November 16th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “cowboy”

  1. I looked around the broken, wind slept landscape and at the mesas flanking my sides, I saw the soul of the west.

    behind me my partner, my associate a cowboy out of time, rode on a painted horse, enjoying the scenery under the bleaching Colorado sun.

    By ben URL on 11.16.2010

  2. He fancied himself a cowboy with his big ole belt buckle, his shiny boots and his big pickup truck.
    “What do you do?” I asked.
    “I’m a network engineer,” he replied.
    “Then what’s with the pickup truck?” I asked.
    “It’s a big network,” he said without even cracking a smile.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.16.2010

  3. cowboys ride really fast on the desert chasing and herding wild cattle all over to go to Minnesota usually but if not then wherever the trail ends to take them to the train station to sell them and get money for the ranch owner. They brand the cattle so they don’t get lost. They ride like crazy and shoot really well.

    By Ray on 11.16.2010

  4. A cowboy is someone who rounds up cattal and live in the dessert and make campfires.

    By SW on 11.16.2010

  5. She didn’t like seeing her boyfriend wear a baseball cap all the time, so she bought him the fanciest cowboy hat she found on a fishy store with even fishier discounts. It didn’t cross her mind that the smile the owner gave at the purchase was rather suspicious.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.16.2010

  6. Cowboy’s wear pretty darn cool boots. I also think that their hats are snazzy. But most of all, the reason that I would want to be a cowboy is to ride a horse. I love riding horses but never get to do it! Have you ever met Don Juan in the desert? We had lunch together once. In the desert.

    By Abbey on 11.16.2010

  7. Cowboy – Cowboy Bebop – Anime – Bento – Just recieved two new Bento for my husband and myself – got my buddy into bento – she rides horses – she’s a cowgirl – single, looking for a cowboy – COWBOY

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.16.2010

  8. cowboy is usually seen in movies
    he goes on a horse
    he uses gun
    he is a gentleman
    there are so many types in cowboys

    By seenu on 11.16.2010

  9. hats spurs boots before spurs sandles. the outfitted cowboy was cowboying around with nothing much to do but play the guitar and eat beans. he rode his horse and walked some of the time and didn’t want to use his gun except for on targets sometimes. he didn’t know where to go and had friends but couldn’t enjoy anything but partying. waht to do was his main wuestiong. and he didn’t know the answer and felt wrong doing anything.

    By peter on 11.16.2010

  10. I don’t really know what to say about cowboys. Where I’m from, we don’t really have them – wait, that is a lie. Where I work, there is a man who comes in every weekend with a cowboy hat on. That doesn’t necessarily make him a cowboy but, hey, it’s the best I’ve got!

    By Rebecca on 11.16.2010

  11. When I think of cowboy – the typical image comes to mind, the boots with those spiky things at the back, the wide brim 10 gallon hat, but more so, I hear the jingle jangle of the stirrups, I feel the heat of the setting sun, and the dust on my cheeks. I see varying shades of dirt and wide expansive canyons.

    By s. smile URL on 11.16.2010

  12. The old west. Adventure. Outlaws. Why do little boys want to be cowboys? Sure adventure can appeal to you I suppose, but I don’t see it. I had a John Wayne themed party as a kid. I guess I fall into the same category as those little boys.

    By Liam on 11.16.2010

  13. people with horses,,naughty boys,rich people,i would love to be one,and rich,but thwey r in america

    By stella on 11.16.2010

  14. cowboys wear chaps and wrastle things and rodeos and whatnot about cacti and horses and bulls and ropes and old west and howdy and woody from toy story

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.16.2010

  15. The cowboy raised his hate and nodded at the lady. She smiled shyly at him, while she curtsied, her long gown fanning out around her. Here, the wild, wild west thrived and as the cowboy walked out of the bar, he kept his hands on the holstered guns resting on his hips.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.16.2010

  16. The cowboy rode the range all day and the hot dry dust stuck in his throat. All he could think about was the woman at home waiting for his return. The sun was now sinking in the sky behind him, and knowing another day was almost over he began to look for a place to camp for the night. His horse’s head hung low, so tired from the heat and the days travel. His children were now grown, waiting to see their father after so many years.

    By Sue on 11.16.2010

  17. there once was a cowboy named sprite
    who traveled all day and night
    on his horse named tiff
    who fell off a cliff
    and gave the cowboy a fright

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.16.2010

  18. John rode rodney as a cowboy, the position was fenomental and was hitting his prostrate with every move.

    By Marthese Formosa URL on 11.16.2010

  19. The cowboy rode along the desert which spread farther than he could see. What was in front of him was the unknown, but what was behind him was a past he was trying to escape from. His children were grown now, never knowing who his father was. The woman who waited for so many years finally realized that he was never returning and she was better than that.

