September 2nd, 2012 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “covered”

  1. Something with a top, something that has no oxygen in it. Something that is decent. Opposite of uncovered.

    By rosalynne URL on 09.03.2012

  2. I was covered in mud as I tried to climb out of the pit that I had fell into. It was a very painful experience, and I will have to visit the the doctor to be examined.

    By victor URL on 09.03.2012

  3. Covered/? I am currently partially covered in a blanket, lying on my small bed at four in the morning, shamefully staring at my laptop’s too-bright screen. Once I finally get bored enough to sleep, I might become fully covered, and engulfed in dreams, or whatever.

    By Brad on 09.03.2012

  4. She covered her head as the rain started to pour. The papers started to go limp as they melted into her hair. But they were no longer important.

    By Kt on 09.03.2012

  5. When somethings covered you can’t see what’s beneath the cover. You can cover stuff like presents but also other things like the truth.

    By m on 09.03.2012

  6. sweater. a giant big sweater covering me from head to toe. Its striped in red, blue, green, and yellow. I take it off in exchange for a blanket to cover my entire self with. I am cozy and warm. Nothing touches me while I’m under here. I am myself under here with no worries of what is out there.

    By Nicole on 09.03.2012

  7. I work at Dairy Queen, and there is a chocolate covered strawberry waffle bowl which is quite popular. An elderly man comes in threw the drive thru and orders one quite frequently. He always brings his dog Thunder and gets a dog treat as well. I enjoy his company, a lot, but am always scared he won’t come back due to his age.

    By Ashley URL on 09.03.2012

  8. she was covered by the soft plush blanket, still shivering. after they had saved her from drowning, the woman had checked her over then left her alone. at the thought of the nurses cold hands on her skin, she shivered again and pulled the blanket covering her tighter. it was purple. she detested purple. her mother used to dress her in the most ugly dresses and shoes. used to. she was dead now. they had covered her with a blac thin sheet when she had died. all that was left wa the body which had been covering her heart and her soul. but her soul was left now, leaving the empty body behind to rot. when she had been drowning, the girl thought about how the water had covered her face and her entire body, encasing her, yet bringing her close to her mother. bringing her closer to heaven. but now, someone had seen her ‘fall’ and rescued her, pulling her out from the freezing lake. now she was further than ever. her father knew though. he knew what she had tried to do. she looked at him. he leaned against the wall at the far end of the room, gazing across at her, a sad smile plasterd to his face. she could tell what he was thinking, how could his sweet, innocent 11 year old daughter try to do something so.. helpless. the only word that could come to the girls mind was helpless.

    By Katie on 09.03.2012

  9. i covered the floor with newspaper after the kids messed cooldrink everywhere.
    i couldnt get the whole area covered, so had to do it in stages. it became really messy when i discovered everything was covered in wet paper

    By jean on 09.03.2012

  10. The snow clouds covered the sky. A deep, dark contrast to the white that had already covered the ground. An electricity filled the air as we waited with bated breath for the next snow to fall.

    By Hannah URL on 09.03.2012

  11. Covered, smothered, erased completely if possible. That was always her goal. If it’s not’s perfect, then it doesn’t exist. Not on her watch anyway.

    By kristine on 09.03.2012

  12. And there goes another one. The ground will be covered and the sky filled if they keep coming. It is like a dream to see them moving, floating by, hovering between the sunlight. It is an illusion that the are flying up to the light, they are just circling and dancing.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.03.2012

  13. When I woke up that middle-October morning I opened the blinds and saw the trees, the cars, the streets all covered in a few inches of snow. Suprises me still, how a world ouside turned from golden autumn into a snowy winter over a night.

    By gosia on 09.03.2012

  14. “I got this covered,” she told me. She was amazing. She was a rainbow. She was a storm and a hurricane and I was a drizzle and she was rain. I couldn’t believe it. I’m speechless whenever I think of her. Words simply escape me.

    By Justin URL on 09.03.2012

  15. the test covered plenty of material that I had long forgotten. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry and similar math were all covered in the quant section of the gmat.

    By brandon on 09.03.2012

  16. covered with mud the boys play in the streets. The prisoner tries to cover up for the crime he has done. The soldiers take cover from the bomb. The man takes cover from the rain. Now covering up can’t be easy.

    By Shobhit on 09.03.2012

  17. covered

    By dreamy echo on 09.03.2012

  18. “well who has it? where is the board?”
    “Don’t worry about it! We have got it covered”
    “the prime minister will be falling over her heels again”.

    By Kerry URL on 09.03.2012

  19. My legs were covered that night. Not that he paid attention to that at all. Nope, he took what was covered and attempted to cover it with his own body. It’s one thing to do that when you’re in a relationship and it is mutual but it’s another when it’s not mutual. When it’s considered assault. WHen i don’t want to be covered by you, but now my mind seems to be covered by all of the faults that i have since you tried to hurt me

    By Annabelle on 09.03.2012

  20. I was covered in blood. I have no idea how it got there. I remember nothing. I look up and realize I”m laying on the road. Nobody, nothing around me. What on earth happened? My head is pounding, my eyes are blurry. I hear nothing. It’s dark and I have no idea where I am.

