May 10th, 2011 | 534 Entries

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534 Entries for “console”

  1. something my mother, sister and friends are very good at. an ability to make someone feel better.

    By shannon on 05.11.2011

  2. i like to console people about stuff, because they’re my friends. I own a gaming console. It’s important to help others because that is how you show you care about them. THat’s important in any kind of relationship. I console my girlfriend all the time because I love her.

    By Bob Smith on 05.11.2011

  3. word: constancy

    Her life of late had eased into a comfortable rhythm of work and friendships. Ever since moving to Utah, her previously chaotic life of personal dramas, destructive relationships and confusion about direction had been replaced by a calm relaxed constancy. For the first time she felt she could exhale and enjoy.

    By yetihk URL on 05.11.2011

  4. There was a console television set in her 50’s living room. It took up one whole wall. She could watch Howdy Doody and Cowboy Bob on it in wavery black and white. How long had he been dead? How long had she been in this twilight zone?

    By Skylark16 on 05.11.2011

  5. You console someone when there is a tragedy. You need to be consoled when yoou have a tragedy.

    By amber URL on 05.11.2011

  6. Console him, she thought to herself. He is shattered, falling to pieces before her eyes. She had loved him once and consolation had come easy then. Now, her heart was hardened and she turned away. His eyes followed her as she walked down the street.

    By Skylark16 on 05.11.2011

  7. I consoled her, but it was to no avail. She cried until her eyes were swollen, rivulets of salty tears crowding around her streaked mascara. She sniffled as she gazed at me, her eyes repetant. I gave her a smile, but knew that ultimately I would have to leave her on that side of the road like I did with all the girls. In the morning, someone would find her, I told myself, but the truth was that she would never be found.

    By Suwa URL on 05.11.2011

  8. the center console looked absolutely disgusting. this thing in my car. what could it be. what could be in the center console that makes me so sick? i have never seen it before, its rubbery, wet, and covered with some sort of mucus. what could it possibly be? oh yes, thats right, my boyfriend cheated on me, left the condom in the center console for me to find -thanks jerk!

    By Lindsey Lampman on 05.11.2011

  9. I ask for consoling for my pain, I try to console others around me. But the only truth in life is that you can only console yourself, the only true contentment comes from within. Console yourself.

    By Tracy Shar on 05.11.2011

  10. He looked at her with puzzlement. Susan’s pallid, tear-streamed face was obscured by her cupped hands. Waseam’s hands were in his pockets, until the inspiration hit him to pull one out and rub her back gently. He did so with only a modicum of awkwardness.
    “There, it’ll be okay,” he said, unable to fool even himself. “I’m sure he went peacefully. He wouldn’t just…” Waseam trailed off, as a lump developed in his throat.
    He wasn’t very good at comforting. He now felt worse, and he sensed that Susan, who was now sobbing heartily into his shoulder, felt the same way.

    By Nic URL on 05.11.2011

  11. i have a video game console sitting in my livingroom. it hasn’t always been there. i bought it with my hard earned bonus check from work this spring. after, of course, i had purchased my camera with my taxes. it’s been invaluable. i can finally watch my dvds again since someone stole my last one.

    By Laura on 05.11.2011

  12. i think of a video game console. i might be wrong but it’s ok. i’m noit quite sure what a console is to be honest. but let’s see where this thing is going to take me. i hope its interesting becas\use i found it on stumbleupon.

    By gaby on 05.11.2011

  13. i think of a car. my mom saying this word with a slight hint of her southern roots. holding out the cooon of console just that slight bit more. i think of how our cars have all been broken into and one dumb robber just took out the console.

    By helen conaghan on 05.11.2011

  14. xbox 360 gamers always are getting ripped off by Microsoft the online should be free for everyone. Microsoft is a such a money grubbing company, I hate them. Everything is ridiculously overpriced as well. I hate that about them.

    By Danni Robinson on 05.11.2011