January 13th, 2012 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “crisp”

  1. A leaf, crunched triumphantly beneath my shoe.

    Icy-topped snow, punched through haplessly by my winter boots.

    a cookie, it’s insides the opposite: gushing and melty.

    By k on 01.13.2012

  2. the best breakfast my mom ever made me was a bowl of cookie crisp. it’s not that she is negligent mother, and never made meals, it’s not that at all. she always argued it was too sugary and it would rot my pretty smile until one day she gave in, and bought a box. thanks, mom, i’ll always remember.

    By kate on 01.13.2012

  3. The crisp, cold air brushing against your warm arms.
    Crisp cold air weaving itself through your hair.
    Wonderful, crisp winter air.

    By Roxanne URL on 01.13.2012

  4. As she walked outside, she inhaled the crisp air that warned winter was coming
    While she took pleasure in it now, she would soon to dread its cold, invigorating shock
    And she would be hiding under those crisp, clean blankets
    At every chance she got during those cold winter months.

    By Delilah URL on 01.13.2012

  5. the crisp winter winds
    chill me to the bone
    i used to detest this feeling
    wanting to run from it
    but now
    there is a sort of comfort in it
    i have accepted this chill
    the changing of the seasons
    after a lifetime of leaving
    i embrace this chill
    I am finally home

    By karmachik URL on 01.13.2012

  6. my mind is crisp
    fresh and young
    ready to spurt out any and all ideas
    that ephemerally cross my mind
    only to slip if i don’t scribe it in some artistic form
    I must savor my crisp mind
    for it won’t be so for long
    and as my mind fades
    i’m sure my thoughts will still ring true
    i may just not be able to express them with such clarity
    but maybe
    it just may be the opposite.

    By jill URL on 01.13.2012

  7. leaves
    crispy pata
    breath of fresh air
    clean start
    breath in

    By Maris on 01.13.2012

  8. chips,white shirt,cookies.neat and clean.carrots food line not to cross.. clear lines. defined.eyeliner.

    By Alisha on 01.13.2012

  9. It was over, the African storm. I sucked the clean, clear air into my lungs, rain washed. Thunder still rippled and slid through koppies and licks of lightening flicked through the heavens. Then silence and the sun broke through dark clouds. Quiet touched the land again.

    By lenny URL on 01.13.2012

  10. I like crisp french fries. Not them stupid potatoey thick cut steak fries but crispy strips of oily potato. With pepper ketchup. About 4 packets per tablespoon I would say.

    By Cecilia on 01.14.2012

  11. The crisp apple was just enough to get her going again. Soon she’d be seeking out green pears and romaine and all kinds of crisp stuff.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.14.2012

  12. The morning air was crisp as it hit my nose. My cheeks flushed pink as the flakes of snow sprinkled lightly over them. I wondered how anyone could hate this time of year. So crisp. So crisp. So crisp. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of it. Shivers went down my spine. Whether it was because of the cold air or my joy, I’m not sure.

    By Kay on 01.14.2012

  13. crisp sunshine steaming through the window as a goblin woke from his late night one night stand, he doesn’t remember her face but she looked a lot like his grandma Francis, he trys to recall the last 12 hours but all he can see is purple. which is strange because everyone knows the pickle people banned the color purple last week from the giant list of boobies.

    By Tayyourday URL on 01.14.2012

  14. one fine morning a fine crisp apple went for a walk, he came upon to walking hookers. they ask the tiny apple would he like some caramel with his morning walk. he said maybe later and kept on foot. with the confidence of this incident he quickly walked into the new coffee shop where he knew the new cute red apple he had been eyeing would working today.

    By Tayyourday URL on 01.14.2012

  15. The air was crisp, sort of like the potato chips I had just popped four minutes ago. There was nothing more satisfying than the crunch that happened when I flipped one into my mouth and chomped down. Salty sweet carbs… Well, except for the bittersweetness of my soon-to-be revenge.

    By Leeann on 01.14.2012

  16. A crispy chicken sandwich
    rested on the bun on my plate.
    I wondered if it would
    slide down my throat
    like grease,
    slipping down into my
    instead of scratching the epithelium,
    cutting my cells in two
    like the last time I had chips.
    I wondered when
    I will be able to talk again.

    By Scythe42 URL on 01.14.2012

  17. Like an apple– really AWESOME apples are crisp and yuuuummmm! Chips are also crispy and the word sounds like the sound and aren’t chips actually called crisps in England?? yes?

    By Hannah on 01.14.2012

  18. the air is crisp. the sky is clear. outlines of the mountains are so crisp you could just barely doubt that they’d been etched over with a Sharpe marker.

    By Susannah URL on 01.14.2012

  19. Your jet black hair looks charred to a crisp
    I want to swim in your ocean-blue eyes
    And I want your guitar hands to hold me like you hold her
    Be a fool for me
    Sing me Coldplay songs and stroke me to sleep.

