September 2nd, 2012 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “covered”

  1. i am covered in roses and i’m dying because i’m covered in fear and i really want you to know how much i like you back but how i want to date you and have sex with you i want you but how do i tell you when i’m so scared that it won’t work i really need you. please. please

    By isabella on 09.02.2012

  2. Covered in the warm blanket I try desperately to fall asleep. I do not want to remember today’s events, I do not want to feel the guilt anymore. I just want out. Sleep is my escape from my sins, if I could just fall into it’s elusive grasp.

    By Matt URL on 09.02.2012

  3. A mountain covered by snow is suggestive. It has a coat of ice, looks like it is no longer cold. That’s a shelter.

    By Elisewin on 09.02.2012

  4. like chocolate rain
    smooth as silk sheets
    or the way my tongue
    rolls around a cherry pop

    By childofgaea URL on 09.02.2012

  5. The place was covered in dust. The little mexican house keeper hadn’t waddled through the 4-bedroomer in as many years. Every arm of every chair, ever knick of every knack.

    By Kaylen on 09.02.2012

  6. His mercy covers me. Completely, fully, tremendously filled with love and everlasting mercy. I am so grateful for Jesus, my God, my Master and Commander. His blood has covered my sin. Bless the name of the Lord!

    By Veronique URL on 09.02.2012

  7. “I’ve got it!” she insisted.

    “No, really, it’s too much.” I replied.

    “Don’t be ridiculous. You have far too much on your plate. Let me do this one thing for you. Please.” The please wasn’t a question, but a plea. I knew she felt that she needed to prove herself. To prove that she was more than a high school drop out from the Bronx who survived paycheck to paycheck and paid rent with the tips she made waitressing at that greasy diner on the corner of 7th and Main.

    By Madeline on 09.02.2012

  8. A blanket is able to cover me and keep me warm. A boyfriend is able to cover you and make you feel comfortable, they are there for you and make you feel as though you are protected. A house can cover you and protect you from the evil outside.

    By Meghan on 09.02.2012

  9. covered with ice. it was near the lake. everything with snow, footsteps crossing like shadows of lost souls. haunted past, voices from the inside..

    By Kristiana Tosheva on 09.02.2012

  10. My mobile is covered. Although there are various types of covers availble for it, I like the one with the flap and a magnet. I detest the soft rubber ones because they dont do the job pretty well. The plastic ones on the other hand make my day!

    By Samyak URL on 09.02.2012

  11. covered eyes do not see the visibles but it can see the invisibles cause vision is not necessary to be that obvious entity you see infront of you showing itself

    By Rola on 09.02.2012

  12. my body was covered. i dared not let it show, share it with anyone, or all. my body was covered, only for my eyes to see. i learned love, appreciation, the beauty that lies in diversity and now my body is free.

    By emma rae on 09.02.2012

  13. the wine was slow
    but soon there were truths
    rolling off your tongue
    like dead skin peeling.

    By h. b. URL on 09.02.2012

  14. Beneath; under the – -s, she’s with him breathing: in tandem? It’s hard to tell between the shift of sheets and the taste of morning breath. It’s about time to wake up, but they’re still ——-, hidden together from the world.

    By Toria URL on 09.02.2012

  15. he was covered in snow till the top of his head. he couldnt feel his fingers, his toes were numb about an hour ago. Scream. He wanted to scream. but who would hear here? there was no more options. quietly, he was slowly fadding away from life

    By daniela on 09.02.2012

  16. covered in plaster. the walls to the garage were covered. paints, puzzles pieces, mosaics, murals. it doesn’t even matter what it was because it was there. all until the day my great grandmother walked in, denounced the ridiculousness, spit on the wall, and told my mom to get her home under control.

    By Daniela URL on 09.02.2012

  17. COVERED is something over something else. When something is covered it has something on top of it… Uhm and yeah that’s pretty much it… Uhm… The paper COVERS the rock. That’s why it beats it though I never understood that xD So yeah! :)

    By Hedy on 09.02.2012

  18. When my husband holds me…warm and safe and invincible.

    By Tina on 09.02.2012

  19. Is the truth really buried, covered in the lies I’ve told myself and smiled at you? When I came back home, I went digging, fast and hapless, through the heaps of things I had laid down over the years. I made my way through the could haves, the should haves, the why not’s and why did I’s, through the slow metamorphosis of opportunity to regret. At the end, just the carpeted floor in its original shade, hidden from the sun-bleaching by my own device, and the truth nowhere to be found. I don’t even know what it looks like anymore.

    By cmsiena URL on 09.02.2012

  20. drowning. Breathe;
    under the covers
    it’s always darkest
    when you need
    the most
    [They say we’re naturally buoyant but I don’t believe it]

    By With Feeling URL on 09.02.2012

  21. i covered myslef with a cover because i was really cold and i really wanted to cover myself from the day’s events and frustratioons. i just wanted to put it all behind me cause i didnt want to deal with it anymore. im tired of covering who i am but today im not afriad

    By Vivi Valdez on 09.02.2012

  22. my lipstick all over your skin:
    that is my favorite painting,
    my most prized artwork,
    my midnight masterpiece

    By Mint M URL on 09.02.2012

  23. The class ran through the forest. No one paused to look behind them. Gerald was leading the way back to where they thought they had left their camping gear. No one said anything to Gerald, even though, covered in blood, he appeared more frightened than anyone had ever seen him before. No one dared ask where Mr. Campbell was….

