September 2nd, 2012 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “covered”

  1. She lay there, covered by the blankets, listening to normally pleasant music that had become a blaring alarm to her tired ears. Two hours, why couldn’t she just get off of tumblr?

    By Lena URL on 09.02.2012

  2. I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. He covers my life. I am covered because I believe that he died, was buried and rose again. He did this for me.

    By Rain Doe on 09.02.2012

  3. Your hands slipped into mine, and you look gently at me. “You’re home now, you’re safe,” you smile.

    Covered. I’m covered by you and your words and your looks, I’m covered by your action. Covered by your thoughts.

    By Melissa URL on 09.02.2012

  4. “Don’t worry, I got it covered,” he promised me.
    I wish you wouldn’t lie, I thought to myself, because every time he promises he forgets and he doesn’t keep the promise.

    By the girl in the mirror URL on 09.02.2012

  5. covered in rain clouds distinguishing place from purpose and purpose from distinctions. Sound pouring out the doors vibrating the floors. pain covered purposely in other colors diluting the experience of being sincere. this piercing notion is exploding

    By MH on 09.02.2012

  6. she covered herself in a blanket of lies held together by the most distant people she knows, her family. Thousands and thousands of heart shaped boxes and valentines wasted on one murder. She waits for the phone to ring in hopes that every bad memory will perish with the sound of his voice, but he’s gone and never to return.

    By cheyenne gandy on 09.02.2012

  7. Signs weren’t good. He said it would be ok, but it was dark and it was raining and no one seemed particularly pleased to see me. I should never have come. It wasn’t. Covered atall. It was wide open. And I was alone in this place. In the rain. Dressed for something entirely different. Where was he? This needed to get better rapidly. Longingly thinking of the warm comfort of the bar. God a drink would work about now…

    By Shajan on 09.02.2012

  8. A drop of sweat trickled down my face. I stared the problem directly in the face. My grip on my pen tightened to a blistering strain. My mouth dropped in terror.

    This material wasn’t covered in lecture!

    By Adam URL on 09.02.2012

  9. I am covered in about 12 pounds of black fur and a sweet little girl that makes me feel so important. My other furry daughter is a bit aloof, so the needy one suffices to give me the cuddles a mom needs.

    By sexybikechick URL on 09.02.2012

  10. The chair was covered with fabric. Each side, each bend gently molded to fit the side of the cushion like a tight dress. Flowers of black and white danced upon it like butterflies in the wind being thrown about on a summers day.

    By Ana on 09.02.2012

  11. covered. Covered in flames, covered in passion. Plunged into flames, water, heart full of desire. Covered with love, covered with hate. Breaking out of it. Into the world. Destroying, creating.

    By Brisingrtales on 09.02.2012

  12. “I’ve got you covered, Shay!”

    “I sure as Hell hope you do!”

    I craned my head from over the short concrete wall. No one was racing over yet. No sound of screeching wheels or shrieking wails of sirens or horns.

    “You’ve got the sack?” I heard Dexter ask from my left.


    I pushed myself up to my feet. Now it was time to start running.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.02.2012

  13. covered. in juice, in love. we cover ourselves, as best we can in it. total coverage. Anything not covered is cold and not personal. White, creamy, naked woman, she’s beautiful. Plastic covering a jar. protection at lttle cost but much need.

    By The Stroppy Artist URL on 09.02.2012

  14. The blanket covered the child. she was sleeping soundly when her mother came into the cabin covered with snow from head to foot. She started a fire in the fireplace and was soon covered in soot. Then she took a bath and was covered in suds!

    By Augustine on 09.02.2012

  15. Everybody gets full-covered in skin of someone else. Mostly because we care.

    By Tille on 09.02.2012

  16. She was tucked under the covers of her bed. She couldn’t really breathe, but she liked it there. It was like her own private shelter, that protected her from the world, hiding her, keeping her safe. She could bring a novel or a sketchbook with her, and spend hours under the covers.

    By Andrea on 09.02.2012

  17. i was covered in whipped cream. humiliation and laughter dripped from my face. some would say i was showing my weakness. i would say i was showing a my true feeling. truth is stonger than pretending.

    By Diane URL on 09.02.2012

  18. I covered his still warm body with my blanket, wishing it could warm him, if even just a bit.

    By Hilde on 09.02.2012

  19. IM covered in what i feel like is a funk a haze of misunderstanding and confusion. I am happy but I feel as if it is short lived. Im jealous but i should not be i dont know if i should cut this person out or hang out to dear life to keep them around

    By matt on 09.02.2012

  20. I am covered. Covered by an armour invisible to the world. I am guarded. Guarded by a shell – keeping the hurt far away from that weak spot also known as my heart. You covered me in that armour and you don’t even care.

    By RocketshipOnFire URL on 09.02.2012

  21. He hid under the blanket, fingers gripping at a few frayed edges of the blue felt. It was rough, bits of dust and dirt clinging to it like he. He was the same as the dust; alone most of his minutes, a nuisance to the rest. Here he sat, about to be swept up. He had no choice. It was dinner time, and he had to stop playing in the kitchen.