    But just utter two words
    Or even look up
    Because I’m here and you’re not.

    By Hayley Rose URL on 01.14.2012

  20. The word tasted sweet on her toungue. C-R-I-S-P. Like lettuce. Like an apple. Like something that was worth something. Something to someone.

    By Hannah URL on 01.14.2012

  21. They stepped as lightly as they could through the snow, but it was slow going. The air, as it should be in the middle of winter, was crisp and made their breathing hard. Air burned them with the cold…

    By zebra URL on 01.14.2012

  22. “It’s a long way down,” he though to himself.
    The crisp water swayed below him.
    A water droplet fell from his cheek.
    Then he followed it.

    By Samuel URL on 01.14.2012

  23. Crisp. Like a cookie. Like a potato chip. Crispses. She stepped on the crisp leaves purposefully as walked down the street in the late afternoon. She intended to circle the block once and return home. What is the point of walking if it is never to go anywhere…

    By Paint S.C. URL on 01.14.2012

  24. Seasoning chips of lacing salts, binded agents to satisfy those who are sucked in an addiction to sate their sick and disgusting eating habits.

    By Mike on 01.14.2012

  25. fresh, satisfying, rich, smelling like salt air breezes

    By Lynn on 01.14.2012

  26. When you eat biscuits you feel their taste and hear their crisp. It’s fantastic. sometimes even a slight sound can make you hungry.

    By KatieEvans URL on 01.14.2012

  27. autumn. gel in your hair. the feel of your hand in mine when i’d slide it beneath yours. apples. apples, and more apples. flaky bread. how my heart feels when i wake of you in the darkness of the night.

    By lynda on 01.14.2012

  28. Only you, i see only you with my eyes. Your beautiful smile, your angelic eyes, your cute nose, maybe weird but what i see is only you. Yes, you, only you.

    By chocobadas URL on 01.14.2012

  29. crisp is cotton sheets fresh out of the washing machine. it is a clear blue sky and cold day. crisp is a chip. crisp is like lisp but with cr. crispy cremes, crispy people sometimes.

    By Laini on 01.14.2012

  30. crisp

    By Poorva on 01.14.2012

  31. Chips and dips yum yum

    By Trumpet URL on 01.14.2012

  32. A carpet of leaves
    dead leaves
    crunching under my boots
    A ceiling of sky
    dead sky
    poking through the bare branches
    of the stark trees
    A world of silence
    dead silence
    everything is dead
    except me.

    By Yuka URL on 01.14.2012

  33. The bread was crisp, the way that I love it. There is nothing better than eating some toast bread an honey, and a cup or Milo tea to start the day off. it is truly a blessing.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.14.2012

  34. lettuces

    By K on 01.14.2012

  35. The sweet cherry pie melted on her tongue as she spooned the crisp crust into her mouth. It was warm and flaky, just the way she had remembered, and as she ate the whole pie by herself, she almost felt happy.
    Until she finished, left with the empty tin foil pie plate, save for a few crumbs and scraps of cherry filling.
    Look what you’ve done, it told her. Her eyes filled with the salty tears, as there was no use silencing the voice.
    Get rid of it, it hissed. She silently moved her boney body to the bathroom.
    She sat in the bathroom for hours, staring at the regurgitated cherry pie floating in the toilet bowl.

    By Taylor K URL on 01.14.2012

  36. Crisp is the word of this winter day. So cold at this hour and the world is one of icy sidewalks, frosty lawns, icy cars. Scarves, gloves, hats and jackets required for early morning walks. The air, however is clean and clear. The eastern hills stand purple and etched into the blue. Trees and sky sparkle with the crispness of clarity.

    By J O'Neill on 01.14.2012

  37. The apple was cool on my lips, and it smelled like the fall mornings of my past. My family – whole then, complete with mother, father, sister – would go at the crack of dawn. We would load up with our bamboo baskets and our seven-foot-tall poles, and we would tramp in the morning dew and bring bags and baskets of apples home. And for weeks afterward, we would eat – apples, apple crisp, apple pie, and all else.

    By Jenna on 01.14.2012

  38. crunch crisp things that you feel and touch that crumble and flake and make noises and i dont even know but crisp is like being sharp and yet gentle and knowing and feeling and being straightforward and straight up and upright and worthy.

    By JAWN. URL on 01.14.2012

  39. He was burnt to a crisp. All that time he’d spent in the sun had finally caught up with him. I’d told him before, he was going to get bad sunburn if he didn’t put any lotion on, but did he listen to me? No. Of course he didn’t, because he never does. He’s my brother, why would he listen to me?

    By Emma Park URL on 01.14.2012

  40. It was a crisp winter morning when she ran away. The sky had that white cast to it and there were no cars on the road. The silence was eerie and her adventure was just beginning.

    By Cheri URL on 01.14.2012