April 17th, 2013 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “creature”

  1. Creatures that comes in many different types. Creatures that evolve into stronger, more mature forms. Creatures with different abilities. Creatures that are considered legendary.

    Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokemon, deserves respect for making our childhood so amazing.

    By Nyan on 04.18.2013

  2. The creature crawled out of the muck and quickly grew into a terrifying and menacing monster. The towns people did not leave their houses at night when the creature lurked in the darkness seeking its nightly meal. If you needed to leave the house after dark; you did so at your own risk.

    By Terrence Thomas on 04.18.2013

  3. He created the light and dark, He created the land and the waters. All beauty was beheld. But then He created the vilest creature of them all, almost as a sort of juxtaposition… He created Man.

    By Herringbone URL on 04.18.2013

  4. The tiny creature gently nuzzled my hand, seeking more food. I laughed, but nervously. I loved this little critter but I was down to my last package of biscuits. I couldn’t even spare the crumbs the tiny thief had already stolen.

    By Andrea URL on 04.18.2013

  5. a creature is an living object or something that breaths. Just like humans, bunnies, horses, cats etc.

    By Sunniva on 04.18.2013

  6. Curious creatures, Reapers. Not quite monsters, not quite men. He watches them, chin on his palm, watches as they taunt the Players, just before battle begins and they fade somewhere between the planes.

    They’re not inherently evil. Perhaps their ideas of ‘fun’ are… Different, not so commendable, but they cannot be considered evil at base for doing what they must to survive.

    It’s an interesting system in place, he thinks, as he turns back to the paper in front of him, no interest in the view ahead of him when it’s only normal, live human beings. Almost like a game- and that’s what Hanekoma called it: the Game. In theory, the Reapers exist to weed out the unworthy Players- to leave the Composer with only those deserving of a choice for their future at the end of the week. (“Aah, I’m not really s’posed to be tellin’ you this stuff, kid,” Hanekoma said, scratching the back of his neck, eyes averted, “but I don’t think there are rules for this kind of thing, so…”)

    But in reality, it’s become sport. The Reapers have forgotten their duties, and base their existences on the destruction of the Players’. While it seems they do need to eliminate the unworthy to survive, they don’t separate the Players into those categories anymore. Everyone is free game.

    Joshua notes his observations and hums quietly. He keeps his thoughts to himself.

    By Li URL on 04.18.2013

  7. The wolf’s cry followed me through the forest.
    It was now or never.
    After dashing through the thick foliage, the tiny pinpricks from the twigs and branches that clutched to my skin and my clothing became visible. My breath was heavy, laden with fatigue and fear. With nothing but a stone dagger to save my life, I had no doubt that the wolf could smell my horror.
    The creature was crouched into an offensive position, ready to pounce at the first moment of confusion. I could feel my chest beating ferociously as beads of sweat rolled down my back like ants crawling away from danger.
    I took aim. The beast snarled.
    Before I knew it, the wolf leaped — right into the edge of the dagger. The cry of the creature ended abruptly, quickly replaced by the gruesome sound of its hide ripping to let the blood flow out of its body.
    I shook uncontrollably, dropping the bloody dagger on the forest floor.
    As I looked up from my bloodstained hands, I saw the figure of a man lying naked on the ground — dead.
    Just then, the moon had taken its position in the sky, shining its spotlight on the remarkable scene before it.

    By Tee URL on 04.18.2013

  8. I am a creature of habit. I don’t really know if that’s true yet, just wrote it. But I guess everyone is……so…. yes, I’m a creature of some particular habits. They include, drinking, smoking, having tea every morning, wanting to end the night on a slow, solitary note.. How would that be if i ever got married? and especially if i had children? Cause this is not a habit I covet and hold dear to my heart, but rather one of necessity.

    By Laurel on 04.18.2013

  9. of the night. of habit. of opulence. of entertainment. of awesomeness. i am a creature of of nature. creature of stature. capture. rapture.

    By sheetal on 04.18.2013

  10. i’ve become a lonely creature. i hate myself, i’m no good at anything, not even at video games. i spend all day watching tv and sleeping. i used to be a writer. i used to create. now i’m worthless.

    By lila on 04.18.2013

  11. The creature that was discovered in the cave was taken to the laboratory to be examine so that it could be identify and isolated.

    By victor URL on 04.18.2013

  12. He crouched down deeper into the undergrowth, making sure that he could still see her.

    They were having some sort of festival; something to do with lights and dancing and general merriment. She was in the center of it all- the queen of the festival.

    And what was he? A dark, lowly creature watching on the sidelines, not wanting to taint her luminous, regal glow.

    By Rio URL on 04.18.2013

  13. So what is this creature that reaches beyond the grave and still has the power to influence how he thinks today? Memories of this lost companion, the little lost puppy that wondered into our home that made a a man out of the little lost boy and taught him about love and responsibility. The puppy is long gone but the lessons he bestowed linger on.

    By Tracey URL on 04.18.2013

  14. Of habit.
    Of mind.
    Of comfort.
    Of deceit.
    Of feature.
    Of terror.
    Of mind.
    Of presence.
    Of creation.
    Of knowledge.
    Of doubt.
    Of love.

    By Ian URL on 04.18.2013

  15. The creature looked out to me, it’s eyes shining bright like lanterns in the dark. It was covered in feathers that gleamed like the wet fleece of a baby kitten and hand small wings that fluttered nervously.

    By Katerina on 04.18.2013

  16. The creature stopped and stared at its opponent. the crazy eyes the awful stench of its breath offended its nose. they circled each other. CReature vs creature . Man vs man

    By Lisa on 04.18.2013

  17. The creature blinked. It’s eyes were like lamps shining in a dark room, glowing out of a mass of slick dark feathers. Who are you? I wondered as I looked at it. Robin told me that someone would meet me here and someone would trick me.