    By John Johns on 09.02.2012

  22. covered but covering what? who knows? the only way to find out is to remove the cover and see? but what will happen if I remove the cover? will I open up the horrors of the world like pandoras box?

    By talia URL on 09.02.2012

  23. i hide my smile. usually behind my hand, but sometimes behind a book or a coat or something else within reach. i don’t really know why i do it. maybe it’s because i have one of the hugest, dorkiest, smiles in the world. it’s one of those smiles where you can see every tooth. it’s a smile that seems to take up most of my face. it’s a smile that i can’t get rid of once it appears. and it appears all the time–way too often in my opinion. i smile at the littlest things. when i’m sitting alone on the bus, a happy thought can make me smile, and i must look pretty strange to the people around me, like i’m smiling at nothing. anyway, when i cover my smile, people notice and often ask why. i never quite know what to tell them. however, i do know that, for me, smiling is effortless. i hope it always will be. :-)

    By Melanie on 09.02.2012

  24. I covered my face with the bed’s quilt.
    “Peek-a-boo!” Leah hops up onto my bed. I poke one eye out and we smile at each other. I’m so glad to start the morning to the smiling face of my sister.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.02.2012

  25. Covered by darkness, smothered with love

    By stephaniewrites URL on 09.02.2012

  26. She sat there, confused at the purpose of the cloth that covered the body of her father. The white fabric conformed to his still figure with strange contours of color. It must be very heavy. She thought numbly, taking into account the way it seemed to slip into the depressed sections of his body that would otherwise be lost with a sheet draped across him. She glanced at her step mother with cold eyes from under long bangs. Damned Harpy. She growled to herself. It’s all about looking good.

    By heather URL on 09.02.2012

  27. She was covered with a white sheet, naked underneath. As she walked out of the bedroom surprise washed over his face as he saw a new found beauty underneath her seemingly emotionless face a beauty only a lover could see.

    By Laura on 09.02.2012

  28. Eu estava coberta de gelo, parecia uma fina camada mas as dores eram tantas que cortavam. Mexi-me lentamente, senti a fina película cortar-se com um estalido como se fosse um copo de vidro a cair na chão com um enorme estalido.

    By lau maia URL on 09.02.2012

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    By murtada URL on 09.02.2012

  30. The snow covered the street with a thin layer, it had been plowed the day before. The grass and trees around were underneath several inches by now. I was covered by jackets, gloves, hat, boots – everything to protect me from the snow, but I wanted to touch and taste the cold.

    By Jess URL on 09.02.2012

  31. covered

    By Halime on 09.02.2012

  32. Sadness. Covered in sadness. Completely downing. Immersed into this shallow world. No escape. Covered. No exit. Covered. Meet your end. Depression. Anger. Confused emotions. All cover you as you keep them covered.

    By Sherry on 09.02.2012

  33. He covered my mouth with his hand as a yelp escaped me. We were pressed against the wall, firmly, his body pushing against mine.

    “Don’t. Move.” He whispered. I struggled against him and he tightened his hold. I heard a wail and stiffened from fear. His gaze shifted from me to whatever it was behind us. His eyes widened and I closed mine in dread.

    By elinmacrae on 09.02.2012

  34. I was laying in my bed soaking , basking in the warmth of a cool warm blanket that covered me from head to foot. It covered me mentally and physically, I felt the warmth of a physical security being home, of being in the states and no longer covered in the fear of combat.

    By Mike Sanford URL on 09.02.2012

  35. Darkness. The very thought of which scares me. Why? Simply because I’m not used to it. Or am I and just choose not to accept it. I feel a strange sense of security when covered by the black blanket known as darkness. It’s warm…inviting…and I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

    By John Stacy on 09.02.2012

  36. covered is when you cover something it could be something that you dont want the world to know about or it could be something that the world does not want you to find out about. secret things are often covered and they draw you in with mystery and curiosity.

    By Rachel Milner on 09.02.2012

  37. I’ve just imagined humans as collages. We’re nothing more than images and memories pasted together to create one jumbled mess of experiences and moments that we either remember or don’t remember. Every moment is a word, every day a picture, and every year a new page in our books. We are the motley crew assembled by our lives.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 09.02.2012

  38. protected. hidden. blankets covering a small child in bed on a chilly January night.

    By Jenni on 09.02.2012

  39. soft billow blankets and doused by the love of the creator. He covers me in my darkest hour. Covered by the shelter of the homes that I’ve lived in this past year…from tin in Tanzania to bamboo in Nepal. Always cared for. Elements. Those elements were my lifeline.

    By Marissa on 09.02.2012

  40. Her eyes were covered, behind an unreadable expression. Blank and soulless, like her soul was cut off. Those once glimmering, exciting, loving blue green eyes were covered under a veil of despair, and heartbreak.

    By Faith URL on 09.02.2012