May 9th, 2011 | 502 Entries

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502 Entries for “crew”

  1. i looked out at sea to see the waters roaring towards us. I scream at the crew to put up the flag signaling we need help. I’ve had a situation like this. one so sever that we we’re gonna need help. Pirates don’t ask for help. You steal, then kill.

    By Taylor Monroe URL on 05.09.2011

  2. The crew stood at the end of the hall, a mass of jittery bodies as they watched her. sweat beaded on the back of her neck and she was sure that her heart could be heard by everyone within a ten mile radius. How could they expect her to do this when they were all watching her like hawks?

    By Anis on 05.09.2011

  3. There was 6 of them. They all walked the same way, talked the same way. They stuck together because they knew what it was like to not be wanted by anyone, and not fit in with anyone. They all accepted eachother and loved eachother.
    That is what their crew stood for.

    By JP URL on 05.09.2011

  4. pit crew. rowing. crew chief.
    crew cut. silly boys with their hair all out of place.
    I bet their mother choose that for them.
    screw. screw you. ecru.

    By moriah snow on 05.09.2011

  5. team water rows muscles biceps social network hot guys Maryse exema blond-brown hair buff adorable coach whistles olympics construction tiers ladders skyscrapers new york san francisco trees lakes clocks stop watches

    By Gwenyth URL on 05.09.2011

  6. My friends, they’re so cool. My co-counselors at camp are my crew. We drink and hang out by the camp fire. We wake up and hang out on the beach. Sand between my toes. I love summer. I love my crew. I love camp, and beautiful weather, and chilly nights by the fire. I miss it and I can’t believe it’s coming so soon!

    By Melissa Nichols URL on 05.09.2011

  7. The woman glanced at the group, then turned back to him, sniffling daintily. “This…crew of yours looks like a bunch of heathens,” she said, one corner of her bright red lips twisting with disapproval. “How do I know they can be trusted?” He let a rakish grin cross his face, slipping smoothly into the charming act he had grown so accustomed to using.

    By Sheila URL on 05.09.2011

  8. I like crew socks. It’s not really complicated. Crew socks. It says it right there on the package. For 30 plus years I’ve worn them. Not knee socks. Not those little ankle things that slip into your shoes when you walk. Crew socks. Still, three decades of marriage and he brings me home every type of sock but the only ones I like: crew socks.

    By sakeatken URL on 05.09.2011

  9. My crew is an assortment of intellectual and rebellious teenagers. We run about the suburban streets wreaking havoc with our brains and hands. No one gets in our way.

    By Sergio on 05.09.2011

  10. me and my crew, you know who we are we are everything you always wanted to be. we keep it real and we always have fun. We are the life of the party, and happy endings all in one. We are sisters and friends all held together by a bond nothing can break but strong in love and in faith. We laugh together cry together and keep each other accountable.

    By Kellie on 05.09.2011

  11. in an airplane the crew work and laugh together helping out tired passengers who are sick and home sick and hungry and poor from spending all their money on the flight back to see their families – they get paid to travel with these people and help but there is sympathy and kindness sometimes too

    By nyou on 05.09.2011

  12. I love the word crew. It’s more than just a group of people. It holds the connotation of people who are super tight with you. They have your back. Say it with me, me and my crew. Don’t you just love the sound of that?? I do. I’d take a “crew” over a “group” any day.Do you wanna be part of my crew

    By Mike on 05.09.2011

  13. voyage,fun,respect

    By lidija abovic on 05.09.2011

  14. I was asked to join crew once. Walking down the rows of tables at university, I hear “You’re tall, you should row.” For a moment, I considered the fantasy. Then, the reality of my flakiness and inability sat back down on my shoulders.

    By Lemias on 05.09.2011

  15. Barney crew with pleasure as he finished sucking the marrow from Bert’s bones. There was no end to the dinosaur’s ravenous hunger. We could only cover ourselves with watermelons and hope it’d throw off our scent.

    By DanielaT. URL on 05.09.2011

  16. crew , group, posse, hip hop dance crew, homies. stage, yadda yadda yadda, cliques, people in a group

    By olivia on 05.09.2011

  17. On a sailboat, your crew is your family. Spending 5 hours at a time in a close confined space, where one wrong move from one person can throw everyone into the cold depths of the water is a perfect way to start cooperating and loving each other- FAST. I miss my crew. They were my summer family and the Deli Cinq was my home away from home. Its only so long until I’ll be back out on the water, surrounded by the people I love. :)

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 05.09.2011

  18. The crew of the USS Montessori worked together like a well-oiled machine. Everything that was borrowed, was given back. Nothing that was taken out was not put away. And anything that was broken was fixed. These Midis had done so well in their first year, they were going to rock second grade.

    By Izolda on 05.09.2011

  19. “…J Crew polo with jelled up hair. You disgust me!” She spat at him and he tumbled backwards. Someone tried to catch him as his back bent over the banister but they retracted their arm when they realized they might spill their budlight. His hair didn’t move an inch as he fell, stories down, and hit the ground with a smack. She went back inside the the part. He was probably already dead, what else could she do. Someone would find the body in the morning.

    By Mia on 05.09.2011

  20. people friends and that one group of people who beat up other people. also it spells krew like the skateboard company. and my friends theres four of us and and its kind of like a gang so thats pretty much the same thing as a crew. goonsquad. also its werc backwards.

