July 15th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “crew”

  1. me and my crew, well we call ourselves that clan, with a C not a K…. because that would be weird otherwise… my crew is the best of friends, anna asley, anna and i.. we go on all kinds of fun adventures(: i really love my friends

    By Megan on 07.15.2012

  2. Construction workers are a crew.
    My friends and are a crew.
    What is not a crew?

    Animals in a group could be considered as a crew…they stick together, right?
    So what can not be a crew?

    Everything has a crew!
    Even the trees have crews!

    By Kayla Starr on 07.15.2012

  3. everyday me seeking crew cut clean cut perfect in every way dark hair true eyes the posture of a lion speaks clearly sense of humor no pets enjoys traveling sports only in moderation brownie lover cuddling expert thoughtful entertaining provocative energetic likes to smile and laugh good cook charming and only has eyes for me.

    none of which are too much to ask for. deal with it.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 07.15.2012

  4. They’re like friends but with specific benefits, we’re involved with them in a crew because of similar interest or dissimilar interests.

    By Sabrina Firdaus URL on 07.15.2012

  5. I looked around and realized just how ragtag this crew was. The important thing was that it was my crew. These were my family, my friends, the people I loved more than anything else in the world. I have never felt more blessed than to be standing there, despite the pain, the heartache and all the shit we’ve been through. I love them and they love me. That’s all that mattered.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 07.15.2012

  6. football is the biggest crew i know besides for school and gym and clubs the whole world is full of crews and socila people who judge and hate just becaudse we are different we shoul;d be individuals not congforming to society.

    By Sarah on 07.15.2012

  7. Remember the “crews” we used to have at school. We didn’t exactly call them a crew, but they were our school friends, classmates, the people you don’t seem to choose, you just got put together whilst in school and so you stick together. I always used to say that my first friends at school were a motley bunch!

    By bethisabee URL on 07.15.2012

  8. They were very much a rough-looking crew of bandits. Their clothes were tattered and dirty, barely covering a thin frame of a skeleton with skin stretched thinly over its bones. Despite their frail appearance, the large, crimson-stained blades in their hands were enough to send shivers down my spine.

    By Maggie McLean on 07.15.2012

  9. I’ve had this word before.
    I’ve had a crew before too.. but it seems that they never last for one reason or another.
    Maybe I’m to blame, but often times it’s the dynamics of the others that ends the crew.
    Honestly, I feel a lot better not being tied to some sort of crew…
    Relationships with a select few are more meaningful
    And being alone can be much more comfortable.

    By Delilah URL on 07.15.2012

  10. My sister was on a crew team. I remember going up to Pittsburgh to watch a competition. my brother and i wondered into a wooded area where we tried to carve our names onto trees as we had seen previously done by others. it was seemingly difficult but i the end i was able to finish a rustically carved Tara in the trunk.

    By Tara on 07.15.2012

  11. The crew was charged with getting the picnic table to this week’s location of the lunch gathering. They efficiently loaded them on the truck, drove to the location and unloaded them just as efficiently. It took 30 minutes total.

    By Jean on 07.15.2012

  12. I once had the chance to row crew with my cousin, but didn’t have the nerve–I knew she had rowed crew for Yale and I was too intimidated. I sometimes feel this was a key missed opportunity and things might have been different if I had tried–or maybe it would have been as tough as I feared, and I saved myself.

    By Blythe Toussaint URL on 07.15.2012

  13. The beginning of the job
    A journey constructed of wood
    Dovetailed and attached with slow hands
    And smileless, frownless, blinkless men
    A crew of apes, carpet burn on knuckles
    Backs arched as if gravity took a liking
    To their form and function
    Made of the earth and making a living from it

    By gsk URL on 07.15.2012

  14. two live crew, like a gang, i don’t know, like goodfellas, guess i still have more time left. is this a test or a website? I don’t get it. hmmm kind of bored now and need to go to bathroom
    still making me type huh? ok whatever, i will just keep blabbing until time runs out and you will be just as bored as me reading this!

