May 16th, 2011 | 612 Entries

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612 Entries for “curious”

  1. The cat stalked the dustball as if it was a gray mouse darting around corners. The cat had an uncanny desire to pounce ,not hungry, just to pounce.

    By C on 05.16.2011

  2. I am curious about everything. I think that is the only healthy mentality to maintain. The second you are not curious anymore is the second you accept ignorance. My curiosities are satiated by reading for the most part. I believe reading is the gateway to knowledge, and therefore it has become one of my passions. Nothing is greater than having a book you can’t put down.

    By Andrea Cohen on 05.16.2011

  3. She was so very curious to see her new little sister. She was told by her father that the stork had brought her but she knew that mommy had her in the hospital. She was so ecstatic about her sibling. She couldnt wait to show her sister the ways of the world.

    By Patricia Fowler on 05.16.2011

  4. The pink pastel buds.
    Blooming quick and new, how so?
    Life I say, start.

    By Lillian URL on 05.16.2011

  5. “Curious,” he says as he walks away from her. She debates whether she should let him investigate because she’s been spending her whole life sealing everything up all tight with thick packing rope so even UPS has to get a pocket knife to get a peek at her splendor.

    By L on 05.16.2011

  6. wondering, child, questioning, innocent, school, learning, growing up,

    By ashlee on 05.16.2011

  7. Investigative. wondering

    By Madeline on 05.16.2011

  8. Bi-curious. It gets such a bad wrap. As if with every moment of your life one has to attribute a certainty, commit to something whole heartedly. And to assume that something as fluid as sexuality – we close ourselves off from experience, opportunity and exploration. We should approach life with bi-curiosity of all things. My mantra today. Thanks oneword /-)

    By visage URL on 05.16.2011

  9. the cat died . it was a terrible demise. a terrible loss because it was so pretty. but lucky for him he has nine lives.

    By annabonana on 05.16.2011

  10. I am extremely curious to see what is going to happen with us. We just met and things are going so well, but it never works out with me, so I am curious to see if this one might be the one. Maybe not “the one” but someone that could finally replace the heartbreak of the ex. I want that feeling back. I am also curious to know if he is simply that full of shit asshole who pretends to be sweet, isn’t a player, but in reality, is “that guy”.

    By Ad on 05.16.2011

  11. like cats. im curious to learn, curious to experience and curious to know. but with that curiosity comes fear. im scared because curiosity killed the cat. i dont want to be that cat that was just too curious. im curious but not too curious. how curious is too curious? am i too curious?

    By haley on 05.16.2011

  12. curiosity is a wonderful thing. It takes us to places we might not otherwise go. I don’t know what is more curious? The way we hate or the way we love.

    By Rebecca on 05.16.2011

  13. curiosity kills the cat. being curious saved the wounded man in the woods.curious arn’t we all.

    By carly brown on 05.16.2011

  14. When nothing quite adds up, and your questions are still unfulfilled. The people you trusted, loved, haven’t quite come clean, and now, you now nothing, have nothing. No answers, no truths. Just those same burning questions that keep you up at night.

    By Nance on 05.16.2011

  15. The things you say leave me.. curious. Am I reading into it or is it real? There’s something in your eyes that wasn’t there before; something from your smile I hadn’t felt before. I see you. I see you. You’ve become all I see. And I’m so fucking curious.

    By Aj URL on 05.16.2011

  16. About what “that” person is thinks about me, curious if she even thinks about me. Curious if her lips are soft and warm.

    By Joey on 05.16.2011

  17. I am always curious about random things I like to figure something out if I don’t understand it. Its always fun to break apart a puzzle to see how the pieces are made and whats different about them and how they fit together again and if you CAN fit them together again. Curious.

    By Rachel Spillane on 05.16.2011

  18. I’m curious as to why the word curious showed up. Ha, wordy puns. Oops I keep backspacing. Curious George. That’s an interesting Yellow Hat that guy wears. Why? Where did he get it? And don’t all his clothes match it? That is an interesting closet he must have.

    By Grace on 05.16.2011

  19. I am curious as to his thoughts on me. They’re never displayed on his face. Smiles can be amusedly condescending, frowns can be unrelated perplexion.

    By Carolyn on 05.16.2011

  20. I am curious. I’m curious about everything, but not courageous enough to do anything about it. It can’t be stifled or extinguished, but it can be hindered and run down.

    By Jamie on 05.16.2011

  21. i;m curious to know how fast i can type. i’m not using Dragon. does spelling count? curious georgette, a female elephant? anyway, what I’m really curious to know is whether I have to create an account here. guess not cause the timer’s running and it’s almost out.

    By Linsey Lanier URL on 05.16.2011

  22. One day, Briana walked in on her mother because she was a curious kitten. When she walked in, she found her mother on a Bohemian florist. Sometimes, Briana is so curious, she watches porn and tells Danny that she wants him. The end.

