February 27th, 2012 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “crescent”

  1. The moon was a perfect crescent. I was petrified but exhilarated. I looked to the sky fro my future. I thought, here and now is where I am supposed to be. But where am I going? I know the moon will guide me. Or not. Maybe Not.

    By Sarah on 02.27.2012

  2. I’m not sure anymore. Things used to make more sense. I could stare at moons and shapes all day and still be the same old person. The same confused girl trying to make things work. It’s hollow. There are no escape routes or paths. All I see are the same old things everyone else sees now…and I can’t think of a damn thing for this word but moon, moon, moon.

    By Trey URL on 02.27.2012

  3. Crescent shaped little cheese slices. They eat them all. Because they taste smokey. Bu they didn’t eat the labna. Too citrus-tasting. I think they would have liked it with some lavosh. Weak weak palates. Maybe they’ll change.

    By kt URL on 02.27.2012

  4. It was a crescent moon last night, and I thought of you. I thought of the Cheshire Cat coming down and giving me a wonderful, beautiful riddle to lead me to you. To lead me to what my dreams have shown, my dreams of absolute regret, my dreams that we were there, intertwined like vines who’ve grown together over time.

    By Emily URL on 02.27.2012

  5. I think of crescent rolls, flaky breakfast roles. I also think of crescent moon. In A

    By Diane Harps on 02.27.2012

  6. round and brown, the mooncake made is like king’s crown
    Jason took a bite
    sweet in the cheek, Jason chew a mouthful

    By Kidd on 02.27.2012

  7. The crescent moon was beautiful in the night sky. It must have been the same moon he was looking at as he scurried through the fields heading north. It was the same dream I had, but could never find the courage to make a reality. The moon has a way of making people wish for so much more.

    By Fender2010 URL on 02.27.2012

  8. The crescent of the moon is beautiful on a cloudless night. It’s like a crust of pizza bitten to the ends.

    By teab on 02.27.2012

  9. The shades were just barely parted, allowing a slim sliver of soft silver light from the to slip into the room, sliding across the bed to lie on her naked flesh and mirror the moon’s crescent shape in the curvature of her skin.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 02.27.2012

  10. The shades were just barely parted, allowing a slim sliver of soft silver light to slip into the room, sliding across the bed to lie intimately, tangentially, on her naked flesh and mirror the moon’s crescent shape in the subtle curvature of her skin.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 02.27.2012

  11. the crescent moon dipped below the eucalyptus grove
    the owl blinked and swiveled around to face the brook
    the water skipped and bounced along the silver reflection

    By Kate URL on 02.27.2012

  12. Her tears slid down the side of her face; a crescent river. It shimmered, glimmered and seemed crystalline and so painfully beautiful at the same time.

    By elinmacrae on 02.27.2012

  13. you cut out a part of me
    in the shape of a crescent
    and now it sits in the sky
    and blinds me enough
    that i cannot sleep

    By sarah marie URL on 02.27.2012

  14. I saw the crescent moon drop out of the clouds like a mirror into a lake. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. More beautiful than my mother’s green, sparkly eyes. That moon was like a positive, hopeful beam of life. And at that moment, I was alive.

    By Mercedes on 02.27.2012

  15. The crescent moon rose over the hill after midnight. Emile sighed in relief. It would be so much easier to carry on now that there was a little light to see by. He’d stumbled and fallen more times than he could count already. But he couldn’t stop. Not yet.

    By Ellie URL on 02.27.2012

  16. What does it matter if the moon is new, or is full tonight? Just as long as it reflects in you, i wouldn’t mind the moon not shining, as long as i see your soul through your crescent eyes.

    By MD URL on 02.28.2012

  17. Upon the sky it travels slowly, undercored by all that it is not showing. Shadows bask the entirity of it’s face yet still that slive is beautiful and transcendent. All that we do not see leaves inb imagination all that we do know is there. It mirrors what we see in one another.

    By Corey Gavin on 02.28.2012

  18. The crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus all in a row in the beautiful black sky. So bright and breathtaking, she realised that she was simply a speck of dust on this earth, no more, and resolved to stop becoming involved with the mere trivia of life. It was about time she helped all the petty, inconsequential factors fade away. This was good for her. She smiled a real smile for the first time in years.

    By Laura URL on 02.28.2012

  19. i sat and watched the crescent of the moon wondering how time has flown since it was last this shape.. this crescent moon.. reminding me of lost days .. and nights with nothing to show but fallen tears.. i sat and watched teh crescent of the moon and realised life passes way too soon.. i dry my eyes and sit and watch the crescent of the moon

    By Caroline URL on 02.28.2012

  20. Your smile like an ache, like the taste of moonlight, like sleeping in on Sunday mornings. Your fingertips playing on the staircase of my spine. Your pale hands in my hair. Your voice in the dark. I am a tangle of thoughts about you.

    By Lilly Bear URL on 02.28.2012

  21. crescent. crescent was the shape of the moon that night. the moon, my only company as i walk the streets without you.

