February 27th, 2012 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “crescent”

  1. At gå en tur i halvmåneskin er bare noget at det skønneste og dejligste som man kan gøre sammen med en man holder af og dele denne oplevelse. Prøv det det kan varmt
    Det giver energi til kroppen og sindet og samtidigt får man motioneret. Skønt ikke ????

    By Lill Brandenborg on 02.28.2012

  2. moon small sliver shape I see it in the sky.

    By pam franco on 02.28.2012

  3. Es wächst immer mehr an. Das Meer wächst und die Luft wird dichter. So lange bis sie zum Flüssiggas wird. Es dauert noch ein paar Millionen Jahre. Unsere Nachfahren haben bis dahin bestimmt einen Weg gefunden, damit zu leben oder die Erde zu verlassen. Trotzdem kann ich es nicht lassen, mir vorzustellen, wie es wäre, wenn mir das selbst passiert.

    By Lisa URL on 02.28.2012

  4. Crescent and effervescent. I lie myself gently in your crescent moon. I love how you hold me. I love your curve; the way you bow – I fit perfectly.

    By Adesola URL on 02.28.2012

  5. roll
    only e’s
    hard and soft c
    tastes good

    By Sandy on 02.28.2012

  6. One night we were getting ready to eat dinner and my mom brought some crescent rolls. We were ready eat them when all of a sudden it jumped out of our hands and tried to hurt us.

    By Mikaylee on 02.28.2012

  7. I was mesmerized
    by the way his hands moved.
    The muscles in his hands
    contracting and constricting
    as they worked through the grease and grime.
    He was manipulating this machine with such ease..
    “Hand me that crescent wrench.”
    I was hypnotized.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 02.28.2012

  8. My mom she looked up at the mom and she realized it was a crescent moon. So I walked into the house and made some crescent rolls. Then we had a picnic and ate the crescent rolls under the crescent and played at the park.

    By SamanthaM on 02.28.2012

  9. I love crescent rolls because they are so yummy and one day my mom was in the kitchen making crescent rolls and I was out looking up at the moon. Then, I noticed that it was crescent, so I ran into the kitchen and told my mom. She said, “That’s so funny, I am making crescents too!”

    By JuliaB on 02.28.2012

  10. The crickets’ nighttime songs swaddled him in a solemn blanket of atmosphere. On evenings like this, he always liked to lie on the roof and gaze up at the glowing beauty of the moon. But the night’s Queen is not full tonight; she sat gingerly on the wisps of ghostly clouds, bending to mimick the shape of the Cheshire Cat’s grin. He still loves her glow, though. It’s still magical. He crawled on the rust-caked roof and let himself be bathed with the meager magic light emanating from her, his head lolling to an unheard lullaby.

    By Airiz URL on 02.28.2012

  11. The sun and the eye of the night time glisten in the well lit blackness of rain and dust and everybody sits around the fire in a small, sweet circle. He takes hold of the cup and lets it slosh through the sogg of grass.

    By A on 02.28.2012

  12. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kingdom on the moon. All of the homes and castles were shaped like crescents. They even had crescent-shaped windows, doors, and beds. The kingdom was called Crescentia.

    By mrshuhn on 02.28.2012

  13. One shape of the moon is a crescent. It could be waxing or wanning to make the crescent shape. I am from La Crescent, Minnesota. I wonder how it got its name?

    By Kathy Nash on 02.28.2012

  14. i love creconts especialy the ones that are coverd in glaze ! wait that says crecent ok……….times up!!!:(

    By harhodes on 02.28.2012

  15. A phase of the moon that looks like a thumbnail is a crescent. They have dinner rolls that look like that, too, that are called crescent rolls. Moon shaped figure is a crescent.

    By Charley on 02.28.2012

  16. it a moon phase or it can a dinner roll its very yummy hhahahahahhahahhahahahahahahah

    By YummyButtJuice324 URL on 02.28.2012

  17. crescent moons happen twice every moon cycle. once facing one way, the second the other way.

    By just582 URL on 02.28.2012

  18. the crescent is a moon form . or a crescent is a dinner role that u can eat and is really good.lolololololololololololololololololololol.

    By boo boo cupcake tre URL on 02.28.2012

  19. She sat alone by the lake, under the crescent moon. Gazing up at the stars she let out a sigh. She wished her mom was here.