    By Patty on 09.03.2012

  21. I feel stress because even though I think that I had already covered all my syllabus, i still cant score well. I am totally lost. How do I score well?

    By mush on 09.03.2012

  22. bed
    swiming pool

    By hanna alfon on 09.03.2012

  23. i was covered, alone, under a tree, my combat gear wrapped around me, convering me from head to toe, i am hiding, waiting, patient, i am scared, guns are blasting, people screaming, i

    By sapphire scope on 09.03.2012

  24. Monochrome coloured the screen, a slight violet use to infuse my eyes but now it is dark, plain, parallel and obtrusive. I feel pale, I feel lacking….empty. This newspaper, this daily event, this habit, this routine…it was now lacking and I felt that I could not return to it again, ever the same.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.03.2012

  25. I put on my wristbands, i pull my sleeves down, i am scared, so very scared that someone somewhere will see what’s underneath, they will hate me, they wont understand, NO ONE understands, it isn’t fair or right, they don’t know me or my story, so here i am, curled up in a ball, crying silent tears, my whole body covered in cuts and blood, scars and scabs, covered by clothes. no one knows, they just think im cold.
    i am cold.

    By sapphire scope on 09.03.2012

  26. I covered my head with a kleenex from my pocket as my mother had taught me. Just visiting the giant church that rang with loud authority every hour of my childhood like a beating heart that required so much less than my small throbbing valentine.

    By nannan URL on 09.03.2012

  27. everythin is covered. people play politics to cover upp their own mistakes. and i hate people who do so. if u r at fault, accept it. thats it. covered gives me a feeling of being covered with a cloth

    By manjulika URL on 09.03.2012

  28. The innocence of a soul is often covered under the malicious realities of the world. it is surrounded with many chains of custom with sturdy locks of religion. but perhaps the makers of these religions forgot to make the key…resulting, as now, in the 1 soul of our mother earth, of humanity, to v divided beyond reach. but one key does exist, with the power to break ny lock or chain, that shreds through heavy clouds of ignorance n pain. the key of love.!
    n guess what, ever tiny soul that constitutes this human race is the possessor of that golden key , yet here v r , unable to realize, much less unable to react to this unauthorized oppression against us from our very own fellow beings….

    By Pooja URL on 09.03.2012

  29. Covered- I think it means to be out of sight. Like being covered in a blanket. You can’t be seen under the blanket. It could also mean submerged. Like you can be submerged in water so you can’t be seen. I’m not sure I guess it’s up to interpretation! I don’t see this as completely ridiculous idea though.

    By Miranda on 09.03.2012

  30. She was covered from head to toe in wildflowers of a bright yellow. She laid in the forest alone and naked, aside from the flowers. She wondered where she was and what she was doing there.

    By Hailey on 09.03.2012

  31. Covered
    People can be COVERED in lies
    People can COVER up the truth
    I guess the truth is people cover up a lot of things.
    We never really enjoy life as much as we should and
    We take life for granted.
    We should stop covering everything up and live an honest life.

    By miranda on 09.03.2012

  32. i gotcha covered braaaa! umbrellas! ella ella ella a a a
    school tomorrow.
    but maybe not that bad. gosh. why am i actually excited! normalizing yay!

    By a lemon drop URL on 09.03.2012

  33. covered

    By brij URL on 09.03.2012

  34. Much better to wear clothes and cover yourself up than strut around naked, isn’t it? Show some self respect.. we’re not animals.
    That’s my opinion anyway oh Lord I can’t write D: At all! D:

    By Nash on 09.03.2012

  35. im coverd in you
    your breath
    your sweat
    your thought
    i am covered in every memory i ever threw off my back
    they crawled back on
    and into my ears
    through me they rave
    reminding me
    im covered in you

    By Melissa Weller on 09.03.2012

  36. There he laid. Covered in his own lies and drowned by his thoughts. He couldn’t escape the thought that continued to run through his mind persistently. How was he supposed to tell her and expect her to still have faith in him?

    By Miranda Liz URL on 09.03.2012

  37. i got you covered. always. even when i don’t want to cover you. even when i’m far away and separate from you i still got you covered. even when i can’t feel my love for you. there is no choice. i love you and you have meant it all to me. i love you and i got you covered

    By m on 09.03.2012

  38. Jeg er stadig dækket af mudder. Den mørke substans smasker til fødderne og skriger: LAKS. Jeg forstår det ikke. Laks og mudder. Laks?

    By AK on 09.03.2012

  39. it was covered in this icky goo. it was everywhere. no just in my nostrils but in my ears, eyes and mouth. i couldn’t see and my hands had so much of it on them that they couldn’t wipe it out of my eyes. i stumbled forwards, but tripped over a pipe across the floor.

    By CJ on 09.03.2012

  40. I ducked behind a wall. There were several clipmen standing over the dead body of my partner. She was covered in blood. Her head tilted toward me, her dead eyes unseeing.

    By strangertothesun URL on 09.03.2012