    By Cim URL on 09.02.2012

  24. i covered the zipper that held my jeans together to try to keep him away from getting inside. but that didnt stop him from delving right into me, like he did with my life. i cant hold it anymore and sometimes its better to be covered than expose yourself to the world of fears and troubles that await you.

    By Vivi Valdez on 09.02.2012

  25. He was covered in mud. His face was disoriented. Like he had no clue where he was or how he got there. He looked around with paniclike headmoves, like the walls were closing in. He was all tied up. Not by physical ropes, but by streams of thought quickly flying around, smoothering the poor man. He saw a light and et the end of that light appeared reality. He got up. He was safe

    By Steffen Vraa on 09.02.2012

  26. the blanket of life that covers me has been with me since i was born. sometimes i peek around it and see movements outside, the real world waiting for me to melt and form with it. one day i will remove the final flap and join the other working normal people. amen.

    By Vivi Valdez on 09.02.2012

  27. i got home from work after a terribly long day at work. i was the first to get home so i decided to slip into the tub for half an hour before he got home. it was over an 20 minutes and i slowly got up from my bath. he didnt even knock and came barging in, his presence overwhelming. he leaned in and pressed his irrisistable lips against mine. i was wet, and it wasnt from the bath.

    By Vivi Valdez on 09.02.2012

  28. Coberto de lama ele se foi. Silencio póstumo. Acabou comigo ele acabar assim. No lodo. Por um capricho meu, joguei confete em suas mãos mal desenhadas. Diga adeus ao carnaval.

    By Ana Luiza Uwai URL on 09.02.2012

  29. The bed is covered up nicely. To cover an object. Overshadow. Prevent from rain. Protected.

    By SoljaB URL on 09.02.2012

  30. I covered her with a blanket as a giggle escaped her. “Bwahahah Gotcha now i say in my most evil voice, she squeals and struggles while giggling i finaly “Lose” and she conquers me, i miss my little sister.

    By Myra Skye on 09.02.2012

  31. in the Spirit of my Lord, in grace, in peace, in love, in joy, covered… covered in the blood of the lamb… because of my savior, Jesus… Nothing else like it… no happiness can compare… because even in hard times you can have peace and joy and love… Jesus is there no matter what. I know Jesus is with me in my heart, even when I can’t feel Him. I am covered…

    By Michael on 09.02.2012

  32. There was a faint screech. Alexis woke up with a start, all of her five senses were on alert. She tip-toed out of her bed and looked around the chamber, but she it was too dark and so she couldn’t see anything. She whispered, “Lumos,” and a bright light suddenly sparked out of her wand. Now that she could see her surroundings with better clarity, she slowly walked towards her chamber’s large, magnificent door, and turned it’s handle, then she slowly began to walk down the corridors of her ancestors’ manor, looking frantically around the place for any sign of intrusion.


    She glanced around, the palms of her hands perspiring heavily. She gulped in, never before was she *this* afraid in her life. And admitting that was something, as she had found her self in situations that had called for bravery. She listened intently, wondering if perhaps, she had imagined the sound.

    To her relief, there was no other sound. Perhaps, she had imagined the shriek and the sound of the tap? She was about to exhale a sigh of relief when—


    The sound had come from the end of the corridor—she was sure of it. At the end of the corridor was a wall. Not a door or anything for that matter that would lead to another chamber or place, it was a dead end. When she had been younger she had wondered many times as to why the manor had constructed such a useless corridor where at the end rested nothing but a wall. But, today she would find out.

    On the wall was a painting, she recalled how it had been so beautiful, so magnificent. The painting was of a woman with dark raven curls and beautiful violet eyes, much like hers. Her father had once told her that she had acquired her violet eyes from this unnamed ancestor. She tried to recall the name of the woman in this painting that was now covered with dust and withered with age, but she couldn’t.

    By Aisha on 09.02.2012

  33. we were covered in leaves that had fallen from the tree. we slept for only an hour or so, but when we awoke, there we were, covered in a blanket of crispy, beautiful fall leaves.

    By Shirley Lute on 09.02.2012

  34. covered by the moon i write that in my arms and my own chest my eyes are blue and white and im so sad that i cant breathe im sad just sad

    By Mariana URL on 09.02.2012

  35. This was NOT what she meant to happen, what she wanted. Tears would have been the next step, but she didn’t want anyone to see them. So she covered her eyes, to hide them from the world.

    By Bethany URL on 09.02.2012

  36. Snow fell like a hammer, swiftly and mercilessly. White flakes rained down around my head as I pushed on. Everything looked different in the snow, forms were hidden, obstacles camouflaged, trees looked like white pillars looming ominously above me.

    By Seth on 09.02.2012

  37. I was covered in mud from the fringe of my bangs to the soles of my feet. And the pig was still running around the pen, just out of reach. I rolled over onto my back, done trying and willing to just let my ruined clothes soak up the last of the slime.

    By Erin on 09.02.2012

  38. the blanket covered my skin as the cold winter air touched me lightly. i shivered and thought about him, wondering where and how he was, wondering if he was wondering about me too. suddenly, i heard a knock at the door. i got up slowly, too

    By joanne on 09.02.2012

  39. I covered your heart with my heart, but it wasn’t enough. I tried to protect your feelings of love and trust from my stupid feelings of distrust and pain. But you still felt them even though I tried to make you strong.

    By Brenda on 09.02.2012

  40. I covered my eyes with my hands and then it was so dark. I don’t know what hit me. It is as if I was struck by something huge yet insignificant. I uncovered them, and saw the most amazing thing. I can’t even start to describe it to you.

    By SG on 09.02.2012