    By tericampos URL on 02.28.2012

  22. full moon is beautiful, but i find crescent more mysterious. crescent is more like us, looking feeble yet shining. it’s getting full, and when it is, it goes back to crescent. again.

    By kaorita on 02.28.2012

  23. The crescent moon shone above us, as we met by moonlight. A single sliver of light to witness our lips, touching briefly as we parted. The smallest part of the moon. The larger part of our goodbye.

    By Lauren on 02.28.2012

  24. The moon was just a lonely crescent shape among the many stars in the night sky. It shon brighter than any star and Corrie was taken in by it. The moon had never interested her before, what was this curse and what had it done to her?

    By rachlea URL on 02.28.2012

  25. It was known to be haunted and yet I was strangely drawn to the house. It was a crescent moon that lit the back porch only and a slight shudder went down my spine as I entered the rear back door…

    By Julia URL on 02.28.2012

  26. In its invisible state
    In its dying wake
    A crescent shadow looming above because
    It’s the only thing it knows
    To do
    Or to be
    Nothing else until quarter of a month passes
    Constellations may align themselves
    In the horizon
    But it is still
    And silent
    Invisible in its dying wake

    By circinus URL on 02.28.2012

  27. moon hung in the sky… beauty of the night to behold… my Father hung the moon there… to light the night… a small reminder of His light… that I am to be that light… He like the sun… me like the moon… reflecting the light of my savior… my Lord…

    By Mike on 02.28.2012

  28. A planet seemed to hang from the crescent moon, like an earring, on that still, cold night. When she’d headed outside, she felt cranky and irritated, but the beauty of the night drew her in, as always. She began to relax.

    By Margaret on 02.28.2012

  29. C. R. E. S. C. E. N. T.

    Craig ratcheted every section, concerning Evans neglected throttle.

    By vanhaydu URL on 02.28.2012

  30. The slim crescent peeked out behind scraggly branches that had long ago given up their leaves. Trusty Orion stood guard, bow at the ready, Sirius at his heel. And there I lay, beneath wandering clouds, missing you. Your memory kept me company. I wish you could have been there.

    By echoes-of-me URL on 02.28.2012

  31. I sat beside the crescent waiting for him to arrive. He told me that he would be there for 5:30. I waited and I waited. Trying to look like I was busy doing other things like playing with my phone, twirling my hair, or looking out in the distance… But deep down, I just couldn’t wait for him to sneak up on me. And he did. Holding my waist, looking over my shoulder to see what I was up too. I smiled and he smiled too. His hands just perfectly fit mine. “I missed you” I said.

    By Marie on 02.28.2012

  32. The crescent moon hung in the sky. Not vertically, like a C but rather turned, like someone slouching in a hammock. In a few days it would be gone, then start to be reborn again.

    By Holden URL on 02.28.2012

  33. The Fertile Crescent,
    shaped by the Tigris and the Euphrates.
    Cradle of the old civilizations,
    where are you now?
    Still there, and yet not.

    By Ferruccio K. Choovanski URL on 02.28.2012

  34. The crescent moon has always fascinated me. I always wondered if it’s points count cut the sky. if the reason you never saw any light inside it is if the stars were afraid. Afraid to get between the horns.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 02.28.2012

  35. moon, glowing, shimmering in the night sky. curvalinear, clear and crisp. humming a soft, quiet lullaby.

    star light, star bright.
    right beside this glistening light.

    day or night.

    shine, shine bright.

    By Zee on 02.28.2012

  36. A crescent moon in the sky, a fingernail, a half-thought, a smile. I don’t know how to get next to you. The moon smiles on. White and wondersome and wily. ‘Yes, yes you do.’ I can’t help but see a laughter-line eye, a wink.

    By siobhan347 URL on 02.28.2012

  37. It was at that time, during the war, the flag flew there above the dome, when the dome was another dome, and William was still alive, and we would laugh and sing at night, even when we knew the enemy was listening. Then the tanks came. And the bombs fell. And William went away for good and I was left with Mom and Dad, and then Dad left too.

    By Bryan URL on 02.28.2012

  38. the cresent at the end of my street is home to lossom hills and mouse holes, they themselves have their own culdysack in which they have many cresents, each one holds a differnt story and a differnt answer, each mouse has its own life created in one of these beautiful humble of boads!

    By Saffy Jones on 02.28.2012

  39. They are delicious rolls. They can be used for anything! I make pizza appetizers out of them or wrap them around hot dogs. My kids love that. I used to get teased because I would eat more than my much larger brothers when their were crescent rolls on the table. I am not a dessert person, but I’ll have another crescent roll as a dessert instead. I like to put butter on top after baking.

    By Becki on 02.28.2012

  40. A red crescent moon, with a beautiful young anime girl in a flowing dress reclining inside the curve. Impossible. The moon just looks like it shrinks into that crescent shape, but really it’s still a sphere… Oh, I’m being rational again. Jess would be annoyed if she heard me pondering some silly anime picture that I found on the internet for its physical possibility.

    By Chabo URL on 02.28.2012