January 13th, 2012 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “crisp”

  1. Crisp apples.

    By appapappa URL on 01.14.2012

  2. i like to eat cripsy food. not food that is supposed to be crispy, but just regular food that i burn really badly so it is nice and crisp(; it tastes so good it makes me ‘gasm. r u jelly br0? ya ya i thought so(;

    By meow on 01.14.2012

  3. The air was cool and the leaves were crisp.
    I went out of my way to step on every leaf on the path.
    Just to hear each crunch under my shoe.
    I breath in the air and couldn’t help but smile.
    The smell of autumn has always been intoxicating to me.

    By Chelsea URL on 01.14.2012

  4. The air was crisp as he took is first breath outside of the stuffy room. There had been too many emotions crammed into one space, and wintery outdoors was the only escape. The wind whipped across his face like a friendly slap to bring him back to reality. He walked away, taking a moment as he passed each house to think about its occupants, to think about anyone but himself.

    By Haley URL on 01.14.2012

  5. The air in winter is crisp,
    like the first bite into a cold apple.
    Juice runs down your chin
    and you can feel that the day
    is going to be a good day
    just by looking up at the sun,
    breathing in, and smiling.

    By Emily URL on 01.14.2012

  6. It was her first job. She was excited she would be paid in cash. The day was done and she waited foe payment. To her delight she was handed a crisp $100 bill and told “well done. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

    By Karen URL on 01.14.2012

  7. It was like a Sunday morning without any bacon, Fall without any reds, A wedding without a groom, and a winter without snow. Things without her werelike living without life.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 01.14.2012

  8. The snap of his left arm was like a fresh dollar bill being folded in half. A clean break. All the way through. He sat on the ground and held the limb silently. At first they did not notice he was not were the ball was. But then their silence fell like a heavy coat of snow. Only not as beautiful.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 01.14.2012

  9. The air was crisp that January morning as Shala walked through the back door and into the forest behind her mountain home. She hadn’t had a long nature walk in a while, and she was determined to connect with nature today, in spite of the cold weather.

    By Kim URL on 01.14.2012

  10. This morning, I had the best pancake ever. It was so crisp, I was just thinking “OH MY GOD HOW DOES IT GET SO CRISP! IT MUST BE ALIENS!” Anyhoozles… it was yummyful. YUMMYFUL I SAY!

    By Elliot on 01.14.2012

  11. It’s one of those crisp winter mornings when he pulls on his jacket and leaves. There’s no kiss, only the squeaking of his boots on the cold wooden floor.

    By lilldeh URL on 01.14.2012

  12. Air is a funny thing. People always use words like “crisp” and “thick”, what do they mean? What’s really there?

    By Elliot on 01.14.2012

  13. The cookies looked more crisp than usual when Suzanne pulled them out of the oven. However, when she took a bite she realized that this was only true in appearance – that they were in fact as rich and soft as they were when her mother made them. She was, after all, following her recipe.

    By dan URL on 01.14.2012

  14. let’s all hold
    hands in the crisp
    blue air,
    swing them high
    abover the clouds
    and sing songs
    ’til dawn

    By Iffath URL on 01.14.2012

  15. Cold air in the fall and winter. Cookies, celery and crunchy veggies. Crisp sheets after washing – and crisp ideas, clear, concise and precise.

    By Sylvie URL on 01.14.2012

  16. The morning air was crisp as my breath fanned out in a mist in front of me. I couldn’t tell where I was, or what I was meant to be doing. But I figured that was the exact premise of Life anyways, so I continued moving towards nothing, the frozen grass crunching beneath my shoes.

    By Phlox URL on 01.14.2012

  17. The CEOs, plastic surgeons and corporate investment bankers grew noticeably impatient as a light drizzle started to dance around the flames. Travis brushed an imaginary speckle of dust off the left sleeve of his crisp black jacket.

    “I think there is a storm coming,” he said noncommittally.

    From a distance, the sounds of secondary explosions echoed.

    By Nuno Nogueira URL on 01.14.2012

  18. Crisp and crispy, like those new suits, he said. Gotta keep ’em ready, gotta keep ’em coming – ready for your races, gotta be up and going soon, son.
    Except he’s got a daughter, not a son, and a lot of Ladies with smiles on their faces, waiting for the next inside joke he’ll pull out from inside his sleeves. His jacket sleeves, see, where he keeps all the secrets of the world, and lets them out one by one like little white doves to go feed.

    By Thirteen URL on 01.14.2012

  19. crispy french fries, crispy cheetos, crispy belgian waffles, crispy chocolate crisps. crispy nougat, crispy crackers, crispy lettuce, crispy toast…- ah, the beauty of a word that can make you yearn for crispy food..

    By stephtcreyes URL on 01.14.2012

  20. crunchy

    By Sarah on 01.14.2012

  21. he was wearing a crisp white shirt with a navy blue tie in a suit. i walked up to him. “you look very dashing,” i said with a smile. “he looked down at me do i now?” he asked. “yes” i replied. “i hate this suit,” he said still smiling but not sarcastically. “and i hate this dress” i said. i was wearing a bright red dress with glitter on the hem and stuck out of the crowd like a cherry among blue berries, keeping in mind i was the only female there and every was undressing me with eyes as we spoke.

    By Alibay on 01.14.2012

  22. She sought through the warm wind the chasing of the sun. Out into the field, over moist grass, she fell into the soil underneath, past the layers of worms, far into the darkening abyss. Below her, the ground cracked, falling farther and farther, til on the other side, there was nothing but the sun to land upon.

    By emay URL on 01.14.2012

  23. My potato chips are crisp. And when I pop, I can’t stop. Wooooooo yeaahh.. I want my potato chips, I want my potato chips, because they’re sooooooooo crisp!!

    Lays, Ruffles or Double Decker, I don’t care, I just want to eat my potato chips!

    Bye bye!


    By Anonymous URL on 01.14.2012

  24. The Crisp bagel tasted so good in my mouth. The rich taste of wheat and hazelnut cream cheese cause me to close my eyes in ecstasy. Soon however, the delicious moment passed and i was forced to end my breakfast

    By Jasmine Austin on 01.14.2012