May 9th, 2011 | 502 Entries

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502 Entries for “crew”

  1. The ship was rolling heavily…water was pouring in and the thunder boomed above. I never felt so powerless before, the elements were so strong and the crew was battling really hard to keep the ship from sinking. I wish I could have helped but I would probably done more harm than good.

    By Anton URL on 05.10.2011

  2. The ship’s crew was a tightly bonded group of men. Not distracted by women as they would have been on land, they got on with the job in hand. Fearless, functional and operating like a well lubicated machine.

    By tom on 05.10.2011

  3. Cut on the neck above the shirt that was adorned by the famous sports player. Cut on the neck from the famous sports player that got away with murder. I like my running crew that fashion an unforgettable appearance. Not paddling out into the unknown water…

    By Erikkk on 05.10.2011

  4. a crew works together to accomplish a given task. They work as a team, each person carrying his own weight and holding up to the responsibility given to him. A crew will not only work together, they will also handle confrontation or failure as a group. No blame will be placed on a single person but rather on the group, as a whole.

    By Tammy on 05.10.2011

  5. crew members are your group members. they help you in different things/fields like jobs, projects, assignments etc. crew hmmm., what could it be?

    By Zubair on 05.10.2011

  6. dancing crew rowing crew j crew who knew you dew new crew crew slew slew of men men in a crew do do do derp crude leude nude? yes please. NAKED TIME! well thats awekward. crew crane crew neck v neack scoup neck ne

    By kalila on 05.10.2011

  7. i remember when i was 8 and my mom would take me to the barber shop to get a crew cut…it was the first time i felt like a man…no more super cuts…the barber shop for a crew cut!

    By jonathan URL on 05.10.2011

  8. Military. We make a team. No matter what, our people have each other. Gang, leader, followers. We are together. We do not separate. This is what we have become, a thought process of a family. We are one, not many. I have your back, you have mine. Together. One.

    By Bethany URL on 05.10.2011

  9. On a ship, some would say brotherly, but only in the sense that you have to be together and no one really gets along. Everyone with the short hair, status symbol that denotes they belong to THIS group and you’d better respect them for it, because they are the ones giving you that right. Maybe even on a ship, with people they don’t get along with (or EXTRA get along with, if you know what I mean).

    By Ciandi URL on 05.10.2011

  10. J was the captain of the sailing team. They had been experiencing rough waters lately with 4 consecutive losses in a row. He had to do something to bring the teams morale back up. Enter- Lydia… The cute blond down the street who works with at risk youth. J always noticed her preppy cute style and thought maybe he could kill two birds with one stone; impress Lydia and get the crew back on track.

    By Jessica URL on 05.10.2011

  11. We cruised up to mine for some awkward conversation with my folks before leaving and heading to the harbour where we looked over the edge at the white moon reflection and yellow street lamp reflections in the water. She kept talking, her speech like sand, my interjections like the in and out of the waves. Sound of clinking paint cans and gulls. She put her redhead hair in her hands and ruffled the fringe.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 05.10.2011

  12. crew reminds me of my friend who is a manager at McDonald’s who talks about how her “crew” are really lazy and stupid and how she started as crew once. Also, my roomie is a crew member in McDonald’s as well and she’s been working there for four years. That is a long time not to be promoted. Uh oh! CREW CREW!

    By Anonymous on 05.10.2011

  13. the crew magestic night was strew with crow attacks. each crow carried a number to symbolize how many swooping dives it had to perform. The crew dodge each corw like a bullet was relieved to make it out alive.

    By Drake on 05.10.2011

  14. It’s a group of people. They’re close, they love one another, and they have each others back. They have each others back in EVERY situation. Whether right or wrong, they’re together. Love isn’t a word you say in a crew, it’s an implication. It’s real, existent in a way that manifests itself in belonging. “you’re my crew.”
    Moreover, a crew is a sport. Groups of people sit in a boat and paddle with every muscle of their arms toward a common goal. They row with not paddles, but oars. They row with not weakness, but strength. They row with not curiousity, but heart.

    By Nicole Wittkopp on 05.10.2011

  15. I wrote about this already.

    By Tiffany URL on 05.10.2011

  16. A crew should be able to work together in harmony. When I hear the word, I think of a put crew or a crew at a fast food restaurant. Maybe I’ve had too many processed sandwiches, and that’s why that comes to mind.