    By Sue URL on 11.16.2010

  20. I continued my walk through the empty streets of the once teeming city, which was now a ghost town. Where have all the cowboys gone? I thought to myself, the hysteria rising to the surface once again. Once again, I tamped it down.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.16.2010

  21. the cowboy road his horse for hours and hours and until e was completly lost in what seemed like the largest desert he had ever been in. Nothing was in sight. His mouth was dry and cracked feeling. He had ran out of water just about an hour ago.

    By leah fagen on 11.16.2010


    By SW on 11.16.2010

  23. A cowboy has a gun and a horse. There are kids at my school who dress up as cowboys. It is weird.

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 11.16.2010

  24. cowboys are cool!!JIM SAID NO THEY ARE NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I SAID THEY ARE ROUGH TOUGH AND MEAN

    By SW on 11.16.2010

  25. I have a grandpa that was a cowboy. I love cowboy movies. Most cowboys ride horses. they also have a lasso.

    By Jasper on 11.16.2010

  26. She sits upstairs on her stool and paints pretty pictures of pretty fields at sunset. Her daddy screams from downstairs and throws the dishes up against the door and she smiles in her room and paints the sun with swirls of red and yellow, like warmth.
    She smiles pale pink cotton candy lips and downstairs mommy pulls her hair from her head and ducks behind the kitchen counter, like a snowball fight for grown-ups they throw ceramic that crash like cymbals on the ceiling. She dips her brush in green and purple, paints the grass all lush and soft beneath her imaginary feet.
    She paints a cowboy on a horse of dappled gray and dives headfirst into the mess of colors, thinking take me from here, please, and she imagines riding off into the wind. In the living room the house is a clamor of clanking limbs and clashing words and upstairs she lies on the polished wood covered in a mess of color, still lonely with a smudged canvas and a broken stool and acrylic in her hair.

    By Kay URL on 11.16.2010

  27. someone who herds cattle

    By goku on 11.16.2010

  28. the cow boy slapped his knees. that was certainly a knee slapper. the young woman glared back at him, knowing full well he didn’t get it.

    By Audery Fowl URL on 11.16.2010

  29. the old west was a dangerous place. traditionally manly men patrolling the desolate frontier. conquering everything in their path. only the allure of a gorgeous woman could prevent them from completing their duties as the protectors of men.

    By Adam URL on 11.16.2010

  30. My grandpa is a cowboy. My whole dad’s side are cowboys.

    By Caleb URL on 11.16.2010

  31. a cowboy wears boots and a hat and rides a horse. He is not very smart. He goes out into the desert. I think Cowboys do not have a very good life because they are sometimes “Wanted. Dead or Alive.”

    By Morgan on 11.16.2010

  32. I met a cowboy once. He was depressed because he had been out of work for 3 years. He was underemployed as an ice cream maker. He churned ice cream for fat little greedy children. He would much rather be shooting bad guys in the wild wild west.

    By rahostetler URL on 11.16.2010

  33. A cowboy normally likes to live in the western environment. Their wardrobe includes cowboy boots, jeans, a plaid button down shirt, and a cowboy hat. They like to ride horses and save the town from the bad guys. We like cowboys.

    By Crystal G URL on 11.16.2010

  34. Ooooh I love cowboys. I love their butts in those jeans, and the way they squint out from under their hats, leaning against a fence post like it’s what they were born to do. Yum Yum!

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 11.16.2010

  35. The sun gleamed on the horses as they ran. Grass parting almost before the hooves reached it. Beauty so deep and rich… Destroyed by fences and lassos. I’ll never forgive the cowboys for ruining this land.

    By Moira URL on 11.16.2010

  36. cow+boy=cowboy
    Woody from Toys
    Someone who herds cows.

    By Em. URL on 11.16.2010

  37. Hold on there, cowboy.

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It wasn’t supposed to end like this, it wasn’t supposed to start like this. I wasn’t supposed to feel like this.

    I wish I was content with mediocrity, but I’m not, I’m not, and I’m falling and I’m failing. Always failing.

    Hold on there, cowboy.

    By Dani URL on 11.16.2010

  38. they guy from the marlboro ads died of lung cancer. i don’t remember if i read that or someone told me that but i wonder if it’s an urban legend that he was often paid in cigarettes for his work in the print campaigns. personally i always thought he was pretty hot. i wonder if he was also gay?

    By SunShine on 11.16.2010

  39. a stunningly handsome cowboy came towards me. His bristles were coarse and dark and rested on the curvature of his chin. His eyes looked me up and down and he tipped his hat in a cocky yet undeniably inviting way. I was hooked.

    By emily spicer on 11.16.2010

  40. I sigh dreamily as he rides off into the sunset, just as a cowboy should. His wide-brimmed hat tilted back so that his dark, sweat-matted hair falls gracefully into his eyes, a rook’s skull hung like an outlaw around his neck, and a daredevil’s smile upon his face, he turns just for a moment to wave and wink before he disappears.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.16.2010