    By rebekah URL on 07.15.2012

  15. Engineer.

    Without one, there would be none.

    By Han URL on 07.15.2012

  16. You still cross my mind from time to time, and I mostly smile, still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why. So I retrace our every step with an unsure pen, trying to figure out what my head thinks, but my head isn’t what it used to be, and then again, what’s the point anyway. It must be true what people say, that only time can heal the pain, and every single day I feel it fade, but I still remember how the distance tricked us and led us helpless by the wrist into a pit to be devoured. I still remember how we held so strong to this, though we had never really settled on a way out. I still remember the silence, and how we’d always find a way to turn and run to our mistakes. I hear your voice in mine.

    By agloe on 07.15.2012

  17. Perhaps if I had a crew backing me up as I make the most difficult decisions in my life, I wouldn’t be as hesitant to go with my gut and choose what feels right instead of going with the most logical decision.

    By Bekah URL on 07.15.2012

  18. There was a rowing crew at my school once. I’m not sure how they did.
    There was a J. Crew at the mall once. I never went in.
    I had a crew once. I still associate with them.
    How related are crows and a crew? They differ simply by a letter, or 2. Depending on the multiplicity.
    What noises do crows make? Caws? Why not crews?
    Life is filled with many questions.
    All waiting to be asked.
    Hardly answered.
    Why bother?
    Too busy.

    By Alie on 07.15.2012

  19. they live on a ship and wear yellow coats and its harder in the wind cos of gales. They use an anchor to stop the ship and there is usually a captain who is sometimes called the skipper. he drives the boat and tell the rest of the crew what to do. sometimes they get a good catch and they make money

    By Mary Behan on 07.15.2012

  20. “You have got to decide which crew you’re siding with, brother.”

    “Yes, our fellow. Decide now, for the time has come. Us or them.”

    “Them, or us?”

    He surrenders his weapon to the ground beneath him. For the sake of unity, he tells himself; ‘I’m doing this for the sake of unity. “I’m with neither. I’m on the side of unity. We can all come together. Brethrens we can all be. United.”

    So both crews screwed him instead. Blood spewed from him instead. Rejection wasn’t taken lightly from any one of them.

    They didn’t realise it, but he had got what he wanted. His body was his weapon. He had surrendered his weapon to the ground. For the sake of unity.

    By innards URL on 07.15.2012

  21. a group
    crew cut
    organized assembly of people that come together into a large group
    usually aboard flying planes

    By charlie on 07.15.2012

  22. well i guess it could be a last name or like a well crew as in a team for sports or a band (music) or like people that dance. a break dance crew. i dont know..

    By Seacotton URL on 07.15.2012

  23. “I thought you said she didn’t remember anything,” my father says, turning to Eric and ignoring me.
    “I…uh,” Eric glances at me, carefully deciding on what to say to the man. “She’s starting to remember some things. I didn’t know she…”
    I shake my head. Forcing my breathing to be even, I take a duffel bag from Eric’s hand. Inside it is beaten up military uniforms, which I Kate, Brook, and Eric their sizes.
    Watching me closely as I walk off with Kate and Brook to change behind a pile of debris, I hear my father ask, “How did she know their sizes?”
    I laugh and think just as Eric says, “She was trained to do it.”
    “How does she remember me?”
    Because no one forgets the face of the man who led the crew that killed their mother.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 07.15.2012

  24. The crew was aboard a traygareean space pod heading for the keppler belt. Reason for this departure was unbeknownst to everyone on board save for the man in the turquoise jacket. Not even the captain knew who he was.

    By charlie on 07.15.2012

  25. the crew grew weary with each passing day. the promise of new land was barely enough to keep their spirits up. As the sun beat down on their bare necks, a cry arose from the

    By Mona on 07.15.2012

  26. They all piled on board. Big, hairy, and slightly smelly men. It was a loud bustle, full of excitement and adventure.