    By Katerina E URL on 04.18.2013

  18. Out of the lagoon, he rose. Creeping along the swamp. His hideous skin was camouflage.

    By Soft URL on 04.18.2013

  19. tiny creatures are common in the world. they are either lovely or dangerous. We are indeed one of the creatures of our own imagination in the way we transform ourselves into. Creature shouldn’t be mixed with creativity

    By magnilevo on 04.18.2013

  20. A living thing. Maybe accepted, maybe rejected. But a living thing all the same. And one that is deserving of respect.

    By Jonathan Berretta on 04.18.2013

  21. Sunshine, and the wind in my face, that is what I want. Just creature comforts. I want to feel warm and soothed by the world as though time does not exist and I am wrapped in the here and now.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.18.2013

  22. The beasts, their hearts rumble. Their claws stretch sink between the cage bars and beg for freedom.
    Let me free.
    Let me tear you apart.
    I know no favours.
    I know no honour.

    Just let me break free.

    By genahtastic URL on 04.18.2013

  23. The creature was an odd mix. Standing, at first glance it looked to be a horse, but when one paused, it was not. The joints were strange, the back a little longer. It’s neck was still long, but its eyes were a little more forward pointing. The ears flicked back and forth, slightly more triangular than a horse’s would be.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.18.2013

  24. he was a teddy bear, with a heart of gold. he protected me from creatures, mostly witches, who lived under my bed. it was a waterbed, there wasn’t much space beneath it, but i felt safer having him around. he had a red cape. over the years i’ve had to replace that cape. only the teddy bear has survived.

    By dear poetry URL on 04.18.2013

  25. A strange creature, white and furry, shining in the moonlight. Blue eyes like jewels, lit from within. So calm and yet such wildness contained within it. How could I communicate? What could I say? Would it answer me? I am a creature too, I want to tell it. And I want to be with you. In

    By redlocks on 04.18.2013

  26. It is my own creation. What have I done? What have I brought upon this earth? It stares up at me with its multi-faceted eyes, flanked with shards of something that looks like glass. It could be good, it could be bad—I gave it free will. Maybe I should not have done that. But God gave us free will, and so we ourselves should have free will to give other things free will.
    Speaking of God—I should not have done this—here go the elements, marching in a row.

    By Isis URL on 04.18.2013

  27. A creature stood by the oak tree. A strange creature indeed.
    Sullen. But ever so mysterious. Just looking at it drew me closer. It seemed like it had a story to tell me.

    By Soumya Jayanti on 04.18.2013

  28. Do you know how holes are created? Holes signify that something that was once there, is now lost. Holes in skulls show where eyes used to be; holes in bodies show where skin used to be, and holes in the earth show us places where cities used to be.

    By URL on 04.18.2013

  29. she was the finest creature of beauty i had ever seen. her black coat shone in the moonlight. she walked with the grace of a princess, holding her head high at all moments, and caring not at all about her gawking onlookers. when i shook her bag of treats from the open doorway of the house, she came racing toward me. i win.

    By l on 04.18.2013

  30. Stood there a creature. A creature of utmost beauty. Everything about it was wondrous. In a true sense.

    By Soumya Jayanti URL on 04.18.2013

  31. Oh the creature I just read about. The stuff of nightmares, really. The hummingbird hawk moth. OH GODDDDD! It is huge, furry, flies like a hummingbird as it flits from flower to flower, and stings! Awful thing I had to read about it…

    By Tarah URL on 04.18.2013

  32. there is a creature in the dead of night stumbling upon and under our bed we may see him but he wont come near until youre asleep. then he sneaks in your dreams and eats your babies you

    By jorden on 04.18.2013

  33. One word can mean a lot of things to a lot of word can change the world or destory it.

    By Thato on 04.18.2013

  34. God’s creations. Squirrels. Man. Birds. Cats.

    All growing together. Learning. Surviving.

    Loving. Procreating.

    Populating the planet.

    By Kathleen URL on 04.18.2013

  35. Human is a selfish creature, I wish we could change that. at the end of the day, we are selfish too. all of us. we cannot love selflessly.

    By isa on 04.18.2013

  36. The dark swirled around her, as she was overcome by a sudden magnanimous power. The power to harm others.
    The power to harm the one closest to her.
    Katie growled with rage! Now I am the fiercest monster of them all!
    Her red fur and horns had always been just for show. Now she was ready to take on the world. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

    By Siege URL on 04.18.2013

  37. The cave gave the appearance of a creature’s evil mouth… shadows flashed across the walls as my head lamp scanned the walls. This was amazing!

    “London! This is fabulous!” I cried to my best friend.

    “No kidding! God’s creation is simply and completely gorgeous!”

    We kept heading down the spelunking path, gasping and grinning at the creepy beauty. I attempted to avoid slamming my head, 5 feet and 10 inches in the air, into the stalactites that dropped down into the cave. Unsuccessfully, but still, it was a good attempt.

    African caves… the Lord is good to me!!!!!

    By Emma Travis on 04.18.2013

  38. “I dont understand this is the same prompt as yesterday!”
    he cried out
    “I thought this would change! I was prepared for change!” he slumped pathetically in his chair, gasping for air like a beached fish, gasping…


    no change came.

    By Philip URL on 04.18.2013

  39. I am a creature of habit, constantly thinking about my place in this world. A creature that travels from one side of the country to the other, working across the land. A creature that spreads its influence from place to place. A creature that some love and some hate, but all will hopefully pay attention to one way or another.

    By J. Rice URL on 04.18.2013

  40. It crawled low to the ground in heaping steps that would make a street musician shudder. It’s eyes hunted through the crowd of grey stranger’s, searching for colour.

    By Tamara J on 04.18.2013