    By Scott Sandoval on 05.09.2011

  21. rowing on the english channel doing british stuff
    ivy league
    rich aristocrats with long last names
    new england

    By wood dennis on 05.09.2011

  22. crew. taxing upper-body sport? a group of people you spend time with? In my city you would most likely hear it used in the context of the second definition. Crews run wild and by there own rules in big cities like DC

    By Haley on 05.09.2011

  23. We can go out alone, or in a crew, but I’ll always find you, you shine like nothing else.

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 05.09.2011

  24. riends truly understand yo

    By meg URL on 05.09.2011

  25. She stared at the ship, the broken planks, the ripped sails. She imagined it full of disgruntled pirates. They were closing in on her because they hadn’t been paid. She could almost smell the brine of the sea and the rankness of their unwashed bodies. They hadn’t come across any other ships in weeks, and so they had no one to plunder. Some had scurvy and missing teeth. She imagined them coming at her with swords and perhaps even a hooked hand or peg leg. They were all coming for her and she began to feel real panic. Before she knew it she was backing up off the ship as the imaginary crew lumbered towards her and she fell off the side of the fake ship into the murky waters that it floated in.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.09.2011

  26. The ship pitched back in forth in a storm so strong that I could feel it in every bone in my body. I knew though, that if anyone had a decent chance at surviving, it was me and my crew.

    By Brittany URL on 05.09.2011

  27. I think of crew neck sweaters, or of people. Like a group of people who are always just really cool. People look at them and say “oh look! its that crew!” They’re just awesome. But also it means you might have a reputation. like oh here comes so and so and his crew. YOU IN SOME SHIT MOTHAFUCKAA

    By Sarah Cragin on 05.09.2011

  28. Blue collar, name tag, rules to follow. Working together as one crew. Hanging wit my crew. On a Saturday afternoon.

    By JessKaAnn URL on 05.09.2011

  29. My crew and I are like one big family. At work we’re very close and even on the weekends we hang out as though we’ve known eachother all our lives. Everyone gets along with one another and that makes work enjoyable. Though sometimes, we come across sticky situations, we all have each other there to help get through it.

    By Alexandra Buhrow on 05.09.2011

  30. I’m so fed up with you. Stop looking at me like that. Like I’m a part of something I’m not. You are looking, but you can never see anything. You NEVER SEE. And you leave me here… leave us here, to fend for ourselves. How do you expect us to be different and special if you’ve already chosen for us what is to be had and done with?

    By devi URL on 05.09.2011

  31. The crew gathered once again, in the same spot in the court yard. Some with coffee, others with stories of the things they’ve seen the past five years when they slipped from our view. It was like old times, and the ache slowly took over.

    By Poe URL on 05.09.2011

  32. The crew mustered up the courage to carry on with their journey after the last crushing storm had deprived them of all their supplies. Many of them had lost hope yet because of their commitment to their captain they continued to work.

    By Sarah URL on 05.09.2011

  33. I want to be part of a crew. A crew that sticks together no matter what. A crew that goes out and parties on the weekends and posts and documents the entire event on Facebook. I want to have a life. I want you.

    By ashley URL on 05.09.2011

  34. i have a crew. they are pretty cool. its my four best friends. we like to go to clys together. I didnt make up the name crew. one of my friends did. I think it sounds kinda silly, but it does make me feel included, like i really am apart of the crew. i miss her alot.

    By kate on 05.09.2011

  35. I’m part of a yarnbombing group that’s planning to hit the streets of my local town. International Yarn Bombing Day is coming up in June so it’s pedal to the hook medal as I crochet my derriere off to finish my design. I’m bringing some nature back to urbania by crocheting ‘stuff’ onto a light pole.

    By Dayle Morrison URL on 05.09.2011

  36. How, she wondered, do you teach someone to write? Do you need a whole crew of people to cram words down someone’s throat? Does it come naturally, like a flowing spring, welling from the deepest recesses of the mind? Or is it forced from conscious thoughts, like so many raindrops, squeezed from an unwilling cloud?

    By Skäila URL on 05.09.2011

  37. I saw this guy at school with crew haircut. Man! How I despise people with crew haircuts. It just makes them look like assholes. The kind of asshole that would be an abusive father or drill sergent or cop or that hick from hickville or that wife beater who drives a piece of shit Buick or that man who dropped out of high school because he knocked up his 3 girlfriends or that religous nut that preaches bullshit nonsense to every person he can see.

    By Alan on 05.09.2011

  38. I started working at McDonald’s as a crew member. I hated saying I was apart of a “crew”. I wasn’t a pirate. It just sounded so awkward to me. I hated it a lot, just call me an employee…

    By Tiffany URL on 05.09.2011

  39. when i think of a crew, i think of a group of friends. the ones that are always there for you and always have your back.
    yeah, i’ve heard of those.
    never had one. it’s probably too late for that kind of stuff, anyways.

    By Stephanie on 05.09.2011

  40. My crew. My dogs. My people. How I roll with, and who roll with me. We don’t wearing matching jackets, but anybody outside the crew can easily identify us. Maybe it’s a scent we give off, like pack animals.

    By undergroundwires on 05.09.2011