May 14th, 2010 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “crossed”

  1. crossed over the edge of
    under the hedge of
    all the forest beyond
    the dream the myst
    mystical mystery of
    all of the history blustery
    weather don’t stop the mind
    the words are there the chords
    the player the dancer the
    poet the singer the song
    of all of the worlds crossed
    stars tossed like leaves
    on an autumn day but
    we won’t speak of that
    now for spring is in
    the house and all around
    the wings and sings of
    birds and life abundant
    greened by greenery
    finery tweenery as they
    come out of hiding
    and if you listen most
    carefully the key is what
    we all will sing in ring
    in summer nights of flights
    of fireflies and warm shadow
    dancing playing eventide
    when lines are blurred and
    sleep assured as eyes burn
    to close but rest will come
    sink down and hear
    last notes clear pure
    they come out and play
    the day has ended and
    their time begun
    don’t fear the time of
    year is always their ways
    their flight weightless
    fate the magic gathers all
    together in the places crossed
    meridian blinded sight
    comes ignore what you see
    it isn’t real the feel the chorus
    every note for us the build
    soars and roars and gathers all
    the sky the star flung ceiling hall
    harmony a million dreamers
    screaming through the darkness
    to this one center circled round
    and hurled true hits you
    the harmony the mark the core
    love borne pride shorn
    torn asunder

    By Dee URL on 05.15.2010

  2. If the stars said that you couldn’t love me, are you telling me that you would listen?

    By knikki URL on 05.15.2010

  3. it’s not fair to pass me anymore.
    i’ve had it with you and your lies.
    i’m gone,
    consider me crossed.

    By emily on 05.15.2010

  4. And then, he crossed the river. All the while, he wondered if he was doing the right thing. Should he be leaving everything behind? Or will everything just get worse from his leaving?
    He didn’t know.
    Sometimes, you just have to make choices.
    As he quickly tried to cross the dirty waters, he heard his name being called. It was a young woman’s voice, and it was coming closer.

    By Melissa on 05.15.2010

  5. my fingers were crossed. I had no idea whether I would get the job or not, but I could hope. Hope isn’t much to build a future on, but it sure as shit helps. Makes the world a better place, and that’s why I believe in it.

    By Mike Walsh URL on 05.15.2010

  6. a path is crossed by two people at one point in their life. maybe they don’t want to cross that path, but it happens. it might be sad, it might be happy. you can do nothing to change it. deal with life’s paths.

    By chelsea on 05.15.2010

  7. I crossed the creek and entered to a new region. It was fresh, new, an adventure ahead. Everything was a delight!

    By Joy on 05.15.2010

  8. we crossed paths today. we always do cross paths, but i always pretend not to notice him. like he doesn’t even exist. i don’t know if he prefers it that way or if i’m just hurting him even more. we shouldn’t have ended things that way and i find myself regretting everything i’ve ever done every time we cross paths. crowded hallways. lockers across.

    By Micha URL on 05.15.2010

  9. i crossed the street it was really fun and then i saw a pony so i rode him across the street again because i love ponies, then Harry Potter came and we had a huge party with like fifty other people it was great. YAY. the end. by maria.

    By Julia on 05.15.2010

  10. our paths crossed. who knows why they did. I’ve known you since childhood. you’ve been there for me. I’ve been there for you. i was there when your father would hurt your family. i was there. i’m happy our paths crossed. you’ve given me something no one else has. you’ve given me happiness.

    By Elissa URL on 05.15.2010

  11. He crossed his arms and leaned back. Shit. That wasn’t a good sign.

    “We can offer you a significant discount, sir!” I remarked in desperation.

    As he smiled, uncrossed his arms, and reached for the pen to sign the deal, I realized the whole thing had just been a show.

    By vish URL on 05.15.2010

  12. “dear diary,
    crossed the Delerware today
    fingers crossed someone will paint that one day
    or cross-stitch it

    signed, George W.”

    By Kevin URL on 05.15.2010

  13. It was a long time ago that I entered this realm. Now I walk among the peaceful and the loving. I am grateful everyday that I crossed over hatred and insanity’s barrier.

    By benny b on 05.15.2010

  14. the lake into a fiery pit of avo, screaming back to his loved ones..
    two more steps and it would all be over..

    pleasent dreams

    By moomer on 05.15.2010

  15. romeo and jliet really aren’t all they are cracked up to be because they were teenagers and its jsust sad taht they had to ruin their lives. on the other hand what can you do its such a good story. i wonder what our culgure would be like without them and also i think that if i ever have another rabbit i’m going to name it romeo. i don’t know it is just seems like a good name for a rabbit. star crossed lovers and also rabbits just go together in my mind.

    By Anne Hansen on 05.15.2010

  16. i crossed a path, while walking through the woods. it was worn, maybe from the deer in search of their daily meals, maybe from people that walk to find peace, or peace of mind.

    By jossie on 05.15.2010

  17. she crossed her eyes. she always did that when she was trying to get a rise out of someone, trying to defuse a tense situation. used to be the kind of thing that could get you out of trouble.

    By abar on 05.15.2010

  18. You know, I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve crossed a line, and I know I can’t go back no matter what I do, but I’m okay with it.
    I’m learning to like what I’ve gotten myself into.

    By emma URL on 05.15.2010

  19. I crossed the street toards him. He noticed my presence and ran towards me. His smile was bright enough to light up the world. I never wanted to leaave him once i crossed the street.

    By Sarah on 05.15.2010