaten slippers and dogs clawing for attention, boyfriend won’t talk when he said he would, go to bed and it’s too cold, put more blankets on and it’s too hot…Some days, I just feel cursed.

    Thank goodness those days aren’t permanent. Different days come with different curses, but also surprising blessings…

    By Julie URL on 01.19.2015

  38. I’m not really cursed. I just need more will power and control. But attributing problems to curses is a pretty great excuse. It’s out of my hands.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword URL on 01.19.2015

  39. i am so beautiful. who cursed me to be this way? why am i so amazingly beautiful? will i ever know?

    By rhey quaza on 01.19.2015

  40. SHe glared down at the shaking figure with heavily-lidded, bloodshot eyes. Her ruby-stained lips pursed. “I am not happy,” she said, her voice clear and strong, “I am not happy at all. In fact, I am ac-curse-ed.”

    By Genevieve on 01.19.2015