    By A. ISH on 05.10.2011

  17. The crew. We call ourselves the crew. Perhaps, the word is boisterous enough to describe us. Gang is too violent. Group is too formal. The crew fits. We gather at hookah lounges, wander the downtown streets, play tag if it catches our fancy, and eat. Any friends will eat, but the crew makes a feast of the activity. We always think: this night shouldn’t end. So we stretch it on… as long as it will go. We fill the back alleys and spaces of a quiet town with laughter. Once, we found a rolling chair and rode it down the one way street between the buildings.

    By Sarah G. URL on 05.10.2011

  18. Your partners in crime. Your supporters in Loss. Your friends. Your backup. People who you can rely on. Your team of trust!

    By Shahzeb Farrukh on 05.10.2011

  19. My crew and I went to the Barbazon Modeling School to see if we’d be accepted. They told me I had too many freckles, my best friend that she looked like Winona Ryder on crack, and our other friend that she was all legs and no substance. I fucking hate Tyra Banks. She ruined my life.

    By Miranda on 05.10.2011

  20. He stood on the conning tower scanning the horizon, silouetted against the early dawn sky. He moved slowly, taking in the full 360 degrees of the surrounding ocean. As he made to go down to his waiting crew, something caught his eye on the starboard bow.

    By M Daly URL on 05.10.2011

  21. high school. all of those jerky girls were on the crew team because it was “cool”.

    theyre all married now. probably unhappily.

    By nicole on 05.10.2011

  22. When we think about the word Crew, we istantly think “people”. Whether the crew is on a ship or on the set of a television show, the main idea behind crew is to work together in order to achieve a similar goal

    By ruth on 05.10.2011

  23. Our crew was a strange one. It took to the Covenant not because it wanted to, but because they didn’t have anywhere else to go. An orc, an felonian, and a couple humans who had truly reached their last stop.

    Their captain loved them for it.

    There was nothing like a crew that couldn’t keep away.

    By J.M. Oneil URL on 05.10.2011

  24. My uncle has a crew for his construction business thingy.. He has a big crew. i wish i had a crew. A crew is like a bunches of workers. ( :

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 05.10.2011

  25. it means like a group of people who work on and operate ships

    By chewbaca URL on 05.10.2011

  26. A crew is sort of like a team or something like that. I think. I’m not really sure anymore.

    By summer firm URL on 05.10.2011

  27. i don’t feel like writing about the word crew so ill write about nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides what i am writing bout now.

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 05.10.2011

  28. A famous quote by joe dirt. Life is like a garden DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!

    By werty URL on 05.10.2011

  29. When a person sails on a boat they usually have a crew. People that work on a ship are called a crew. If you watch pirate movies you’ll see a crew that runs the ship. My little cousins pretend that our porch is a boat and their crew is rocks and really tall sticks. They have a lot of fun.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 05.10.2011

  30. I saw a crew once. At least i think it was a crew. Maybe it was a gang or somethin. But the were wearing long withe sheets and tall pointy hats.

    By Wltbank URL on 05.10.2011

  31. i worked on a crew and we had to go to the park and scoop poo

    By someting URL on 05.10.2011

  32. I have a dance crew. It’s called a cheer team. Then again I have worked with a crew on my fathers job. I hated this crew because they were dumb and didn’t know what they were doing. I have a new crew, its like my closest friends.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 05.10.2011

  33. Me and My Crew, Straight out of the Blue. We got no Mood, So don’t be Rude! WORD! :D

    By RaeRae URL on 05.10.2011

  34. People who help out other people. Stage crew. A group of people. A group of friends. People who stick together. Animals.

    By Melinda DeFlice on 05.10.2011

  35. He had a full crew. The crew worked on the new building. The crew was tired out. The crew worked for eight long hours. The crew was happy when the building was done.

    By dustin URL on 05.10.2011

  36. i saw a ship once it had a crew on it

    By kamikaze URL on 05.10.2011

  37. On my ship, my crew is bombb.(:

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 05.10.2011

  38. The ship was an old one; barely hanging on. But her crew was an indefatigable group of outcasts held together by the strings of hope and last ditch efforts. Constance Gray was her captain, known for using her gun when she had to and words when the situation demanded it.

    By J.M.Oneil URL on 05.10.2011

  39. There was one where there was two and then soon there was three. Does that make a crew? Perhaps add another and then some talk and some chatter and some party balloons and then it’s a party and a crew they say, a crew of friends and enemies met together and there they live.

    By docster URL on 05.10.2011

  40. people who work together in a group to achieve something. they become friends and work closely together. they get stuff done and work towards a common goal

    By sam on 05.10.2011