    By Smile your alive! on 02.28.2012

  20. moon
    shining on a river

    By roxy on 02.28.2012

  21. I bet everyone thinks of the moon. Or moon-shaped things. Because that’s what crescent is, isn’t it? Except we forget the lithe curve of the scythe; or a curl of hair as it lies across a pillow. Those are crescents, too.

    By Gavin C. Latham on 02.28.2012

  22. There is a crescent moon. Some of those biscuit-like things that you can eat are called crescents. The crescent moon is a very popular moon.

    By Damaris URL on 02.28.2012

  23. i could see the reflection of the crescent moon in your deep blue eyes. you make me sink into feelings I’ve constantly been running away from. tonight, for the first time, I don’t want to run.. I want to sink here with you forever.

    By Abra URL on 02.28.2012

  24. A cresent moon..
    The only light in the darkness,
    surrounded by stars,
    by air,
    by the light of the moon,
    radiant energy,
    pale and as old as time,
    ….to be continued :P

    By Stephanie on 02.28.2012

  25. With a sigh as heavy as the morning in January, I look up and see the brightest thing I’ve seen in years. Thick in the purple background, laughing with its neighbor stars, it’s without gender, voiceless, intricate beauty in a glance. My soul stops beating so hard for just a moment in time.

    By Candice Lango on 02.28.2012

  26. The moon was bright that evening. We sat on the swing chairs in the garden, just the two of us, talking about our lives and looking up at the beautiful night sky.

    By Joy on 02.28.2012

  27. As I stared up at the big round moon, I wondered if she was looking at the same moon too. She, my mother. I didn’t even know if she existed. But I had hope, and hope was all I needed through those long hard years.

    By Joy on 02.28.2012

  28. It’s so beautiful. I saw one in the sky last night here in Sweden. There is also a bicycle named Crescent in Sweden. As a kid I had an orange one. Somebody stole it, and later I found it hanging in a tree. Later I also had a green Crescent bike.

    By Freddy Olsson URL on 02.28.2012

  29. It tastes good. It’s shaped like the moon! It tastes like bread! They are golden brown! You can put butter on it. It can cook in the oven! Thanksgiving food!

    By leslie on 02.28.2012

  30. I hadn’t thought of the effects pulling the moon away would have on gravity. But it seems as love’s guardian blessed us, we floated higher. Blissful and unprepared for the hardships love always seems to be readily willing to seve.

    By Ruben URL on 02.28.2012

  31. i see
    a dress with small
    silver crescent moons
    legs that go on for days
    a shiny purple smile

    By Iffath URL on 02.28.2012

  32. Crescent moon looks like a fingernail paring in the sky. No polish, just the bare sliver of moon.

    By marylee on 02.28.2012

  33. A crescent shaped moon. Yesterday there was one. It was beautiful. You could also see the outline of the rest of the moon which made it more breathtaking! Crescent moon is one of the most beautiful things in the starry night sky

    By Mickey on 02.28.2012

  34. The crescent moon in the sky last night formed a triangle with Jupiter and another planet. It was a beautiful sight.
    A crescent roll is very delicious when it is warm — just out of the oven.
    The crescent wrench was needed to loosen the pipe to get it unplugged.

    By julie on 02.28.2012

  35. The crescent moon glowed softly yellow over the snow-laden field. Somewhere nearby an owl softly called. She stood still listening for a sound she could identify with a human in distress.

    By Lisa on 02.28.2012

  36. moon, croissants, cuticles, scent, cent, ent.
    sounds soft but it’s pointy.
    reminds me of russians.

    By mom on 02.28.2012

  37. The crescent moon rose up to the sky, clouds shrouding and illuminated by the light. Stars followed after it, trying to gleam at their best too. They all try to be as shiny as they can be. But one thing for certain, the sun gets all the glory as it fills up the whole world with its light by day.

    By Nika URL on 02.28.2012

  38. The crescent moon lit up in the midnight sky, providing an illusion to so many that there was indeed a man that lived on the moon, that in this vast universe there is hope, and we are not alone.

    By Ellie URL on 02.28.2012

  39. Ahh.. the moon now has 5 planets escorting her in her crescent beauty.

    By Doc S on 02.28.2012

  40. This morning, I bought my daughter a crescent roll. She eats them plain – no nothing added.

    By general george patton URL on 02.28.2012