    By esky1118 URL on 07.15.2012

  27. A crew… A team… That’s what for me it’s a marriage. Today in one of the saddest moments of my life when I saw a love falling apart, a love I considered the most beautiful and honest I’ve seen, that’s when I say then “what’s a CREW?”.

    By Mónica F. on 07.15.2012

  28. try to build up your crew to something that you can be proud of but sometimes all you need is you so let them go out and do what they need to do while you sit in your room atop dirty sheets and plot

    By Chris Gesualdi on 07.15.2012

  29. the crew on the Bospherus was bedazzled by the herd of monkeys that flew in from the coast. Archer the slim boy from Mexico squirmed and lit a fat cigar to welcome the obese simian crowd fluttering and flailing on the dirty deck.

    By chris bava on 07.15.2012

  30. On the deck of the boat, the crew scurried to secure the cargo before the storm hit.

    By David on 07.15.2012

  31. The crew boarded the ship admist cheers from the surrounding citizens. Not well liked were they, yet they boarded with a significant glance at the others. “Twits.” muttered one.

    By Casey URL on 07.15.2012

  32. The crew couldn’t find the light to the north. Everything was black. Matthew felt as if he’d be sick. The winds were howling in from the south, and the swell must have been over eight metres. Morning light was still at least five hours away.

    By sharon london on 07.15.2012

  33. I looked at my crew with a smile. Gabby was twisting her long, blond hair up into a bun. Sara was rubbing sunscreen into her shoulders and face, the shadows made by the tree branches she was standing under making patterns on her skin, Hannah, the smallest girl on our crew by twenty pounds and several inches, was checking her speaker system. As coxswain, it was her job to give rowing commands that kept our movements in time, leading to efficiency and speed. I stood next to the shell, waiting for my team to help me lift the light-weight boat onto our shoulders and carry it to the water for rowing practice.

    By Emma URL on 07.15.2012

  34. She is There When I Cry,
    He is There to Make Jokes With,
    He is There to Tease Me,
    She is There to Be Teased,
    He is There to Give Me Piggie-Back Rides,
    She’s There to Listen to My Rants,
    He’s There to Teach Me Math.

    They’re All There For Me
    Through Thick and Thin.

    But it’s Hard to Look Past the Gaping Hole in the Group….

    By Story Solo URL on 07.15.2012

  35. Crews help to organize. They set up and take down. Also are a team of people with a common goal. A common goal that allows them to complete a common vision. They are needed to reach a unity.

    By Andrew on 07.15.2012

  36. Ich sah die Krähe das erste mal am Wegesrand als ich zur Schule fuhr. Ich sprach zu ihr und sie schaute mich dabei direkt an. Dann krähte sie einmal als Antwort. Seitdem sitzt sie jeden Morgen da, ich wünsche ihr einen schönen Tag und sie mir auch. Wir sind beste Freunde. Die Krähe und ich.

    By Deni URL on 07.15.2012

  37. crew is a spot in which much muscle activity is needed. A constant flow of potential energy will be used in order for a team to be successful. Brute force isnt all thats needed tho, as mental strength plays a big factor. I hope to one day master the sport

    By Keeyon Olia on 07.15.2012

  38. the word crew reminds me of a crew neck tee shirt, crew neck tee shirts are things that i cannot wear due to the high cut, which makes my large bust look awkward. so, the word crew some what upsets me. it also reminds me of bands, because bands have crews. i like bands, and music, music makes me happy.

    By Cassie Hoffman URL on 07.15.2012

  39. The crew buzzed around me like a swarm of irritated bees. One woman pulled at the unruley bit of hair that hung over my eyes. A short-ish man with glasses straightened my tutu. A severe woman clapped her hands, “Go, Sarah!” she yelled. As I dashed on stage she whispered, “Without you, the show would just be called Lake.”

    By Lola URL on 07.15.2012

  40. “We havent got all day, then!”
    The crew of the boat moaned simotaniously. THey sluggishly movind into position and began a tiring day of sailing.

    By Miracle on 07.15.2012