    By leigh baker on 05.16.2011

  23. George was a monkey who lived with the man in the yellow hat. The man stole George from his home in the jungle and smuggled him back to america as an illegal alien. He tried to get George a job but George has no green card so he must live on welfare.

    By Natalie on 05.16.2011

  24. Curiosity is something that strikes me as interesting. There are so many things to be curious about, not to mention so many curious people. We are curious at birth, and we stay that way until we die. Curiosity keeps us forever learning and exploring. We create new things, and discover the unknown and amazing. Without the wonderful things curiosity brings, we would live in a dull lifeless world with nothing to offer. No art, no music, just the plain shades of gray

    By Keisha W on 05.16.2011

  25. I’m curious to find out what this word actually means, It could mean a lot of things. I wonder why the word curious has been chosen. I am curious to find out. Curious begins with a ‘c’ and ends in a ‘s’. It is a very fascinating word.

    By abby on 05.16.2011

  26. I told you . He was a monkey. Man with yellow hat, forced emigration, no green card. Is it any wonder the poor little monkey acts his frustrations out my being undisciplined and clumsy? He was stolen and forced to work for a the man…in the yellow hat.

    By Natalie URL on 05.16.2011

  27. I am curious about so many things. Life. And my future. I am curious about where I am going, what I will do, where I will end up. In a way, I don;t want to know because I don’t want everything decided for me. that’s the excitement of life. But I would like to know that I am heading in the right direction.

    By Lindsay on 05.16.2011

  28. She looked out the window at the chipmunk, wondering what it was doing. There is sat, in her all-natural wood adirondak chair, looking as though it were sunbathing. “Curious”, she thought, “I’ve only ever seen the cat do that.”

    By Tess URL on 05.16.2011

  29. Curiosity is like an open spot, door or Window, is asking yourself what it should be, is The unknowing things. Is fine beeing curious.

    By Fer URL on 05.16.2011

  30. I’m curious about the point of one word. Does it train rapid fire creativity or more meaningless copy?

    By Andrew on 05.16.2011

  31. I had seen her, walking past in the rain, small umbrella in hand and I was curious, was she alone, new, maybe lost.

    By Steved on 05.16.2011

  32. For every mile in between, thoughts increase exponentially.

    But inches bring only temporary relief.

    By MONO URL on 05.16.2011

  33. pulling, tugging, wishing the cotton to break free of the sweat, just come off already. he sees me and i know and i pull even harder, faster, willing it to just fall away, just so for a moment he can see me

    By kelly on 05.16.2011

  34. So close, and then so far away. Are you trying to make me jealous, are you teasing me, is this legitimate? I don’t know, I can’t know, I’ll never know. All I know is that this feels wrong, and if you just gave me a chance to show you, just once, you’d know too. You’d see that you could walk this whole world over, and you’ll never meet another woman like me, no one will ever be there for you like I will, and have been. But fuck! I’m sick of “if onlys” and “why nots” and “I should haves”, there may be comfort in my delusion, and permanence in my memory, but one can’t change things in retrospect. Still though, still, you leave me curious. Could you be playing? Could I be crazy? Could we be great? Maybe, Probably, Definitely. Don’t let me pass you by, I wont wait for you forever.

    By Ohdeargod on 05.16.2011

  35. I want to live in a world where all you have to do to stay on top of a cloud is hold one gilded peppercorn in between your perfect lips just so.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 05.16.2011

  36. babys are curious
    perhaps their minds aren’t ingrained with whats supposed to be
    they just see things for what there is
    and as a result they see more
    because they have an open curious mind
    i wish to be as curious as a new born
    not questioning
    just curious
    and surprised by what i find
    instead of just expecting the end result

    By ms on 05.16.2011

  37. i saw a pretty girl, and i became curious as to what it would be like to touch her lips to mine. to caress her womanly curves. and i was curious because i had never been with a girl before. but would society deem it wrong because i was a girl as well?

    By Kendall URL on 05.16.2011

  38. Today, I was very curious about the man who drove me around campus for the previous months. it is the end of the school year and i was waiting at the deserted bus stop for about 9 minutes until the last bus came to take me home.

    By Alex on 05.16.2011

  39. I want to know. No matter how deep I’ll go. With the dead cat by my side I wandered around. I want to find something anything.

    By cat on 05.16.2011

  40. I brush fingers down his neck as I hug him hello, just to see, just to see what she does, what he does, what we do. I look him in the eyes, graciously receiving that bottle mandatory for entrance by pleasant company. We sit, I lean, I listen. The grumble of gruffness in his voice is everpresent, not quite hidden from the rest. Aren’t they wondering?

    By kelly URL on 05.16.2011