February 20th, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “curse”

  1. It’s a curse that I’m having such terrible writers block. It’s as if an illiterate witch is keeping me from accomplishing my goals. She hates me.

    By Abby on 02.20.2012

  2. a blessing or a curse. each and every moment carries within the power of the double edged sword. there is an angel on your left shoulder and a devil on the right. from moment to moment they speak, using the same voice. do it… what have you got to lose? do it… what have you got to lose?

    By debra on 02.20.2012

  3. The curse in her blood, nothing she ever asked for, a gift from her father that made him turn her away. Even he, a fellow cursed soul couldn’t save her from what was meant to happen. At first, a long time ago, it was a curse. Slowly, as many things do, it changed. With her new family it didn’t seem so bad.

    By Cassie URL on 02.20.2012

  4. Oh another curse
    could things get any worse.
    First your talk and now this
    I’ve only to face this burden.

    By Yuki URL on 02.20.2012

  5. it’s just a word.

    By Abby on 02.20.2012

  6. he tells me i am
    the worst thing
    that has ever happened.
    that he wishes
    he could subtract me
    from his life. something

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 02.20.2012

  7. The curse. It was the only one he could remember anymore. It was *the* curse. The forbidden curse. Draco sighed and put his wand away and turned away.

    By mackedee URL on 02.20.2012

  8. He was cursed, from the inside out. Everyday his soul blackened and the blood slowly drained itself from his heart. He was dying as the demons inside him came to life.

    By Kaylyn URL on 02.20.2012

  9. Loyalty.
    That’s my curse.
    I am perdictably, unfailingly loyal to a fault. I will not, cannot, do something that will harm even a former friend.
    Because at one point, even if it was countless years ago, they meant something to me.
    And even when there is good cause to say something cold or cruel, to ignore the person, to shout and scream and throw things, I cannot force the words out, cannot block out their attempts at conversation, cannot break down into some much-needed hysteria.
    I can think everything I want to say to them, I can internalize all my anger or distrust, but I can never, ever, outwardly betray some one I once considered a friend.

    It seems like I am the only one left with such antiquated views.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.20.2012

  10. Have mercy, Lord and free me from these curses I was born under and thunder through life with new cards and decks we’ve never seen. And I’m green and every other color not confined to hue but just human dispositions and this attrition is frightening and I’m biting not chomping at bits and chunks and myths debunked scooping out this gunk of living and giving away everything I can but dammit, nothing comes back in.

    By Kiera URL on 02.20.2012

  11. you’ll have to be better than that to catch me
    cause’ there’s no way the wolves are getting in
    I’m no curse from father frost

    By leah URL on 02.20.2012

  12. The first word I heard you utter when I spilled coffee on your notes, I thought you were angry at your ruined schoolwork. But you were worried that I might have to step back out into the cold to get us new drinks. It was the beginning of the end to your caffeine addiction. It was the end of the beginning to my beating around the bush.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.20.2012

  13. They told me not to reach to far in, not to grip so hard that the knuckles on my graying fingers went white. Breath, breath, breath in through burning nostrils with wicked tongue lolling about on the surface of a mortician’s workspace and leave behind the boy with a penchant for making things bleed.

    By N.J. URL on 02.20.2012

  14. The witch cackled her scariest cackle.
    Princess Layne burst into tears.
    Prince Jon could no longer speak.
    And the world was forever changed.

    By Rebecca on 02.20.2012

  15. Curse you! The curses are both symbolic and literal, like things always are. What the fuck is going on here? Did you know that curses actually can make you feel better? The act of saying a curse gives a voice to our internal feelings and actually lessens our pain. What an interesting concept.

    By Jess.Dream. URL on 02.20.2012

  16. He was forever cursed with this affliction. No one knew, yet everyone knew that something was wrong. He was disfigured, inside and out. It was never to be fixed, never to be helped. He was stuck, he was lost forever. It was his cross to bear.

    By Rebecca on 02.20.2012

  17. She wanted to scream up at the sky, and tear things apart, curse his name, throw magical curses at him. But she couldn’t. Was no the first rule, “Do no harm”? Besides, Karma would come back and kick her ass later. But that didn’t stop her from wanting to lay curse after curse upon him for cheating on her and breaking her heart.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.20.2012

  18. And as I grudgingly made my way home I reflected upon my curse of having to break bread with he whom never has to break a sweat in order to receive his daily ration. I couldn’t help but try to find peace in this most enraging of situations.

    By Ruben URL on 02.20.2012

  19. worst. hurst. best. rest. fest. new. detests.

    By Sean on 02.20.2012

  20. If he believed in a god, he would have prayed. But his curse was intelligence and it kept him from talking to the still darken in his room during times of desperation.

    By lilldeh URL on 02.20.2012

  21. It must have been a curse. I’d never had issues with my hair falling out while brushing. I think I know who was the blame for it too. It must have been the little quiet girl from math class. She’d always been jealous of me. She even said “yes, your hair looks so pretty today” when people were complementing on my new hair color.

    By Alyss URL on 02.20.2012

  22. This is a damn subject that we could argue for fucking days–is it good to once in a while curse? I read a study once )had to have been a Harvard study because it was so believable) that cursing lowers your risk for heart-attack. So the maxim should actually be: A curse word a day keeps the fucking Dr. away.

    By Chris URL on 02.20.2012

  23. flying, across the universe, i came upon a curse. it made it into the second verse. can youbelieve \that is the worst just get me my hearse. call the nurse i’m cursed.

    By Dustin on 02.20.2012

  24. She read the curse out loud. Everyone listened to it. No one believed in any of these silly superstitions. The curse seemed to do nothing. We flipped through the book some more. There wasn’t anything interesting in it. At least, that’s what we thought at the time.

    By S.K. Kramer URL on 02.20.2012

  25. would it be right to call it a curse; that my lungs gasp for air, that my pulse turns rapid, that my heart plays that well known beat – whenever my name escapes your lips.

    By tericampos URL on 02.20.2012

  26. a curse.
    Is a waste of breath.

    By Marina URL on 02.20.2012

  27. love

    By Lola Empire URL on 02.20.2012

  28. Ah freedom. Let lose. Who cares. Let go. Curse. Curse when it feels good. Curse when you’re alone. Scream it loud. Scream it filthy. Shock yourself. Curse and then be freed. It’s over. It’s done. Feels good. It’s over. Ah.

    By lynn nightengale on 02.20.2012

  29. haunted

    By Damiane URL on 02.20.2012

  30. for a curse so sweet, it would take a stroke of luck that was just plainly impossible. For now he’d have to do without free snickers for life……

    By Damiane URL on 02.20.2012

  31. You look at the person next to you. He’s standing too close. The person beside you? She’s sneezing and coughing without covering her mouth. And the man in front of you? He’s dusting the dandruff off his shirt. You’re stuck in the petri dish of germs known as an elevator; inside your head you’re cursing.

    By Anthony URL on 02.20.2012

  32. So, you tell me, what do i think about when you show me the word curse. Well i don’t know. All i can think of at the moment is the speech i’m trying to write . Curse that.

    By Florence on 02.20.2012

  33. I think that it is impossible to live life without trouble, but I don’t believe in curses, I do though, believe in blessings

    By Terry on 02.20.2012

  34. The curse, haha, well that’s easy … being a writer. Curse articulation, curse paper, curse my keyboard, and after it all comes something that looks kinda pretty, like a Phoenix.

    By Tyson Jopson on 02.21.2012

  35. She cursed quietly to herself. She would never say it out loud to her, but she felt it with every ounce of her being. Anger was welling up inside. Bubbling, about to flow out uncontrollably.

    By Lana on 02.21.2012

  36. A curse can be a witch’s curse or a blessed curse; the former a thing of stories and fantasies and the latter can be something like marriage. This statement may raise a few eyebrows but being someone who has been married for 3 and a half years I can testify to this as a fact.

    By Satish Thiagarajan on 02.21.2012

  37. I curse you technology.
    Damn you and your curse-ors!

    By Robyn on 02.21.2012

  38. A curse can be cutting, confronting and not cool.
    A curse by someone is not needed.

    By Robyn on 02.21.2012

  39. I was thinking of the concept of curse yesterday, and thought if someone ever said they were cursed it was just a way to explain the unexplainable, and not having to take responsibility for it. Is there such a thing a being cursed, or do you simply keep making the same mistakes?

    By Menno URL on 02.21.2012

  40. She’d cursed him; a spell, for eternity. No other woman would compare, he would be consumed with lust for her. Always.

    By Laura URL on 02.21.2012